Mountain Biking Auburn California - Trail Guide

  • Опубликовано: 2 дек 2016
  • Route of this ride:
    Auburn is a rad place to ride. We take you on a loop of some of our favorite trails including Culvert, Confluence, Stonewall, Rocky, and more!
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  • Sean Carter
    Sean Carter Месяц назад

    how long have you been riding??

  • sniper_pool killer
    sniper_pool killer 2 месяца назад

    Can you tell me a good bike to get for thrills I can afford $100 to $300

  • rcp pop
    rcp pop 3 месяца назад

    I’ve done everything from confluence up to the right and pretty much stick to the FDLT but Stagecoach looks sick! Squirrel looks sick! And Manzanita looks sick too! I’m gonna have to add those to my list. I like to do the whole 24miles from bottom of confluence to top and back down when I’m feeling FROGGY!

    • rcp pop
      rcp pop 3 месяца назад

      Trail Peek ya I need the exercise haha so xc is perfect for me right now. I was 275lbs July 2018 in just 3 months I’ve dropped 40lbs and I’m at 234 right now!! My goal is to be 195lb your videos are sick keep them coming! Subscribed

    • Trail Peek
      Trail Peek  3 месяца назад +1

      You've got some exploring to do! I don't touch FDLT, too flat and XC for me.

  • Dane Brown
    Dane Brown 7 месяцев назад

    Dude I live in Auburn and you are a BEAST to ride all these trails in one sesh!

    • Trail Peek
      Trail Peek  7 месяцев назад +1

      Just a quick loop. Take this ride and Add in eastside, Grizzly and Quarry and that's a solid ride!

  • lucid moss4
    lucid moss4 10 месяцев назад

    Is mammoth bar open yet?

    • Trail Peek
      Trail Peek  10 месяцев назад

      Not for motos. you can ride the trails but have to pedal out as the gate is closed.

  • Ethan Jimenez
    Ethan Jimenez 11 месяцев назад

    I’ve been out to Auburn the last two weekends following this route. I love squirrel trail. Great video- thanks.

  • Kevin Millán
    Kevin Millán Год назад

    Guys I wanna a bike but I don't know which one is better? Some people says Santa Cruz but others recommend Trek. So, what do you think?

    • Trail Peek
      Trail Peek  Год назад

      Santa Cruz all the way. As far as frame quality and customer service go, it really cant be beat. They ride great too!

  • Charlie Harper
    Charlie Harper Год назад

    Dude, you are insane. I was scared just watching you ride. Great video - great trails.

  • Miles Elze lego channel
    Miles Elze lego channel Год назад

    I've been there😂

  • Jim Miesen
    Jim Miesen Год назад

    Ok, not saying anything new here but damn, you did flow really smooth on those trails. I used ride DH like 20yrs Shuttled Auburn a lot. You make it look effortless. I like your jump into the Confluence trail. I’ve ridden a few times only in the last few years. I hit that jump into the trail but had to size it up for like 5 min. Haha. (I’m 45 now) you some gap jump I don’t think I knew existed. I know the one where you have to jump over a decent drop before the little water crossing but not the one you mentioned. Probably going up there this week. Going to do some GoPro stuff and drone footage. I’m pretty washed up but better get some vids before I’m too old! Lol Nice riding. Cheers!

  • Oxana Athlete
    Oxana Athlete Год назад

    OMG, I could never EVER ride like this. Just amazing! Great job, awesome skills!

  • Hook1fred
    Hook1fred Год назад

    Bro you charge

  • travis johnson
    travis johnson Год назад

    Yooooooo thanks for this video. I live in Roseville and go swimming at the confluence all the time but I've been wondering where all these amazing trails everyone always talks about are at. Def going to check these out asap. Thanks again hope to see you out there

  • Dan Zepeda
    Dan Zepeda Год назад

    Nor-Cal represent fellas! Awesome riding! When you guys hittin' PineCrest?

    • Trail Peek
      Trail Peek  Год назад +1

      Probably in the fall. Heading out to Colorado in a few weeks. Too many good trails!

