Which Windshield Wiper Blade is Best? Let's find out!

  • Published on Oct 28, 2019
  • Rubber and silicone windshield wiper blade comparison testing. Brands PIAA (silicone), Michelin Guardian, Michelin Cyclone, Michelin Endurance XT (silicone), Rain-X, Bosch, AC Delco, Auto Drive, and Aero for simulated rain performance, ice and noise (squeaks, chatter and clunks).
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  • Alan Hyde
    Alan Hyde 4 hours ago

    On my Toyota I've used the Michelin and rainex, initially good but don't last, Toyota blades are the best.

  • charlie francis
    charlie francis 7 hours ago

    Good can’t wait to see a year that’s the real test 👍🏻

  • Jimmy Andersson
    Jimmy Andersson 9 hours ago +1

    we have a problem i sweden with Bosch, and it's so expensive that they are hanging there on the shelfs for years and when U finally buy it, it's way to old and are only rubbish and you can buy whan for 4 dollar and still get a better result!

  • Chris
    Chris 11 hours ago

    Great test... Thank you! OE Audi blades are the Bosch blades... They seem to work great in real-world conditions. I'll see if the Michelin Endurance blades are available for my car when I need replacements.

  • Tim
    Tim 14 hours ago

    Great review! Thanks!

  • Ted Tabaka
    Ted Tabaka 15 hours ago

    I do not believe you gave PIAA a fair shake. I think you should look at the long term cost. PIAA wiper you buy once, but can buy inserts for the blade when they start to go bad. Something that you cannot easily do with many other wiper blads. Also PIAA offers other blades that might make it more worthwhile.

  • Earl A.
    Earl A. 16 hours ago

    Silicone > rubber. i've had a no-name brand pure silicone multi-edge blades on 2 of my vehicles for over 7 years! all i did was wipe them clean monthly; no dry rot at all from UV rays. You can get various size refills if you know the sizes via eBay sellers on the cheap. My next upgrade for my other vehicles will be the newer beam style with silicone inserts

  • mebe2k
    mebe2k 22 hours ago

    Rain-X...have had those on our work truck (2016 Peterbilt) for almost a year..still working great..those wipers probably have 100K on them..

  • ssniper
    ssniper Day ago

    These are the ones i use. They work amazing and can't beat the price!

  • Andrew Taylor
    Andrew Taylor Day ago

    i have to ask, where do you buy your wipers? everywhere around me wants 20 each for the bosch.

    • Andrew Taylor
      Andrew Taylor 11 hours ago

      @Project Farm they mustve saw your video haha

    • Project Farm
      Project Farm  20 hours ago +1

      Sorry, Amazon raised the price on the Bosch

  • Kurt Parker
    Kurt Parker Day ago

    great test....and you answered my question about sunlight...and im curious as to general longevity, your tests were great...but what many want to know...longevity..you know...through seasonal stuff!! i live in Indiana where we have all types of weather...which seems very hard on wiper blades...anyway keep up the good testing ...definitely learn a lot from your videos!!

  • gino man
    gino man Day ago +1

    Hey I got to thinking could you do a household water filter like the PUR faucet mounted and pitcher style filters?

  • Uachtar
    Uachtar Day ago

    The ice test is not that bad, but there is another problem not tested here: Ice/snow accumulation when working in Icy Rains or snow condition. I had many of theses models. I use right now the Reflex Premium blade and they work perfectly as they don't acculate snow or ice. I heard good thing also about the High end Michelin. But i would recommend to avoid any of the metal frame one if you live in a winter climate. Also, i recommend you avoid the Botch one. They seem to accumulate snow on the tips, and over a long run, the ice will lift up the blade slowly from the windshield. You then have to stop to remove that ice. Very Annoying.

  • Matt Ferrigno
    Matt Ferrigno Day ago

    For Rain-X to work you need to be driving.... if I put rain-x on my windshield i dont have to even use my wipers if i drive at highway speed

  • Skyler Bicknell
    Skyler Bicknell Day ago

    I always get silicone over graphite and rubber. it seems to work better the more I use them, and theyve never gone squeaky on me

  • Alex M
    Alex M 2 days ago

    One added bonus of silicone is they last forever so long as break them free before use in the winter. You can get years out of them even if your car lives outside.

