Incredible Hulk: Marvel vs Edward Norton

  • Published on Apr 23, 2019
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    Here’s Edward Norton in his latest production -- breaking away from the script, breaking down on the stage, and insulting everyone around him. What we’re watching is not documentary footage -- it’s a scene from Birdman or (The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance). Edward Norton is deep into his role as Mike Shiner, a stage actor. The scenes may be fictional -- but does the script and character draw from real-life experiences? Well, some people from the Incredible Hulk production may think so. A whirlwind of rumors, stories, and angles from both sides tells the dramatic tale of Edward Norton’s one and done role as Bruce Banner in the MCU. But what exactly happened and why was the behind the scenes drama in the battle between Norton and Marvel even more intriguing than the Hulk versus the Abomination!? Learn the true story -- hear both sides, learn about Norton’s movie production history, and see how not only is the MCU ten years strong, but so is the feud that never seems to die down.
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Comments • 908

  • MMO Addict
    MMO Addict 10 days ago

    Liv Taylor? Screen Rant is useless they can't even get the name of the actors correct.

  • Mike Lowry
    Mike Lowry 17 days ago

    Norton sounds like a pain in the ass to work with.

  • CFF Broadcast
    CFF Broadcast 17 days ago

    good work guys keep up

  • William castillo
    William castillo Month ago

    Edward Norton did a good job as Bruce Banner but Mark ruffalo is the best Bruce Banner

  • ishfaqfitness freak gymgym nanoo

    Nortons best hulk still will always be !!!! insta ishyyy234 sc ishy7645 😑😑😑💪💪👊👊👊 Nortons should come bk !!! universal bring bk Norton and marvel should !, universal give rights to marvel and give us Nortons incredible hulk sequel 2 thank u !

  • Karl Smallphones
    Karl Smallphones Month ago

    Edward Norton is like a virus

  • Slorm Raptor
    Slorm Raptor Month ago

    Edward Norton is talented and he's very bright, people get mad when someone is better and tell others in their faces that their work isn't good enough. This world is made for hypocrites.

  • Kei Mi
    Kei Mi Month ago +1

    Edward Norton is still iconic

  • GOAT Sports MIXES
    GOAT Sports MIXES Month ago

    Actors shouldn’t have this much control

  • Kimberly Wildman
    Kimberly Wildman 2 months ago

    I here's plotting hulk parent character chuck interaction ronin wish to captain marvel at
    Superhero quiet learn how many people me map Iron Man

  • BatRoulette
    BatRoulette 2 months ago

    It's Liv TYLER not Taylor ffs

  • comicmartusa
    comicmartusa 2 months ago

    Norton didn't fit the part as Bruce Banner; Eric Bana should have done it. These incarnations of who will play Bruce is like casting the next Bruce Wayne for Batman. I think it very difficult to replace what Bill Bixby originally did with the character.

  • Bettina Ebers
    Bettina Ebers 3 months ago

    Norton is better Hulk in alone movie and i would have liked if they made a second Hulk movie with him, but Ruffalo looks and fits for me better to the Avengers as a team Member , on the oderside it would be nice to know how the Avengers movies look like with Norton as Bruce Banner

  • Projekt 9
    Projekt 9 3 months ago

    Still this Norton was the best hulk... If his hulk had been around Thanos wouldn't have stood a chance in the first movie! LOL Norton's hulk got strong as he became more angry, but Rufalo's hulk starting having psychological issues and just became a big teddy bear. I couldn't stand that.

  • Pro Platinum
    Pro Platinum 3 months ago

    I heard somewhere that the director wanted to cast Ruffalo as Banner in TIH, but Marvel wanted Norton because he was a well known actor at the time.

  • Russian Bot
    Russian Bot 3 months ago

    Norton as Bruce Banner was better than anyone before or since.

  • Rorschach Daws
    Rorschach Daws 3 months ago +1

    Best Hulk

  • fuzzygreenturtle _
    fuzzygreenturtle _ 3 months ago

    I love Mark Ruffalo as Banner and Hulk but I've always felt it would have been interesting if they kept recasting the character for every film he appeared in.

  • M K
    M K 3 months ago +1

    Norton is better as hulk and Ruffalo was better as Bruce banner. LIKE IF YOU AGREE

  • Thomas Maxwell
    Thomas Maxwell 3 months ago

    I know this is an unpopular opinion but I like Ruffalo better than Norton I know Norton played Hulk better and was more accurate but I don't know I just like Ruffalo better for some reason

  • Ibis Fernandez
    Ibis Fernandez 3 months ago

    He's only hard to work with because he demands more of himself and his fellow actors/crew. Only mediocre people are the ones complaining about his work ethic.

  • Ibis Fernandez
    Ibis Fernandez 3 months ago

    Edward Nortons hulk is the only good one. So far the best and only good hulk movie. His character had fourth like bill bixbys hulk. I also loved that he paid homensge to Bixby in the film.

  • Benjamin Callinicos
    Benjamin Callinicos 3 months ago

    I don't know why they don't just go back and implement Don Cheadle and Mark Ruffalo into those previous movies.

  • Evil Koala
    Evil Koala 4 months ago

    It's like Norton's Hulk never existed haha and i dont mean disrespect.

  • Greg Bedard
    Greg Bedard 4 months ago

    I loved Edward's Norton's portrayal of Bruce Banner.

