The Cast Remembers: Lena Headey on Playing Cersei Lannister | Game of Thrones: Season 8 (HBO)

  • Published on Apr 8, 2019
  • Headey shares her favorite screen partners and what advice she would give to Cersei.

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  • Steven Smith
    Steven Smith 2 hours ago

    portrayed her character via body language perfectly

  • anonymous nation
    anonymous nation 13 hours ago

    What I see is that most people including me preferred daenerys to sit on the iron throne but daenerys character's body language was more like a conqueror a liberater who is wild and epic whereas cersei was more like a queen both in her body language and her instincts.....Lena was amazing

  • Jean Germain
    Jean Germain Day ago

    The only character they did justice to in season 8 was the hound. Everyone else got ruined... especially jaime Lannister

  • Drama Creator
    Drama Creator 6 days ago +1

    In fact, she is the best actress (and character) in Game of Thrones!

  • Axel
    Axel 14 days ago +1

    The Emmy better come to this queen

  • mvmed12
    mvmed12 23 days ago

    My Queen ❤

  • The Lone Wolf1
    The Lone Wolf1 25 days ago

    Love her no matter what

  • WHOT ???
    WHOT ??? 28 days ago

    Background music?

  • 2fast4thots
    2fast4thots Month ago

    she got to play one of the most complex, amazing character ever written.
    and she fucking killed it in these last few seasons.

  • Knona Akumia
    Knona Akumia Month ago

    just give her the DAMN HAT

  • Ав Он
    Ав Он Month ago

    I will miss too.
    exept 8-th season

  • Hyma susee
    Hyma susee Month ago

    Long may she reign

  • I used to be liberal I`m sorry

    I fcking hate her,what a great actress

  • JohnThe Champ
    JohnThe Champ Month ago

    That song in the finale of season 6 is just phenomenal

  • Sai Kiran
    Sai Kiran Month ago +1

    Most of the GOT , she acted with her eyes. How many of you believe it ?

  • Amalia Mufida
    Amalia Mufida Month ago

    lena is so sweet but goddamn i hate cersei more than anyone

  • Samuel Duarte
    Samuel Duarte Month ago

    It is an absolute crime that she didn’t win an Emmy for playing Cersei. She was fucking awesome! Y’know..... when the writers actually had her do stuff lol.

  • Char The Scatman
    Char The Scatman Month ago

    Brilliant actress. Extremely gorgeous IRL

  • Stranger Things happen in Riverdale

    So the younger, more beautiful queen that was supposed to take over Cersei was Bran?
    Makes sense.

  • Hailee Lawrence
    Hailee Lawrence Month ago

    The dislikes are from the Tyrells

  • gary potter
    gary potter Month ago

    In real life she looks like she doesn't wash

  • BloxyGigi
    BloxyGigi Month ago +1


  • Aaditya Dubey
    Aaditya Dubey Month ago +2

    She is such an incredible actor ♥️♥️♥️♥️

  • Thuc Nguyen
    Thuc Nguyen Month ago +2

    One of the best characters on this show or the best character and they give her nothing in season 8. All she does is stare at something

  • Jed Harris
    Jed Harris Month ago +1

    The most intriguing villain in got history PERIODT

  • emmaluna silvestri
    emmaluna silvestri Month ago

    Cesyra !!

  • Queen RA TV
    Queen RA TV Month ago +1

    We are grateful for you what an awesome performance

  • Bert Overweel
    Bert Overweel 2 months ago

    Great actor !!!!!

  • central green
    central green 2 months ago

    the best actor on game of thrones

  • kopano lekhoathi
    kopano lekhoathi 2 months ago

    Let us all come together and say thank you to George R.R. Martin and Lena Heady for presenting what is by far the greatest character in television and film history. Lena Heady deserves so much more than what the academy awards have given her. No other villainous character can ever be better than what Cersei was/is/ and in future come to be. Even after her death, I say, "long may she reign". I will always love her. R.I.P My Queen.

  • Alex Martell
    Alex Martell 2 months ago +2

    I really love her, both Lena and Cersei. For me she didn't die and season 8 was just a bad joke.

  • Marie Blanco
    Marie Blanco 2 months ago

    Uggghh i also dont like the way she died. It's not that i wanted her to die a slow painful death (although cersei deserves it) i just feel like the way she died, it wasnt a fitting way for her to die... it felt very anti climatic and i feel like there was a better way for her character to die...
    It feels kind of unfair cuz they have an amazing cast who are talented and dedicated but they (writers, directors??) Didnt give the series, the cast, the fans, the author any justice.

  • Tablet Apostas
    Tablet Apostas 2 months ago

    What's the song on background pls, sounds different from light of the seven

  • Rubahhutan
    Rubahhutan 2 months ago

    I hate her in GOT all season

  • Peter Griffin
    Peter Griffin 2 months ago +2

    I’m gonna miss this show to bad season 8 sucked

  • Jake Lecroy
    Jake Lecroy 2 months ago +3

    Absolutely amazing how someone so sweet could play such a convincing and believably horrible tyrannical beast who also showed a humanity that at some points would have you sympathizing with.

