Why China Doesn’t Want Your Trash Anymore

  • Published on Mar 29, 2019
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  • Mike Kia
    Mike Kia 6 hours ago

    Honestly recycling is a good business

  • Yihui WANG
    Yihui WANG 9 hours ago


  • Eliseo Guadarrama
    Eliseo Guadarrama 12 hours ago

    Because a Chinese made a documentary that exposed China

  • Droumreague
    Droumreague Day ago

    We should processed our own plastic waste and keep jobs in the western countries then we would not to buy so much plastic products from China we would make more job in our own countries so keep our plastic waste it is good for jobs which is good for our country we should take it a step further and band the buying of any plastic products from china ,bring manufacturing back to the west !!

  • Li
    Li Day ago

    Nice video

  • Darick Lim
    Darick Lim Day ago

    This should be the next trade deal

  • 能记住的记忆也只有七秒就算和你爱的人永远在一起,


  • Steve Y
    Steve Y 2 days ago

    Go China👍

  • Yun Qu
    Yun Qu 3 days ago

    Some facts:
    1.3 billion people produced 215 million tons of trash in 2017
    300 million people produced 250 million tons of trash in 2014.

    That said, there are still arrogant people with double-standards blaming other countries.


  • The Boss Crystal
    The Boss Crystal 3 days ago +1

    Who's trademark is that?

  • Di Horse
    Di Horse 3 days ago

    Seems rubbish is one of more exportable items to China.

    • john wick
      john wick 3 days ago

      deal with your trash now hahahah

  • Wely Setiawan
    Wely Setiawan 3 days ago

    From plastic waste china make iphone casing for world

  • Roronoa Zoro
    Roronoa Zoro 4 days ago

    white people are in debt with asians. pay up

  • Denne Gene
    Denne Gene 4 days ago +2

    Trump should use those garbage to build his walls

  • BluePanther3000
    BluePanther3000 4 days ago

    4:30 That sounds like a very popular saying... how does it go?? lol

  • Zhong Z
    Zhong Z 4 days ago

    shame on u US !

  • Willy the Will
    Willy the Will 4 days ago +1

    At 1:11 and 1:21, it shoudn't be 共产党批准了这"条"水 but 这"瓶"水 technically…Or maybe 这"罐"水

  • Taekmin Gang
    Taekmin Gang 5 days ago

    During Qing Dynasty, China refused to buy opium from Britain (while the British kept buying Chinese goods), and the British launched the opium war ...
    rendering P.R.China to make the most strict laws for drugs.
    What about now? Will the history replay?

    • john wick
      john wick 3 days ago

      nah it wont China a nuclear power and the second most powerful navy in the world can fight any imperialist scums

  • Tom Meyers
    Tom Meyers 6 days ago

    I don't think the NBA has been over there lately. Trump got them released. Let it go.

  • JearTheBear Official

    0:32 I’m in Fuzhou after I was in Xi’an for 10 days, and I can tell you thatFuzhou and Xi’an deserve to be in the same category. Sure, Xi’an has a bigger cultural relevance, but that doesn’t make the city “better” than the other ones.
    This or I just have bad taste

  • Riley Mead
    Riley Mead 6 days ago

    Who else thinks most of China's exports are trash that we don't want?

  • hongsien kwee
    hongsien kwee 6 days ago

    People in the West should drink less bottled water, instead drink tap water which is safe in most western countries.....water bottles are one of the most produced

  • Joe M
    Joe M 6 days ago

    Thus the dramatic increase in garbage trains in this country.

  • Lisa Siembida
    Lisa Siembida 6 days ago

    Wanted to hit the thumbs up button again a few times in this video! Video is a good explanation of various aspects that most don't think or know of!! Nice job & thanks.

  • Iam Leo
    Iam Leo 6 days ago +1

    0:35 I disagree with u putting Xiamen in tier 3 it should be tier 2 as its one of the cleanest city in China

  • Christian Taylor
    Christian Taylor 7 days ago

    We all need to stop producing so much garbage. The big government decisions are not what the people think or feel we’re just along for the ride... let’s all remember that when making comments.

