Lolo Zouaï - Caffeine (Official Audio)

  • Caffeine Official Video:
    From my debut album High Highs to Low Lows
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    Produced by Stelios
    Mixed by Stelios
    Mastered by Joe LaPorta
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  • Lolo Zouaï
    Lolo Zouaï  7 months ago +67

    Caffeine official video out now 💚
    Watch here:

  • Mar3kCz
    Mar3kCz 21 hour ago

    I was brought here before it was cool

  • Naya Chicha
    Naya Chicha Month ago

    I heard this in a store, and the only thing I heard was "I turn you up", so I had a lot of searching and listening to dj songs to find this xD It's totally worth it tho

    • Cla Lyrics
      Cla Lyrics 23 days ago

      Hahah the struggle is real

  • mick jorudd
    mick jorudd Month ago +1

    chicken on the floor. you cant unhear it.

  • krvavo oko
    krvavo oko 3 months ago

    Fucking queen

  • fogcat5
    fogcat5 3 months ago

    I don't think there's any intentional cross over but this sounds a lot like Shaun Wasabi Otter Pop A colaboration or mashup of Lolo Zouai and Shaun Wasabi would be great

  • Jade Ede
    Jade Ede 3 months ago



    Can i know how to get license for the music used?

  • Saulo I. Regis
    Saulo I. Regis 3 months ago

    Dark Secrets of Caffeine - Volume I -
    Pre-Order on Amazon with 50% of discount

  • bella
    bella 3 months ago

    came here from mlam on instagram :)

  • Savagebubz
    Savagebubz 3 months ago


  • allie d
    allie d 4 months ago


  • B Christine
    B Christine 4 months ago +3

    who else is NOT here from seulgi

    • Cla Lyrics
      Cla Lyrics 23 days ago

      Here from Spotify's 2019 Sisha Lounge playlist lmfaoooo.

  • Ce á eme í eli á
    Ce á eme í eli á 4 months ago

    Conheci a Lolo Zouaï do comercial da Deezer, agora não deixo de escutar todas as músicas dela por um dia sequer. Kkkk

  • Hershey365
    Hershey365 4 months ago

    pokimane brought me here lul

  • Pierre Stewart
    Pierre Stewart 5 months ago

    lorem brought me here

  • Tom Haggerty
    Tom Haggerty 6 months ago

    Love this track 🤙🏼

  • Art Girl Abiya !!!
    Art Girl Abiya !!! 6 months ago

    who else like 0:55 to 0:58

  • Sebastien Le Gondorien
    Sebastien Le Gondorien 6 months ago +1

    Je n'ai jamais aussi bien compris le mot sous coté qu'en écoutant cette musique

  • Skittle tits
    Skittle tits 6 months ago

    Your song is giving me life

  • h dodoh
    h dodoh 7 months ago

    뭐야 가사 왜이렇게 야해ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  • Darell Davie
    Darell Davie 7 months ago


  • XrheaX
    XrheaX 7 months ago +2

    These comments are so embarrassing, as a kpop fan...

  • Husky Gruff
    Husky Gruff 7 months ago

    ariana grande and travis scott unborn child

    THE LITTLE POTATO 7 months ago +5

    This feels like it would be on the soundtrack for euphoria, big Jules vibes.

  • Alicja Krupa
    Alicja Krupa 7 months ago +3

    so after week i finally know what caffeine means lol (non native English speaker!!)
    tho i mistaken caffeine for coffin

  • IM TeC
    IM TeC 7 months ago +1

    Who’s from tiktok

  • Veshna Sewoo
    Veshna Sewoo 7 months ago +20

    I was brought here by NO ONE. And I'm so HAPPY.

    • pitts
      pitts 7 months ago

      so true

  • coffee cat
    coffee cat 7 months ago

    Ommmmgggg kpop fans stfu we get it already, seulgi brought you here 🙄😒🤦

  • C A M
    C A M 7 months ago

    cette vibe

  • realCreaTyler
    realCreaTyler 7 months ago

    ROSALIA - Yo x Ti , Tu x Mi copied youuuu

  • Rahsaan Jackson
    Rahsaan Jackson 7 months ago

    beautiful jorja smith brought me here!!! THX

  • 네메시스
    네메시스 7 months ago +1

    You brought me here. Thanks Lolo

  • nallu carvalho
    nallu carvalho 7 months ago

    Love song

  • A.V.
    A.V. 7 months ago +1

    Am I the only one who don’t know that seulgi & is just here to hear good music?

  • LCDC
    LCDC 7 months ago +1

    This sounds like something that should be in Fifa

  • 6 Fear
    6 Fear 7 months ago

    i like it so chill and so good

  • Sadtendo 64
    Sadtendo 64 7 months ago


  • soga90
    soga90 7 months ago

    When to take a shit came back and found this on my screen...who df is Seulgi ?

  • Luna Ri yan
    Luna Ri yan 7 months ago

    I didnt know anything about seulgi mentioning this but I came because I like her other song in this album and this got recommended and I fell in love with this song😁😁

  • Saddiyah Armstrong
    Saddiyah Armstrong 7 months ago

    She reminds me of Zara Larsson

  • Maria N
    Maria N 7 months ago

    I’m here because I love LOLO’s music and not because of seulgi (let’s appreciate the artist music and talent) 💖💖💖

  • Johnny Boii
    Johnny Boii 7 months ago

    I don’t know why I like this song 😆

  • Ahkenaten
    Ahkenaten 7 months ago

    Just found this on accident 🔥

  • Ricardo Afonso de Sousa

    Agostinho Carrara brought me here, he played this song on his taxi and i love it

  • Belinda Nielbock
    Belinda Nielbock 7 months ago

    I like her.

