Are Surround Gaming Headphones BS?

  • Published on Feb 10, 2019
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Comments • 3 956

  • Linus Tech Tips
    Linus Tech Tips  6 months ago +381

    CORRECTION: It turns out that the ASUS Fusion 700 uses virtual surround based on Bongiovi Acoustics' Digital Power Station technology, not ASUS' proprietary solution. Sorry for the confusion!

    • Iman Afshari
      Iman Afshari 18 days ago

      Watching this video with surround sound headphones (kraken tournament edition)

    • Kirby Dizon
      Kirby Dizon 25 days ago

      Windows Sonic????

    • Matias GaMe ON!
      Matias GaMe ON! 3 months ago

      @blamoV4 Btw. I have Nahimic 2 MSI notebook and Virtual Surround and Equalizer not working propertly = In firefox on YT Virtual Surround not working or when working and I disable and on Virtual Surround then Virtual Surround from Equalizer not working and when I run game then work only for game not for YT music + when I run music in VLC Media Player then equalizer work there too and Nahimic 2 not work with music from YT so Nahimic suck :/ @BlamoV4 BTW. Linus probably tested with game software 3D sound processing enabled and not disabled this because game normaly have this option enabled and for testing 7.1 sound settings via headphone software this need be disabled so tests is not good.

    • blamoV4
      blamoV4 3 months ago

      You didn't happen to try Nahimic 2's virtual surround sound did you? very curious as to how that holds up v.s. Dolby

  • Konrad Nordentoft
    Konrad Nordentoft 22 hours ago

    2:40 omg i cant stp laughing

  • ll Rage Il
    ll Rage Il Day ago +2

    Just don’t use surround use stereo and ur eyes

  • coltmerg 420
    coltmerg 420 Day ago

    Sentey Arches GS-4731 @ 7.1 surround. on Dolby Atmos =) on win 10.??(I never know , I do bata testing on win 10, and it seems to upgrade it itself . ) I love them. down fall not good for headbanging . They also do what you are looking for ,I can pin point where the fire storm is coming from .

  • coltmerg 420
    coltmerg 420 Day ago

    0:50 lol

  • Razer
    Razer 4 days ago

    So.. What is a good gaming headset recommendation? I used a Thrustmaster Y-300CPX, but the sound is dying on my left side of the earpad.. The headset hurts my ears as well after a hour... So, what is a good headset that has great comfort (For people with bigger ears), decent sound and has a decent mic..

  • Josh Hamm
    Josh Hamm 4 days ago

    And you can get an amazing gaming/studio headphones at Best buy or Amazon for less than $30 USD. They are called JLab studio edition. There is a optional 40 hour burin in/ break in period 20-20,000 Hertz or pink noise/ white noise that will make these baby's top notch contenders. I've never owned a better pair. Theyre even better than my beats by Dre tour 2.0's. By far. The bass in the JLab studio headphones is Crystal clear even at the highest volume setting... but even more impressiveis, The way they make my brain shake around inside my skull 😂.

  • AJBKnight
    AJBKnight 4 days ago

    The screaming scene I was wearing surround sound earphones it was great

  • FanAccount
    FanAccount 6 days ago

    3:20 Did he just call them fucking earballs 😂

  • MidnightRyder
    MidnightRyder 7 days ago

    I like 7.1 virtual surround better than stereo for games. Sounds much better

  • Bob Barker
    Bob Barker 7 days ago

    Wtf y no turtle beach?!

  • Jimmi Vedsegaard Pedersen

    Quite sad to see what todays kids sees as good audio quality :( this is a joke

  • Drunken FPV
    Drunken FPV 11 days ago

    This guy always goes on and on complicates a simple concept just to drag the video out.

  • Q Goes
    Q Goes 12 days ago

    Not even gonna mention Astro or TurbleBeach? K...

  • Oaxen
    Oaxen 14 days ago

    I hate your videos!

  • xXwhite LotusXx
    xXwhite LotusXx 15 days ago

    Hi everyone, I'm currently playing PUBG on my Samsung s10 and I'm searching for a good gaming headset to locate footsteps faster. Can anyone recommend me something compatible with my phone?

  • Ziggy R
    Ziggy R 15 days ago +1

    0:00 to 0:50 And the Oscar for the best acting goes to..

