VAN CANTO - If I Die In Battle (Official)

  • Опубликовано: 18 май 2012
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    Innovative, compelling and unique! Van Canto's fourth album once again confirms that guitars are not necessary to deliver first-class metal.
    "Break the Silence" reflects the German sextet's newfound confidence and experience gained by their previous albums' chart entry and the many live performances that followed. The band's main focus centers around sweeping original compositions, in which the vocal acrobats only enlist the help of the drums. "If I Die in Battle", "The Higher Flight", and "Neuer Wind" show off the mature and extraordinary qualities of the band: appeal and power.
    Staying true to tradition, Van Canto also delivers several cover songs ("Primo Victoria", "Bed of Nails", and "Master of the Wind"), as well as illustrious guests appearances. Marcus Siepen (Blind Guardian) can be heard playing the acoustic guitar on the ballad "Spelled in Waters", while Sabaton frontman Joakim Broden steps up to the mic on "Primo Victoria" to give his
    band's hit authenticity. The limited edition digipack also includes a
    bonus cover song ("Bad to the Bone" by Running Wild). In addition, the
    track "Betrayed" features a symphonic "metal-a-cappella" piece with orchestral support, while "A Storm to Come" unveils an exclusive bonus: the first song from "Peer Returns", the Van Canto Crossmedia-Projekt to premiere at the end of this year. "Break the Silence" captivates with strong songwriting and a novel implementation. A cappella metal! Metal like no other!
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  • Justine L
    Justine L 2 дня назад

    If i die in battle i'll go to Walhalla

    FABIO GARCIA 5 дней назад

    Van Canto indiscutivelmente uma das melhores bandas ja existentes, em sua maioria das musicas somente com bateria e voz...Salve Van Canto

  • Eragon812I
    Eragon812I 17 дней назад

    I want to know what the guitar solo sounds like without the distortion, must be hilarious!

  • nitsude
    nitsude 18 дней назад

    wasn!t there like ... non-metal version of this song? i'm pretty sure i've heard it somewhere but can't seem to find it ... basically as they sang at the beginning went the entire song... does anyone know?

  • grégoire sansot
    grégoire sansot 21 день назад

    man there is one seriously low pitched voice during the first seconds of the music

    HYJFK WDWEQT Месяц назад

    Ocelote never die

  • Jan Gaarmann
    Jan Gaarmann 2 месяца назад

    De er det bedste jeg elsker van canto . Blomst...

  • Bo Jensen
    Bo Jensen 2 месяца назад

    Winds blow ASS

  • John O'Grady
    John O'Grady 4 месяца назад

    im gonna be honest i always sang this as "IF I DIE METAL" and it meant the same to me :D

  • sister of battle Chloe
    sister of battle Chloe 5 месяцев назад

    This is officially my hype up song for literally anything

  • AT BT
    AT BT 5 месяцев назад

    they didnt. it sucks. amateurs. female voice sucks extremely. men voices are worn, backgrounds are the sasme since years "rumdibdelidum" - can generate this.

  • EnderBorn
    EnderBorn 6 месяцев назад

    the pony tail guy doing the guitar noise wow

  • ดิวจัง
    ดิวจัง 7 месяцев назад

    tatW bitches

  • Ryan
    Ryan 7 месяцев назад


  • belmorra24
    belmorra24 8 месяцев назад

    Nach der Heilung sofort aufspringen und wieder in die Schlacht rennen? Pfffft... Pappnase. xD

  • Fun unicorn362
    Fun unicorn362 8 месяцев назад

    I love the song and it makes me think of smaurai

  • Under Zone
    Under Zone 9 месяцев назад +1

    Please dont hate me. I like the music but put it to 1.5 speed it sounds like some kind of anime music XD

  • steven ostrander
    steven ostrander 10 месяцев назад

    Six winds blow as one. They will turn the tide.
    We are marching on, standing side by side
    And we'll carry on until all the fire is gone
    Blown away, away to lands beyond.
    Winds blow as one.
    Six winds blow as one. They will turn the tide.
    We are marching on, standing side by side
    And we'll carry on until all the fire is gone
    Blown away, away to lands beyond.
    Winds blow as one.
    They try to oppress us.
    Steal the faith out of our lives.
    Still they are the flame for dreadful fires.
    They try to undermine us night by night.
    Now they are unmasked. They're full of lies
    They never learned how to stand as one.
    And how to abandon fear.
    We will be their storm-wall closing in.
    If I die in Battle,
    find dark blood upon my steel.
    If I die in Battle,
    tell them I stood, and never kneeled.
    If I die in Battle,
    my soul will be saved and gone.
    I won't die in battle.
    I'll fly north with six winds blowing as one.
    They did not await us and the kingdom we will raise.
    Yes we are their nightmare deep within.
    They underestimate us.
    Our faith alive for our freedom and our new life to begin.

