• Published on Feb 11, 2019
  • TAEMIN's the 2nd mini album "WANT" is out!
    Listen on iTunes & Apple Music, Spotify, and Google Play Music smarturl.it/TAEMIN_WANT
    01 WANT
    02 Artistic Groove
    03 Shadow
    04 Truth
    05 Never Forever
    06 혼잣말 (Monologue)
    07 WANT ~Outro~
    TAEMIN Official
    #TAEMIN #WANT #태민 #テミン
    TAEMIN 태민 'WANT' MV ℗ SM Entertainment
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  • Belu c:
    Belu c: 20 minutes ago

    OMG, since the release I still thinking THIS IS the BEST video I ever saw!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Tanner Emerson
    Tanner Emerson Hour ago

    If you look real closely he has arm length gloves, especially when he is all red and in the white shirt and black outfit. Btw, Michael Jackson would be proud , all I see is his influence. Beautiful, excellent 👍🏾❤😘👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

  • 辛梓屹
    辛梓屹 3 hours ago


  • Ediltonalmeida 64
    Ediltonalmeida 64 5 hours ago

    this is actually rly gay

    • eliana5000
      eliana5000 3 hours ago

      So, mind blowing, artistry, and trendsetter is gay?

  • 사랑해태민아
    사랑해태민아 6 hours ago +3

    Taemin dance moves is a definition of sexiness. How can he be this perfect ?

  • 추노춘호
    추노춘호 6 hours ago +1

    와 미쳣다 이건

  • Rachel Day
    Rachel Day 6 hours ago +1

    come to the uk, taemin!!!!

  • Sehun Min
    Sehun Min 7 hours ago

    I love everything in this...except that snake...

  • # Gabsterzz
    # Gabsterzz 10 hours ago +2

    Ladies hide your man! Yes

  • suoki food
    suoki food 10 hours ago +1

    hot hot ♡•♡

  • P K
    P K 12 hours ago +1

    *"Waking you up from silence under your deep sea"*

  • Arika Fatma
    Arika Fatma 17 hours ago

    Hope that sm ent will added eng sub

    • Like A Fire
      Like A Fire 15 hours ago +1

      There is a eng sub. click to the option for eng sub.

  • KRS Is awesome
    KRS Is awesome 17 hours ago +5

    who listens to this everyday?


    • Auntie67
      Auntie67 12 hours ago

      Me - multiviTAEMIN is a necessity every single day! :)

    • SHINee taemint
      SHINee taemint 14 hours ago +1

      Me...i need my daily Taemin's dose before starting my day and end my day;))

  • yellow rose
    yellow rose 18 hours ago +2


  • myndi va
    myndi va 19 hours ago

    i'll play with snakes with you....

  • TAEMIN Shawol
    TAEMIN Shawol 20 hours ago +1

    شاهدت الاغنيه الألف من المرات
    لكنني دائما عندما أراها أشعر أنني أشاهدها للمره الاولى.تيمين أنت حقا كالحلم .

  • LL H
    LL H 21 hour ago +3

    Has YT V13w count been acting up again? Seems like the number hasn't moved much? Keep at it guys! Taemin solo first then SuperM! ☆☆☆☆☆

    • Lori로리
      Lori로리 12 hours ago

      @LL H I agree!

    • LL H
      LL H 12 hours ago +1

      @Lori로리 hah! I am more and more convinced that if YT restart this program, it will suddenly pick up the lost counts and will show 100m or more!!!!

    • Lori로리
      Lori로리 12 hours ago

      @LL H Yes it does. The last time I checked, I think last Friday, it's already this amount of views. I expected this to have already reached 21M or at least close to it.

    • LL H
      LL H 12 hours ago +2

      @Lori로리 right? It just feels strange. Anyway, I'd keep doing what I do everyday he he. Am here always.

    • Lori로리
      Lori로리 13 hours ago

      I noticed this. I was about to make the same comment.

  • kNoPkA Tv
    kNoPkA Tv 23 hours ago +1


  • Larissa Reyes
    Larissa Reyes Day ago +3

    this is very sexual on all levels

    • SHINee taemint
      SHINee taemint 14 hours ago +1

      Then have you seen Thirsty? Make sure read the lyrics

  • Martina Bernucci
    Martina Bernucci Day ago +7

    SM please let Taemin do a world tour 😭

    • Pixel Sticks
      Pixel Sticks 7 hours ago

      Think/Wish/HOPE 2020!