  • XX LL
    XX LL 7 days ago

    The amount of plastic consumption per person: U.S. > 5* China.
    China has more pollution because China has more people.
    China now is doing effort to reduce pollution and the greatest effort of U.S. is :
    (1) Blame China for pollution
    (2) Throw the pollution from U.S. to other countries.

  • n4120p
    n4120p 8 days ago

    corporations need to rewrite packaging now !!!

  • News Fuse TV
    News Fuse TV 8 days ago

    If you think about it, all the trash they get they recycle to make toys and other items which we will end up buying back. Never thought of it before I just realized this as I wrote this comment.

  • KeepWalkingNeverStop

    Welp there go my plans to send my ex to China!

  • Zero
    Zero 8 days ago

    Actually Guangzhou and Shenzhen barely count as tier 1, if you compare these two with Shanghai and Beijing it’s almost as if Shanghai and Beijing has their own category, I say Guangzhou and Shenzhen is about tier 1.5, I mean the income value isn’t even close to Beijing and Shanghai I recall

  • Johnathan Myers
    Johnathan Myers 8 days ago

    it used to be tobacco, slaves, and gold... now it's plastic, electronics, and ________.

  • Hector F.
    Hector F. 8 days ago

    Look at those unboxing videos and see why people generate a lot of trash! Boxes, plastics, styrofoam, etc!

  • Simson Siagian
    Simson Siagian 9 days ago +1

    U.S said " I am superpower, i can controll everything"
    China " So what about your trash??"
    U.S replied, " That is an exceptional "

  • luci78 Cozma
    luci78 Cozma 10 days ago

    China has its own trash. The July 2019 will be te whole month for trash problem and implementation

  • Finance & Fitness
    Finance & Fitness 10 days ago

    If merica built recycling centers and refurbish trash not only would it help taxpayers money on transportation, maintenance, shipping, and lower costs for companies and consumers and create millions new jobs mixed with green energy, it would help the global environment at large, make America global leader in clean energy, clean environment. #MakeAmericaGreenAgain.♻️🔋🌍

  • Sputnik
    Sputnik 11 days ago

    IMO- I think we should send the plastics back to where they came from. Straight to an open volcano to burn and absorb everything. All plastic is petro based and a volcano contained this junk at one time. I have no other answer.

  • Sputnik
    Sputnik 11 days ago

    You think this video is sad! ruclip.com/video/lqrlEsPoyJk/video.html Black Market recycling ruining Asia etc.

  • Sputnik
    Sputnik 11 days ago

    We are now in a catch 22. Granted China etc pollutes their air and people. China has made everything from OUR trash and sold it back to us in goods. Like cars, tools, toys, electronics etc.

  • The Death
    The Death 11 days ago

    _Blue Sky Policy...color cloud red_

  • Tokejuana Worlds Collide

    America bout to figure out what the grand canyon was created for.

    • s l
      s l 10 days ago


  • Catcrumbs
    Catcrumbs 11 days ago

    SI units please.

  • St Trinian's
    St Trinian's 11 days ago

    Here is a great idea folks....each country cleans there own house, simple.....to simple for overpaid autocrats to understand.

