Why Game Of Thrones Had The Worst Series Finale Of All Time

  • Published on May 20, 2019
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    Game of Thrones will go down as one of the biggest, most exciting shows of all time. . . with an absolutely terrible, no good, very bad season finale. Seriously, we know fans always like to find something to complain about and the bigger a franchise is the more dissenters are going to show up out of the woodwork to voice their opinions. But we’re going to go over everything wrong with the final episode of season eight because it really was that bad. This isn’t a mere case of us not getting the exact ending we wanted and complaining about it because we have a RUclip channel and we can do this.
    Let’s talk about some of the major players who didn’t even make it to the final episode. Not only did we not get sweet, sweet, revenge on Cersei Lannister but we said goodbye to her way too soon. Same with the character arc of Jaime Lannister, the entire Lord of Light prophecy, and pretty much everything else which had been built up over the previous episodes. We learned that Jon Snow still knows nothing despite going through so much and we got to see Arya Stark put an end to her career of vengeance by wandering away into the wilderness.
    What do you think about the season finale of Game of Thrones? Do you think we’re being too harsh or did HBO really manage to ruin a good thing? Share your thoughts and opinions with us in the comment section below and then click on the subscribe button for more videos from us here at ScreenRant.
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Comments • 3 194

  • LongLiveBuckethead LongLiveBuckethead

    Arguably the most overrated show in TV history.

  • jon stargaryen
    jon stargaryen 2 days ago

    It was horrible I still havent came to terms with it.

  • Beniot Boys
    Beniot Boys 5 days ago

    I actually thought it was a god ending

  • 54markl
    54markl 6 days ago +2

    Okay, a lot of time has passed. ...... Nope, that was still the shittiest ending ever. HBO is dead to me.

  • Megan Dunklin
    Megan Dunklin 6 days ago

    If D&D really wanted to kill off Dany so bad it should have ended like this. So after she burns down kings landing and the iron throne from realising she is not the true heir and its Jon she flies off with Drogon. Jon becomes king and Arya leaves Westeros, finds Dany and kills her only the twist is its not Arya its a faceless man.

  • Dioming
    Dioming 8 days ago

    Should've done what George was gonna do. Sad his tv show ending terribly because they did something different.

  • Lisa Johnson
    Lisa Johnson 14 days ago

    Anyone know what the music is called?

  • 2agginoY
    2agginoY 14 days ago

    We waited 8 years for this... That should be a crime ffs

  • Ben Foster
    Ben Foster 23 days ago

    I think hindsight has made the ending slightly better as in most people were just so hyped that they blew a gasket over a tv show

  • Armando P. Problemas

    This is over? Shooooooot! I missed seasons 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and this one. Oh well!

  • Eden Frank Mtambalika

    This final season was more for the intellect. The flow of events fits well and is fair and reasonable. The absence of sex scenes shouldnt make people conclude its a bad season. Its a fair roundoff of events

  • Tonyem 02
    Tonyem 02 Month ago

    I don’t understand you guys, the ending wasen’t even bad. They could have made at least one more episode tho. But the ending was beautiful

  • PhycoKrusk
    PhycoKrusk Month ago

    This summary makes me glad that I stopped watching after Ned was offed.

  • Jim Canty
    Jim Canty Month ago

    The biggest let down in TV history

  • Nebulous
    Nebulous Month ago

    NOPE Dexter did....at least Dany or any of the characters didnt turn into depressed lumberjacks and some of them had decently happy endings but it was still crap lol. So I'd say 2nd worse series finale

  • greyfox4577
    greyfox4577 Month ago

    I can't stand anything game of thrones after that horrible final season. Had it continued i would not have watched, I actually skipped a couple of episodes after reading about them but In my opinion the show took a dive after season 3 and never recovered. They should have focused on story not effects.

  • Puting Pinoy
    Puting Pinoy Month ago +1

    So many other options for the ending would have been better. It also felt vaguely like they ripped off The Return of the King’s ending.

  • Pede Meyer
    Pede Meyer Month ago

    It didn`t😃

  • James Verner
    James Verner Month ago

    I still think the thrown should have gone to gendry of hose beratheon. Ned would take the north and denary should have returned to esos.

