Help (Official Music Video)

  • Published on Oct 12, 2019
  • Help.
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    Lyrics written 100% by SomeThingElseYT aka me:

    Help! Oh well...
    Everybody going up but I'm going to h*ll
    I don't even give a F**k what I'm doing, who cares.
    I be thinking that I'm nuts but who isn't... I stare... I stare...
    It started on a Sunday and I was just doing nothing but partying it up with some people I knew enough, um. Im just-
    looking at things. The sweaty bodies go on scheming, they be praising me Im dreaming cuz I made it now I'm something. At least-
    I think I am? Thats what they say I am? Not playing Man. Im just doing everything that I f***ing can.
    I don't even know what's just going on but they thinking... Looking at me like I am- money.
    Shut up and now they speaking....Fake... So I'll be
    Drinking it up and then some. Hinting Im done they nincom-
    poops who keep talking. I'm hostage. "But sponsors!?"
    Paid my ransom...
    Im just an artist astonished by all the offers that coming
    but if Im honest... now harder to start a f***ing convo!
    Am I having fun? Yes but damn I'm also not...
    Jeez people going on and thinking that fames nothing but ducking problems. Assuming some wealth but they summon dozens of crummy demons. They done and gone f**k themselves as they come up screaming
    Help! Oh well...
    Everybody going up but I'm going to h*ll
    I don't even give a F**k what I'm doing, who cares.
    I be thinking that I'm nuts but who isn't... I stare... I stare...
    "Friends are coming someday" I said
    Fame hits
    Gained some. Dummy I am. Lost them.
    Oh Sh**
    All alone I ponder. Wonder if Im ever gonna find some.
    Never thought it could get harder. Happens when your evil!
    "Hello Can I be your friend-o?
    Adam you're great, you f***ing make me want to explode!
    Hey since I got you, shout me out and then help me grow.
    Wait what the F**k did you just tell me f***ing h*ck no?! B***h Go!"
    "Hello can I be your friend-o?"
    Everybody looking at me making this joke
    Im getting sick of it I think I'm going mental
    Can't even make some friends who sinking in the same boat!
    AH NO!
    Angry, mad at the world! Im freaking. I know its absurd but these are the things that keeping me up.
    My demons.
    I'm pushing most people away.
    Despiting the fact that some grate.
    Just used to an industry of manipulate..
    Every time... Im doing it often.
    Then often find myself huffing and puffing. Im fussing.
    My eyes are blinking.
    Pretty Immature.
    Need to try out something different.
    I'm missing when things we're simple but hear me listen...
    Ill never stop pursuing what I f***ing love. Im doing everything I can Im making sure I rise above but sometimes I feel like its often going off the wall but huh... Im just a youngin. Built this stuff alone. Edge double sword I think Im holding screaming
    Help! Oh well...
    Everybody going up but I'm going to h*ll
    I don't even give a F**k what I'm doing, who cares.
    I be thinking that I'm nuts but who isn't... I stare... I stare...
    (Cartman whining)
    Oh I need help.
    (whining again like ur boi Eric)
    Oh I need help.
    F**k me....

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  • SomeThingElseYT
    SomeThingElseYT  Month ago +23368

    Had a day to film the music video and record vocals and I feel like I can do better with this song. Let's try again in January or February

  • DiǿŋIž
    DiǿŋIž Hour ago

    Hello daddy it's a cool song (a friend of mine He said I look like you) and you are amazing

  • ミーム TV
    ミーム TV Hour ago

    Wow... This song keeps me super happy whenever I hear it. It powers my passion for drawing and music.

  • Darwin Waterson
    Darwin Waterson 3 hours ago

    I hear parts from ur last music video luv them

  • Ava Bourassa
    Ava Bourassa 3 hours ago

    great song ur so good make more plz

  • Keri R
    Keri R 5 hours ago

    So proud of you sweetie!

  • TheShinyPebble
    TheShinyPebble 6 hours ago

    Could we get an uncensored version?

  • Tord Larrson Commie Bruv

    1:28 is the start of the song

  • James Valdez
    James Valdez 7 hours ago

    Oh my god I love this song

  • FlippaHT
    FlippaHT 7 hours ago +1


  • Unicornettelove Becker

    You should keep making music!!!!

  • AnastasiePlayz
    AnastasiePlayz 8 hours ago

    thia man needs a poop



  • Trevor Erickson
    Trevor Erickson 9 hours ago

    I feel Adam wants to start a music career. I’d be so down with that.

  • Potato Plays
    Potato Plays 9 hours ago

    Skip to 1:30 if you want the lyrics

  • Kyle Weast
    Kyle Weast 14 hours ago

    Oh and btw be careful about any kind of non kid friendly stuff next year in January apparently RUclip is going to ban all channels with non kid friendly stuff just a heads up

  • Kyle Weast
    Kyle Weast 14 hours ago

    So this one time over at mah high school we had to do an air band thing where you have to well play the instrument you are but in the air, so as I was saying I don’t care about really anybody but myself and mah buds, so I choose Rock music by Skillet, and It was so funny

  • Kyle Weast
    Kyle Weast 14 hours ago

    Imagine if money was waffles

  • qt___Loser
    qt___Loser 14 hours ago +1

    James: depressed and happy
    Jaden: eating disorders
    Adam: bullying
    Rebecca: Love
    Me: I’m (all most) everything (Love, Bullying, depressed and happy ✅) (eating disorders ❌)

  • Berny Square Head
    Berny Square Head 15 hours ago

    In the end, it was a merch plug in.