  • Andy M
    Andy M 11 days ago +1

    Stop taking money for trash and we will stop sending it simple 🤷🏻‍♂️

  • Bob Stokley
    Bob Stokley 11 days ago

    red china is trash so fuck them up the ass till they bleed to death

    SMAKS EM SILLIFIED 12 days ago

    So your neighbor sees you throwing stuff out he would like to use so you agree to give it to him so he can make a living.
    Later on your neighbor has made money for a long time off this deal and after he gains wealth he then acts as though you FORCED him to take it. Lol
    This is where we are at.
    Like what did anyone think these countries did BEFORE China started taking their trash?
    You think it just disappeared?
    They used it and processed it as well.
    But with China taking it off their hands for so long, yes, they need to crank up and maybe make some processing plants to deal with the sudden influx.
    Do you really think this will bankrupt these Western countries some how?
    All Chinas pollution doesn't come from trash sitting in landfills and processing plants.
    It comes from all these factories and plants working with toxic materials and chemichals.
    China has such a low standard because they are more worried about the money and taxes they can get off these factories so they overlook the toxins running off into the rivers, oceans and the air.
    I meet and speak with people from China and they tell me about how they hate living anywhere near these plants.
    They get headaches, asthma and all sorts of problems living near them. But for some they have to because it's all they can afford and they must live near the city near these plants to earn their living.
    A plastic bag, a box, milk cartons and newspapers and even electronics (probably produced in China) will not magically start giving off obnoxious fumes and harmful toxins.
    It's when China processes them and makes new products that they produce these harmful things for their people to inhale and consume without their permission.
    The problem is the Chinese government doesn't give a fuck about it's people, it cares about money and if a few hundred thousand have to die is even better because they are overpopulated.
    This trying to make the west out to be the boogie man is ridiculous.
    The US has helped the Chinese economy so much and without them China would be much much poorer.
    The US has been paying tariffs for products importing to China while China pays nothing.
    The US has been competing with one had tied behind it's back because of the wars. They allowed other countries to build themselves up and recover since WW1!
    This is why DJT has matched Chinas Tariffs to make them null and when China takes its tariffs down we will. That simple.
    There should be free trade and if a country doesn't want something shipped to their country no one is forcing them.
    But China must raise it's standards when dealing with pollution and their factories because it effects the whole world!

    • s l
      s l 10 days ago

      i read it and liked it fuck china and their bullshit lies

    • Andy M
      Andy M 11 days ago

      SMAKS EM SILLIFIED dude I don’t think any one is going to read all of that......I started then ducked off out of there

    SMAKS EM SILLIFIED 12 days ago

    And please, China sends so much cheap shit to the US it's incredible.
    And this trash sitting in a landfill isn't causing pollution.
    These factories in China are. They send their waste into the rivers, they don't worry about the shit going into the air etc.
    And China uses this garbage from other countries to make crappy products for everyone else.
    We didn't force them to take it, in reality they asked for it.
    There is no force or "wrong" here.
    All they have to do is refuse to take it, problem solved.

    • s l
      s l 10 days ago


    SMAKS EM SILLIFIED 12 days ago

    Ah, so the US just randomly sent trash to China? Hahaha

    • s l
      s l 10 days ago


  • Aaron Bourn
    Aaron Bourn 12 days ago

    CHINA #2

    • s l
      s l 10 days ago

      number 2 what?

  • Keith Gatlin
    Keith Gatlin 12 days ago

    Amazons working on the packaging. problem and I think they almost had a beat they even charge sellers $1.90 if they product is not packaged right and they have to pack it with a bigger box

  • barron8006
    barron8006 12 days ago +1

    China never processed the garbage. It just dumped it into the ocean, which is why there is a large plastic geyser in the Pacific...
    More misinformation from this channel.

    • barron8006
      barron8006 9 days ago

      @Dou Liu
      China companies receive cash to take waste matter. Sixty-percent of plastic in the ocean comes from the Yangtze River area...

    • Dou Liu
      Dou Liu 9 days ago +1

      If China didn't process, why does China spend money buying it? Think about it.

  • Zhonguoria
    Zhonguoria 12 days ago

    US has only 4% of world's population but produces 25% of the world's trash.

    • s l
      s l 10 days ago

      china is still number one stop condoning the actions of this shit hole country

  • Zhonguoria
    Zhonguoria 12 days ago

    WHY do we have compost bins? Grow your own food, and compost it back into your own yard! Why do we BUY plastic trash bags to throw trash?

    • s l
      s l 10 days ago

      id love to see you grow your own food lmfao what a complete fool

  • Damian Mandic
    Damian Mandic 13 days ago

    The easiest thing is to burn that shit. Its what they do anyway. If you really want to manage your own little recycling "plant" you need to SEPARATE EVERYTHING. Plastics go in one bin, paper in another, bottles (plastic, glass & cans) ... we sell those. All the organics go to compost. That is for growing your own food and whatnot. As for metals, electronics and other ... just wait for the Roma's to pass by if you dont have enough space for storage and processing. Its a good business and everyone cashes in :)

  • Crazy Nate
    Crazy Nate 13 days ago +1

    Here's a simple way to reduce a lot of our trash. Make it illegal to solicit by mail unless the customer opted into it. No more Junk Mail.

