UNBELIEVABLE PLACES THAT REALLY EXIST - The Most Mysterious UFO Temple Wat Phra Dhammakaya Thailand

  • Published on Jun 7, 2018
  • Today we are in Wat Phra Dhammakaya Temple in Bangkok Thailand.
    Except for those who actively visit or attend the temple, Wat Phra Dhammakaya is much of a mystery to Westerners looking to explore Buddhism, despite it being the largest, most populous temple in Thailand.
    Wat Phra Dhammakaya is a colossal 1,000 acre Buddhist temple in Khlong Luang District, in the peri-urban Pathum Thani Province north of Bangkok, Thailand. It was founded in 1970.
    Apart from Wat Phra Dhammakaya’s immense size, the temple is also known for its iconic dome-shaped UFO looking Cetiya. The Dhammakaya Cetiya is certainly one of the more grand cetiyas in the world. The Cetiya houses 1 million Buddha statues, 300,000 on the outside and 700,000 housed on the interior. This is definitely a top 5 temple in the world that you must see.
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  • The Holistic Trainer
    The Holistic Trainer  11 months ago

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  • D Rai
    D Rai 2 months ago +1

    Do buddist eat meat during pray offering to Bhodi or Gautama Sidharte aka the buddha ?? He was a vegatarian and a Sanatan Dharma (and spin off) Jain follower. In yoge its not helping to consume meat or eggs. #sadhguru

  • Peter Quinlan
    Peter Quinlan 3 months ago

    it’s a cult run by crooks and conmen.

  • Lee Tharachai
    Lee Tharachai 4 months ago

    My family has been attending the branch in Azusa, California for close to 20 years. This place is a freaking cult!!

  • Mein Name
    Mein Name 5 months ago

    Buddhists should be At least vegetarians... But You Are eating Dead Animals... This is Bullshit.

  • György Izsák
    György Izsák 6 months ago

    Have you ever married this fairy woman? Or just playing with her?

  • Lorenzo Giannone
    Lorenzo Giannone 6 months ago

    I love and respect Buddhism! Congratulations to you and Sai!

  • KK
    KK 6 months ago

    You probably don't know but the word UFO is considered disrespectful to this temple. So just want you to be aware. And hope you find a better title for this video. I totally understand that you didn't mean to make fun... Sathu.

  • pete robbo
    pete robbo 7 months ago

    Didn't like the undercurrent of bullying re the chilli scene. You've displayed hints of this attitude in some of your other vids. 'She comes with the room', etc.
    You should respect Sai and examine your attitude.

  • Osman Yegin
    Osman Yegin 8 months ago

    Awesome video.
    çok harika bir anlatım

  • lionsroar6784
    lionsroar6784 8 months ago

    All the way from Hawaii. Your videos are great. I'd like to visit Australia one day

  • 1dir
    1dir 8 months ago

    Wat Phra Dhammakaya Pathum Thani Thailand 2553 (2010)
    Beautiful Temple and a beautiful song: ruclip.com/video/m8AjpqAZD1c/video.html
    Beautiful Holy Day Commemoration, like none other in the world.

  • Stiles Humphrey
    Stiles Humphrey 10 months ago +1

    What happen? Did Sai run out of bikinis 👙? Lol

  • Prathap Shetty
    Prathap Shetty 10 months ago

    Very beautiful place and thanks for sharing the video.

  • Cedric Williams
    Cedric Williams 11 months ago

    Always enjoy your vlogs!

  • The Holistic Trainer
    The Holistic Trainer  11 months ago

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  • Sunil Fernando
    Sunil Fernando 11 months ago +1

    Hi Adam. This Temple . simply Amazing. love to see it one day. My 2nd Daughter Anushka. She was in Thailand for a month with friends. She visits so many Temples.Every other day she did send an email to say where she is.

  • M Marchanda
    M Marchanda 11 months ago

    Thanks for this cool video. I was looking for the powerful music at the beginning, but cannot find. What`s the title?