    • SHINee taemint
      SHINee taemint 23 hours ago +3

      Unfortunately we need to wait cause he will be busy promotinh in the U.S starting from October.
      Pls support Taemin in SuperM project^^

  • Martina Bernucci
    Martina Bernucci Day ago +5

    Can y’all believe taemin saved kpop again?

  • Martina Bernucci
    Martina Bernucci Day ago +5

    It’s August and I still can get over this masterpiece

  • Jo Smith
    Jo Smith Day ago +3

    Taemin slays

  • Awesomeepic Cxxx
    Awesomeepic Cxxx Day ago +8

    Taemin is like that one artist that no matter how many times you listen to his songs they will never get old and we will be "thirsting for more" 😍

  • fairykeitlyn
    fairykeitlyn Day ago +1

    i cant even play minecraft without getting distracted

  • Лариса Мамедова

    Таемин мне очень понравился.Современно,динамично и вообще классно. Подтанцовка-супер.

  • jungkook tae
    jungkook tae Day ago +2

    Que sexy es taemin me alegra que es mi novio

  • Watch only animes!!! SENPAI!!!!

    No wonder voice was so sexy

    • Watch only animes!!! SENPAI!!!!
      Watch only animes!!! SENPAI!!!! 19 hours ago +2

      @SHINee taemint I've heard them all. Actually I heard thus song in a Yaoi edit and I was wondering whose it is. And as I was going through his songs I found this .

    • SHINee taemint
      SHINee taemint Day ago +3

      Ps: go watch his recent release Famous. Listen to Famous album, it's fire🔥
      You can watch Slave and Colours fancam, two tracks from the album

    • SHINee taemint
      SHINee taemint Day ago +2

      Oh you don't know? His voice is pretty unique and diverse tbh

  • 사랑해태민아
    사랑해태민아 Day ago +13

    SuperM quite exciting. Let's support our TAEMIN.

  • Anamika Kri
    Anamika Kri Day ago +3

    My thirsty ass can relate

    • SHINee taemint
      SHINee taemint 19 hours ago

      @Anamika Kri Sexuality ruclip.com/video/QREEadmNDzQ/video.html and ruclip.com/video/Fa2162o-u6Q/video.html
      Slave ruclip.com/video/o8157Eo2Psg/video.html
      ruclip.com/video/EcFD05nSu38/video.html or ruclip.com/video/rwuY8AYSFLk/video.html
      I give you 3 Slave fancams to see from different angle xD
      You can search Taemin thirsty and famous, you'll find the Mv

    • Anamika Kri
      Anamika Kri 20 hours ago

      @SHINee taemint omg 😍 send me the link na

    • SHINee taemint
      SHINee taemint Day ago

      @Anamika Kri they all are sensual song xD
      except Famous but the Mv damn🔥

    • Anamika Kri
      Anamika Kri Day ago

      @SHINee taemint what that even means 😅

    • SHINee taemint
      SHINee taemint Day ago

      Ha ha have you seen Thirsty&Famous Mv also Sexuality&Slave live performance?

  • Juliette Wahl
    Juliette Wahl Day ago +2

    I'm literally back 6 months later trying to understand why he came at me this hard.

  • b e a e x o l
    b e a e x o l Day ago +4


  • Estephano Zapata
    Estephano Zapata Day ago +1

    Obra de arte.

  • Rigbone 2007
    Rigbone 2007 2 days ago +2

    Any other fanboys here? This fucker is who I’m gay for-

    • amy happy
      amy happy Day ago +2

      Rigbone 2007
      Welcome fanboy. His name is Lee Taemin. The dancing god of the Kpop. Go check out his iconic Korean songs Danger, Press Your Number, Drip Drop, MOVE, Day and Night, WANT. And iconic Japanese songs sayonara hitori, Flame of Love, Under My Skin, Famous. There are still lots of songs wait for your discovery. Enjoy!

  • Sujira Luck
    Sujira Luck 2 days ago +5

    Y es, i remember the king of pop Michael Jackson...

  • Selvetia
    Selvetia 2 days ago +4

    One fine ass specimen

  • Denise CMG
    Denise CMG 2 days ago +6

    Me: Taemin, you better stop.. My heart can only take so much!
    Also me: Ok. I have to watch this one more time. Besides, death by Taemin? What a way to go!😍😍😍

  • Killane Kurosaki
    Killane Kurosaki 2 days ago +3

    This MV is kinky wtf-

    • SHINee taemint
      SHINee taemint Day ago +2

      Have you seen Sexuality and Slave live performance? And the lyrics tho

  • 사랑해태민아
    사랑해태민아 2 days ago +13

    Sometimes I wonder if Taemin is real, he is so perfect.

