Forest 1 Derby 2

  • Published on Oct 9, 2011
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  • wearederbysuperams
    wearederbysuperams 5 years ago +20

    I've never felt so much emotion at a Derby match... fantastic support, great team effort by the players.... 10 men 😉

  • TiggerForester
    TiggerForester 6 years ago +10

    This was the greatest day of my life! Still get goosebumps watching it back

  • Billy Arshad
    Billy Arshad 10 years ago +3

    I'm a blackpool fan and I was actually impressed by derby's performance!

  • Alex
    Alex 8 years ago +15

    Im a forest fan but derby deserved that win. We were so poor! Well done rams :)

  • DerHooxe
    DerHooxe 8 years ago +1

    Still watch this and get goosebumps, best match ever!! WEVE ONLY GOT 10 MEN!!!

  • George Salloway
    George Salloway 10 years ago +1

    Absolutely magic! :')

  • RobertDeville
    RobertDeville 7 years ago +2

    Still sends shivers down me spine & the winner.... what a fucking goal!

  • Nathan Gadsby
    Nathan Gadsby 8 years ago +2

    Jamie ward my favourite player what a legend

  • L C
    L C Year ago

    I'll never get sick of seeing Jamie Ward give it to the tree-botherers after scoring that goal, LOL

  • Rob Toone
    Rob Toone 10 years ago

    Out of the millions and millions of videos on RUclip, this is definitely the best out of them all!!

  • Damo McDermott
    Damo McDermott 7 years ago +33

    Forest still cant sell out against us

    • Chris Taft
      Chris Taft 6 months ago

      Was looking at a old newspaper of a match between us derby lost and it said rams to the slaughter, looks like that can turn around! Opposite score aswell for us that day

    • Dead Trim
      Dead Trim 3 years ago +2

      damian mcdermott because forest are shit

  • RichoRam08
    RichoRam08 10 years ago

    Gives me goosebumps everytime ;) Roll on sunday !!!!! COYRRRRRR

  • Graham smith
    Graham smith Year ago +3

    "We only had 10 men we only had 10 men"-happy days.

  • ramman07
    ramman07 9 years ago +1

    Just watching us Derby fans celebrating, magical.

  • Tim Smith
    Tim Smith 9 years ago

    makes my heart proud to watch that

  • Jimmy Bedding
    Jimmy Bedding 3 years ago

    Clough done it 3 times away at forest - amazing - like his dad treated like dirt - in the histrory books - 10 men !!! Lol poor old Forest

  • Oasis4life 01
    Oasis4life 01 Year ago

    I miss Jeff Hendrick

  • iFeasant Plucker
    iFeasant Plucker 9 years ago

    just cant help but smile! :)

  • MusouSteven
    MusouSteven 9 years ago +1


  • JBWB1996
    JBWB1996 9 years ago +1

    It's funny to see the forest fan's reaction to their goal when you know what the final result is :L COYR!

  • Joe Bilbie
    Joe Bilbie 7 years ago +5

    I wish I could like this more than once

  • Pittas Savvas
    Pittas Savvas 2 years ago

    A day to remember!! The fab 10 !!!!!!

  • TheJewishWeasel
    TheJewishWeasel 9 years ago

    It gutters me knowing that i couldn't make it to this match! Still, at least i was at Forest 2-3 Derby ;)

  • TheJewishWeasel
    TheJewishWeasel 9 years ago

    I FUCKING LOVE DERBY COUNTY! Hairs stand up on ym neck both times when we score. UP THE RAMSSS!

  • Legit Derby County Fan
    Legit Derby County Fan 6 years ago +6


  • sean skinner
    sean skinner 7 years ago +12

    We only won 5-0

  • Mark Reynolds
    Mark Reynolds 10 years ago

    my mate is jeff hendrick :) glad see him playing regular

  • bezgraal
    bezgraal 2 years ago

    This is brilliant

  • DCFCTulley
    DCFCTulley 8 years ago +7

    Out of the hundreds of millions of videos on RUclip, this is the best.

  • Oasis4life 01
    Oasis4life 01 Year ago

    10 men we only had 10 men!!!! 🐏🐏❤️🐏

  • Crossley stabbo
    Crossley stabbo 10 years ago

    Jamie ward is a derby boy!