  • แฮปปี้ เมียว

    It's a cult. Same as L Ron Hubbards COS. Sadly

  • Sunil Fernando
    Sunil Fernando Year ago

    Such an amazing video can watch it again and again. .The Buddhist way of life in Thailand..

  • Sunil Fernando
    Sunil Fernando Year ago +1

    Shhhh Beautiful Temple. Love to visit it one day. You don't have to be a Buddhist to visit a Temple. Same as temples in Sri Lankan. When I go to Sri Lanka . I do offer Beautiful Lotus flowers to Lord Buddha. Iam so happy that you made this Beautiful Video. iam so sad about the last video you made. I am sure your son is so happy to see the Daddy. Take care. Regards Sunil in UK.

  • Olsido Rudiger
    Olsido Rudiger Year ago +1

    Who are the people who were with you?

    • The Holistic Trainer
      The Holistic Trainer  Year ago +1

      Olsido Rudiger some friends that we met from running the fit club in Bangkok from the business 😊

  • Ravi De Silva
    Ravi De Silva Year ago +1

    Namo Buddhaaya

  • Fa lala
    Fa lala Year ago +1

    เปลี่ยนชื่อวิดีโอนี้เหอะ อย่าใช้คำว่า ufo เลยนะคะ ถ้าอยากรู้ประวัติเจดีย์แนะนำให้ถามเจ้าหน้าจะดีกว่านะคะ เราเข้าใจนะว่าเจตนาดี could you please change the name of the video or at least write a disclaimer or anything. The UFO is the word Thai haters use to call the Temple. It is kind of offensive. I hope you know what I mean. If you wish to know the meaning of the Chetiya at least ask the volunteers or the monks at the temple. Thanks

  • Charles Ramsey
    Charles Ramsey Year ago +2

    Love your videos! Your girlfriend is awesome! She is so pretty and polite. Your a lucky guy!

    FRANK THOMAS Year ago +1


  • The beast Overpowered

    Hi, I watch your videos everyday and you inspired me to make my own channel. I keep up with your blogs daily. May you please shout me out in your videos. Thank you so much

  • Yip man
    Yip man Year ago +3

    You can go to other temples in Thailand. Except this temple. This temple has a false religious teaching. Stay away from this temple.

  • js7un
    js7un Year ago +3

    Is that your girl friend's family. They seem like nice people. It's always nice to meet people who are better than ones-self, I say. I'm glad they have food to eat and aren't starving. Some people might serve you their last morsel. You tease your girlfriend a lot. It's fun to be a tease, but not all the time, that would be mean. I hope you show her you care about her well-being too. Just think about it. You are still young so you have to think back and analyze. I would say things when I was young that I only later analyzed and learned to regret, but that's the path of learning, and I never subjected myself to new cultures, sights and places like you when I was young, which makes things extra challenging.

  • the2060ish
    the2060ish Year ago +1

    Hi Adam not being raised that way did you feel a little uncomfortable in there? I have a friend here in South Florida USA who married a Taiwan girl, and does all those things with her .. Seems to enjoy it.. Stay well keep the videos coming.☺

    • The Holistic Trainer
      The Holistic Trainer  Year ago +2

      the2060ish thanks for watching 🙏 I don’t feel uncomfortable at all, I love learning and enjoy experiencing all these things.

  • Kevin Duval
    Kevin Duval Year ago +1

    I take it first time in a Temple Worshipping? Taking cues from your good lady on the prayer mat! I did smile, the food afterwards. You asked what's this, answer; "I Don't know", well I won't have that then lol Great Vlog

  • intsccents
    intsccents Year ago +2

    nice little family outing ... fun to see a little culture in a vlog thanks....

  • Phil R Kidd
    Phil R Kidd Year ago +1

    Cool vids man.

  • docback63
    docback63 Year ago +1

    Wow, that place is beautiful, does it look like a UFO on purpose? thanks for the great video man.