  • Devon Shelby
    Devon Shelby 13 days ago

    They could’ve been just collecting our 🧬 DNA the whole time 🤔

  • Samuel Wells
    Samuel Wells 13 days ago

    Use that waste to build that wall hahaha

  • Samuel Wells
    Samuel Wells 13 days ago

    If China wants to be hoarders why should US deny them that right.

  • Keizoku Drive
    Keizoku Drive 14 days ago +1

    There is a Simple solve for IT.
    (To USA as well)
    Do what our ancestors did, Just use only what you want and dont overdo IT.

  • Girish Borkar
    Girish Borkar 14 days ago

    Why not india

  • Squiggles Avatar
    Squiggles Avatar 14 days ago

    imf had a policy that 3rd world countries could "afford", to be polluted (ie; west was polluted enough). I read this in the 80's (about the time of the bhopal disaster). wotaworld, wotaworld.....

  • pls forgibe me senpai
    pls forgibe me senpai 14 days ago


  • William A
    William A 14 days ago

    They've got enough of there own trash

  • Mark Fischer
    Mark Fischer 14 days ago

    They don't want anymore garbage because they've already cornered the world market. The original Petroyuan is backed by gold. You sell your oil for Petroyuan and you trade that for gold at the Shanghai gold exchange. But China only has 80 billion dollars worth of gold and imports 116 billion dollars a year of oil. What will China do when the gold runs out? Problem solved. The Petroyuan 2 is like the original petroyuan with one minor difference.You take your Petroyuan 2 to Beijing and trade it for garbage at the Beijing garbage exchange.

  • Databender
    Databender 14 days ago

    This is a very educated video.

    • s l
      s l 10 days ago

      lmfao ya for gullible morons

  • Databender
    Databender 14 days ago

    Those so-called civilized countries are producing massive trash everyday. Ironically all level of their government has all kinds of recycling programs, however as far as I see this crisis, they just dump whatever they want and send it to Developing countries in Asia or Africa. So that they have clean water and blue sky, the other side of the world is suffering from massive garbage and pollution.

    • s l
      s l 10 days ago

      you're fucking giant idiot lmfao china is number one in global pollution and produces twice as much metric tons of pollution than the usa go to school moron.

  • Ian Wright
    Ian Wright 14 days ago

    Funny thing this. China doesn't want US trash and the US is tiring of Chinese trash. Chinese trash is known as exports. They can keep them.

    • Captain Winslow
      Captain Winslow 9 days ago +1

      Then stop buying ffs. Buy American, cheap bastards.

    • s l
      s l 10 days ago

      fucking dumb

  • TailorHawking
    TailorHawking 14 days ago

    America should clean their trash before trying to bring peace to other countries for money

    • s l
      s l 10 days ago

      retard alert!

  • Yami yama
    Yami yama 14 days ago

    This channel has some interesting videos, but the community is so toxic that it's better to keep away from it.

    • s l
      s l 10 days ago

      ya because this channel is bull shit chinese propaganda lies

  • Frank Velazquez
    Frank Velazquez 15 days ago

    thats funny bc we buy all their trash like products all the time

  • AnimeShinigami13
    AnimeShinigami13 15 days ago

    in the immortal words of children's song writer Tom Chapin *blows kazoo*
    Good Garbage breaksdown as it goes
    That's why it smells bad to your nose
    Bad garbage grows and grows and grows
    Garbage is sposed to decompose!
    and yes, you should go find the song. Its called "good garbage" and its such a cute little tune.

  • Zora Rosa
    Zora Rosa 15 days ago

    China doesn't want OUR trash?! Oh, you mean the trash they sold to us in the first place? Yah, no wonder...