  • Jack Revill
    Jack Revill 10 years ago

    love how cohen went to the ref to get him to send of fielding and then gets injured, fielding was back not long after, cohen wont be back till next season, karma's a bitch aint it

  • Little Boy
    Little Boy 4 years ago

    In the most recent Forrest Derby at Forrest's ground they couldn't even fill it hahaha

  • DCFCTulley
    DCFCTulley 8 years ago +1

    It was in front of the ref and it wasn't a foul or a head injury. Play to the whistle.

  • 1v1 me m8 on pokemon
    1v1 me m8 on pokemon 6 years ago +21

    Derby 5- forest 0

  • Charlie Sayle
    Charlie Sayle 3 years ago

    Forest still can't sell out against us home or away, are they scared??? 😂

  • Alex
    Alex 8 years ago

    Don't worry Derby, we'll have you next season!

  • Chrisbob11
    Chrisbob11 4 years ago


  • epicowen6899
    epicowen6899 9 years ago

    Brian Clough would be proud

  • Button07
    Button07 4 years ago +1

    This is genienly my favourite video on RUclip

  • Broadley1001
    Broadley1001 10 years ago

    watch this everyday

  • wearederbysuperams
    wearederbysuperams 5 years ago

    Great clip TheOssieEnd 👍

  • tony P
    tony P 6 years ago +13

    why put the ball out when it was easier to stroll upfield and put in the back of the net..ha..ha.ha.....COME ON YOU RAMS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Josh Smith
    Josh Smith 8 years ago +3


  • Johnoppo
    Johnoppo 10 years ago

    Come on you Rams.

  • Phil_Insane
    Phil_Insane 5 years ago


  • Kev Moore
    Kev Moore 9 years ago

    Life, quite honestly, doesn't really get any better than this!

  • Thomas Hall
    Thomas Hall 9 years ago

    We only got 10 men . I think we can do the double again this season over forest come on derby.

  • Joe Harrison
    Joe Harrison 10 years ago

    Go derby

  • The FIFA god
    The FIFA god 8 years ago +5

    We are derby super derby super rams

  • Joe Westcott
    Joe Westcott 9 years ago

    We only had 10 men we only had 10 men 10 MEN

  • Ashley Boot
    Ashley Boot 9 years ago

    You're a Blackpool fan, so that's 1-2 away from home and 0-0 at home, I'd say we've done better than you there.

  • george bishop
    george bishop 8 years ago +1

    10 men we only had 10 men

  • Ramdog
    Ramdog 9 years ago

    Ten men, we only had ten men! Beat that red shite! 'U Super Rams'

  • Dayen Paul
    Dayen Paul 3 years ago

    cloughie and his team beat the scummie forest!!!! 10 men only had 10 men!!!!!

  • Ashley Boot
    Ashley Boot 9 years ago

    5-2 !

  • Ross Ward
    Ross Ward 6 years ago +1


  • Dayem Smith
    Dayem Smith 4 years ago

    10 men we only had 10 men

  • Ashley Boot
    Ashley Boot 9 years ago

    How many European cups btw Derby?

  • Dayen Paul
    Dayen Paul 3 years ago

    10 men we only had 10 men

  • FalseSheps
    FalseSheps 10 years ago


  • Derbyginge
    Derbyginge 6 months ago

    Don't mind me, just living in the past

  • Jack Gee
    Jack Gee 10 years ago


  • ramman07
    ramman07 8 years ago +1

    how is it selfish? Play to the whistle and against your rivals? You're not going to kick it out?

  • joe gardner
    joe gardner 8 years ago +1

    always living on past glories

    • Sam Lowe
      Sam Lowe 3 years ago

      Forest fans are still bragging about your European cups

    • Tom Beardsley
      Tom Beardsley 7 years ago +6


  • Joe Doherty
    Joe Doherty 9 years ago

    Well you're either blind or mad, because if we beat them on monday we go top again...

