Why China Doesn’t Want Your Trash Anymore

  • Published on Mar 29, 2019
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  • Hoda Haddad
    Hoda Haddad Hour ago

    One of the best things they do well done 👏🏻

  • T Y
    T Y 18 hours ago

    Straight forward objective observation on China is what the world solely needs

  • T Y
    T Y 18 hours ago

    Fuck this white dude knows more about China than me

  • Adrianne Parris
    Adrianne Parris Day ago

    Me: Is a Chinese
    Video: You Americans you we you us you
    Me: Extreme Confusion

  • Timothy Brown
    Timothy Brown 3 days ago

    We need learn how to recycle most trash not ship it overseas.

  • Anton Vernooy
    Anton Vernooy 3 days ago

    Good stuff keep posting.

  • FryChicken
    FryChicken 3 days ago

    Can you start citing your sources for your information so I can find them too?

  • Trash Panda
    Trash Panda 6 days ago

    ITS pronounced VACK-AH-VILL 😂

  • Griffin Kristal
    Griffin Kristal 13 days ago

    2:58 Unless ya get someone on the way back :P!!!!

  • julesdownunder
    julesdownunder 13 days ago

    I congratulate China on their decision. Wish they'd made it a lot sooner - like back in 1988. Taking trash should never have been part of the trade deals. Love to know who proposed that!

  • Haoyue Wang
    Haoyue Wang 14 days ago

    Thank you so much Polymatter for revealing what we all know but westerners don't/do not care about. SUBSCRIBED

  • Haoyue Wang
    Haoyue Wang 14 days ago

    I am so furious about whoever claiming the biggest mistake of the west generating too much trash. You should not let us wipe your ass for whatever reason. We don't want any f**king garbage coming to China, or anywhere else in asia. You force us to manufacture everything (mostly) for you with cheap labor and eventually destroying our environment, just like how you did to the slaves in your colonies. Consider why you forced us to join the WTO forty years ago, and do not blame what ended up now with our economy. Analyzing the whole situation, it would be us sacrificing our homeland, producing everything this world needs, and you end up printing some paper money for us! You sit on couches eating chips, drinking sodas, creating all these trash and send them back to us while our workers starve! You protect your natural resources, print some paper for the unemployed, homeless and claim yourselves to be somewhere with good welfare system and satisfied for people to live in. Do you small (land, population) western Europeans countries actually believe that you can generate so much GDP by innovating some cool technologies (which we can also do now), providing service to each other and printing Euros/USDs? And despite all you’ve done, you blame us for gaining too much from you through trade! and generating too much carbon dioxide in this world! Seriously? Now our labors are becoming more expensive, so where would you destroy next? India? Or Vietnam? Go swallow your own garbage, especially for people below who think you can generate less, and I appreciate if you can get rid of chips and sodas. Go revive your own industries so that your workers will no longer be starved because of our evil economy. And to do this, go burn your own coal, undermine your own minerals and cut down your own trees!

  • Wong Alexsander
    Wong Alexsander 15 days ago

    According to the Food Sustainability Index 2017, the countries with the lowest food waste generation per capita include Greece and China (44 kg per year), followed by India (51 kg). The countries with the highest waste creation are Australia (361 kg), followed by the U.S. (278 kg)

    With the largest population, China produced the largest quantity of plastic, at nearly 60 million tonnes. This was followed by the United States at 38 million
    China: 1.37 billion population
    USA: 329.45 million population
    Who is the trash producer and food waster ?

  • Papa Wong
    Papa Wong 17 days ago

    why would China

  • Jonathan Santos
    Jonathan Santos 17 days ago

    Excellent reports, and impressive translations. Thank you lovers alike.💌

  • Melon_lovers
    Melon_lovers 18 days ago

    And wow u really hate China cuz u have a lot of shit videos about China

  • Melon_lovers
    Melon_lovers 18 days ago

    Dude stop talking shit about China how about talk shit about ur own Country , like all of the country they have positive and negative stuff about it.

  • qian piscessay
    qian piscessay 20 days ago

    At least China do very good trash recycling work.