    XIYAO SUN 15 days ago

    But some part of China, yep, I’m saying Taiwan and Hong Kong today still import the shitty lies and fake news from western countries’ media.

    • s l
      s l 10 days ago

      lmfao ya because those kids didnt get run over by tanks or chinese people cooking dogs alive for magical sun properties AHHAHAHAHAH FUCKING GIANT RETARD get fucked with you're bull shit chinese lies and propaganda. America know all too well now that almost every chinese person straight up lies lies lies and more lies just to keep the "face".

  • Lar M
    Lar M 15 days ago +1

    China already has enough trash from their own people !

    • Andy M
      Andy M 11 days ago

      Lar M tell them to stop taking money for trash simple 🤷🏻‍♂️

  • finishtherest
    finishtherest 15 days ago +1

    One day I'll make a world known company and sort all the waste. Saving planet💪

    • finishtherest
      finishtherest 11 days ago

      @Andy M :( but it takes days and $$$ to ship all the way to Europe, and I can do the same with countries nearby mine 😎

    • Andy M
      Andy M 11 days ago

      finishtherest to late dude,I know a Swedish man....he’s company can recycle 94% of all waste, there just working out the last bit then we all have to pay them to deal with it.....he’s hoping to be a trillionare by 2025

  • Jeremy Naufal
    Jeremy Naufal 15 days ago

    Really nice video ⭐️⭐️⭐️

    • s l
      s l 10 days ago

      you mean garbage propaganda by china right?

  • Dave McDaverson
    Dave McDaverson 15 days ago

    I just do the environmentally conscious thing and huck all my trash in the ocean😀👍🏻

  • zolwikcz
    zolwikcz 15 days ago

    At 5:43 the Czech Republic is depicted: blue - paper, yellow - plastic, white - clear glass, green - coloured glass, orange - tetrapack, grey - metal

  • Scooters Videos
    Scooters Videos 15 days ago

    Which bin do the right wingers go in?

    • s l
      s l 10 days ago

      @Scooters Videos fucking racist scum.

    • Scooters Videos
      Scooters Videos 11 days ago

      @Andy M Alright. We'll put the racists in one bin, the whatabouts in another bin, and have a third bin for the hypocrites.

    • Andy M
      Andy M 11 days ago

      Scooters Videos on top of the one with the left wingers in it

  • kados pescando sin fronteras

    This is a big oportunity. USA can make millions of things whit that trash. Recycle and make competitions whit china in the big market. More jobs more progress less trash. You can used that trash to make new stuff.

  • Lon Passoff
    Lon Passoff 15 days ago

    Love the information. Hate the finger pointing. Teach without being so judgmental.

    • Sapphire Blanche
      Sapphire Blanche 10 days ago

      @s l Care to point out the factual errors? God nationalists are dumb.

    • s l
      s l 10 days ago

      this video is a complete lie and if you werent so gullible youd see that

    • Sapphire Blanche
      Sapphire Blanche 14 days ago

      Get over it you baby. The US has so many problems and wastefulness is one of them.

  • Dexin Wang
    Dexin Wang 15 days ago

    The water bottle says共产党批准了这条水 “The CCP approved this string of water???”

    • s l
      s l 10 days ago

      ahahahhahaha lmfao amazing!

  • Philip Freeman
    Philip Freeman 16 days ago

    E.T. laser their trash try it .

  • Yi Liu
    Yi Liu 16 days ago

    China has most population. Of course a lot of pollution. America is dumping rubbish to China as well

    • Andy M
      Andy M 11 days ago

      Yi Liu no no,China is taking payment of money for trash...not dumping 🤦🏻‍♂️

  • Har_i Kandel
    Har_i Kandel 16 days ago

    Me:Oh Look China has Trash!Let's Throw our trash to China!
    China:Uh No more Trash!
    Me: Wait What? I thought you could
    Beijing Goverment:NOW YOU CANT

  • Mr Cabot
    Mr Cabot 16 days ago

    Well, we do not want Chinese trash!! The Chinese BOUGHT IT, maybe that was a bad decision??

    • Mr Cabot
      Mr Cabot 16 days ago

      @Rinku The facts seem to disagree.

