The Walking Dead 7x15 SNEAK PEEK #2 (Talking Dead)

The Walking Dead 7x15 Promos + Sneak Peeks Subtitulados en Español http://www.carlost.net/the-walking-dead-7x15-promos/
TWD Season 7 Episode 15 "Something They Need": Alexandrians visit a distant community.

The Walking Dead 7x15 Promo/Preview
The Walking Dead Season 7 Episode 15 Promo
The Walking Dead 7x16 Trailer The Walking Dead Season 7 Episode 15 Promo will be uploaded next week!

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Автор FluffyHammy AJ ( назад)
Watching Maggie brutally murder Gregory would give me so much joy (';

Автор PatriotAct ( назад)
So the biggest pussy on the show wants to engage in hand to hand combat with the most bad ass woman on the show...good luck.

Автор Dead Head 102 ( назад)
God I want to take off Maggie's shirt!

Автор Tanny Danner ( назад)
Maggie wants him so bad.

Автор zZuntouchableZz ( назад)
I believe it's a set up. She's fooling around with that tree an awful long time and the others are prob around watching waiting for his move.

Автор Carter Mortensen ( назад)
please say he goes like in the comics i cant stand him

Автор Scooter Blalock ( назад)
Gregory is a dead man. bout time. can't stand that guy.

Автор How Much For A Gram ( назад)
Maggie pulls plants like TWD writes shows SLOW AS FUCK

Автор Nitrous Lemon69 ( назад)
Gregory is just looking out for his people. Everyone just wants him to fight the saviour's which would make things worse.

Автор JusLife ( назад)
I bet Maggie knows what Gregory is doing. She will kick his ass.

Автор Hanna Maria ( назад)
I hate Gregory

Автор asher boykin ( назад)
Fighting a woman while she is pregnant makes me angry

Автор asher boykin ( назад)
I hate gregory

Автор countryboy 4 ( назад)
I think Maggie just set ol Gregory up, she knows what hes doing

Автор The Dead Frontier Channel ( назад)
My money's on Gregory's death

Автор Taiyō ( назад)
dont do it red john patrick jane will choke ya again ;)

Автор Steve Young ( назад)
i expect to see u hung Gregory come season 8

Автор hector keesickauash ( назад)
i hope that maggie does not die

Автор AFR0PUNKHEAD13 ( назад)
Get his ASS Maggie! 😑

Автор Anna Ly ( назад)
Maggie gonna execute him

Автор American Movie Podcast ( назад)
Really amped for next episode!!!

Автор Thewalkingdead._ ( назад)
Maggies not gonna die cause if she did I'd kill a lot of motherfucking people

Автор James Senior ( назад)
No doubt he won't actually do it and they'll drag it out another five minutes

Автор caleb kito ( назад)
He's a bitch

Автор batista6242 ( назад)
Gregory is really sucky!!

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