    They will never bring us down.
    They never rule our life.
    We will be a tempest rising high.
    If I die in Battle,
    find dark blood upon my steel.
    If I die in Battle,
    tell them I stood, and never kneeled.
    If I die in Battle,
    my soul will be saved and gone.
    I won't die in battle.
    I'll fly north with six winds blowing as one.
    What might end and we'll start again.
    We will never die.
    We will be a thunderstorm of life.
    Six winds blow as one. They will turn the tide.
    We are marching on, standing side by side
    And we'll carry on until all the fire is gone
    Blown away, away to lands beyond.
    Winds blow as one.
    If I die in Battle,
    find dark blood upon my steel.
    If I die in Battle,
    tell them I stood, and never kneeled.
    If I die in Battle,
    my soul will be saved and gone.
    I won't die in battle.
    I'll fly north with six winds blowing as one.

  • Igor Ogawa
    Igor Ogawa 11 месяцев назад

    FIz uma tradução dessa música para português brasileiro:

  • Роберт К
    Роберт К 11 месяцев назад

    заебись ваще охуенно

  • Larry Smith
    Larry Smith 11 месяцев назад +1

    Liquid motivation injected right into my soul.

  • Marco Kappa
    Marco Kappa Год назад

    i "neri per caso " del metal

  • Orquesta ConKlase
    Orquesta ConKlase Год назад


  • Shirasai
    Shirasai Год назад +3

    I still hear Bruce Dickinson's voice everytime I listen to the chorus!

  • Fenryr Greyback
    Fenryr Greyback Год назад +42

    Sometimes, when you love metal, you get that superior feeling of belonging to an elite, like you hold some truth radio-listeners will never reach. It feels pretty fucking good, actually.

    • Dorvuzak Uzn
      Dorvuzak Uzn Месяц назад

      To be honest you have to have a very high IQ to understand Heavy Metal

    • Lady Durza Nightshade Black
      Lady Durza Nightshade Black 3 месяца назад +3

      I simultaneously understand both of these feelings

    • Matěj Jureček
      Matěj Jureček 4 месяца назад +7

      And thus arrogant metalheads were born. As if metal was some sort of "grand" music like classical or jazz... Don't be mistaken, I love metal, I grew up on Nightwish and NIN, but don't try to tell people that it's not musically very simple and that the music is not aiming to induce some sort of a primordial feeling of superiority...

  • Carsten Ewest
    Carsten Ewest Год назад +2

    If I die Metal :D

    • MrNecromancer
      MrNecromancer Год назад +3

      Metal will never die, Dio said it

  • Y'ra  Exal'ga S'kgs
    Y'ra Exal'ga S'kgs Год назад +5

    If I die in battle I want you to know there is a clean pair of underwear in my pack, you need change me out. I don't want to lay in my own excrement. Sorry squad, but yeah...shit happens.

  • Selene Masters
    Selene Masters Год назад +6

    This is larpping at it best if you note the arrows are made with safty tips just as in larp

    • Jared Dampf
      Jared Dampf Год назад +3

      Selene Masters Van Canto actually play RPGs, they do LARP, and various other things of those styles. It's what they love, almost as much as music.

  • Jan Gaunt
    Jan Gaunt Год назад +1

    Warhammer fantasi ? :D

  • Levi Martin
    Levi Martin Год назад +3

    Saw the jagged crown from skyrim , nice lol

    • Horus Lupercal
      Horus Lupercal Год назад +4

      Lots of references in there, as it seems. One guy has an imperial eagle for a crossguard :D

  • Tim Crankcase
    Tim Crankcase Год назад +1

    it takes an ear for guitar to hear that the guitar is also done by voice.

  • Nick Thompson
    Nick Thompson Год назад

    love t

  • Dasherist
    Dasherist Год назад +7


  • Alochle
    Alochle Год назад +2

    If i die in battle...
    I woud die for metal... 🎶🎸💞

    • Facerapier
      Facerapier Год назад

      There's also a high chance you would die TO metal as well.
      Sorry, I'll show myself out now.

  • Nimulos Maltibos
    Nimulos Maltibos Год назад

    I somehow feel like making a skyrim music video for this song

  • Ourworld Rachael
    Ourworld Rachael Год назад +5

    when you play to much WoW ... e.e

    • Aki Veurla
      Aki Veurla Год назад +1

      atm to be infact :D

  • plaguesfire
    plaguesfire Год назад +2

    I swear I just saw the Black Knight from the Holy Grail in there...