  • Kahui Lim
    Kahui Lim Год назад

    You rode over rocky like a freaking river, wow.

  • illinois fishing
    illinois fishing Год назад +1

    awesome video

  • MTNcorps
    MTNcorps Год назад

    Love watching you ride man. Good shit.

  • mozzyforest
    mozzyforest Год назад +1

    new subscriber i cant believe i never came across your channel before. i remember when i 1st started riding i took my girlfriends mongoose Wal-Mart mtb tried doing the rocky trail. the handle bars came off haha she was pissed

    • Trail Peek
      Trail Peek  Год назад +1

      Damn, doing Rocky on a walmart bike would be insane!

  • Brian Oei
    Brian Oei Год назад

    Equal parts terrifying and amazing to watch you rail those trails. Thanks for the guide!

  • Richard van Tricht
    Richard van Tricht Год назад


  • rologti
    rologti Год назад

    great riding!
    you have huge skills
    thanks I enjoy the video a lot!

  • Mike Kobylasz
    Mike Kobylasz Год назад

    It's on pink bike was sick

  • Mike Kobylasz
    Mike Kobylasz Год назад

    Bro was that you beating Arron gwins Mac to win that bike fuckin amazing

  • Captcatfist
    Captcatfist Год назад

    This is a great trail peaks vid because Dane talks through how his is riding. i.e when he is pedalling and braking

  • Decepticon313
    Decepticon313 Год назад

    4:35 spot is way demanding

  • Dr. Kim
    Dr. Kim Год назад

    what is your tire set up? front/rear?

  • Shay Rubino
    Shay Rubino Год назад

    Dude your an animal !!! that rocky section was NO joke and you bossed through there like it was smooth flowy trail. super impressed with your bike handling and line choice.

    • Trail Peek
      Trail Peek  Год назад

      Yeeew! Thanks brother, have to keep that momentum up to float over the chunk!

  • Travis G
    Travis G Год назад

    Nice manuals! Sick run. Subbed

  • bbunch44
    bbunch44 Год назад

    Awesome video. Im hoping the trails look that good after all the rain we had for the upcoming race in a month.

  • Will Scheel
    Will Scheel Год назад +1

    You shred pretty hard man. I've ridden there over 50 times but you just showed me some new lines. I understand you're more into the gravity oriented trails, but the flow on Connector Trail at the top of Clementine before heading over to Culvert, is fantastic. If you can hit it fast enough assuming no one else is out, you can air out almost every little swoop and rise. There's also the Forest Hill Divide Loop at the end of connector that has some good stuff too.

  • Matt Miller
    Matt Miller Год назад

    So awesome!!! Great video.

  • NoBrakes23
    NoBrakes23 Год назад

    Easily one of the best trail guides I've ever watched.

  • Dan Schulz
    Dan Schulz Год назад

    I have the same gimble and it's not as smooth as yours. How do you mount yours?

  • Adam Vanwinkle
    Adam Vanwinkle Год назад

    So, most of these are NOT hardtail friendly then from the looks of it.

    • rcp pop
      rcp pop 3 месяца назад

      Adam Vanwinkle I rode a hardtail on these trails for YEARS! I’d say the first 5 years I rode out here I did it on a converted Cannondale Chase DJ bike! Made me a 100% better rider when I eventually upgraded to a full suspension bike.
      One of my favorite things to do on my hardtail was to Blast Past full susp riders with all their pretty gear on!!!
      Fast forward another 5 years and I just bought another hardtail Specialized Plus tire bike just for shits and giggles that I like to take out here every now and again.

  • optimalCALM
    optimalCALM Год назад

    Absolute shredder! I found your channel by watching Seth's "Huck podcast" and I'm glad I did! You fill the void BKXC just doesn't. Your style and commentary during the ride is just so much more natural. My kind of riding keep it up I'm sub'd!!

    • Trail Peek
      Trail Peek  Год назад

      Thanks! We're just getting started, we've got more videos on the way!

  • Walt Robinson
    Walt Robinson Год назад

    That drop in to confluence trail was sick!