  • HE1NZ
    HE1NZ 15 days ago

    2:44 is that from Зеленый Слоник?

  • Mateusz Kujawski
    Mateusz Kujawski 15 days ago

    i sware if he says it depends at the end i will pull tje trigger

  • JmacOnPc
    JmacOnPc 16 days ago

    luv u linus

  • I find this to be interesting Jarp, jurp jup jup

    What kind of half-hearted test is this? Everyone knows that overwatch is best with a stereo headset and atmos.
    For almost any other game, stereo is garbage and virtual 7.1 is bullshit.
    What you really want, is true 5.1, since there are almost no games that actually support 7.1 in its true form, any virtualization compromises on quality. You get true surround and whatever else the game offers, vertical effect etc... when you have true 5.1, whether in the form of speakers or a headset, it makes no difference, if the 5.1 headset is decent it will provide almost identical awareness as a properly positioned 5.1 dolby speaker set.
    What you are saying here is, just get a good-crappy headset because its cool for overwatch...
    Really slack shit...When overwatch has an excellent system on its own anyway... and you then proceed to piss on products that you haven't even tested, like some hyperactive sunglass fiend testing 30 different Ray-bans under the moonlight, and saying they're all worthless because you cant see a damn thing

  • Yamil Montes
    Yamil Montes 17 days ago +1

    Might wanna run a De-esser through your vids.....

  • ByVelocityRS
    ByVelocityRS 17 days ago

    I got a pair of Astro A50 Gen 3 on sale for 50% off, but I also want to get a good pair of noise-cancelling headphones like the Sony WH1000MX3. Has anyone tried using the MX3 on Xbox One with Windows Sonic or Dolby Atmos? If the MX3 performs on par or better than the A50 for hearing footsteps in competitive multiplayer shooters then I can just return the A50 and get an MX3 instead since those will be way better for all around use as well.

    • Nich Sørensen
      Nich Sørensen 13 days ago

      If you want noise canceling for the A50's, then buy the mod kit for 40$ on the astro site.

  • sexiewasd
    sexiewasd 17 days ago

    AUREAL! Play the bee demo! Play the bee demo! Bzzzxxxxxzzzzzxxxxxxzzxzzzzzzzzzzzzz!

  • John Smythe
    John Smythe 17 days ago +1

    My god the acting, well i still like the Linus Tech :)

  • Blite Whack
    Blite Whack 18 days ago

    Stereo bitchezzz!

  • Max Alexander M
    Max Alexander M 18 days ago

    I have a quite a huge head and most gaming headphones don’t fit too well - any advice? :)

    • Night Fire
      Night Fire 15 days ago

      Beg until u get a custom one

  • Quirke
    Quirke 19 days ago


  • KvetYs
    KvetYs 19 days ago

    ? I have old as hell Genius gaming X headphones with their own software and i can always tell where the hell sound is coming from.... so it works for me man.

  • UnKoWn, Humble_YT
    UnKoWn, Humble_YT 19 days ago

    Is it just me using hyperx cloud stinger headset

  • Filip Drucker
    Filip Drucker 20 days ago +1

    I have the razer man o wars 7.1’s and i have to say they same my ass in overwatch and r6 constantly, but i get your point

  • Ace Of Spades
    Ace Of Spades 20 days ago

    you fucking moron sat there for an hour afk in csgo

  • ShadowsElite
    ShadowsElite 21 day ago

    Roses are red,
    Violets are NOT BLUE PEOPLE

  • RaVeAfteRaVe M8
    RaVeAfteRaVe M8 21 day ago

    Lmao I can’t tell dudes are behind me using the sound from my tv

  • Lucas K
    Lucas K 21 day ago

    i used to own the razer manowar. sound and direction were accurate and great and clear for gaming, but the build quality sucked bad. it broke last week after just 6 months, the leather on the earpads started dissolving etc.

  • chris
    chris 21 day ago +1

    I would've NEVER been able to tell that the beginning was dramatized. Totally.

  • carl yearwood
    carl yearwood 22 days ago

    Is this video in stereo?

