Dancing Zebra Footage: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

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Просмотров: 1779101
Длительность: 23:33
Комментарии: 3457

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Автор BB Test ( назад)
Click here to see the results #justaddzebra

Автор BB Test ( назад)
the whole story is just hilarious and actually cool and inspiring jajaja (y)

Автор Rafael Martinez ( назад)
Was this zebra supposed to resemble John Oliver, because whether or not that was their intention, it was their result

Автор aaron Salentine ( назад)
It's because of the Bolivian zebra! !!! :) i know what it is now!!!!!

Автор ryan veira ( назад)
wtf happened to this channel

Автор Jack Cactacus ( назад)
a bank robbery team has unfortunately ruined this by using a zebra head in their heist. this is why America cant have nice things anymore. Well that and a complex global economy.

Автор Muhammad Mustafa ( назад)
i watch this every day please i need help

Автор blazing blade ( назад)
Oliver could you please make an episode how to start the impeachment process
and we shall follow

Автор Mozarc2045 Mu ( назад)

Автор kuroshinozuji fudo ( назад)
Sir ... If you don't want me to start the #johnoliverisolivegarden please release the next episode

A devoted Italian fan . love you . so don't betray me

Автор Jessica Fuller ( назад)
I'm...not sure what else I expected.

Автор camel9 ( назад)
I have to admit, after watching the unofficial full episode, where John Oliver explains the reason for this zebra... I changed my review from bad to good...

Автор Hernan Chambi ( назад)
Jajjajajajajaj great

Автор jai vishal ( назад)
Why...... Just why??

Автор BestSpice Mint ( назад)
Thank you for the free content!

Автор Sam Smith ( назад)
Okay breakdown for those unaware: Last week Tonight has a suspension of it's outside the US broadcast on YouTube. Meaning it can only show certain things with this new path they are on. This Zebra is a way to spice up news programs or otherwise boring or bad tv moments. It however was still posted to YouTube as I imagine HBO didn't really care about a Zebra dancing for 24 minutes. Sadly though it might be time Job tackled the topic of freedom of information being withheld by his own network and many others.

Автор lucas melo de aguiar ( назад)
e o Cid cidoso não ganhou um like pela ideia :(

Автор Tandreada ( назад)
I wonder how many people watched this in its entirety... Or at the very least listened to the zebra's angelic voice in its entirety.

Автор Akshay Verma ( назад)
so.. where do I sign up for this job. dress in a animal suit and do nothing for 25min.

Автор PumpkinEskobarr ( назад)
I miss Fruit Stripes gum.

Автор Cunt Cunt ( назад)
Low-energy zebra's show is failing and it knows it. Just look at the ratings. Sad!

Автор Theo ( назад)
what does this mean

Автор luis aba ( назад)
I remember Shia labeouf JUST DO IT! YES YOU CAN!

Автор Javier Arancibia ( назад)
I'd be really glad if you talked about the situation in Venezuela and how Maduro keeps the people without food, medicine, and even fuel

Автор SamUnreel ( назад)
I really hope someone got a bonus for this!

Автор clarke _19 ( назад)
does anyone know why it won't let me see some of the video that get post on here

Автор Restartwithdogpeople ( назад)
i murdered that zebra last week

Автор Awesome Guy ( назад)
I really should be studying

Автор leopold stotch ( назад)
not my proudest jerk

Автор Shahin Toosi ( назад)
Dear HBO : can you make this available for download full raw files!! We the vfx community will happily give you some crazy comp of this

Автор jason hoyt ( назад)
man i'm genuinely pissed i loved watching LWT/with john oliver but their recent video have been unavailable to me for some reason

Автор Barry Daemi ( назад)
Oh my god....oh my god...oh my god!! This is horrendous video of a furry is frightening me! The self-deprecation that I feel towards self does not exceed the self elation that I feel right at this moment. What has my life come to.

Автор PepperDank :D ( назад)
shitpost level: last week tonight

Автор EMBEDONIX ( назад)
Is it me or the zebra actually looks like John Oliver himself lol !!?!??!?

Автор Blake Dixon ( назад)

Автор H-Djo ( назад)
Thanks for this gold mine

Автор Marek Lisý ( назад)
What is the song in the background please?

Автор Funny Muffler ( назад)
Still waiting for that one person to make a transcript of everything the zebra does.

Автор sypets U'Tube ( назад)
Unofficial timeline:
00:00 dancing
00:48 turned around zebra dancing (view of backside)
01:36 turning in circle
01:43 folded arms
01:46 hold head
01:49 clapping, cheering, jumping up with arms raised
03:16 turned around zebra clapping and cheering (view of backside)
03:57 crying with handkerchief
04:28 "why" gesture (arms wide and look to the sky)
04:35 boxing to the left
05:28 pantomime
06:05 greek statue with muscles
07:15 guitar solo
08:09 holding stop sign
08:58 zebra from behind holding stop sign
09:01 with stop sign: waving traffic from the left to continue
10:20 pointing at people
10:33 body builder (show muscles)
11:25 "this big" gesture
11:42 qi gong / martial arts / slow-mo dancing (???)
12:49 thanking gesture with bow
12:55 sitting on chair with one leg crossed
13:27 sitting on chair with one leg crossed, thinking gesture (hand to chin)
13:40 1 thumb up
14:29 2 thumbs up
14:44 holding stop sign, pointing at stop sign
15:01 slowly holding up stop sign and nodding
16:45 falling asleep
cheering and exasperating
18:45 giving up
18:50 dancing
20:45 dancing with stop sign
21:27 reading book with glasses on
22:26 reading newspaper with glasses on

Автор agafaba ( назад)
Hey a video that isnt region blocked!

Автор Richard Leonhard ( назад)
That's not an actual Zebra. You're fake news.

