Kid Freaks Out and Cries Over Call of Duty! GREATEST FREAK OUT EVER!!!!

My friend Matt starting crying over this game... Yeah I know, he takes this game way too serious, :\
He was freaking out and crying over call of duty. xD

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Автор Bryant505 ( назад)
Please tell me you guys get beers together and laugh about this haha

Автор Dessienewshoes ( назад)
squealing like a piglet getting raped by a gorilla

Автор nathan shepherd ( назад)
this kid is just said

Автор nathan shepherd ( назад)
when I play I'm the best

Автор nathan shepherd ( назад)
This kid sick so at call of duty

Автор Llopeztube LpTzoid ( назад)
I don't cry but I rage much harder lol. I rage so hard that I am rocking back and forth on my chair, I'm happy that no one is watching XD. I usually quit before I get that pissed off because I could tell when I'm gonna start raging. Why is it so hard for people to do that?

Автор Sassy The Sasqautch ( назад)
This is a why he is a virgin, he is crying over a game.

Автор Danny Blake ( назад)
that pink chair though......suits him

Автор Paul M ( назад)
Only time i ever get even close to this is when I'm being combo'd by items in Mario Kart.

Автор Thugger21 ( назад)
Film his reaction to Xbox destruction 😈

Автор Ramiro Trinidad ( назад)
cring over a video game smh. what a pathetic fool

Автор When he rubs your left nipple ( назад)
This guy needs dick

Автор Captain Picard ( назад)
This is the saddest attempt for a fake video ever

Автор carla rose ( назад)

Автор TheCrazyLamas 222 ( назад)
Kid has no dick...that's why the black part of the chair is logged into we're it should be

Автор Lone Star ( назад)
Settle down Matt. This is how Columbine started.

Автор Coolfire 05 ( назад)
This should be on a billboard

Автор Coolfire 05 ( назад)
Ur 15 and still crying

Автор Charlie Keefer ( назад)
Is he autistic

Автор Dino Music ( назад)
This kid is ass at cod

Автор Mastic Tricks ( назад)
At 2:12 too funny he says pick up the chair but he still played and rages

Автор Auggie Firlit ( назад)
I sort of take this game seriously but at least I don't cry yeah I yell and thrash around and get miffed but at least I don't cry

Автор Brandon N. ( назад)
Lmao first of all is that his room? Looks kinda girly. Secondly are those friends or brothers? Cause if they were brothers I'm surprised they haven't toughened him up.

Автор Jonathan Green ( назад)
Oh...This...This is.............fucking christ.

Автор Pepsi can MLG ( назад)
what is he playing🤔🤔🤔

Автор EixeonGaming ( назад)
console gamers are a bunch of 14 year olds who havent grown up yet

Автор unikko73 ( назад)
This little fuck is straight up possessed

Автор Adora Gonzales ( назад)
I wish I could buy him ice cream.

Автор Dj Doesn't matter ( назад)
I love these videos

Автор Dj Doesn't matter ( назад)
No comment
That one
And that one

Автор Ethan Young ( назад)
How old is

Автор Adora Gonzales ( назад)
Cuddle him!

Автор Ninjalo ( назад)
has anyone remixed this into a song yet?

Автор 2KGrind09 ( назад)
He must be pretty bad to not be able to camp & kill

Автор The real Biggie cheese ( назад)
The only game I've broken a controller in or even get mad at is dark souls 3 on the hardest difficulty literally toke me 4 months to beat it and on the third month I finally threw a controller at the wall because I was stuck on one base I got close to killing him and I died

Автор Gheorghilas Bogdan ( назад)
omg....some kids really need to stay far from video games :))))

Автор Fun Family Five ( назад)

Автор Devin Lutz ( назад)
This kid is so annoying and stupid

Автор AA Productions ( назад)
Little fucking bitch, why don't you grow up, or step it down back to your coloring books kiddo.

Автор z9fd4 ( назад)
Play with the brecci, everything will be better

Автор Adelyn Easley ( назад)
This is why I don't play C.O.D

Автор Awais Shaheen ( назад)
it is proved that noobs cant play games online :D

Автор Dylan Vascones ( назад)
dude its just a game

Автор Reaper_ gaming ( назад)
pussy omg how he wasn't even looking at me boo the fucking who

Автор Freddie Rich ( назад)
I would pay to see this kid in army basic

Автор Eric Flores ( назад)
STOP yelling at your friend.