    • Trail Peek
      Trail Peek  Год назад +1

      Fun little gap from the road! So many little jibs on that trail.

  • Justin Kamerman
    Justin Kamerman Год назад +1

    Holy $hit. I've lived in Sacramento for 2 years now and have ridden up in Auburn dozens of times, but you just showed me TONS of stuff I haven't even explored yet! UNREAL!!!!!!

    • Trail Peek
      Trail Peek  Год назад +1

      Yeah, lots of good stuff in Auburn that a lot of people dont ride!

    • Justin Kamerman
      Justin Kamerman Год назад

      ...also you're epically fast geeeeeez I'd die.

  • John Carrington
    John Carrington Год назад

    Why no gloves, I would be losing grip on the bars!

    • Trail Peek
      Trail Peek  Год назад

      I just don't like them! With the right grips you don't need gloves.

  • mikieson
    mikieson Год назад +2

    Thanks for LINKING me to this video..nice freakin got some skills bro..that rock trail was BRUTAL!!..Stay safe..

  • BryantKHill
    BryantKHill Год назад

    Awesome looking place to ride. Really enjoying your channel 👍

  • Lord Exzisus
    Lord Exzisus Год назад +1

    Just subscribed to your channel. This is my favorite video from your channel so far. Love the view and your awesome riding.

    • Trail Peek
      Trail Peek  Год назад

      Sweet, thanks! Do you ride Auburn often?

  • Numposende
    Numposende Год назад

    Some quality riding! Subscribed right away!

    • Trail Peek
      Trail Peek  Год назад

      Sweet, thanks for watching!

  • jacob valenzuela
    jacob valenzuela Год назад +1

    This has become my favorite runs....thanks for sharing.

  • B1KER
    B1KER Год назад +12

    So I rode Rocky Trail this weekend. I already knew you were an amazing rider from the rest of the stuff I've seen you do in Auburn compared to how I can ride it. But I just had to come back and say HOLY SHIT that trail is intense! I'm going to have to work to be able to finish that last 100'. Thanks for featuring that trail. I haven't ridden much of what's in the OHV. Also that climb (walk for me) back up the paved road was just stupid! ....still was worth the downhill, but definitely makes you question it. LOL

    • bawsx
      bawsx 8 месяцев назад

      i just got into mountain biking. when i saw the intro my jaw dropped.. i walked over that super rocky part..and you just flew by. wtffff huge balls lol.

    • Trail Peek
      Trail Peek  Год назад +2

      Yea get after it! Im sure it was pretty messed up with all the recent rain. Check it out again once it's dry

  • Dan Arbuckle
    Dan Arbuckle 2 года назад +1

    Great video. Found some little nuggets in this video that I've yet to ride. Way to keep it pinned!

  • instinct022
    instinct022 2 года назад

    this video just Gain a subscriber

  • Don
    Don 2 года назад +2

    Great riding skills. Thanks for showing the trails. Now I know what to expect when I ride those trails and won't get lost. I've only done culvert, foresthill divide and confluence so far. Still honing my skills, 4 broken ribs so far. Hehe. Subscribed. Keep it coming.

    • Trail Peek
      Trail Peek  2 года назад +2

      That's exactly what we're trying to do! Get out there and explore some of the other goods Auburn has to offer! Thanks for checking it out

  • wololo
    wololo 2 года назад

    oh man, such sweet looking trails. shit's flat as a pancake over here. very nice riding as well. subbed, keep em coming son.

    • Trail Peek
      Trail Peek  2 года назад +1

      We're lucky to have such awesome terrain out here!

  • ladicius hobbs
    ladicius hobbs 2 года назад +5

    Slaughtered that entire spot.

  • EverythingisFire
    EverythingisFire 2 года назад

    Man, that intro! Whole video is awesome. So how's the "Bronson" on the climbs? I'm really tempted to get an "all-mountain" bike. Thing is the trails near me are more geared for the "5010" .

    • Trail Peek
      Trail Peek  2 года назад +2

      I raced the Mammoth Enduro on my Bronson and felt it handled all of the trails in the park great for an all mountain bike.

