Helping The Homeless Compilation 2015

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  • Andy Moffat
    Andy Moffat 2 часа назад +1

    Whoever disliked I think they where using butter before

  • Jasmin Perez
    Jasmin Perez 5 часов назад

    good job!

  • Maninder Singh
    Maninder Singh 6 часов назад

    gud job bro

  • Canyon Martino
    Canyon Martino 8 часов назад


  • Jay Acosta
    Jay Acosta 8 часов назад


  • tora guess
    tora guess 9 часов назад

    These people are so generous than mst of us

  • Sabina Hamidova
    Sabina Hamidova 10 часов назад

    God bless homeless people 😭❤️❤️😊😍😍😭

  • Mr.StarofTruth
    Mr.StarofTruth 10 часов назад

    money is hard to come by . those people are happy to have any kind of money anyone helping them is a blessing to them ..

  • Fluffy Cat Nation
    Fluffy Cat Nation 11 часов назад

    Who, who?

    Disliked this?

    RANA SAABH 13 часов назад

    Awesome work bro

  • Ganesh Ingle
    Ganesh Ingle 17 часов назад

  • Naked Girls
    Naked Girls День назад

    You are awesome

  • Gotpranks101 Pranks
    Gotpranks101 Pranks День назад

    2K DISSLIKES what the hell guys

  • maryanne mclean
    maryanne mclean День назад

    that is so nice bor

  • NoobyAntler
    NoobyAntler День назад


  • Luis Huerta
    Luis Huerta День назад

    i like the fact that u help the homeless people

  • Bianka Diaz Lora
    Bianka Diaz Lora День назад

    me to

  • Elias Pantoja
    Elias Pantoja День назад

    That is sad almost made me cry

  • Melissa Javier
    Melissa Javier День назад


  • Holly May
    Holly May День назад

    When I win the lottery I'm gonna spent it on homeless people

  • chloe x msp
    chloe x msp День назад

    Omg these men were like yea you can borrow some money I swear some people have a pure heart even tho there poor they are willing to give up money for other people omg these people make me cry and older people are to cute

  • Shagala Collins
    Shagala Collins День назад

    God bless you God is very proud

  • SavagePotatoGamer
    SavagePotatoGamer День назад

    U people are so nice u will help the homeless More!!!

  • ManSuperBoy 9
    ManSuperBoy 9 День назад

    Yeah and we all have the same blood and just at least give a homeless person 20$ just be a good person and have a nice day

  • Joel Tan
    Joel Tan День назад

    The best helper

  • Elyas Karamt
    Elyas Karamt День назад +1

    If someone drops there money if they give it back those homeless people will go to heaven

  • jack daniels
    jack daniels День назад

    God bless all the people who give what they can to homeless people and dont seek self recognition for there actions or post bullshit on comment sections about giving sooo much, you guys are the ones people should thank and i thankyou!

  • Alexis Reynaga
    Alexis Reynaga День назад +1

    good vidio 😭😭😭

  • jack daniels
    jack daniels День назад

    if you give and expect recognition for giving you're not trying to help anyone out your trying to make yourself look good and some people fall for it but go give to people because you feel bad and dont doit expecting anything back even a thankyou and you're doing it for the right reasons and actually being a good person then.. these comments are full of people up there own ass's.. fuck off, most of you never have given nor will you ever give so dont beg for attention for attributes you don't have.. you might get that same feeling of worth by actually helping someone out instead of feeding your vanity by commenting ah i give so much or of i become a millionaire.. blah blah blah fuck off.. the ones who give the most have the least to give.. homeless people know that and appreciate that more then the people who do it to feed there self envy although they appreciate everything obviously.