    • Rinku
      Rinku 16 days ago +1

      They bought recyclable trash not unrecyclable garbage. :)

  • Ardani
    Ardani 16 days ago +110

    China, then Malaysia, the Philippines, and now Indonesia refusing taking western countries' trash. Well done

    • Ardani
      Ardani 4 days ago

      @Lucky luck i see.. well whatever the outcome is, im wishing all the best for Cambodia

    • Lucky luck
      Lucky luck 4 days ago

      Now it went to Cambodia. Is up to Corrupted PM Hun Sen to send it back or not. I bet he send it back.

    • Andy M
      Andy M 11 days ago +1

      Ardani no no, they refused payment of any more trash

  • 張德鵬
    張德鵬 16 days ago

    Stop vilifying China? Thank you

    • s l
      s l 10 days ago

      lmfao you eat live dogs! FUCK YOU

  • Ryan Zofoa
    Ryan Zofoa 16 days ago +21

    Are you saying trash has value. Wow, I'm not worthless after all.

  • Itzel Walkup
    Itzel Walkup 16 days ago

    Search "How China Subverts Freedom with the “United Front” | Sonny Lo | China Uncensored" in youtube.
    Be careful, some people hiding behind Google account management are repeatedly blocking accounts for spreading those links in public comments.
    Some accounts are even hijacked to Ukrane trying to hack recovery passwords.

    • s l
      s l 10 days ago

      i dont understand please explain

    GRAPHIC J 16 days ago +1

    Those companies that ship out Shoe Size packages that have a small 2x2" inch item (or around there) is just irresponsible.

  • Bassult Doom
    Bassult Doom 16 days ago

    Where do westerners trash ends up......in Asia. I guest America don't know haw to dispose their trash and they just throw their shit to other country's.

    • s l
      s l 10 days ago

      @Andy M keep up the truth bruh were gona make these people know that china is a lying pos

    • Andy M
      Andy M 11 days ago

      Bassult Doom no no, then country’s take money payments for trash so there just as bad 🤦🏻‍♂️

  • Que Onda Whey
    Que Onda Whey 16 days ago

    The Uber comment was inaccurate and ignorant. No I have no vested interest with Uber, just hate sloppy reporting.

  • Crypto Guy
    Crypto Guy 17 days ago

    When people start something and forget their civics, they pummel u like crazy.

  • Yanthungbemo Ezong
    Yanthungbemo Ezong 17 days ago

    So why don't the US recycle trash themselves now that china won't take anymore trash?

    • Andy M
      Andy M 11 days ago

      Yanthungbemo Ezong you forget to add “now China is not taking payment for trash”


  • Don KiksBiscuits
    Don KiksBiscuits 17 days ago +1

    So we will have to eat all our trash 😂

  • L L
    L L 17 days ago

    How about we don’t want the trash they sell anymore.

  • Surya Tjandra
    Surya Tjandra 17 days ago +3

    Hypocrate USA. Throwing stone on other and hidding your hand on your back.

    • s l
      s l 10 days ago

      @Andy M truth

    • Andy M
      Andy M 11 days ago

      Surya Tjandra but China takes payment of money for trash....guess they have enough money now

  • Brian M
    Brian M 17 days ago

    Trump can eat it

    • s l
      s l 10 days ago

      and you can eat a fat babies dick

  • Kala Vu
    Kala Vu 17 days ago

    China is the most bullshit country in the world. 50% of Chinese are extremely crazy stupid. They're fu*king stupid like stupid dog Mao and crazy stupid dog Xi Jinping.
    They have been killing their own people just because of different opinions. They kill the Tibetans and people in Xinjiang to harvest organs. They are fu*king evil animals. Fu*k you Chin-shit! Fu*k you China dogs. Fu*k stupid dog Mao and fu*king stupid dog Xi-Shit-Ping.

    • s l
      s l 10 days ago

      ya and they also lie constantly they are raised to lie! the cook dogs alive and put live turtles on key chains just for fun!! FUCKING SICK ANIMALS FUCK CHINESE