    • EverythingisFire
      EverythingisFire 2 года назад

      Good to hear. Would a "Bronson" be enough for a bike park like Mammoth? I live near Big Bear, CA so that's why I'm considering going "All-mountain"/"Enduro" for an all-around bike. Again, the trails I'd ride the most would be "5010" territory.

    • Trail Peek
      Trail Peek  2 года назад

      I honestly wouldn't be able to tell the difference on the climbs between a Bronson or Solo. They're both great bikes.

  • Rad EK
    Rad EK 2 года назад

    Knarly and beautiful. Take it easy.

    • Trail Peek
      Trail Peek  2 года назад

      Thanks for stopping by!

  • oldkayakdude
    oldkayakdude 2 года назад +6

    A heads up to riders in Auburn, there is some storm damage on Confluence trail. Erosion in the narrow section with a rock face has narrowed the trail even further and there is a real risk of going down the new um... chute? Danger spot at 11:38 in the video.

    • oldkayakdude
      oldkayakdude 2 года назад +2

      Well at the speed you guys ride at, you might not see it ;)

    • Trail Peek
      Trail Peek  2 года назад +1

      Rode that section today. It didn't seem any different!

    • oldkayakdude
      oldkayakdude 2 года назад

      One of the rangers has been given the heads up. There is a local IMBA chapter that helps with trail maintenance

    • Clayton Markin
      Clayton Markin 2 года назад +2

      Good call. is there a group that does trail maintenance in the area? I would be down to drive out there and fix it, but I don't want to step on any toes

  • Death in my Metal, not in my Meal.
    Death in my Metal, not in my Meal. 2 года назад

    you deserve a lot more subscribers, well done with this video

  • Alex Von der Mehden
    Alex Von der Mehden 2 года назад +2

    Hey, I'm new to the area and trying to get my shock adjusted for up there. What kind of settings are you running on yours?

    • Cole Trickel
      Cole Trickel 2 года назад

      Download the cane creek tuning app to further help get you dialed

    • Trail Peek
      Trail Peek  2 года назад +3

      We have our rebound and compression settings around the middle. We just use Fox's recommended settings then adjusted from there. I'd go to Cane Creeks website and refer to their setup guide and customize it from there. There's really not anything extreme in Auburn so a standard middle tune works fine.

    • Alex Von der Mehden
      Alex Von der Mehden 2 года назад

      Yeah, it's a Cane Creek DB with climb assist. My rider weight is probably about 180-185, and I'm an aggressive rider.

    • Trail Peek
      Trail Peek  2 года назад

      What kind of shock is it? How much do you weigh?

  • Ben Im
    Ben Im 2 года назад +4

    Awesome riding! Watching these videos make me really miss riding in Auburn. You can really shred. Hope your Channel takes off!

  • Exclusive Tech Travel
    Exclusive Tech Travel 2 года назад +2

    Same bike as BK-XC

  • Ebo72
    Ebo72 2 года назад

    Amazing riding! Funny how different my home trails look at your speeds. You make it look easy. Subscribed!

  • charles duncan
    charles duncan 2 года назад

    you have a new sub

    • Trail Peek
      Trail Peek  2 года назад

      Awesome! More videos on the way!

  • Jon Powell
    Jon Powell 2 года назад

    what tires were you using?

    • Trail Peek
      Trail Peek  2 года назад

      Bontrager SE5 front and rear. Its a good all around tire that you don't have to worry about puncturing or slicing a sidewall.

  • Michael McCarthy
    Michael McCarthy 2 года назад +1

    Killer footage. Signed up for the CES Mammoth Bar Enduro, looking forward to hitting this loop. Thanks

    • Trail Peek
      Trail Peek  2 года назад

      Pro 👍

    • Conner houston
      Conner houston 2 года назад

      What Cat do you race in?