  • warwick936
    warwick936 7 years ago

    NFFC proud supporter

  • George Bailey
    George Bailey 7 years ago +5

    won then won now

  • coxy1976
    coxy1976 9 years ago

    Ha ha 10 men with a goal head start

  • Joe Doherty
    Joe Doherty 9 years ago

    How long ago were they? Tell you what, come to Etihad and then we'll see who's so cocky

  • AG DAB 1234109
    AG DAB 1234109 3 years ago

    Derby until i die

  • iFeasant Plucker
    iFeasant Plucker 9 years ago

    its funny, because if forest beat us next season its because there rich bastards... but like Leicester proved last season money doesn't buy you points! FOREST GOING DOWN WITH A BILLION IN THE BANK!!!!

  • Paige Anderson
    Paige Anderson 8 years ago

    Yeah but at least we made them bleed !!!!!!!!!

  • SE14
    SE14 4 years ago

    Where's Ward Now?

  • Charlie Donnis
    Charlie Donnis 6 years ago +3

    Clough over McClaren every day of the fucking week

  • Kieran Douglas
    Kieran Douglas 9 years ago

    4:00 David Silva in the crowd ;)

  • chedward100
    chedward100 8 years ago +1

    0-1 bryson!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Paul stall
    Paul stall 3 years ago

    we`ve only got ten men

  • Dead Trim
    Dead Trim 3 years ago +1

    Come on forest up your game , derby been beaten u for years know and you don’t do anything , go lose 5 nil forest

  • Theyellowdude 12
    Theyellowdude 12 7 years ago

    Dcfc the team 4 me

  • jack jeffrey
    jack jeffrey 8 years ago +1


  • Zak Connan
    Zak Connan 2 years ago

    jeff did

  • george bishop
    george bishop 8 years ago +1

    Why should we put the ball out the lousy shit slipped over

  • MrGostaa
    MrGostaa 8 years ago

    Shows how selfish derby are.. wow

  • VantiveMan
    VantiveMan 9 years ago

    Pick that outa the net Lee Camp...not a chance

  • Rip Cruncher
    Rip Cruncher 9 years ago

    Forest...our bitches. We own the East Midlands derby.

  • Billy Arshad
    Billy Arshad 9 years ago

    but you've lost to Reading....

  • Legit Derby County Fan
    Legit Derby County Fan 6 years ago +3


  • Dc Fc
    Dc Fc 9 years ago +1

    its all over at the shitty ground

  • lord123abc
    lord123abc 10 years ago

    @FoReSt4EVR Ten Men we've only got ten men!

  • Paige Anderson
    Paige Anderson 8 years ago

    Or should I say at least we made u bleed !!!!!!!!

  • Legit Derby County Fan
    Legit Derby County Fan 6 years ago +1


  • Milo L
    Milo L 5 years ago +2

    Notts Scabs

  • paul ridge
    paul ridge 9 years ago

    you beauty!!!!!

  • paul stall
    paul stall 7 years ago +1

    ten men

  • Jack Dennis
    Jack Dennis 8 years ago +1

    Two goals that derby will never score again hahaha

    • Edward Flynn
      Edward Flynn 5 years ago

      Jack Dennis we put 5 past you then another then another 3

    • Adam Dunn
      Adam Dunn 5 years ago

      scored 5 instead

    • lord123abc
      lord123abc 7 years ago +2


    • David Meer
      David Meer 7 years ago +3

      We'll have to make do with 5 goals then

    • ShotByComery
      ShotByComery 7 years ago +11

      How come we beat you 5 nil then?

  • Harry NFFC
    Harry NFFC 6 years ago

    Worst forest team ever beat the Rams 2-1

    • Little Boy
      Little Boy 4 years ago

      Harry NFFC

      Pretty sure now is your worst team, narrowly avoided relegation haha maybe next year hey?

    • Edward Flynn
      Edward Flynn 5 years ago +2

      Harry NFFC 5-0 1-0 3-0 ;-)

    • Skippy
      Skippy 5 years ago +6

      +Harry NFFC Worst Derby team ever beat Forest 2-1 with 10 men LOOOL

  • charltonathleticlad
    charltonathleticlad 7 years ago

    crap atmosphere.

    • Randall Baker
      Randall Baker 2 years ago

      charltonathleticlad how's the atmosphere in league one?