Автор Jaelah Gonzalez ( назад)
hahaha this is so funny😂😂😂

Автор Herman Asparagus ( назад)

Автор JJ Aznawi ( назад)
He'll be at cod championships in no time

Автор Keezy DaGamer ( назад)
LMAO ! This is Hilarious!

Автор Viper Gladiator ( назад)
The kids being told what to do by another kid 😆

Автор Brandon Antonio ( назад)

Автор Sam O'Shea ( назад)
I feel bad

Автор mr quick ( назад)
hes such a

Автор Ben Shandrow ( назад)
This kid is why they made participation trophies.

Автор Nexus Randy ( назад)
Ooo look it's scump 1:04, 2:19

Автор Parker ( назад)
I can rage pretty hard at a game and I understand frustration but this... this is pathetic. He's crying.

Автор Retarted Bird ( назад)
When you ask for a PS4 and you get a ps3

Автор NFLTIMES 32 ( назад)
His friends are annoying as fuck.

Автор Ali Ahmed ( назад)
And a minute before i thought i was the only one who sits like that

Автор simon Aigilo ( назад)
this is some classic moments caught on camera!! PRICLESS AF! :)

Автор Ultimate 50's ( назад)
Which COD?

Автор (OhNo) NigelFury ( назад)
damn this should have went viral for real

Автор Ian Dunbar ( назад)
this kid is a retard

Автор nexongn ( назад)
Mass homicide is happening right now...

Автор Andrew Jordan ( назад)
Lol thats me on zombies 100% 😂

Автор Jthestar 979 ( назад)

Автор Meta Knight ( назад)
That's why Xbox suxks

Автор A1Cvenom ( назад)
This is what happens when liberals rule a household.

Автор Trent Page ( назад)
Not a huge deal

Автор Burt The avenger ( назад)
this is what I sound like when I thought I had the day off, then figure out im being lied to.

Автор deadhead686 ( назад)
What a faggot, this kid needs a dad and a fishing pole...

Автор DaUnknownSmacker ( назад)
this is why i dont want a console this is cringe :D

Автор Campbell Harris ( назад)
I love how he has a spaz attack every time he sees someone

Автор Absolute Zero ( назад)

Автор Miles Keitel ( назад)
Where is he playing? His mother's sewing room???

Автор gas mask collector review ( назад)
two words: GIT GUD

Автор Boi Boi ( назад)
When I played that game one time I let a single tear roll down my face and laughed my ass off😂

Автор Tyler Jakob ( назад)

Автор Mya Allen ( назад)
at first he had a pretty deep voice and now...

Автор Aurorealis ( назад)
listen, I agree he's being annoying- but you know what DOESN'T help a frustrated person calm down? People like those kids. Am I the only one getting annoyed at his friends?

Автор GameAndElse ( назад)
Play Battlefield 1 boy.

Автор Jada McDonald ( назад)

Автор zanbar lee ( назад)
Damn kid, save some pussy for the rest of us. We got a chick magnet here.

omg the squeaks he makes!! HAS HE EVEN GONE THROUGH PUBERTY YET???????!!!!!

Автор Dre Whitford ( назад)
that rager is playing bo1 I need to trollllllll him

Автор Shay Luck ( назад)
these call of duty rage videos,always be funny as hell.

Автор Firefly Productions ( назад)
I play a lot of cod and Battlefield I rage sometimes admittely but I don't start crying like a 4 year old.

Автор We need more Lemon Pledge ( назад)
This dudes voice is ashy af. Needs some lotion for those vocal cords. He's gonna have the voice of doc rivers once he hits puberty

Автор Dark gamer ( назад)
He cries over that but i laughted over that :D
( )
__/ \__
( )
| |
| |

Автор nikethe king ( назад)
He running out of breathe

Автор Dross Alhmanic ( назад)
How immature...

Автор Jaylen Edwards ( назад)
he a bitch ass nigga pussy

Автор FrixtionXzavier 1253 ( назад)
i feel bad bc I was just like him. it was still funny but I feel bad

Автор DannyProductions 11 ( назад)
Does he even get a kill?

Автор Ise defrog ( назад)
what an idiotic friend

Автор Rezzkyy ( назад)
he looks like a 70's basketball player with those shorts lol

Автор DeezNutz ( назад)
holy shit....i so hope this is not real lol

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