  • Doug Mo
    Doug Mo Year ago +2

    Great video Bro

  • O.L. Steger
    O.L. Steger Year ago +1

    What a cute family....I presume it's hers!

  • Lanka Gdp
    Lanka Gdp Year ago +2

    Bless you, Lord Buddha is Great 👍☸️👍

  • NathaPushpa de Silva

    very relaxing background music !! audio suites for the occasion...

  • NathaPushpa de Silva

    Namo Buddhaaya for both of you !!

  • Jimbo A
    Jimbo A Year ago +2

    Very Peaceful and Beautiful people.

  • Mickey Carlton
    Mickey Carlton Year ago +3

    Incredible man

  • samuel Townsend
    samuel Townsend Year ago +1

    I’ve started watching you videos about two weeks ago and have yet to see you trying to speak Thai. It would be great to see you at least try. I myself started traveling to Thailand in the late 1980’s and believe me very few people I meet spoke English back then if you wanted to communicate you’d ether learn or use lots of hand gestures, smiles and pointing. I do enjoy watching you taking me back down memory lane.

  • Eva Goree
    Eva Goree Year ago +3

    Thanks Adam and Sai

  • Glenn Shelby
    Glenn Shelby Year ago +2

    Sick I enjoy all your videos

  • Beer for LB
    Beer for LB Year ago +4

    Former Abbot,Chaiyaboon who established this temple got arrest warrant from thai court
    for his financial crime but now he still escape from thai police.

  • Scott Johnson
    Scott Johnson Year ago +5

    cringe when you tried shoveling the chili at her mouth

  • WHITLEYs on the GO
    WHITLEYs on the GO Year ago +2

    Beautiful and inspiring

  • Adam James
    Adam James Year ago +6


  • Kathleen Bueno
    Kathleen Bueno Year ago +3

    Fantastic ❤️

  • Sherri Lytle
    Sherri Lytle Year ago +3

    You had a good day

  • Robert Tyler
    Robert Tyler Year ago +3

    Crazy cool place

  • Bo Sheek
    Bo Sheek Year ago +9

    Looks like more of a cult like Scientology that has branched off from Buddhism

    • Trevor Dean
      Trevor Dean 7 months ago

      Rose Apple fraud and scam they use stolen money

    • แฮปปี้ เมียว
      แฮปปี้ เมียว 11 months ago +3

      True. You got it. Scientology cult Same plans and approach to trap people. ฿฿฿฿฿฿

    • Don't Get Me Wrong
      Don't Get Me Wrong Year ago +1

      Bo Sheek lol, your comment and mine are the only comments that don't get hearted. (Ignore the spam by ANTHONY DAVID.)

  • overdive sHoWdoWn GaMeR

    Welcome to thailand are you enjoy in thai?

  • Otto Nation
    Otto Nation Year ago +5

    Ur working up towards a breakup..respect is a big thing when its No its no 👍👍👍..the last thing is to get mad for something stupid n everything ends..next time think wise n better ..✌

  • matt rees
    matt rees Year ago +3

    interesting place and very beautiful are you interested in Buddhist faith or just being respectful of Sais culture

  • Eusepio1957
    Eusepio1957 Year ago +2

    ✨✨✨✨Great video my friend! wonderful place! 😁😁😁 you meet nice friends!!! Super LIKE#72👍✨✨✨✨😁Ciao

  • Daniel Van
    Daniel Van Year ago +3

    Enjoyed another quality vid. :)

  • Edward Smart
    Edward Smart Year ago +3

    I would certainly like to know the 'inspiration' behind the architect who designed the temple dome.

    • js7un
      js7un Year ago

      It looks a little like a hat too, the rice patty kind. It might have been modeled after a traditional hat such as that.