    • supersasukemaniac
      supersasukemaniac Год назад +1

      Most OP LARP character ever if so. He'd never die, after all 'tis just a Flesh Wound.

  • Kaiser Charles
    Kaiser Charles Год назад +1

    Do you guys all believe in Valhalla? . Fight your Glorious Battle glory Forever Be yours .

  • Raimund Bosch
    Raimund Bosch Год назад +9

    Wait.. at 3:32 was that really his voice doing the solo? Or just a guy pretending to sing the guitars?

    • Clem Dupont
      Clem Dupont Год назад +4

      When you see them in live, that's really impressive ^^

    • Slapinator1
      Slapinator1 Год назад +17

      yeah that's his voice, with a distorted mic

  • Victor Fries
    Victor Fries Год назад +1

    Damn son this girl sing so damn epic....

  • Furiosity
    Furiosity Год назад +36


    • littleBadBOBY
      littleBadBOBY 10 месяцев назад

      he is doing this with a kazoo

    • Clem Dupont
      Clem Dupont Год назад +9

      Very impressing in live ^^

  • Claire McCoy
    Claire McCoy Год назад +1

    Dat bass tho

  • Javier Gil de Ávila
    Javier Gil de Ávila Год назад +1

    xD in the 0 56 of the song.. appears one warhammer 40k sword ? XDXD

  • Naz
    Naz Год назад +2

    3:32 what a troll :D

  • Kahara101
    Kahara101 Год назад +11

    250 people died in battle

  • Melissa
    Melissa Год назад +10

    my teacher ended his class by blasting this song on a speaker class ever

  • Fairy C Rat
    Fairy C Rat Год назад +4

    Not enough distortion.

  • smeltervillehorror
    smeltervillehorror Год назад +1

    A Capella wind. Bucket List achieved.

  • MorieldeCaelum
    MorieldeCaelum Год назад +2

    Van Canto is a cappella at it's finest.

  • Cheez Wisp
    Cheez Wisp Год назад

    +Napalm Records 2M are close!!

  • David Davidson
    David Davidson 2 года назад +40

    For the record, I admire the guy with the jaunty cap, furs, cape, plate armor, and a greatsword. That's a motherfucker with panache.

    • Courtney Payne
      Courtney Payne 8 месяцев назад +2

      David Davidson your comment deserves recognition!

    • zxlegacyxz
      zxlegacyxz Год назад +4

      +David Davidson Liking because I've not heard somebody use "panache" in the longest time. Cudos.

  • Don Quixote Doflamingo
    Don Quixote Doflamingo 2 года назад

    clash of clans ANYONE ???? make a video out of it with this as background song,that would be perfect !!! :)

    • Diedrich Makato
      Diedrich Makato Год назад

      +Sparky Stardust Summers best way I've ever heard clash of clans described, a few of the members of Van Canto are big players of D&D, I think this song was based more on that if anything

    • blackrose538
      blackrose538 Год назад +2

      +Don Quixote Doflamingo no... Game of Thrones :D

    • Sparky Summers
      Sparky Summers Год назад +1

      +Don Quixote Doflamingo That only works with a GOOD game. Clash of Clans is just a waiting simulator.

  • Tim Crankcase
    Tim Crankcase 2 года назад +33

    The only non voice is drums. I love this group.

    • Echo Ashbell
      Echo Ashbell 2 месяца назад

      Christopher Lopez "We had lots of fun singing through guitar amplifier fullstacks and imitating wahwah-pedals by our voices only. If you think these are real guitars, we are happy, because this shows that we’ve done a good job!"

    • Petri Eerola
      Petri Eerola 7 месяцев назад

      yes. it wasn't a quitar. I think he did it with his voice, but it was at max a kazoo

    • Christopher Lopez
      Christopher Lopez 10 месяцев назад +3

      Tim Crankcase so your telling me that guitar sound, wasn't a guitar😟

    • Zorg Borg
      Zorg Borg Год назад

      official Van Canto

  • Shawn Hickey
    Shawn Hickey 2 года назад +1

    Rockin song, and cool video! ;-}

  • gökhan karakoç
    gökhan karakoç 2 года назад

    Ne boktan şarkı.

  • T. Matthews
    T. Matthews 2 года назад +4

    Very strong...the male vocal in particular is perfect for me this song as a lead vocal....great song...strong and forceful...

  • T. Matthews
    T. Matthews 2 года назад +1

    Lovely melody...really good vocals...tight harmonies...great strong song! Thanks..