  • Bruce Wayne
    Bruce Wayne 4 months ago

    Bruce bana

  • Ball Juice Of Zeus
    Ball Juice Of Zeus 4 months ago

    Liv Taylor is my fave

  • I. Wyrd
    I. Wyrd 4 months ago

    I see no need to assign blame. I agree with your statement that: with the benefit of hindsight, it probably just wasn't a great pairing: Marvel and Norton.
    FWIW, I like Mark Ruffalo Hulk and the MCU. But Edward Norton is certainly a good actor. I need to watch Birdman, I've been meaning to for a while now.

  • tang roro
    tang roro 4 months ago

    I honestly prefer Ruffalo's version of Bruce Banner, but MCU has been having trouble giving Hulk a distinct characterization

  • Shivani
    Shivani 4 months ago

    TBH the MCU movies would have sucked with Norton as the Hulk!

  • Samtagri
    Samtagri 4 months ago

    Hulk is a fantastic movie exactly because of his acting. Marvel’s loss...

  • son goku
    son goku 4 months ago

    Atleast Ed cared about the movie

  • Hadi Cena
    Hadi Cena 4 months ago +1

    The mcu fired ruffalo, can we please get norton back please

  • Nolan Walls
    Nolan Walls 4 months ago

    ed was the best the beginning the ed way was awsome an it's from the book. an u break ice an release cap

  • mpd mpd
    mpd mpd 4 months ago

    edward norton not that great :D

  • Tidey Bridey
    Tidey Bridey 4 months ago +3

    As interesting as I think it would have been to see him continue on as the hulk I definitely agree that Ed Norton would probably have left mid way through the MCU

  • Iwas Sold
    Iwas Sold 4 months ago +3

    Send Norton to DC, put him in Batman's Rogue Gallery.

    Joker Solo Film
    Two Face Solo
    Penguin Solo
    Riddler Solo
    Clayface Solo, the actor one

  • Flicks N Politics
    Flicks N Politics 4 months ago +2

    I love Mark Ruffalo. I can’t stand prim madonnas

  • Edward Castro
    Edward Castro 4 months ago +6

    Is the name "Edward" a weird name? (Just asking for a friend)

  • FitForActing Reynaldo Balmes

    It’s Tyler not Taylor

  • justine yuri
    justine yuri 4 months ago +2

    Edward Norton's story of seems like or like a realistic side of hulk. You know? Like a Mature version of it

  • Garret Burrow
    Garret Burrow 4 months ago +3

    Norton's a special boy, all about them lolly pops & fancy pants

  • Jason Caldwell
    Jason Caldwell 4 months ago

    I liked eric bana as hulk. And to be honest the edward norton and second reboot to spider-man films were great

  • Arieson
    Arieson 4 months ago +1

    10:55 (Spoilers) But in End Game two people attempt suicide, and one actually does! ITS STILL PG-13

  • Eric Bogar
    Eric Bogar 4 months ago

    They ruined the Hulk with a CGI Hulk.

  • rick pendzich
    rick pendzich 4 months ago

    @2:00- Holy Crap! Elizabeth Taylor is in "The Incredible Hulk?!" Oh, wait... nevermind. They said, "LIV Taylor"; not "LIZ Taylor." Silly me. (blush)

  • Aidan Neal
    Aidan Neal 4 months ago

    I want a fully Norton Hulk movie

  • Saber0003
    Saber0003 4 months ago

    My opinion before watching is this: Ed Norton might be hard to work with, but I'd argue there is a method to his madness. His track record indicates that his methods improve his movies.

  • Afro Desiac
    Afro Desiac 4 months ago

    The biggest problem with all previous Hulk movies is Bruce spent most of the movies trying to not turn into what people paid to see. Also, the military was always looking to capture, clone and weaponize Hulk for themselves. It was always the same movie with a different cast.

  • Oman Styles
    Oman Styles 4 months ago

    The snowy arctic scene was amazing and would have been cool to see at the theatre. That being said i thought he was the best Banner! I will even go as far as saying he would have made a good Stark if Downey didn’t take the part.

  • Joey Gallardo
    Joey Gallardo 4 months ago

    What's wrong with having a longer cut of the film?

  • Paul Staker
    Paul Staker 4 months ago

    Norton could've made the script better, but that wasn't his role in the production.
    I myself would want to see Norton's Hulk movie, but clearly he was in the wrong.

  • Michael Gomez
    Michael Gomez 4 months ago +1

    Mark ruffalo

  • Sean Fitzgerald
    Sean Fitzgerald 4 months ago

    His version would have been good

  • SparkyPantsMcGee
    SparkyPantsMcGee 4 months ago

    I mean when your screenwriter is credited on The Last Stand and Electra, can you blame Norton on trying to make some changes? It also sounds like with both Hulk and even American History X his changes were a good call.
    That said, I think Ruffalo does a good job capturing the spirit of the character in a more family friendly manner.

  • Vesting Knight10
    Vesting Knight10 4 months ago

    Nortons Banner was more human, shy, nervous, and scared about his powers even when he knew he had it in control.

  • Will S
    Will S 4 months ago

    Liv "TAYLOR"? LOL

  • Edgy Veggie
    Edgy Veggie 4 months ago

    It sounds like this guy just became Australian.

  • FIN
    FIN 4 months ago

    why doesn’t he become a director, lol

  • Kyle Vernon
    Kyle Vernon 4 months ago +1

    Norton was better at a standalone Hulk movie based on comics.
    Ruffalo was amazing as Bruce Banner but the Hulk became less and less relevant as the MCU went on.