UFN 106: Marion Reneau Disagrees With Judges, Wants Rematch with Bethe Correia After Draw

Marion Reneau talks about her draw with Bethe Correia at UFC Fight Night 106, how she scored the bout, wanting a rematch with Correia, and much more.

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Автор cattalkbmx ( назад)
Marion won that fight.

Автор bluebird ( назад)
Pretty lady. I hope there is a rematch.

Автор johnboydojo ( назад)
Great fight! Marion had so many chances to finish that fight in the third though, she was on her back and still had great control. She should've rushed her more after she rocked her. She was done! Wish she got that choke locked in...gutting

Автор Julian Cano ( назад)
I thought Marion won as well, Betche looks like she can be hit from every angle, she stands no chance against higher level fighters. Remember she went down in 32 secs to a poor hitting Rousey...

Автор rocked30 ( назад)
It was definitely a draw, she may be still punch drunk from the fight.

Автор Champion Soundz ( назад)
she lost the first and second she got takendown and beth landed more combs best thing she did was strike off the back

Автор Champion Soundz ( назад)
she lost 2 rounds of fight

Автор James Ervin ( назад)
Rd.1: 10-9 Marion
Rd. 2: 10-9 Bethe
Rd. 3: 10-7 Marion.
30-26: Marion.

Автор Bobby Dub ( назад)
Bethe was doing okay until she ate that head kick. Marion should have finished her!

Автор haimen kulay ( назад)
she thought she won in the second round? oh come on, bethe is a better striker as weve seen it just happened that reneau landed a kick if that wasnt happened bethe won the fight and she might knock renneau cause reneau was exhausted. bethe is stronger in striking she really improved in her striking. next time bethe you must be aggressive to finish this renneau who thought she won in the 2nd round.. rematch please ASAP.

Автор #Andnew Rumble ( назад)
Bethe Corriea sexxy ass alone did enough to win the fight. Close decisions should always go to Bethe cause of her #1 ass!!

Автор chinese302 ( назад)
Marion is pretty

Автор 69gangstar69 ( назад)
I thought she lost the first two rounds and won the last round with a 10/8.

Автор calin vasile ( назад)
Bethe lost that fight clearly...we all love that ass of hers but the truth is she is not UFC level..her striking looks awful , zero ground game and every fight she gets her face beaten in to a pulp...

Автор Michael Derenger ( назад)
Reneau is hot

Автор Josh Spawn ( назад)
how people don't beat Bethe is shocking to me, worst standup in the division

Автор Ace 95 ( назад)
She "khabibbed" correia in the 3rd round though

Автор Dawg ( назад)
judges got this one correct. bethe jumping up trying to shake her ass and dance her way for a win was ridiculous.

Them lips!

Автор Francis Ngannou ( назад)
she won

Автор Superman Ross ( назад)
she has so much class i respect that

Автор Louis Bellocchi ( назад)
I 100% had it a draw

Автор kopxpert ( назад)
I thought Marion won R1 and lost R2. I agree with one of the judges who gave Marion 29-27 (10-8 for R3 I presume). But whatever I guess... ... ppl can never agree on the scoring for "close" rounds like R1/R2. There will always be debates on MMA judging

Автор Luke Michalec ( назад)
She definitely won. No mistakes about that. She was dominating third round and she was better in first and second.

Автор UHATE4WHAT ( назад)
Sorry baby and i luv you but this was more a draw than anything!

Автор Suhannah unang ( назад)
I think UFC need to have decision Round.

Автор Col Conno ( назад)
Draw was fair, not many people enjoy draws including myself but its fair.

Автор Phil M ( назад)
That was a heck of a third round

Автор Agnostic Monk ( назад)
"I thought I won the second round"
ten seconds later
"I should've been more aggressive in the second round "
something don't add up.

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