  • Robert Thomson
    Robert Thomson 23 days ago

    Astro a40s. I've played pubg with them and been able to hear stuff my teammates can't hear with whatever headset they have and they are pretty great. Just not the price, but I got mine off eBay used and in great condition for like $40

  • katPH
    katPH 23 days ago

    tl;dr iT dEpEnDs

  • Kirby Dizon
    Kirby Dizon 25 days ago

    Windows Sonic???

  • phillip martin
    phillip martin 26 days ago +3

    4:05 - Dude needs to give his little brother his t-shirt back.

  • clouD
    clouD 27 days ago

    CS:GO has 5.1 Surround Sound and HRTF built in the game.

  • Darron B
    Darron B 27 days ago

    what is this music background? sound familiar? is it an old nes remix?

  • Ted
    Ted 27 days ago

    Background music is so bad

  • Fuzzy Nova
    Fuzzy Nova 27 days ago

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    1. Go to my channel and Subscribe
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  • Stylosa is DADDY
    Stylosa is DADDY 27 days ago

    does anyone know if hyperx cloud alpha support this

  • Gold Gate
    Gold Gate 28 days ago +1

    So I was looking at the razor thresher for PS4 and noticed there was a Dolby 7.1 version for $20 more, what about the 7.1 version is actually different? Is it like a pre installed Dolby software cus u can’t get the add on in ps4?

    • Gold Gate
      Gold Gate 25 days ago

      Jugoslav Vukicevic oh I wasn’t thinking about buying them I already have a pair of game one headphones, just wondering the difference between built-in 7.1 vs non 7.1

    • Jugoslav Vukicevic
      Jugoslav Vukicevic 28 days ago

      Threshers are under whelming, and also lack mic monitoring in price range others do. I'd suggest hyperx, or steelseries over the razer

  • UndefinedDoggo
    UndefinedDoggo 28 days ago

    Another correction the G933 now uses Dts X 7.1.4.

  • NUKE
    NUKE 28 days ago +2

    I have tested the Razer Tiamat 7.1 and its MINDBLOWING, you won't believe the sound that you will be hearing if you are using them correctly and with the correct games.
    Razer Tiamat + Arma 3 for example, its like you are in the world of the game, a complete game changer. I don't know if they are going to make you a better shooter, but they will definitely completely change and increase your immersion in the game.

  • Malinkadink
    Malinkadink 29 days ago

    surround sound in headphones is bullshit honestly, its gimmicky snake oil that serves to just change the sound and give you a sound that isn't true to the creators vision. I used a plantronics headset with virtual surround for a long time, then upgraded to a pair of audiophile headphones, plugged in a mic and never looked back. You want surround? Get a home theater. Never had an issue hearing anything coming at me with stereo headphones.

  • Hïğh Łöřđ
    Hïğh Łöřđ 29 days ago

    That's what I am trying to say. Get a better audio headset, not those bullshit Surround sound

  • Realist 1801
    Realist 1801 Month ago

    Tip LS41...shhh

  • First Name Last Name

    what about hyperx cloud 2s

  • GalaXyGaming
    GalaXyGaming Month ago

    2:50 hahahahaha the original video of this sound is a man that gets raped by a pig

  • Nelson Assis
    Nelson Assis Month ago

    Tried a few headphones for PUBG and they made a HUGE difference for me. I am using the Logitech G635 because I don't like wireless and life is much better now.

  • William Fong
    William Fong Month ago +1

    the test is flawed, you all should fine other games that uses direct 3d sound natively without any ingame processing like dobly atmos on overwatch, eg use cs source, or destiny 2 for instant, then check if the games detect your headphones at stereo or actual 7.1 surround speakers. Headphones like logitech g933 naively in windows is detected as a 7.1 speakers set up instead of a pair of headphones, hence the game will output 7.1 channel of audio to the logitech software to process via DTS headphone calibration to emulated surround via sound stage location and distant. Its way better.
    normal software surround processing = windows detect as stereo speakers/headphones => game output only stereo channel of audio = software process stereo signal into virtual surround
    logitech software surround processing = windows detects as 7.1 speakers set up => game output 7.1 channel of sound = software process 7.1 native sound into virtual surround to studio calibrated stereo headset into virtual surround

  • devrox
    devrox Month ago

    you should mention HeSuVi

  • Karma lacks skill
    Karma lacks skill Month ago

    100/10 acting

  • Anton103
    Anton103 Month ago

    tldr 6:18 Thank me later

  • MembehsOnly
    MembehsOnly Month ago

    You guys just saved me $120

  • astrotrain21
    astrotrain21 Month ago +2

    There IS such a thing as gaming headphones when it comes to wireless headsets. Non-gaming wireless headsets tend to have high latency, which makes them useless for video and gaming.