Автор Bruno Souza ( назад)
i can already feel the memes

Автор blueness ( назад)
Twenty three minutes, everyone said. Then they wanted twenty three minutes watching a stupid video of a zebra dancing.

Автор JCA ELITE SCUBA ( назад)
Do another green screen. That was fun!

Автор Sir LolAlot ( назад)
What was that

Автор T- REX ( назад)
What the fuck

Автор cjwonderstruck25 ( назад)

Автор Nate Jones ( назад)
This has nothing on Nick Offerman's Yule Log.

Автор KARENINA KHSAHJ ( назад)

Автор Kalyptic ( назад)
WTF, this is like that Hypnotoad episode on Futurama all over again!

Автор yaddar ( назад)
Zebras reply and invitation to John Oliver #JustAddJohnOliver


Автор Samurai Sam ( назад)
Please take it down

Автор João Franco ( назад)

Автор Jonathan Jones ( назад)
Is this video in response to all the other video's that have been flagged and taken down? i haven't been able to watch the last 4 or 5 episodes but this works...

Автор A. Maus. ( назад)
Please enjoy this liberal approved meme responsibly, thank you.

Автор Sheryl Canter ( назад)
You forgot to upload the original segment itself. Please upload it!!

Автор Mallikarjuna Kaveti ( назад)
This video has no sound. Frustrated! Thank god for the seek bar, I figured it's just zebra with no sound. Why Oliver Why?

Автор Skank Hunt42 ( назад)

Автор Scott Morgan ( назад)
Thanks, John. It's just what I was looking for.

Автор Roberto O. Millán-Cintrón ( назад)
thank you for making me laugh especially in the air guitar scene.

Автор Terrible Username Amirite? ( назад)
Oddly enough, this syncs perfectly to You Reposted In The Wrong Neighborhood.

Автор Jose Miguel Lobo ( назад)

Автор April Johnston ( назад)
Why can't Canadians watch this season of the show?

Автор Nucal ( назад)

Автор Euphrates Dur ( назад)
Really John #you little rat man

Автор Don't ask my name ( назад)
it's not a real zebra. if you look closely. it is actually fake.

Автор Ron baur ( назад)

Автор Intersect077 ( назад)
da fuq I watched

Автор micaela jauregui ( назад)
The Zebras invite you John Oliver to be one and visit the wonderful city of La Paz! https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=1429611550442384&id=232415936828624

Автор blanehale ( назад)
download please

Автор skip weisman ( назад)
I'm confused. How do you add this video to another video? Don't you have to download it and bring it into a video editor like IMovie? That's the only way I would know how to do it and can't figure out how to download? I'm sure there is something I'm not aware of.

Автор Nick-E Nicole ( назад)

Автор Diego R ( назад)

Автор Carolina Silva ( назад)
I wish the zebra took off it's head in the end to see John Oliver there like "Yes, That Was Me"

Автор Brian Michael Finn ( назад)
must... find... a way... to... combine... this... with... puppy court

Автор Conor Graham ( назад)
Somehow entrancing. Or maybe i just realized it's past bedtime :)

Автор TheGuyWhoYouHate ( назад)
Im not dissapointed.

Автор Goobassy ( назад)
why cant i view your new videos i really want to see them

Автор Martin Shkreli ( назад)
According to the statistics tab, humanity has wasted 3 years on this video.

Автор Maelstrom ( назад)
1.6 million views...

Автор ZeroCarbThirty ( назад)
Where do you download the video so that you can make something with it?

Автор secilia ruiz ( назад)

Автор Neil Friedman ( назад)
There's 23 minutes of our lives that we'll never get back. Who in the world posted this and for whatever reason?

Автор Elizabeth Fernanda Revollo ( назад)
And zebras are not only gentle and funny with people, they help stray dogs to cross the street, they pet them... even give them some water. There is a program in La Paz, that you can be a "Zebra for one day", you go around being funny and gentle with others :) . They've become a really important part of La Paz :)

Автор Compscilaw ( назад)
Again, no video for Canada this week. LastWeekTonight has been blocking Canada. So tell me something, LastWeekTonight, how guilty do you think I feel for watching this when it's uploaded to a fake YouTube account or downloading it from The Pirate Bay? Do you have a tool to measure my concern?

Автор Aditya Sonthalia ( назад)
Whats the best song to play in the background?

Автор Aphaziel ( назад)
Why did i watch this to the end ?

Автор NosirraH Neil ( назад)
Why is this the only video available in my country

Автор owlcity24 ( назад)
meme waiting to happen.

Автор Sesshreborn ( назад)
I clicked on this video expecting 23 minutes of quality content. Was not disappointed.

Автор Juan Horta ( назад)
wtf is this

Автор Tracy MacInerney ( назад)
Omg the options are endless! Freakin' hilarious!

Автор Rajesh Sitaula ( назад)
What the fuck is wrong with you???

Автор Lu Liu ( назад)
is it ok to have a boner ?

Автор That One mimiga _ ( назад)
i will add this to postal 2

Автор Mathiac Fec ( назад)
Why was the zebra reading a newspaper from another country if LWT is based in America?

Автор JohnyFive ; Shorts ( назад)
Just downloaded, can't wait to have some fun. If any of us use the newspaper part we'll have to do some masking of the paper, cause I see a bit of green in it =) Thank you John and team for #JustAddZebras !

Автор Pennie Collins ( назад)
I found the acting to be inspirational! What form! What power! Astaire, Stallone, Kelly, the Corner Mime! The perfect channeling of Swartzenegger and any beach body builder, were spot on! I actually thought I saw children in the crosswalk and cheers being lead! A real roller coaster ride of emotions! Look out Cannes festival! This zebra is hot! Can't wait to recommend this to my friends!

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