  • vikasitha ratnayake
    vikasitha ratnayake 2 months ago

    Cersei i love u

  • Kryonyde
    Kryonyde 2 months ago

    The greatest pity about Lena being cast as Cersei is not getting to see her smile. What a lady.

  • Barkley dot
    Barkley dot 2 months ago

    i miss cersei

  • Ali Bal
    Ali Bal 2 months ago

    She is the best actor of that series

  • Yuna Chang
    Yuna Chang 2 months ago

    Ok just 1 question : where her emmy?...she deserve it 🍸🍸🍸

    V4Y4MIERD4DENOMBRE 2 months ago

    Lena, the real queen of the seven kingdoms

  • Jacob kiko
    Jacob kiko 2 months ago

    Whats the music in the end?

  • Paul Sondhaus
    Paul Sondhaus 2 months ago

    This interview must've been before the first S8 table reads. The writers literally gave her close to nothing to work with in S8

  • cance7984
    cance7984 2 months ago

    I miss this show already.

  • Shastra xxx
    Shastra xxx 2 months ago +2

    She and Emillia had the worst endings they did to u guys

  • Sushmita
    Sushmita 2 months ago +4

    *Lannisters and Targaryens are the reason this show is as epic as it is.*

  • Sushmita
    Sushmita 2 months ago +3

    Honestly the best actor/actress of the whole show.

  • ragna the blood edge
    ragna the blood edge 2 months ago +1

    The lannisters carried this show and when season 8 killed their characters it crumbeled

  • katz zzz
    katz zzz 2 months ago +1

    Beautiful person and absolutely amazing actor!

  • Jordan M
    Jordan M 2 months ago

    In a show known for its amazing acting, Lena's Cersei is the best

    MILEY MILEY 2 months ago +2

    She's the reason why the show was good. Talent woman

  • Samoth Niffrig
    Samoth Niffrig 2 months ago +4

    Fan base assemble hats for Lena Headey. Your queen demands it

  • AirSandFire
    AirSandFire 2 months ago

    Cersei Lannister is not the law. I am the law.

  • Rocket Junior
    Rocket Junior 2 months ago +1

    She's sooo pretty!!!

  • Sean Curran
    Sean Curran 2 months ago

    And YET the fucking writers let her die by bricks.

  • gelareh mohebbi
    gelareh mohebbi 2 months ago +4

    *lena is a BRILLIANT actress. she made me despise her guts to my absolute core! and ive admired her as an actor way before i even watched GOT (which sadly i only started this year and finished last night! man what an ending) but the way she portrayed Cersei was nothing short of genius. if she could make me hate her that much, man wowww. major props to you Lena!!! amazing work!!!!! BRAVO!* #clapclapclap

  • Lewis Dennis
    Lewis Dennis 2 months ago +1

    By far the best character out of the entire history of Game of Thrones. ❤️❤️❤️ Thank you for giving me and everyone who watches the show a character that is prodigiously imperceptible.

  • GamingNDrinks
    GamingNDrinks 2 months ago

    Give her the hat great actresses

  • Rima More
    Rima More 2 months ago

    Just give her that damn hat

  • Isaiah Bow
    Isaiah Bow 2 months ago +1

    Best Actor On GoT

  • Ciri
    Ciri 2 months ago +1

    I wanted to see much more of her in season 8 and I wanted her alive.

    • Frname
      Frname 2 months ago

      A good way of "subverting expectations" would have been to make her win

  • ChiaKairi
    ChiaKairi 2 months ago

    Queen of my heart the Iron Throne will ALWAYS BE YOURS ♡♡♡

  • Rosannasfriend
    Rosannasfriend 2 months ago +1

    She's awesome.

  • MyName IsRamen
    MyName IsRamen 2 months ago +16

    Lena Headey and Cersei was like 50% of what the show was.

  • Leo c
    Leo c 2 months ago +1

    Best actor on the show?

  • Jan Carlos Garcia
    Jan Carlos Garcia 2 months ago +4

    oh how much i love her character. my favorite. she'simply the best. love her so.

  • strong power thank you
    strong power thank you 2 months ago

    This woman did a stellar job! No one could've played Cersei better!

  • genaaaah
    genaaaah 2 months ago

    She did amazing cause I hated Cersei so much I hated hearing her talk haha

  • MyName Is
    MyName Is 2 months ago

    Drop the new prequel series right now before I piss myself!

  • Maria Mejia
    Maria Mejia 2 months ago

    She is brilliant. So impressed with her performance throughout the show

  • Anne Late
    Anne Late 2 months ago

    Just realsied that in the first season Sophie and Maisie look at least a good five years apart in terms of age but were actually just a year apart. Sophie only looked so much more older due to her height.

  • queerchoreography
    queerchoreography 2 months ago

    Why does she play down her beauty in real life?

  • Feras N
    Feras N 2 months ago

    She should have won the game she is the MVP in GOT why not making the bad character win just one time in a TV show come on !

  • Starra Marie Estrella
    Starra Marie Estrella 2 months ago

    Youre the best actress. I hated you sooo much