  • Kim Jonghyun
    Kim Jonghyun 2 days ago +4

    I love you so much taemin

  • Israt Ahmed
    Israt Ahmed 2 days ago +6

    I think im sick i cant stop watching this

    • Israt Ahmed
      Israt Ahmed 19 hours ago +2

      @SHINee taemint Yes sis😂😂😂

    • SHINee taemint
      SHINee taemint Day ago +2

      Yes you are really sick from catching Taemin disease xD

  • Isa Ias
    Isa Ias 2 days ago +4

    Love you so much

  • Isa Ias
    Isa Ias 2 days ago +6


  • Vkook is my life
    Vkook is my life 2 days ago +4

    Dude you need to stop making me feel insecure. And this is cute concept????What will happen to me when Taemin does a sexy concept???I'm already dead!!!
    You all are invited to my funeral tomorrow.😱

    • Vkook is my life
      Vkook is my life 11 hours ago

      @Auntie67 Yepppp..... but I even suffered....

    • Auntie67
      Auntie67 12 hours ago

      Vkook is my life Ohhh, you must have had nice dreams then... :)

    • Vkook is my life
      Vkook is my life Day ago

      @Auntie67 I did last night but Taemin is such a killer. He even came into my dreams....

    • Auntie67
      Auntie67 2 days ago

      Vkook is my life 😊 Sleep well then!

    • Vkook is my life
      Vkook is my life 2 days ago +1

      @Auntie67 I will for sure :) But not now. It's midnight in my country so if I watch Taemin's sensual songs than I won't sleep for rest of the night. Taemin is too dangerous.It's better to watch some cute videos about Jungkook.

    CHOU TZUYU 2 days ago +6

    King Taemin 💙💙💙

  • Hema Rai
    Hema Rai 2 days ago +6


  • adocenado
    adocenado 2 days ago +2

    maybe i like d*ck after all

  • Gilliweed
    Gilliweed 2 days ago +3

    I'm so sorry taemin but your dancing style reminds me of a horny spider and I love it.

  • Polyanne Edwards
    Polyanne Edwards 2 days ago +2


  • amy happy
    amy happy 2 days ago +14

    Taemin updates his IG: 5years ago
    Me: OMG I can finally fully understand him without using that stupid gxxgle translator.

    • amy happy
      amy happy Day ago +1


    • Auntie67
      Auntie67 2 days ago +3

      amy happy 😂😂😂💕 OMG, cute!!!

  • Soph 9218
    Soph 9218 2 days ago +21

    He is an amazing artist!!!! I wish I can see him at a concert 😍😍😍

    • 사랑해태민아
      사랑해태민아 Day ago +2

      He really is. Me too, if that will happen that's the best thing happen in my life.

  • Donna Johnson
    Donna Johnson 3 days ago +8

    So far my favorite. Hot! Hot! Hot!

  • Nyctophilia
    Nyctophilia 3 days ago +8

    What a masterpiece taemin! What a breathtaking performance❤️❤️

  • shook yuu
    shook yuu 3 days ago +29

    This is by far the best kpop song yall it’s confirmed fight me

  • ck05211
    ck05211 3 days ago +4

    Slow it down to .75 speed thank me later

  • Katya Feevin
    Katya Feevin 3 days ago +1

    Он великолепен 🤤

  • vanessa ingridhe ferreira

    parabéns Lee Taemin pelos 5 anos como solista

  • Dayana Sanchez Renteria

    This: pleasure craft 👏👏👏

  • I'm no one
    I'm no one 3 days ago +5

    This is HOT HOT

    ACE 《JONGTAE》 BASE 3 days ago +13

    Congratulations Taemin it's 5 years since you debuted ..you are a Shining star and I'm so happy for your success you have worked very hard you really deserve all the love in the world
    I'm proud of you Taemin

      HOT.RAYSTM SHINee Hour ago

      5HINee Mera Taemint SHAWOL 😊💜

      HOT.RAYSTM SHINee Hour ago

      Jia Khan Good morning☀⛅💕☀ 👶

    • Jia Khan
      Jia Khan 11 hours ago

      @5HINee Mera Taemint SHAWOL its ok😂😂
      Sleep well
      Sweet dreams (Taemin's)

    • 5HINee Mera Taemint SHAWOL
      5HINee Mera Taemint SHAWOL 11 hours ago

      @Jia Khan
      Now you know ;))
      I'm so tired I don't know why ? (Even I didn't do anything today 😂😂) so I'm going to sleep early see you tomorrow