  • ValiantsFelines McCarty

    This is ridiculous that the United States lied to its people that we're recycling honorably and did not know that we were shipping it out. I did not know that my recycling was being shipped to China I took it for granted that there was a recycling place in the United States that was melting the plastic bottles and reusing it I thought that there was a cardboard place that was motion up the cardboard or it was being sent to Japan to make paper I did not believe that it was being sent to China simply to be dumped on their doorstep as you guys talk about it like that as a matter of fact just trash it never been sent it should have only been recyclable materials not dumpsters full of trash.
    My family learned upfront why the United States is not recycling as it should. Waste Management was begun by the mafia I don't care what you try to say they used dumps to bury their problems. My father and his friends when they retired from Road Construction and or Rock crushing plants wanted to do something that would be good for the environment. One of them had been in Switzerland for a few years and was taken by the way Switzerland has no dumps at all. All of their trash is taken to recycling centers it is sorted using machines that remove metal humans that remove other recyclables and then it is all chewed up into a fine dust that is made into concrete they don't have to tear down there mountains to build roads or outdoor improvements such as sidewalks, walking paths and benches in parks. It can't be used for buildings but they have beautifully maintained and landscaped outdoor environments using this non-toxic product.
    My dad and his friends had applied to create one of the,first of these recycling facilities in the USA. They were close to getting permits and authorization from the state and County for this when they were approached and threatened not only with their own lives but with the lives of their families if they pursued this change in the waste management program of the United States. I'm sure that if this had taken on over 30 years ago we wouldn't be complaining or even seeing this video today. Now when our country is desperate and of course the mob is looking for other ways to make honest money all of a sudden they're thinking of approving this type of recycling.

  • Reality isnt A choice
    Reality isnt A choice 23 days ago

    It's time all countries recycle their own trash where the package was opened..
    Full is full go back to glass.

  • Nafeesa Hussain
    Nafeesa Hussain 24 days ago

    US is trash, and I live here

  • Simon Yan
    Simon Yan 24 days ago

    Guess China will only import air from America then...

  • InefficentCannon
    InefficentCannon 26 days ago

    I Think Its good and all that your putting china in a good light, but I mean china slaughtered a few of its citizens a while back that were just protesting for democracy in their nation not to mention Hong Kong and all the other shady junk.

    • InefficentCannon
      InefficentCannon 15 days ago

      @Splinter- Memes oh well basically Hong Kong used to be ruled by Britain and they had an agreement that Hong Kong would keep its democracy and independence for 90 something years but china is impatient and is trying to forcefully take Hong Kong and so protests happend. if you want to hear the full story just look it up.

    • Splinter- Memes
      Splinter- Memes 15 days ago

      what with hong kong

  • Irish girl
    Irish girl 26 days ago


  • NRL Boyz
    NRL Boyz 28 days ago

    China gives US weapons but they give them thrash

  • Pepper
    Pepper 28 days ago

    1:11 “共产党批准了这条水” lol

  • pproust
    pproust 29 days ago

    The major American export: garbage, and that includes the Boeing 737 Max.

  • Skeptic Musings
    Skeptic Musings 29 days ago

    I'm perfectly fine with not sending our garbage to other countries. We should manage our own bullshit.

  • Janice McKee
    Janice McKee Month ago

    First world nations need to develop their own means for repurposing plastic. The energy expended in shipping it abroad is wasteful.
    China is capricious and unreliable. Bear this experience in mind before cutting any more deals with them. They are imperious and think nothing of crapping up another nation with their garbage purchases. This should have been monitored and never gone this far.
    Involve the multi-trillion dollar plastics industry in the clean up solutions.

  • Your songs ❤
    Your songs ❤ Month ago +1

    No, China is not as good as you thought.
    The people cannot even use RUclip and Facebook without VPN.
    Their city is polluted and air quality is pretty bad.
    Walk away from Socialist media.

    • Pepper
      Pepper 28 days ago

      Why do they wanna use RUclip or Facebook? Isn't it scary one thinks RUclip and Facebook is all they care in their life? And tell me you've been to China too before you start your critizies.

  • jeffrey martin
    jeffrey martin Month ago

    oh i have martin . sorry about that

  • jeffrey martin
    jeffrey martin Month ago

    what did you say

  • John Y
    John Y Month ago

    1:12 it says "communist party approves this bottle of water" LOL

  • DeWorDeR
    DeWorDeR Month ago

    would be awesome if people would sort their trashes alltogether so there would be no trash. Only recyclable materials. Normal household materials uses few different sort of plastic, paper, cardboard, glass, different sort or iron. Iron is easy to recycle coz of magnetism. Paper and plastic ofc the hardest. Those machines what recycles the plastic to new one are not able to suck up any kind of paper or cardboard because it burns in the plastic melting spot and thus screws up the plastic what machine produces. :)

  • Nigel Bailey
    Nigel Bailey Month ago

    China is no longer taking trash!! LOL

    ΓΪΜΡΞΦ ΩΨΏ Month ago +1

    I still don’t understand why each cookie has to be packed in its individual package.

  • Draco lord
    Draco lord Month ago +1

    Something tells me that Africa is going to be the new dumping ground for the world's trash.