    • Trail Peek
      Trail Peek  2 года назад +1

      Hell yeah! It's gonna be a sick race! See you out there

  • Michael S
    Michael S 2 года назад

    Great riding man. Awesome vid. Just picked us a 27.5 plus Hightower. Excited to rip it

    • Trail Peek
      Trail Peek  2 года назад

      Awesome! You'll love it

  • CeramicTilePro LLC
    CeramicTilePro LLC 2 года назад +1

    very nice job! I live about 15 miles from this trail system and love it here! i am surprised that you didn't show the jump across the creek towards the last half of Confluence Trail. Inside Mammoth Bar OHV have some amazing trails that most MTB'ers don't ride. It's worth exploring next time.

    • Trail Peek
      Trail Peek  2 года назад +2

      In this video we included Stonewall and Rocky, both in the OHV! We'll do another video soon with Eastside and Grizzly.

  • Archie Tamayo
    Archie Tamayo 2 года назад

    Good stuff... Subscribed

  • Zach Wagner
    Zach Wagner 2 года назад

    Smashing! Killer riding bro.

  • Alex Connolly Byrne
    Alex Connolly Byrne 2 года назад

    Great video keep it up, them trails look great ur very lucky to ride there

    • Trail Peek
      Trail Peek  2 года назад

      Thanks! We take advantage of all the great riding that's for sure.

  • Arctic Pride
    Arctic Pride 2 года назад

    Great riding, bet you could do some of that with your eyes closed!

  • Mtb Benicadell
    Mtb Benicadell 2 года назад

    Love these raw - trail guide videos! Could you do a review of your bronson? It would be great!

    • Trail Peek
      Trail Peek  2 года назад +1

      yeah we will get a Bronson long term reveiw up! its been an awesome bike

  • Kyle Spencer
    Kyle Spencer 2 года назад +2

    Dude, you gave me a blast from the past. I grew up riding those trails and would have lunch at that bench on Flood. You should make a trip to Santa Barbara, we got some fun trails.

    • Kyle Spencer
      Kyle Spencer 2 года назад +1

      Trail Peek please feel free to reach out when you do.

    • Trail Peek
      Trail Peek  2 года назад +1

      Kyle Spencer That's awesome! We're actually heading down to Santa Barbara in a couple weeks! Rode there a few years ago and was blown away. Excited to go back!

  • Tapani Kuikka
    Tapani Kuikka 2 года назад

    Nice trails!, you are going warp speed!

  • Gooby123
    Gooby123 2 года назад

    What type of suspension do you have on that thing? Great riding by the way!

    • Trail Peek
      Trail Peek  2 года назад +1

      Fox 36 Float 160mm up front Float X2 out back.

  • michael chan
    michael chan 2 года назад

    I have to agree with mwinner101. I ride these Auburn trails once a week and if going this fast i would have eaten shit many times. great ride and video. thanks

    • Trail Peek
      Trail Peek  2 года назад +1

      Keep working to get faster! You should race the Auburn Enduro coming up!

  • YaddaYaddaDa
    YaddaYaddaDa 2 года назад

    Man you were ripping that was sweet

  • jacob valenzuela
    jacob valenzuela 2 года назад

    Great video. What is the total mileage and climbing for this ride. Always wanted to do it but not sure if I could.

    • jacob valenzuela
      jacob valenzuela 2 года назад

      Where you took a left onto Rocky off Mammoth bar the Confluence directly on the other side of the road?

    • Trail Peek
      Trail Peek  2 года назад

      Hey Jacob, the ride is 15 miles and 2900 feet of elevation gain. You can easily shorten it by taking out one of the descents. We have a full guide on our website here:

  • G man88
    G man88 2 года назад

    you are a awesome rider ! new sub here 👍🏼

    • Trail Peek
      Trail Peek  2 года назад

      Thank you and thanks for checking us out! More videos like this on the way!

  • Valdi Kurniawan
    Valdi Kurniawan 2 года назад

    Great riding bud!!! 🍻💪🏻

  • Bullseye Fowl
    Bullseye Fowl 2 года назад +2

    you are like a jedi! super fast tech riding

    • Bullseye Fowl
      Bullseye Fowl 2 года назад +1

      Trail Peek you move through the Rocks like a stream

    • Trail Peek
      Trail Peek  2 года назад +1

      Gotta be one with the rocks!