  • Jimmy Jackson
    Jimmy Jackson 2 года назад +3

    My Grand mother could fight better than these warriors... And she's six feet down in the ground.

    • Moonbeam
      Moonbeam Месяц назад

      Your grandmother is a necomancer? Sweet!

    • KelbenArunsun
      KelbenArunsun Год назад +3

      Try a choreographed fight when your neither a trained actor nor an actual medieval swordfighter and make it still look a bit like the director whats the fight to be, then well talk again ^^

  • Alexander Sayre
    Alexander Sayre 2 года назад

    it's EPIC if 1.5!!!

  • Guardian Zenon
    Guardian Zenon 2 года назад

    Love the song, but I find the feel it could have been a bit heavier..

  • Necroglobule
    Necroglobule 2 года назад +13

    For some reason I keep thinking this is a Manowar cover.

    • Raimund Bosch
      Raimund Bosch Год назад +1

      That's exactly what I thought, especially after seeing the title for the first time

    • Wernher von Kerman
      Wernher von Kerman Год назад +4

      +KevServo It's covering their Topics: Blood, Steel and Death ;-)

  • Jesse Clark
    Jesse Clark 2 года назад +5

    Play at 1.25 if you really want to DIE IN BATTLE!

    • Jared Dampf
      Jared Dampf Год назад

      Jesse Clark There's also "Anti-Nightcore", which instead of speeding it up and raising the pitch, slows it down and lowers the pitch.

    • Jesse Clark
      Jesse Clark 2 года назад

      +Squishy T Gastrodon I've tried nightcore. Not impressed because it's mostly copy/paste music that has been sped up and re-uploaded. Remixed nightcore is cool but a majority could be made just using the RUclip tempo change feature on the original music track.

    • Alexander Sayre
      Alexander Sayre 2 года назад

      +Jesse Clark TRUE DAT!

  • Emil Musch
    Emil Musch 2 года назад +1

    these guys really help for D&D bards

    • Jared Dampf
      Jared Dampf Год назад

      Emil Musch Watch their video for Badaboom. XD now that's Bard action! (though more sci-fi styled)

  • clips from films
    clips from films 2 года назад

    Icke mag!! \m/ \m/ \m/

  • The Original Fatass
    The Original Fatass 2 года назад +1

    this song reminds me if every tabletop group I've ever seen

  • Tim Scheibel
    Tim Scheibel 2 года назад

    Musik von Van Canto is pure entspannung für mich.
    Und wenn ich endlich mal die CD bekomme kann ich die Musik auch endlich beim Training hören.

  • Nagia Gougou
    Nagia Gougou 2 года назад +3

    i never had heard something like that and im just amazed!!!!i adore it!!!and i can say im addicted now to van canto!!!!

  • FurorTeutonicus
    FurorTeutonicus 2 года назад

    The guy with the Hammer reminds me of Warhammer Fantasy

  • CaptainSteevX
    CaptainSteevX 2 года назад

    Guitar tabs for the song : Dubbly dubbly dubbly doom doom Dubbly dum doom doom. Dubbly dum dum doom.

  • Zachery Payne
    Zachery Payne 2 года назад +1

    mr mammal

  • D3athChick3n
    D3athChick3n 2 года назад +24


    • D3athChick3n
      D3athChick3n Год назад +2

      +nessesseda It's not the same though, the one in the vid is like exactly 40k.

    • nessesseda
      nessesseda Год назад +1

      +D3athChick3n And do you know where the Empire of Warhammer got it's inspiration from with its sigil? The Holy Roman Empire of Germany. Double- headed eagle as it''s sigil^^.

    • poilboiler
      poilboiler Год назад +1

      +D3athChick3n Don't miss that one guy gets freaking ressed.

    • Michaela Hezel
      Michaela Hezel 2 года назад

      +D3athChick3n Larp mate :) just great fun and epic music as well :D

    • FurorTeutonicus
      FurorTeutonicus 2 года назад +4

      +D3athChick3n Also note the Bald Warrior Priest with the hammer, Warhammer Fantasy

  • Sam Wood
    Sam Wood 2 года назад

    Its too fucking epic..... but imagine guitars, bass and keyboard as well.....they would quickly become the McDonalds of symphonic metal

  • Veian Demontrond
    Veian Demontrond 2 года назад +2

    A capella "guitar solo". Now that's something I never knew was possible.

  • McCritter von Bystritz
    McCritter von Bystritz 2 года назад +4

    omg she is so sexy

    • Alexg6464
      Alexg6464 Год назад

      +McCritter von Bystritz ikr

  • Kaitlyn
    Kaitlyn 2 года назад

    This is my 'Going to LARP!' music!