  • AllHass
    AllHass 7 months ago

    I brought my ass here by pure coincidence not somebody else

  • VariousValue
    VariousValue 7 months ago

    Who is selugi dog damn

  • Jasmim
    Jasmim 7 months ago +1

    i’m here because i have good taste in music lmao

  • Max Du coin
    Max Du coin 7 months ago


  • Robin Olivia
    Robin Olivia 7 months ago

    L'oréal Paris

  • lw sz
    lw sz 7 months ago

    O nível so aumentar a cada música ❤️

  • Unknown Abuser
    Unknown Abuser 7 months ago

    Interesting use of an contemporary hip hop beat.

  • Lena
    Lena 7 months ago +2

    can yall stop talking about seulgi🤦🏻‍♀️its a good song just appreciate it

  • Rose Moon
    Rose Moon 7 months ago

    Everyone is saying that so :
    I'm here for
    accident 💖

  • Dave4infinite
    Dave4infinite 7 months ago

    Now I'm doing the Folgers dance🕺🕺🕺

  • CLAIRE Jung
    CLAIRE Jung 7 months ago +1

    Recommended video brings me here.😉 catchy song! I recommend! 😎🤩

  • bbxy_sxunflower
    bbxy_sxunflower 7 months ago

    *Everybody came from someone's story and I legit came from a kevboyperry tik tok* 😂

  • J. W.
    J. W. 7 months ago

    Finally. No more to day Lolo😍

  • Norsyaza Edmiza
    Norsyaza Edmiza 7 months ago

    youre my nee favorite artist, i love you so much, all your songs are so great

  • pitts
    pitts 7 months ago

    that's the "comment that is not talking about seulgi" that you searched for....

  • pitts
    pitts 7 months ago

    the lord brought me here....

  • Chicken Wing
    Chicken Wing 7 months ago

    Where were all yall seulgi stans when red velvet’s music videos need streaming

  • Kenia Pierre
    Kenia Pierre 7 months ago +1

    WHO THE FUCK IS SEULGI. Like really, no one cares, just enjoy the song and stfu.

    • pitts
      pitts 7 months ago

      i know right? so dope

  • Louella.y
    Louella.y 7 months ago +2

    Who👏 the👏 fuck👏 is👏 Seulgi👏

  • ireexx
    ireexx 7 months ago +1

    the comment section is all about seulgi..i'm here to find lyrics comment...HELP!!

  • Kiko Park
    Kiko Park 7 months ago

    I like the beat and your voice too

  • yakisoba
    yakisoba 7 months ago

    Literally love this song

  • Syuen Yeet
    Syuen Yeet 7 months ago +176

    Use me as the “Came here not because of some Korean idol” button
    No hate to those who did tho

    • 승주김
      승주김 2 months ago

      @Hugo Herbert You're so nerdy

    • chmums
      chmums 3 months ago +3

      Hugo Herbert well first of all when i said it it was in a « joking » way and secondly i think i have a good music taste? but i know someone could find my music taste shitty and i totally acknowledge it without judging anyone,, i don’t understand what your point is btw?

    • Hugo Herbert
      Hugo Herbert 3 months ago

      @chmums To not start with the music itself, don't you think it's a little self-centered to talk about your own music taste being good?

    • chmums
      chmums 3 months ago +3

      Hugo Herbert why’d you say that? isn’t music objective? or u gonna state some new facts nobody knows about?

    • Hugo Herbert
      Hugo Herbert 3 months ago +1

      @chmums "Your good music taste"... That's almost funny...

  • t i l e n n t i a
    t i l e n n t i a 7 months ago +1

    Ok but who’s not here from seulgi or idk who ?

  • 이예림
    이예림 7 months ago

    lolo zouai 롤로주아이💕
    🌸You're the best musician🌸
    사랑해 롤로주아이!!🔋🔋🔋🔋🔋

  • Lorraine
    Lorraine 7 months ago

    i'm tired of listening to my old playlist and luckily because of Red Velvet's taste in music, i found this underrated gem 😭😭😭 WHY DO PEOPLE LIKE TO SLEEP ON HER WHEN THEY SHOULD SLEEP ON A BED? 😭😭😭

  • Aimée Aveiro
    Aimée Aveiro 7 months ago

    underrated asf

  • 오오오성민
    오오오성민 7 months ago

    I love you lolozouai all of song !!!! great album!!!!!

  • 7sn
    7sn 7 months ago

    brought myself here

  • 앚즈Izyulyen
    앚즈Izyulyen 7 months ago

    Exy and seola bring me here

  • 아잉
    아잉 7 months ago

    오피셜 오디오 중에 조회수 눈에 띄게 높길래 갑자기 무언 일인고 했더니,,, 슬기님 안목 짱,,^_^

  • masha cr
    masha cr 7 months ago

    Lolo Zouai brought me here

  • 염케케
    염케케 7 months ago

    띵곡 ㅠㅠ ෆ

    WiNKYWEiRDY 7 months ago

    this is actually my fav of this album!