    • Jia Khan
      Jia Khan 11 hours ago +1

      @HOT.RAYSTM SHINee sweet dreams and take care of your health grandpa 😊

  • Michelle Jungkook
    Michelle Jungkook 3 days ago +7

    I can't explain how much i Love this, ahhhh i want to DIE, this is perfect!!!!!!❤️

    ACE 《JONGTAE》 BASE 3 days ago +8

    Even on bad days I will be happy because of you

    • Jia Khan
      Jia Khan 15 hours ago

      @5HINee Mera Taemint SHAWOL yes they'll sound good in english
      Thank you 💕

    • 5HINee Mera Taemint SHAWOL
      5HINee Mera Taemint SHAWOL 16 hours ago

      @Jia Khan
      I was eating lunch 🙃😁 good luck to you

    • 5HINee Mera Taemint SHAWOL
      5HINee Mera Taemint SHAWOL 16 hours ago

      @Jia Khan
      SuperM will absolutely sing in English ...Just imagine Taemin singing in English ..thinking of that makes my heart beats faster

    • Jia Khan
      Jia Khan 16 hours ago +1

      @5HINee Mera Taemint SHAWOL wait now ill find grandpa

  • Nicole Mejia
    Nicole Mejia 4 days ago +54

    Wait till this man hits the states. America is NOT ready 😂

    • Sherry njpe
      Sherry njpe 2 days ago +9

      I just hope that Super m doesn’t interfere with his solo works cause we all know how much he loves being a soloist.

  • Pinwicho
    Pinwicho 4 days ago +2

    Pao Gay

  • amy happy
    amy happy 4 days ago +9

    Taemin ah~There's something I didn't tell you yet. You know what impress me the most in this arenna tour? Not your Already Famous dance performances. I found even you looked really exhausted and eye makeup can't cover your deep dark circles, your singing voices remain perfect. It actually suprised me. I can hear your tired voices several times during your hall tour last year tbh. Your progress on vocal stability is really amazing like magic. I know I already said it too many times. But I insisted to say it in here again. You did well like you always did. I couldn't be more proud of you.

    • Auntie67
      Auntie67 2 days ago +1

      LL H 😊 Mwah, mwah to you dear!

    • LL H
      LL H 2 days ago +4

      Woah, am I late for this parTae? Anyway, hope he is taking this time for a bit of break. I say bit cos he will nvr shut down being the workaholic that he is. Rest well, eat well Taemin. We love you. Very, very much. Mwah mwah!

    • Lori로리
      Lori로리 3 days ago +2

      @Auntie67 Thanks 💕

    • Auntie67
      Auntie67 3 days ago +2

      Lori로리 Oh, then I wish you a very good rest with Taemin’s soothing music in the background... ❤️

    • Auntie67
      Auntie67 3 days ago +1

      amy happy Yes, Taemin’s magic is a very good expression - what he does is indeed magic. Can’t wait to see him again! I’m so worried though that because of SuperM he won’t be performing solo any time soon... Arghh, the anticipation kills me...

  • Lucero Huayta
    Lucero Huayta 4 days ago

    Che recién me estoy dando cuenta, la chica es SEULGI???? O VI MAL 🤦🏻‍♀️

    • eliana5000
      eliana5000 4 days ago

      @Lucero Huayta De nada!😄

    • Lucero Huayta
      Lucero Huayta 4 days ago +1

      @eliana5000 😅😅 ah bueno gracias!

    • eliana5000
      eliana5000 4 days ago +1

      Viste mal. Es una rookie de la SM

  • 갓태민
    갓태민 4 days ago +5

    태민이 솔로컴백 언제야 ㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜ보고싶다

  • yellow rose
    yellow rose 4 days ago +2


  • 솔로태민
    솔로태민 4 days ago +4


  • Héloïse Lebel
    Héloïse Lebel 4 days ago +3

    Taemin : The moment you take me in...
    Me : Ok thats enough internet for today *closes laptop violently*

  • Auntie67
    Auntie67 4 days ago +17

    Congratulations Taemin Oppa! 5 years of continuous success and development as a soloist is a great achievement! We love you and we are always proud of you!!! ❤️

  • kth
    kth 4 days ago +4


  • 지땡
    지땡 4 days ago +6

    솔로데뷔 5주년 축하해❤❤❤❤❤

  • fanny thomm
    fanny thomm 4 days ago +4


  • Rana Helal
    Rana Helal 4 days ago +6

    #태민아솔로데뷔5주년축하해 happy fifth anniversary King Taemin 🎊❤ wish you all the best in your new project #superM #TaeminTheCenter 😭💕