  • NICK-VIDEO studio
    NICK-VIDEO studio 2 года назад

    Супер ! Очень нравится ! Спасибо за творчество !

  • Anaris G
    Anaris G 2 года назад


  • Shol ́va RIchthys
    Shol ́va RIchthys 2 года назад

    3:24 you know they did that solo with their voice too!

  • Vanessa Diniz
    Vanessa Diniz 2 года назад

    The acting is not great, but i just love Van Canto and all of their musics. I have almost all CDs. And I'm also gathering more Van Canto fans. Most of my friends didn't know them before i played one of their songs to them, and now they just love it too. Thanks, Van Canto for all your musics!

    • KelbenArunsun
      KelbenArunsun Год назад

      That was acting.. but we are larpers who were asked to help out for this music video ^^

    • Rubastax Akaso
      Rubastax Akaso 2 года назад

      _That was LARPing. Not acting. Look it up._

  • Joke Agate
    Joke Agate 2 года назад


  • TheBranchez
    TheBranchez 2 года назад +17

    Best part for me is when that female singer starts singing the intro.

  • DemonRanger
    DemonRanger 2 года назад +2

    Who are the larpers in this video? They are truly awesome and amazing

    • Bubble Monkeys
      Bubble Monkeys 2 года назад +5

      +DemonRanger Larp is a nice word

      Larp larp larp larp larp larp larp larp larp larp larp larp

      Now I am bored of it


    • KelbenArunsun
      KelbenArunsun 2 года назад +2

      +DemonRanger Just random LARPers who followed VCs call ;)

  • René Roussel
    René Roussel 2 года назад

    Dise ise vairi good

  • Eduardo Diaz
    Eduardo Diaz 2 года назад


  • The Collector
    The Collector 2 года назад

    why is this female fronted most of the singing comes from the men :P

  • paziunger
    paziunger 2 года назад

    mega geiles lied leute^^

  • hank hill
    hank hill 2 года назад

    how the hell i got from amon amarth to this i dont know, but i love it...whatever it is lmao

    • Erik Haigler
      Erik Haigler 2 года назад

      +hank hill I got here through napalm records who is also doing Amon Amarth I love Napalm, I recommend you look into it.

    • Lewdweeg the holly bleid
      Lewdweeg the holly bleid 2 года назад +1

      +hank hill You got from the guy with the best voice ever to a band purely based in making music with their voices

  • leolordful
    leolordful 2 года назад

    I know that this is German but something about it makes me wanna yell " 'MURICA FUCK YEAH!"

  • nicklaus4444
    nicklaus4444 2 года назад

    How does he make that guitar sound...

    • Lewdweeg the holly bleid
      Lewdweeg the holly bleid 2 года назад

      +nicklaus4444 Magic my friend, magic

    • KelbenArunsun
      KelbenArunsun 2 года назад +1

      Distortion i think. You can look it up in Stefs Workshop on how to make acapella Metal

    • nicklaus4444
      nicklaus4444 2 года назад


    • KelbenArunsun
      KelbenArunsun 2 года назад

      +nicklaus4444 Yes, he does them with his voice ^^

    • nicklaus4444
      nicklaus4444 2 года назад

      +Pretentious Pedantic Prick the guitar solos

  • Grolbringer79
    Grolbringer79 2 года назад

    4 Sigmar :)

  • eldergroan
    eldergroan 2 года назад

    never gets old...

  • alixisssss
    alixisssss 2 года назад

    just awsome love it the vocals are the best

  • helloweenjunior
    helloweenjunior 2 года назад

    Bom demais!!!!

  • Al Capwn
    Al Capwn 2 года назад +2

    Goddamn ranger shooting into melee.

    • Necroglobule
      Necroglobule 24 дня назад

      and he's just so blase about it.

  • roberto gallardo
    roberto gallardo 2 года назад

    no hay un moderador de cosas que no HAY QUE HACER....???
    Por Dios,,,que mierda esto por favor

  • Kira Antlerfox
    Kira Antlerfox 2 года назад +1

    Die LARPer (live aktion rollplay). So süß :3 Toll gemacht!

  • Bo Jensen
    Bo Jensen 2 года назад


  • Loic Urien
    Loic Urien 2 года назад

    I didn't know this band until today. Now I can't stop *_*

  • Manolo Petya
    Manolo Petya 2 года назад

    What they do ,professional ,knowledge,super tributes in high quality .I can speak about them only in superlatinus