    FUTURE HAPPY FACE День назад

    If I was a pilot I will help people

  • Chase Vaness
    Chase Vaness День назад

    I need to give 100,000 every day to the homeless

  • Salvador Moreno
    Salvador Moreno 2 дня назад

    Man that guys a great man

  • Syed Zain
    Syed Zain 2 дня назад

    hey man god bless you. u r awesome bro

  • Mylen Tan
    Mylen Tan 2 дня назад


  • soul viner kashyap
    soul viner kashyap 2 дня назад

    hope this kind of helping videos make peoples care about homeless peoples..hope they should do something good for them...only i want to say life is not easy for all its hard😔...we all can change this world by small steps...

  • Emma Bandy
    Emma Bandy 2 дня назад

    If u agree like

  • Emma Bandy
    Emma Bandy 2 дня назад

    Hi I'm Emma I'm 9 I wish I had alot of money to help the homeless

  • m umer
    m umer 2 дня назад

    Anyone help me please my mom admit in hospital she is cancer patient. I want some money for my mom treatment. Please help me for god sakes. My number and Watsapp number. +923062518379 my email.

  • Sneha Gurung
    Sneha Gurung 2 дня назад

    🙏🏻 respect

  • Bjj Da Powa :3
    Bjj Da Powa :3 2 дня назад

    Theres just a couple people Like you!!and im glad you help people.if i had the money I'll help people!

  • Bjj Da Powa :3
    Bjj Da Powa :3 2 дня назад

    Who would down like this.this is amazing!👍

  • Hussein Heric
    Hussein Heric 2 дня назад

    this guy got so much heart im crying from this video I have such a big heart if I had a billion dollars I would give 600 million dollars to the homeless and 400 mil for my self .I cry in front of people when I see some one homeless and suffering.

  • Tech Tutorial
    Tech Tutorial 2 дня назад

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  • Neko Sakamoto
    Neko Sakamoto 2 дня назад

    God bless man.. I cant stop crying.

  • Cyd Torres
    Cyd Torres 2 дня назад

    God bless the homeless

  • Mqrkk - LostInTime
    Mqrkk - LostInTime 2 дня назад

    My name is mark, I'm a small youtuber who's barely gettting into it.. I'm going to start up my YouTube channel where I will be helping homeless people and show people you can do more than live your life as a cycle !! Subscribe and be ready

  • Sione Valita
    Sione Valita 3 дня назад

    why would 2k of the people of the people that are watched this dislike it?

  • Peter Priestley
    Peter Priestley 3 дня назад

    so nice

  • kasiy d4f
    kasiy d4f 3 дня назад

    So nice moment

    DONALD TRUMP 3 дня назад


  • dario castro castro
    dario castro castro 3 дня назад

    you are the nest

  • Jack Wyland
    Jack Wyland 3 дня назад

    Awesome stuff

  • maloly masarolle
    maloly masarolle 3 дня назад

    you're awesome

    NAVANEETH MURALI 3 дня назад

    Johal you are best . i like you so much u help homeless you are very kind

  • Reviling Spy42
    Reviling Spy42 3 дня назад

    That's awesome world needs more people like you

  • Arvind kumar
    Arvind kumar 3 дня назад

    Awesome bro

  • Timmy Yummy
    Timmy Yummy 3 дня назад

    you are so kind

  • Ruby Navarro
    Ruby Navarro 3 дня назад

    god bless you guys this made me cry of joy

  • Trine Hagelund
    Trine Hagelund 3 дня назад

    Youre a sooo å god peapol

  • Repulso
    Repulso 4 дня назад

    The best way to help the homeless is to stop giving them handouts. These bums need jobs so they can EARN their money.

  • Finley  Longhurst
    Finley Longhurst 4 дня назад


  • Ravi Pentakota
    Ravi Pentakota 4 дня назад

    Heart touching video...awesome dude

  • Stanley Teo
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    CUMCUM 4 дня назад

    Tou are a boss

  • Leon Proctor
    Leon Proctor 4 дня назад

    Your nice

  • Rosalio Vargas
    Rosalio Vargas 5 дней назад

    That was sad😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😢😢😢😢😢

  • Nelson Serrano
    Nelson Serrano 5 дней назад

    Help me spread this around please.