  • ThePeopleVerse
    ThePeopleVerse 2 days ago

    The other thing with rainX is it takes moving air to reap the repellent benefits.
    Don't know how well the application fro. A wiper blade will be but I use rainX on my Avalanche windshield and at highway speed I don't need to run the wipers when raining unless maybe hurricane type gullywasher is happening. Just a thought.
    Dammit man! Just freaking dig these test videos!
    Keep up the good work. You deserve the almost 1,000,000 subs.

  • Riley Hers
    Riley Hers 2 days ago

    Which windshield washer fluid is the best?

  • flowbee _89
    flowbee _89 2 days ago

    I wish they taught me this stuff in school.

  • the_irate _juan
    the_irate _juan 2 days ago

    I never expected wiper blades to be a lot more exciting than netflix. So glad I came across this channel. Subbed!

  • Ty C
    Ty C 3 days ago

    I think you’re missing the boat by not posting product links to make some money

    • Project Farm
      Project Farm  3 days ago

      Thank you for the feedback. Trying to avoid being just another channel that is just making videos to sell products for a profit.

  • Stel P
    Stel P 3 days ago

    Been driving for almost 15 years professionally, and I have tried many different blades on my van, trucks and personal cars. I won't touch silicone as it's only good when new, but after a few weeks, they squeak really bad, and it's worse if you use rainx on your windscreen. Metal are just cheap and nasty in their performance regardless how much you pay. After a few months, I find they have strong and weak spots where they wipe, and can start to leave streaks between the claw points.
    These days I only use flexible wipers, and have had them last me over 4 years on my car. In Australia we only have to worry about heat, but the last few years our rain has been filthy, and often carries a lot of mud, wearing out wiper blades quicker.

  • rawux1228
    rawux1228 3 days ago

    I dont have a windshield - problem solved

  • Sintre Tizer
    Sintre Tizer 3 days ago

    Good video , I like Bosch parts for my car
    good prices and durable I've been using their wiper blades for a long time
    I also have a Bosch thermostat that has 5 years in my car , and a Bosch fuel tank pump that I installed 3 years ago all working great no problems .

  • JS
    JS 3 days ago

    Great job as always...love the different camera views and the speed for slow motion on your videos...awesome !

  • Ander Camps McCaffrey

    Your neighbors must think you’ve gone insane.

    • Project Farm
      Project Farm  3 days ago

      lol. Fortunately, I don't have neighbors that are too close in proximity

  • John Mizzell
    John Mizzell 3 days ago

    Where did you purchase the Bosch blades for $11 a pair?!

    • Project Farm
      Project Farm  3 days ago +1

      Amazon raised the price on them. Sorry about that

  • Thomas Ancas
    Thomas Ancas 3 days ago

    Very good advice
    How about going a little further and test the pressure of the actual wiper arms

    FRANKABBY2 3 days ago +2

    I just bought the Michelin Endurance XT blades and couldn't be more impressed. Thanks for the information

  • RaySchrantz
    RaySchrantz 3 days ago

    Thanks for this awesome video. I just bought a used Mazda 3 2014 a couple months ago and I've been wanting to replace the wiper blades because they've been driving me crazy. So I finally went out and picked up a pair of the Michelin Endurance silicone wiper blades and I am extremely satisfied. Not only were they easy to install and keep my windshield clearer than any wiper blade I've ever seen, but they're incredibly quiet. Seriously, very few things bother me more than squeaking wiper blades, these are so quiet that it's actually kind of satisfying. Wouldn't have bought these without your testing, so thanks again.

  • LMacNeill
    LMacNeill 4 days ago

    Ooh -- that UV-exposure test sounds like it will definitely be interesting... I'm very interested in how well the silicone will hold up compared to the rubber blades.

  • Alex Robidoux
    Alex Robidoux 4 days ago

    What's 10$ diff in price when its something that can save your life and that's gonna last you years? I don't cheap out on wipers just like tires. I use the PIAA because they smooth like butter and quiet. I live in Florida and the truth is i never use my wipers because I treat my windshield with Aquapel every 6-8 months. I found out about Aquapel when working in dealerships. The application method is very different. Was using Rain-X before but then never looked back.

  • Lewis Stockett
    Lewis Stockett 4 days ago

    Finding a way to simulate the motion of the car would make your tests closer to real world conditions. Also it seems like handling raindrops falling directly on the windshield and water sprayed up by the semi in front of you might be different. Angle of impact, droplet size and speed through the air could all be factor. Very hard to simulate but if anyone can think of a way it’s you.
    Really looking forward to the longevity test. Cost equations change radically if it turns out that the expensive blades last longer.