    • Sakulkaew Kaewmulkit
      Sakulkaew Kaewmulkit Year ago +1

      The abbot did them all

    • The Holistic Trainer
      The Holistic Trainer  Year ago +1

      Edward Smart 👍

  • Ramiro Susanna
    Ramiro Susanna Year ago +4

    All ways lady first 😁 lol
    family time nice to see Enjoy

  • S Li
    S Li Year ago +4

    My mother just explained to me a cult called Heaven's gate. An it seems like this where they end up again. Be very careful of people who worship statue deities.🕌

  • olivia s
    olivia s Year ago +3

    I really enjoyed this video

  • Leo leo
    Leo leo Year ago +3

    Looks an amazing place, can you imagine it full of people

  • John Giles
    John Giles Year ago +3

    Amazing video as always and who were the people you went with are they sais family

  • Danny Danny
    Danny Danny Year ago +5

    Good, I look your video agine Good timing Thursday. My place in EU Raining and bitt sick. Thanks for showing Harmony Temple.

  • MrRockwellrob
    MrRockwellrob Year ago +1

    Amazing temple, where is it located?

    • The Holistic Trainer
      The Holistic Trainer  Year ago +1

      MrRockwellrob I wrote where it’s located in the videos description 😊

  • Laura Johnson
    Laura Johnson Year ago +1

    Really enjoyed this one

  • Mr Raffle
    Mr Raffle Year ago +1

    Good vid ya 🎳✅✌🏿🤘🏿🏄🏾🏄🏾🏄🏾🏄🏾

  • Drew
    Drew Year ago +1

    Good to see you and Sai out and about enjoying each other's company, Adam. I figured Sai would be Buddhist. I have a brother over there somewhere in the country and haven't heard from him in a long time. I'm sure he's living it up too ....

  • Brandon Michael
    Brandon Michael Year ago +1

    Hi Adam really enjoyed , thanks for sharing looking forward to your next video maybe make a little longer for us ...

  • The Luminous one
    The Luminous one Year ago +5

    You ask stupid questions like even though there is no crocodile in that water ? Better learn to respect others..

  • Eda Navarra
    Eda Navarra Year ago +1

    Wow amazing!

  • Dave Nelson
    Dave Nelson Year ago +4

    Thanks for another view of Thailand, I miss it much. Just keep us away from the tourist areas. I want to see the "real" Thailand and it's awesome people.

  • Lord Honest
    Lord Honest Year ago +2

    it is the most beautiful Tempel and place to visit it.
    in April i was in Thailand specially in Bangkok, but i didn't know about it.
    next time it would be my first place to visit it.
    would you tell me how far is from Bangkok City?

    • The Holistic Trainer
      The Holistic Trainer  Year ago +2

      Ilyas koshani it took us about 45 minutes to drive, but we are not living in the city.

  • Cheryl Mims
    Cheryl Mims Year ago +2

    Fantastic Vlog keep it up

  • Mimi Terry
    Mimi Terry Year ago +4

    Best couple

  • Ashley Rangel
    Ashley Rangel Year ago +5

    Love this couple

  • adlibruj
    adlibruj Year ago +2

    Maybe they should have trees around the temple to provide shade.

  • Jackydunk
    Jackydunk Year ago +3

    Impressed me... keep vlogging.. i forgot the girls name... remind me pls.. 👍👍👍👍👍

  • Barbara Pelletier
    Barbara Pelletier Year ago +5

    I would really like to go and see that temple

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    Allan Garrett Year ago +2

    Incredibly big place

  • SCForAll
    SCForAll Year ago +3

    The scene with the boat looked sketchy. There was definitely something under the water. 🤔🐊

  • Don't Get Me Wrong
    Don't Get Me Wrong Year ago +5

    Just be cautious as some of the teachings there don't really follow the Lord Buddha's original teachings.
    Imagine Church of Scientology telling you they are Christianity. (They never did, though) This metaphore may seem harsh but I hope it paints the picture of how this temple works.

  • Heather Scott
    Heather Scott Year ago +3

    Excellent video

  • 2jzlex
    2jzlex Year ago +4

    Looks so fun!

  • Franco, passione natura

    Nice video

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    Nicholas Hidalgo Year ago +3

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