  • wariorr boms
    wariorr boms 5 дней назад

    Good for you

  • Beso Shavgulidze
    Beso Shavgulidze 5 дней назад

    Me too its crazy

  • Natoy vlogs
    Natoy vlogs 5 дней назад

    Can I get 20 subs with no videos

  • Torsten Aicher
    Torsten Aicher 5 дней назад

    Gutes video

  • Best Fails Ha
    Best Fails Ha 5 дней назад

    When I was 9-14 I was a homeless kid everyone treated my bad and dumped food on me when I was 16 I Become Rich and help people And Raised over 40.000$ And Gave 5000$ to many people

  • Pursunep pongen
    Pursunep pongen 5 дней назад

    Bro nice work in like you work

  • Ajenmins061
    Ajenmins061 5 дней назад

    It's funny oh the homeless help people but people do not help homeless be more respectful u don't know what people have been through share your love

  • david moore
    david moore 6 дней назад

    that was so nice of you . I hope them people eat well you are so nice

  • Callum Oakes
    Callum Oakes 6 дней назад

    I cried cause it's sad for the people that are homeless😢😢

  • GTA YT
    GTA YT 6 дней назад

    Your Good boy

  • Halwest Hassan
    Halwest Hassan 6 дней назад

    Very very nice

  • ערוץ אנונימי
    ערוץ אנונימי 6 дней назад

    God bless him, im Jewish, But EveryWorld Boys Of God

  • donna stewart
    donna stewart 6 дней назад

    Thank you for taking care homes people

  • Benchboy Sarreal
    Benchboy Sarreal 6 дней назад

    youre such a good guy godbless you

  • Darcy Fraser
    Darcy Fraser 6 дней назад

    U are a life saver

  • Ritu Yadav
    Ritu Yadav 6 дней назад

    very good Boys

  • Isabella&Jayden's Slime
    Isabella&Jayden's Slime 6 дней назад


  • Chante Nepia Simeon
    Chante Nepia Simeon 6 дней назад

    Ohh how wonderful you are you did that to save someone.

  • Cynthia Juarez Villalpando
    Cynthia Juarez Villalpando 6 дней назад

    That is so nice

  • Tata Apare
    Tata Apare 6 дней назад

    When you know how it is to not have anything, you give..

  • Gunner Loch
    Gunner Loch 6 дней назад


    THE MAJESTIC LAMA 6 дней назад

    Give him food not money they'll spend it on drugs

  • Flores Team
    Flores Team 7 дней назад

    This made me CRY!

  • Amanda Green
    Amanda Green 7 дней назад

    God bless your kind soul ❤️🙏🏼

  • dangerousMoonlight Grande
    dangerousMoonlight Grande 7 дней назад

    Man, the world needs more people like this, even a single dollar will help these people, I mean homeless people were willing to give this man they don't even know their only bit of money they had so they could help him, I hate seeing greedy and selfish people who have so much money in their back pocket and can't even spare a single cmon, you got so much and they got nothing, bless these people and everyone who actually care about the homeless❤💖

  • Crispy Memes
    Crispy Memes 7 дней назад

    Best way to help the homeless is to give them job opportunities, and/or rehabilitation

  • Nadira Rahaman
    Nadira Rahaman 7 дней назад

    I am 9 and if i become a millionare i will help the poor😭😭😇😇

  • Lilly Laster
    Lilly Laster 7 дней назад


  • Gissa Vad
    Gissa Vad 7 дней назад

    You are a so good people

  • jen luns
    jen luns 7 дней назад

    homeless ppl are so generous

    PRASAD ACHARYA 7 дней назад

    beautiful man Grt job stay blessed an help many people

  • Iulai Lafaere
    Iulai Lafaere 7 дней назад


  • Iulai Lafaere
    Iulai Lafaere 7 дней назад

    bro god bless you mate