  • fMix Things
    fMix Things 4 days ago

    Do you have some sort of large shop fan, like the 24" ones? Or maybe an array of box fans? Some way of creating a representation of wind while moving would provide a little more realism than sitting at a stoplight.
    Most of the time I don't have any helpful testing comments to add because you are so thorough. Excellent job.

  • RobbyJay
    RobbyJay 4 days ago

    I have been using the Bosch windshield wipers for a little while now and I'm impressed with the performance. They're light weight too.

  • larrydD
    larrydD 4 days ago


  • VapeKing
    VapeKing 4 days ago +1

    I find no matter what blades I buy they wear out at 6mo to a year tops. So I stopped buying the expensive blades and just buy cheapos ever six months. Protip rain ex window treatment will make all wipers work better and you dont need them as often since water beads up.

  • Sugar Lampa
    Sugar Lampa 5 days ago

    You do know theres one flaw to your testing method, wipers nowadays are designed with airfoils, and theres a big difference when your just wiping and standing on the side of the road vs driving at 100 mph on the highway, wind plays a big factor as to how the wiper hugs the windshield during strokes. Also the curvature of the windshield plays an important role on how the wiper is able to hug the surface of the windshield.

  • Dave R
    Dave R 5 days ago

    I bought some Bosch Clear Advantage wipers and put them on today and I don't know how the outcome will be but they are smooth and quiet wet or dry,

  • John Buick
    John Buick 5 days ago

    These tests are great for showing how they work when parked in a rain storm but where it counts in when you're driving down the road at 60 miles an hour. I drive a highway tractor trailer rig and let me tell you that not many wipers work well in a snow storm when the temp is around the freezing mark. Those Michelin's with the cover are the worst if water freezes inside that cover. Without the wind pressure this testing is somewhat inconclusive. That said I find that some metal frame blades work in snow and some don't. The uniblades are the best though.

  • pickin4you
    pickin4you 5 days ago

    You have one HUGE flaw in your testing. I for one, never need my wipers on high speed more than once per year. You only tested monsoon rain with high speed on the wipers. I have a set of I don't know who made them, factory blades on my GMC truck, that are 10 years old. They spent the first 5 years setting in the driveway in the sun all the time, and the next 5 years in a garage.I can only assume they are silicone, as that would be all I would use, no matter what your tests shows. I have used Bosch, Rainex, Michelins and all the other brands, and they last me about 6 months. They were all RUBBER blades. I know when it comes time to replace my factory blades, GMC will have a contract with someone elses blades, so they will not last as long. You also did not leave them out in the dirt and sun for months to see which one was best. All of those you chose as best, were crap for me when I tried them out.

  • Aaron Schneider
    Aaron Schneider 5 days ago

    That's not how heavy rain would fall on the windshield.

  • Champloo Ronin
    Champloo Ronin 6 days ago

    This channel is golden.

  • Tethmes
    Tethmes 6 days ago

    I always use rain-x windshield washer solvant, and it works wonderfully, so the price premium for the blades themselves wouldn't really make sense. Looks like my next set of blades will be Bosch.

  • Rabid Cabbage
    Rabid Cabbage 6 days ago

    Rain-X wipers are at a disadvantage with the way you tested. Granted, I use Bosch Icon wipers BUT I treat my windows with Rain-X. When a windshield has Rain-X, as soon as you get going above 45 MPH the water collects and just flies up your windshield onto the roof. Since I drive a lot of highway everyday, even in the heaviest rain I rarely even turn my wipers on. The only time I do have to turn them on is when I am going under 45 MPH or its not rain but a fine mist/spray from road onto my windshield. The fine droplets do not collect and fly up the windshield like the big drops. So a stationary test put those blades, if they supposedly apply Rain-X to the windows, at a disadvantage. As a side note, I treat my Ford Focus and my work truck Ram Cityvan both, and since the slope of my windshield is greater on my Focus it works better on that. I just need to be at 50 MPH in my Ram.
    Your videos are great, keep up the good work!

  • Ryan Freese
    Ryan Freese 6 days ago

    Michelin blades are the worst blade made. I will never use them again. Best blades I’ve come across and still use are the RainX blades.

  • arturo j guzman
    arturo j guzman 6 days ago +5

    The best wiper blades are Bosh “ICON” , usually last two years + !!!