  • James Adams
    James Adams Month ago

    Fuck china !!! We give our trash to china because china is trash !!! FREE HK !!!

  • infinitecanadian
    infinitecanadian Month ago

    China should just shut up and do as they are told.

  • Sandy SJY
    Sandy SJY Month ago

    10:28 The Chinese Communist Party approved this "strip" of water.

  • uber channel
    uber channel Month ago +1

    Welp the Chinese has no excuse but saying: My house is full of trashes.

  • Alisa Chalerychit
    Alisa Chalerychit Month ago

    I’m from Thailand and the pollution problem is getting much worse in the past few years. It’s more visible now.. and scary! I commend China for strict measures, but Thailand has to follow suits too, and that’s definitely not from taking and burning trash in our own country and polluting the air! 😡

  • Gordon Barnes
    Gordon Barnes Month ago

    Tough shit communist murdering Chinese screw them we saved them from Japan what do we get nothing but stealing our technology

  • Pedro Garcia Gutierrez

    chinesse should be banned from everywhere, for westeners is not allowed to work or buy any property in China, they treat as as enemies, we should treat them the same

    • Deo Xue
      Deo Xue Month ago

      I’m sorry but you’re not a westerner who can provide objective facts, in fact I support Americans in a lot of things, especially academic matters. Although I’m a exception most westerners just assume that chinese people are ignorant, self caring dunces, who can’t provide a single valid reason why their country is not ass. Nationalism also exists in other places. Human rights abuses happen else where, Atrocities are possible by other governments other than the CCP, intellectual property theft happens else where, and etc. What I’m saying is that not only China does bad things.

    • Deo Xue
      Deo Xue Month ago

      Just because some Chinese nationals won’t accept facts, doesn’t mean that the HAN Chinese is officially the worst race ever. and also we don’t treat many foreigners like trash. Thing is, westerners are allowed to do these such things in China as long as they aren’t breaking the law. So, your point is invalid. Using excuses like China should be tailored to the west is irrelevant for saying that we should be banned from everywhere.

  • Rem
    Rem Month ago

    I wanna live in Hothot, China.
    Ho's and Thot's everywhere I bet!
    Either that or it is really damn hot.

  • dog duck Chikin
    dog duck Chikin Month ago

    i stopped watching this,there is so much wrong info.if you lie a little you will lie a lot.it is totally true that we have a problem with how we dispose of waste,however we are coming up with better solutions all the time.is it enough no! but this video does not give any credit to the new companies that are starting up.

  • rabcam1
    rabcam1 Month ago

    plastic can be turned back into oil,

  • Manish Choudhary
    Manish Choudhary Month ago

    Stop saying we we people from other countries also watch your videos😂

  • M C
    M C Month ago

    Good for China

  • King Super Saiyan
    King Super Saiyan Month ago

    America is a selfish country

  • Scott Gilbert
    Scott Gilbert Month ago

    Maybe a system that can take blueprints from companies that make certain items like cellphones, computers and etc. that are all feed through a machine that helps read an item and breaks down these tossed machines into their base components. for example, separating all the different plastics, metals, and boards from a cell phone, or plastic from a rotating fan. I don't want to hear how that's impossible, in 20 or 50 years how far will tech jump to? As for blueprints, companies would just need to play ball when the government tells you to do something. It would then be on the government to protect the these blueprints from would-be thieves via encoding security. It''s a hard concept to explain.

  • 张雨桐
    张雨桐 Month ago

    thats mean we make toys with your trash,and sell u back ....LOL

  • exorientelux
    exorientelux Month ago +1

    So they have closed down every single MacDonalds and every Burger king plus every other US junk food place?

  • Bee love
    Bee love Month ago

    On 3:03 when u said “ The Us needs something to ship back to Asia”, why the animation is the opposite? It shows from Asia to US 🧐

  • Shasta Graff
    Shasta Graff Month ago

    China made the offer to recycle the stuff. Then they never process it and complain now?
    Why don't they put their self proclaimed superior Chinese minds to work on this?
    Or are they really just that stupid?

  • rural life my
    rural life my Month ago


  • 张腾
    张腾 Month ago

    We Chinese didn't refuse all trash,we still want some trash like old aircraft carriers~

  • Kim Jong Un
    Kim Jong Un Month ago

    Lol, your trash, your responsibility. We ofcourse are not your recycle bin.

  • first last
    first last Month ago

    People need to remember, the reduce and reuse options of environmentalism are much much more beneficial than recycling. It's much much better to bring in reusable bags and not use any of the stores bags, than to recycle what ever bags you do use.

  • first last
    first last Month ago +2

    LOL you left the woman off the author credits of that book you recommended.