  • Mariana Gouveia
    Mariana Gouveia Month ago +1

    The valonqar prophecy is not mentioned in the series :)

  • Kellen Pollard
    Kellen Pollard Month ago

    You should do pitch meeting on the show Lucifer

  • Element
    Element Month ago

    I'm glad I never got into this show until just these past few weeks knowing it was completed. I was enjoying it up until Jon met dany and things slowly went downhill with a few ups like the rescue in the north and the first scenes of the long night battle. The long night battle was very dark and pretty much as soon as the night king raised the dead again, I thought oh everyone is going to die or some miracle will happen but no, a simple dagger and potion of invisibility and the night king is dead and many people thought dead were still alive. I actually thought it was only the main characters and a few nameless soldiers left but then later on we see there is still a fair amount of dany's army left. I'd say after the night king raised the dead again, Jon went into NPC mode for the rest of the season until the very end, with the "She is our/my queen".

    King's landing burning, I was already disconnected at this point with the show and didn't really care about anyone but tyrion and I felt bad for the hound and jamie.

    They should of done something with cersei first, then created the epic finale around the night king or at the very least create a plot twist around cersei betraying everyone.

  • John Demler
    John Demler Month ago

    6:58 soldiers in the back forgot they were on fire

  • Joel Hassig
    Joel Hassig Month ago

    Still pissed.

  • Exhiled Silence
    Exhiled Silence Month ago

    That part of the prophecy wasn't in the show.. before you do a video , get better writers

  • Exhiled Silence
    Exhiled Silence Month ago

    "If you thought this has a happy ending you havent been paying attention "

  • She Fain
    She Fain Month ago

    Jon and Sansa look at each other they failed geography.

  • A_Frost89
    A_Frost89 Month ago

    Why the series finale really sucked?
    Answer: Because it didn’t go the way you wanted it to, so you decide to bitch and moan like spoiled babies.

  • Amir Bahrami
    Amir Bahrami 2 months ago

    remember the good old days of season 1 when everything was completely well thought and well written? when the show still had an epic story to tell you, full of unknown?
    gone are the days...
    instead we had starbucks as as exciting news of season 8...

  • Monarch BLUE
    Monarch BLUE 2 months ago

    I would rather watch the fresh prince of bel air if I want good comedy. This season was bad comedy

  • The Manaiacal Gamer
    The Manaiacal Gamer 2 months ago +6

    DISGUSTING ENDING! I am so angry I wish I had a dragon to ride and do to HBO Studios what Daenerys did to King's Landing. I've never been so pissed about a TV show in my entire life.

  • Darth Dulla
    Darth Dulla 2 months ago

    D and D writing a Star Wars trilogy would be a nightmare

  • Achraf KTN
    Achraf KTN 2 months ago

    i cant imagine that bran became the king

  • just jules
    just jules 2 months ago

    Everyone went from completely loving the show to hating it .....and i never even watched an episode.....what am i even doing here?

  • David Coleman
    David Coleman 2 months ago

    Why are they bothering with prequels when D&D ensured no one will even re-watch the original series? D&D had on their hands the greatest political drama of all time, and they somehow turned it into a medieval version of Falcon Crest. Now, instead of being banned from the entertainment industry for life, they have a Star Wars gig? Someone at Disney is on the Longbottom Leaf!

  • Unknown Person
    Unknown Person 2 months ago +1

    Night King should've killed them all. that would've been a better ending!

  • BlueGrenadeTom
    BlueGrenadeTom 2 months ago

    Would’ve even been better if it ended like Monty Python’s Holy Grail and modern day police showed up and just arrested them all.

  • Nikolas Antoun
    Nikolas Antoun 2 months ago

    Jon abandoned the night’s watch at the end to become the king beyond the wall

  • First of their Name GoT

    Tired, just tired

  • The B
    The B 2 months ago +1

    The only people who enjoyed the last season also had to ask 'Who is that'' 75 times an episode.