  • Take Notes Bro
    Take Notes Bro Month ago +2

    Can someone tell me whats better surroundsound or stereo?

    • misterx zxc
      misterx zxc 19 days ago

      Stereo surround is just bullshit you need a DJ setup for them to really work

    • Take Notes Bro
      Take Notes Bro Month ago

      aceous99 thanks

    • aceous99
      aceous99 Month ago

      surround sound if u can afford it but stereo is good enough

  • Jose Nunez
    Jose Nunez Month ago

    This is too much information for my brain

  • justposting somestuff
    justposting somestuff Month ago +2

    Is it possible to tell if the enemy is above or below level with 7.1? Thats the shit i never get when tracking enemy with sounds, which floor they at

  • Jeff Bourke
    Jeff Bourke Month ago

    Depends how much they paid Linus for his opinion.
    Remember his positive review of cloud gaming?
    This channel is nothing but paid advertising.

  • Aidan Pritchett
    Aidan Pritchett Month ago

    The main problem is that Dolby Atmos is coded for Overwatch, not a digital kind of "overlay" on top of the game. In some games Dolby fucks with audio because it's not specifically coded for that game.

  • ofunny
    ofunny Month ago +1

    @Linus Tech Tips
    I just came across your video and there is a very important point on real surround sound (using multiple speakers) vs. virtual surround sound. While real surround sound will work in a room, when multiple speakers are around you, it is physically and biologically impossible with headphones. So even if a headset might have multiple drivers per side, they still have to use virtual surround sound otherwise it will never work out. The explanations why it will not work is rather easy. Positional audio processing by the brain uses the input of both ears, frequency differences and the time delay between both ears. This will happen naturally with multiple speakers around you, since the sound waves hit you from multiple sides, with frequency shift, delay and echo ... on both of your ears. While a headphone is just not loud enough (shouldn't be :D ) that the right ear will hear the left headphone can and the other way round. So you are missing a very important part of positional audio data for your brain. According to that knowledge, there is really no advantage of multiple drivers per headphone doing virtual surround vs one big driver per side doing virtual surround. The opposite will happen with headphones what use multiple drivers per side, it is much more difficult to calculate and generate precise positional virtual surround with multiple drivers and also the sound quality will suck since the drivers are much smaller normally. So real surround sound on headphones is nothing more than big bullshit to take more money from unknowing customers.

  • pleappleappleap
    pleappleappleap Month ago

    Earballs. BAHAHAHAHA!

  • pleappleappleap
    pleappleappleap Month ago

    Why don't you use a stereo boom mic?

    TH3REDSP1R1T Month ago

    my DTS on my Logitech G533 sounds crappy.

    • DannyBos
      DannyBos Month ago

      Well, it's an awful headset anyway.

  • Admin Wars
    Admin Wars Month ago +1

    Блять,где русские обзоры???
    Где ГДЕ *ГДЕЕ*!!!

  • Amos Moses
    Amos Moses Month ago +2

    Honestly csgo kinda ruined footstep noises in their audio overhaul a year or two ago. You can still hear them and get an idea of where they are but it used to be that you could pinpoint someone's location around a corner by their footsteps. I don't know if that's a good or bad thing, I don't even play the game anymore.

  • Andres Gonzalez
    Andres Gonzalez Month ago +1

    Here the Corsair HS50 is used as control stereo device, but there is also the HS60 which has surround sound, which apparently is Corsair proprietary. I would have loved to see them on this test. I have them and they are good, but I don't know if Corsair Surround is better than Dolby Atmos Surround. The worst of all is that you have to decide one or the other. If I install Corsair proprietary software, it takes over and won't let me change to the other surround solutions (Sonic, Atmos, etc.)

  • Freziod
    Freziod Month ago +1

    I use a pair of $30 JVC headphones with a bass and sound boost. I can hear everything and everyone around me in any direction. Its not worth spending $300 on a wireless monstrosity.