  • mtbbuddys
    mtbbuddys 2 года назад

    sick riding mate , what at fun video ....

  • avs 61758
    avs 61758 2 года назад +1

    Great video!!! You are an incredible rider! Which Chico bike shop do you work in?

    • avs 61758
      avs 61758 2 года назад

      Trail Peek Thanks for the reply. We bought my wife's Trek Lush at Northrim, while visiting Chico, a couple of years ago. Great bike shop!! Looking forward to you next video!

    • Trail Peek
      Trail Peek  2 года назад +2

      My brother Zach, the other half of Trail Peek works at Northrim Adventure Sports while at school.

  • P L
    P L 2 года назад

    Awesome video. Perfect shot length, and the narration is impeccable! Question: How is the middle of the frame kept so still? Are you wearing a gimbal, or is that done in post?

    • Trail Peek
      Trail Peek  2 года назад

      Thanks! We use a gimbal on all our videos. We use the feiyu tech WG

  • Rey Lopez
    Rey Lopez 2 года назад

    killing it man!!

  • mike Bussart
    mike Bussart 2 года назад

    Great riding, those trails looked kick ass especially the last 3. You forget your gloves ?

    • Trail Peek
      Trail Peek  2 года назад +2

      Its nice to go gloveless every now and then

  • ausmtbiker
    ausmtbiker 2 года назад

    another great vid, as mentioned before your riding and these videos get me hyped, great work!

    • Trail Peek
      Trail Peek  2 года назад

      Sick! We're just as stoked as you!

  • mwinner101
    mwinner101 2 года назад +18

    Super fast. I could do those trails too but I would have eaten $hit about 20 times. Great video.

    • Trail Peek
      Trail Peek  2 года назад +6

      Keep it rubber side down! We crash sometimes too

  • Ian Docena
    Ian Docena 2 года назад

    Good stuff man keep it coming

  • Dan Mai
    Dan Mai 2 года назад

    man another damn trail I have to ride I HATE YOU. I might have to make it out to cali this winter, is that trail good to ride all year round?

    • Trail Peek
      Trail Peek  2 года назад

      Dan Mai You should definitely try to make it out here, it's awesome all winter! Just have to let it dry out a day or two after a rain.

  • Just a Mountainbiker
    Just a Mountainbiker 2 года назад

    You shreddin! Throw some cc in there, the gopro makes colours look so flat ;)

    • Trail Peek
      Trail Peek  2 года назад

      did as much color correcting as I could with out compromising the footage. The heavy oak tree cover on the trails creates really dappled light in mid day sun. Have any tips of your own? We'd love to make them better!

  • paulcmad
    paulcmad 2 года назад

    Full gas.... Good work Dane!!

    • Trail Peek
      Trail Peek  2 года назад

      Yeehaw! Thanks Paul. Auburn Enduro in May has your name on it!

  • Henrich Hostak
    Henrich Hostak 2 года назад +2

    Man you are shredding those trails. Great video

    • Trail Peek
      Trail Peek  2 года назад +3

      Thank you! The trails are a blast.

  • Drew Taylor
    Drew Taylor 2 года назад

    fackin shredding it mate!!

  • Justin Wages
    Justin Wages 2 года назад

    Hell yeah!!!

    • Trail Peek
      Trail Peek  2 года назад +2

      you should have seen all the gaps on confluence before they were removed in 2012!

    • Justin Wages
      Justin Wages 2 года назад +2

      Sorta. you made Confluence look like a whole new trail. I was like what gap jump? Haha

    • Trail Peek
      Trail Peek  2 года назад

      See any familiar trails? :]

  • Neil Gooders
    Neil Gooders 2 года назад

    Hey buddy I'm new to the channel. Awesome video. I'm out with my brother tomorrow on bikes. You've got me hyped 👍🏻

    • Trail Peek
      Trail Peek  2 года назад +2

      Glad you found us and happy to hear our videos got you stoked to ride! Have a good ride!