    • seriouslynow22
      seriouslynow22 2 days ago

      I have Bosch Icons and they have lasted nearly 3 years. The last time I was in a heavy rain I did consider whether it was time to replace them. About 1 1/2 years ago I used a tiny amount of AT-205 Reseal on the rubber blades. This product restores flexibility and function to many rubber products. The cost is about 10.00 USD for an 8 ounce bottle. I do think the difference is more dramatic on some rubber items that it is on windshield wipers. But it did seem to extend the life of my wipers for pennies. Seems to really help aging rubber bushings.

    • Project Farm
      Project Farm  6 days ago +1

      Thank you for the feedback!

  • GmJunky87
    GmJunky87 6 days ago

    Even though I've watched this I know I'll still put dirt cheap wipers on my 01 sl2 shitbox haha

  • stephenmartinez1
    stephenmartinez1 6 days ago

    My opinion on the quality of blades is not how well they work but how long they last before they get noisy . I bought cheap Walmart blades that only worked a few weeks before getting loud even though I tried to clean them. I next bought more expensive mitchelin blades a YEAR ago and they are still quiet and working well.

  • callitlikeiseeit 552

    Been using Bosch for awhile and always liked them glad to have some reassurance

  • Troy-Tyler Clark
    Troy-Tyler Clark 6 days ago

    Never mind look at that you already did it😂

  • Brandon Mullen
    Brandon Mullen 7 days ago

    I never thought I'd be interested in and come back to a video about wiper blades but here I am for the 3rd time seeing what blades to get.

  • scooterdog29
    scooterdog29 7 days ago

    I graduated from WTI in 1990. I love these vids!!!

  • FirstMusic00
    FirstMusic00 7 days ago

    I don’t know who makes Toyota's OEM blades...but they are far better than anything else I've found. The ones on my wife's Corolla are a year old and the ones on my daughter's Yaris are 2 years old. They are still dead quite and sweep as if new. I can't get much more than 5 or 6 months if I'm lucky on any aftermarket blades I've tried...and I tried them all. It's off to my local dealer next time around for replacement blades for my Tacoma

  • david smith
    david smith 7 days ago

    I just bought the Michelin Endurance blades based on your test. The instructions read just like the RainX blades. It says to activate them by running dry for 3 to 5 minutes. I don't think you did that in your test. I know you did it for the RainX. I doubt if it would make any difference since the Michelins won anyway. Great test as always.

  • Renner
    Renner 7 days ago

    i used to use the expensive rain x mono beam blades and could easily get at least 2 years with maintenance out in the new mexico weather. couple years ago i tried the AERO silicone blades and have zero complaints. i can get a set for the price of 2 rain x blade and it lasts just as long if not longer with proper maintenance and cleaning. My cars sit outside uncovered in the sun here in southern new mexico. for the price and quality you cant beat them. IMO

  • Kris R
    Kris R 7 days ago

    This channel deserves more subs, best review channel ever.
    This channel will long go in history as the king of reviews!

  • Brian Walter
    Brian Walter 8 days ago +2

    I'm really looking forward to the long-term UV exposure test.
    I've observed the effect where water flows over the wiper blades, but for me it's really not very important. When it's raining that hard, your vision is obscured so much by the amount of water that's in the air, that those brief streaks don't make much of a difference in comparison. Also most of that water is flung up and out of the way.
    What I find really disabling is the hazing and streaking that occurs with much less water and at lower wiper speeds. This happens more with worn wipers but can happen with new ones too. It also might be interesting to run the aged wipers for a number of cycles on an imperfect windshield with rock chips and crazing. I suspect that older windshields wear out the wipers faster, and some materials might be more or less resistant to that wear.

    • Project Farm
      Project Farm  7 days ago

      Thank you very much! I purchased several other brands of blades and they are undergoing UV and weather exposure now.

  • Chris Raimondi
    Chris Raimondi 8 days ago

    In real world conditions (with wind) the rainx will change your life. In conjunction with their washer fluid, visibility during rain is amazing. Once I switched, I'll never go back.

  • Leonard Leonard
    Leonard Leonard 8 days ago

    Amazing video testing you have here!!

    I have tried the Bosh Clear Advantage frame-less blade design on 2 different vehicles (04 Toyota Sienna [26"Driver side], 99 Toyota Camry [19" Drivers side ) and the water pull back on the drivers blade when returning to the right is super annoying making it harder to see and very distracting

    and on my 2001 Ford F350 the Bosch Evolution frame-less blade [20" Driver side ] missed wiping water from the last 6-8 inches of the stroke and did not catch it on the return swipe either... I wish I could post my pictures here

    So frustrating,,, back to the regular style