  • gabriel pack
    gabriel pack 2 months ago

    Jon should have been revealed to be fire proof (cant remember why dany was fireproof thought it was their blood) in his battle against the undead dragon, instead of the blue dragon dying from anakin-i mean arya killing the droid control shi- i mean frosty darth maul. Blue dragon should have had an epic one v one with jonny boy jon becomes victorious over it.
    Then in the end of the show drogon is pissed about dany, he flies off to mourn, jon snow reveals himself as a targaryan, drogon returns and blast parts of the unsullied against jons will, he calms the dragon down, hops up on him, he tells gray worm he is free to do whatever he wants, the thousand northman hazah jon as he flies away. Thats a happier ending than that bullshit card he was dealt

  • Doirin Kib
    Doirin Kib 2 months ago

    Did you see... the Seinfeld finale? Like, seriously?

  • laser koala
    laser koala 2 months ago +1

    The show could have included some backstory about Rhaegar and Lyanna. It just makes them look like selfish cunts who eloped and caused thousands of deaths.

  • Micky Icky Sticky
    Micky Icky Sticky 2 months ago

    The entire show was amazing I don’t get what was wrong with season 8

  • spongeyspikes09
    spongeyspikes09 2 months ago

    Martin did it for the money anyway, both the show and the books

  • Peter Reefman
    Peter Reefman 2 months ago

    I think Fonzie would be the most pissed, his 'jumping the shark' of the past 40 years just got eclipsed by GOT S08 as being the shittest ending to a TV series ever.
    Well.... Fonzie's wasn't the literally end of the show, but you know what I mean.

  • Nouraii
    Nouraii 2 months ago +6

    I just finished watching the finale episode and I regret watching the whole series now.

  • Vanessa Anderson
    Vanessa Anderson 2 months ago

    My opinion. If they hadn’t made Daenerys and Jon fall in love, the season wouldn’t be as bad. Honestly I see no reason for them to even have a relationship other than aunt and nephew ( and even so they barely would have gotten along.) I’m pretty new to the books but if I’m not mistaken they never ended up together and will probably not end up together in the final book seeing as they haven’t met yet so. I just think they made a mistake buy making Jon and Daenerys lovers.

  • Mij Chrome
    Mij Chrome 2 months ago

    My reaction to the finale was
    Burn them all burnthemall burndemall bundemall.... bundle

  • Chillax
    Chillax 2 months ago

    Show turned into shitty fan-fiction back in like season 4 or 5 not sure why people are surprised by this.

  • Shivan Anirudhra
    Shivan Anirudhra 2 months ago

    Got built up these epic and long drawn plot lines about white Walker's and Jon Snow lineage for no reason at all...
    Seriously the most disappointing and half Baked final season ever...I don't think I'll even rewatch it
    ... It's a shame because first 6 seasons were immense...

  • Derek Meeks
    Derek Meeks 2 months ago

    I'm a little upset about saying they were upset over the backlash because they work their butts off to make the last season a good season. Did they have to build the sets themselves, do they have to do their own makeup, did they have to arrange their own travel plans, did they have to do character studies on the characters they've been playing for eight seasons, did they not get paid millions of dollars

  • Cassandra Ramos
    Cassandra Ramos 2 months ago

    Jon Snow deserved better... and yes, still disappointed

  • Daniyal Ali
    Daniyal Ali 2 months ago

    I sometimes wonder that how I will live without GOT..but writers done a very marvellous job that I don't even care now writers are true lover of got fans .

  • antigen4
    antigen4 3 months ago

    lol not too bright are we?

  • Vanguard 77
    Vanguard 77 3 months ago

    It’s annoying because they let tyrieon of but not jon

  • funny royal gg
    funny royal gg 3 months ago

    I want season 9

  • swampfIower
    swampfIower 3 months ago +1

    it feels like (game of) thrones in my ass, ugh

  • מיכה פדר
    מיכה פדר 3 months ago +1

    After two months I still dream that it didn't happen.That it was a nightmare and I will wake up from it.
    Terrible,terrible ending to what was for me at least,the best show on tv ever!

  • Joxie411
    Joxie411 3 months ago

    I want to act like season7 and 8 never happened