  • Wolf
    Wolf 15 hours ago

    love this song

  • Jay Bee
    Jay Bee 15 hours ago

    Did anyone see the south park reference

  • Leeon Ortega
    Leeon Ortega 16 hours ago

    His content is now geting depressing like his last videos are depressing

  • Eric Fadul
    Eric Fadul 16 hours ago

    Damn this song is so good

  • Superslimegamer 9
    Superslimegamer 9 16 hours ago


  • Ally GachaGirl
    Ally GachaGirl 17 hours ago

    Who knew the most weirdest and random sounds and lyrics could make such good music, oh wait, SomeThingElseYT made it! :D (lol XD)

  • Duck dude 11
    Duck dude 11 17 hours ago

    My common sense hoodie came in today I’m so hyped!!! 👌👌👌

  • mr clean
    mr clean 17 hours ago

    I like the vids but the music dis ant it chief

  • Carolyn Whitney you missed to

    that one part where you were rapping really fast reminded me a bit of Washington on your side from hamilton

    and that's a very good complement

  • Jordan and Elizabeth
    Jordan and Elizabeth 18 hours ago

    You should make a second channel with just music 🎶

  • RambowDerpz :D
    RambowDerpz :D 18 hours ago +1

    Ya did great, i think i was too consumed in the music to see your comment but we also would love a song *Not to pressure you* but that would be awesome!!!

    Also i completely understand this, when your famous people trying to ask if they can be your friend just to build off your fame, not to support you or guide you through rocky waters, dont know if im completely getting this right but thats what i understand it... just know that (i know this probably isnt much) but i will support you through thick and thin even though im just a dumb fan

    Wholy hecc that was long and he might not even see it or i might not be getting the intentions right ;-;

  • Z shaikh
    Z shaikh 18 hours ago

    A minute of him is just saying "help"

  • The Perplexing Masquerade

    Adam: sings a song about his demons and needing help
    Theripists: are you hallucinating? Do you suffer from a mental illness

  • Devan TV
    Devan TV 19 hours ago

    Dude you make really good songs!

  • Urielix YT
    Urielix YT 19 hours ago

    And why help?

  • Cameron McLafferty
    Cameron McLafferty 19 hours ago

    He’s the rapper and the singer in the song

  • Syd Shu
    Syd Shu 19 hours ago

    I am not normally a hip hop fan, but I absolutely love this! Amazing job Adam! Can’t wait to see what you do with the future

  • Jor
    Jor 19 hours ago

    All those dislikes must have been the wind.

  • Pedro Dono
    Pedro Dono 19 hours ago

    I simply love the organic sound of those strings

  • Meg McCaffery
    Meg McCaffery 20 hours ago +1

    Adam is so talented
    He should have so much more than 2.8 subscribers

  • DaOwO Queen!
    DaOwO Queen! 20 hours ago

    Officially Music Channel??

  • Ivette Aguayo
    Ivette Aguayo 20 hours ago

    Hell yeah

  • Ivette Aguayo
    Ivette Aguayo 20 hours ago


  • Marshmallow MarshadowYT

    Yes, you can be my friendo

  • Cadence Lemaster
    Cadence Lemaster 20 hours ago

    Im going to go check if this is on Spotify....IT IS! Ima go draw a picture...*cough* with this song *cough* sorry had something in my throat

  • hammered eagle 49
    hammered eagle 49 20 hours ago

    You Theodd1sout and jaden animations should make a music video

  • Depressed about losing Google account

    Helphelphelphelphelp bltrd helphelphelp

  • IceTypeGlaceon
    IceTypeGlaceon 20 hours ago

    Truly incredible

  • matt walter
    matt walter 21 hour ago

    I need somebody

  • Pretty much just Randomness

    I'm sorry but I like I'm something else better

  • ScampsProductions
    ScampsProductions 21 hour ago

    Adam should give up animation and be an artist

  • fakenoob 5000
    fakenoob 5000 22 hours ago +1

    This song is one of the best songs I’ve ever heard

  • Alex
    Alex 22 hours ago +1


  • AK JK
    AK JK 23 hours ago +2


  • Ma - 1AJ
    Ma - 1AJ 23 hours ago


  • Orange Sloth Gamer
    Orange Sloth Gamer 23 hours ago +1

    Is this based on real events. Amazing song either way.

  • Jarrah Smith
    Jarrah Smith 23 hours ago

    Anyone else click this cuz they thought it was a 3d animated song

  • Henlo MaFriend
    Henlo MaFriend 23 hours ago

    Those dance moves tho...


  • LolisAreCool
    LolisAreCool 23 hours ago

    Ily and this

  • I don't have a channel name idk

    I just want to say thank you Adam for like inspired me to write my own song just thank you