James Blake ft Justin Vernon- I need a forest fire Live


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Длительность: 5:12
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Автор Jojo Elle ( назад)

Автор Parker Dolan ( назад)
So thrilled these two came together and created masterful music

Автор Nicanor Reyes ( назад)
it's "I've been destroyed, I've been cuddled"

Автор Lucaas C ( назад)
lol all their equipments were out of volume, but its so cool their gestures anyway

Автор Julian Grant ( назад)

Автор Aleyah Malone ( назад)
James sound so good though. he sounds the exact same. ❤

Автор Amma Universe ( назад)
It's even better LIVE! I didn't think it could be better. I don't know who this Justin guy is but I'm going to check out some of his music cause he sounds just as good as the Bon Iver guy.

Автор 송보람 ( назад)
너무 좋아서 죽을 것만 같다

Автор Rosario Cloud ( назад)
we need a forest fire...so deep,so true....

Автор Kevin McGowan ( назад)
the mixing is pretty shitty on this, but you can tell it was solid live

Автор ELZBIETA Kp ( назад)
wow !

Автор kilo limo ( назад)
3.05 - 3:15 theres nothing like how they just nail the first harmony on harmony on "dreamer." how blake hangs on that note then descending into it and how dynamic they get on dreamer is like a light beaming from my chest to the sky, son.

Автор Tom Wood ( назад)
where can i get justins hat !

Автор AutoNeptune I ( назад)
So I did not know James Blake was gay but I DONT CARE cause this song is lit

Автор mlg gamers ( назад)
yo lowkey if your high and listening to the beat it would be so lit

Автор Dezrt ( назад)
this will probably happen again at beach goth, feelsgoodman

Автор Clwolf Studios ( назад)
true voices of angels

Автор Macko ( назад)
Two great voices but this live is not at the same emotion level as the studio record ...

Автор ZERO3707 ( назад)
the audio mix is off. its dominant on the left side which throws off the song by muffling other parts

Автор Srizy ( назад)
James Blake + Justin Vernon = A secret password to my heart

Автор D3n™ ( назад)
i found the heaven...

Автор kuroshinigami ( назад)
Justin was high as hell lol.

Автор Alisia Alize ( назад)
Sounds like it's saying avocado in the background

Автор L Smith ( назад)

Автор hendra bp ( назад)
Pure genius!

Автор LePetiteRare ( назад)
Jordan & Messi.
Picasso & Dalí.
Bach & Beethoven.
Borges & Shakespeare.
Blake & Vernon.

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