Why Game Of Thrones Had The Worst Series Finale Of All Time

  • Published on May 20, 2019
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    Game of Thrones will go down as one of the biggest, most exciting shows of all time. . . with an absolutely terrible, no good, very bad season finale. Seriously, we know fans always like to find something to complain about and the bigger a franchise is the more dissenters are going to show up out of the woodwork to voice their opinions. But we’re going to go over everything wrong with the final episode of season eight because it really was that bad. This isn’t a mere case of us not getting the exact ending we wanted and complaining about it because we have a RUclip channel and we can do this.
    Let’s talk about some of the major players who didn’t even make it to the final episode. Not only did we not get sweet, sweet, revenge on Cersei Lannister but we said goodbye to her way too soon. Same with the character arc of Jaime Lannister, the entire Lord of Light prophecy, and pretty much everything else which had been built up over the previous episodes. We learned that Jon Snow still knows nothing despite going through so much and we got to see Arya Stark put an end to her career of vengeance by wandering away into the wilderness.
    What do you think about the season finale of Game of Thrones? Do you think we’re being too harsh or did HBO really manage to ruin a good thing? Share your thoughts and opinions with us in the comment section below and then click on the subscribe button for more videos from us here at ScreenRant.
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Comments • 3 071

  • Linn Baardsen
    Linn Baardsen 23 hours ago

    How could they destroy so many good characters in one season😑

  • Aika Papa
    Aika Papa Day ago +1

    Misogynists always afraid of women of power and want to kill them or oppress them. That is why.

  • Brains before BS

    Because D&D suck the 🍆

  • jeanette NETTIE bandell

    I was so excited to start watching the series over again I started season 1 as I was watching season 8. Until season 8 ended and I have not continued to watch them since seeing how awful the ending was. What's the point? So I've picked up the books and pray Martin will finish the last one before I'm done or he dies. Come on he is 70!

  • Alistair Brock
    Alistair Brock Day ago

    If it ended well there wouldn't be a million videos about it...

  • yew 2oob
    yew 2oob 2 days ago

    The use of Bran was appropriate...seeing how Benioff and Weiss sought to produce a huge pile of crap.

  • Kinxlaw
    Kinxlaw 2 days ago

    It's like the writers got inspired by Rian Johnson's Last Jedi, wanting to "subvert expectatios" but failed miserably.

  • L D
    L D 2 days ago +1

    Cut and paste cut and paste season 1 thru 8 to make an 8 season.

  • Mark Stouffer
    Mark Stouffer 2 days ago

    I disagree. You could see what was coming, if you knew where to look.

  • Hi Jack
    Hi Jack 2 days ago

    Azor Ahai prophecy was fulfilled when Jon killed Dany
    Valanquor Prophecy wasn't mentioned partly. They didn't mention the part where Cersei gets killed by her brothers

  • generalblue162
    generalblue162 2 days ago

    Not as bad as the original Dallas

  • Wilson23
    Wilson23 2 days ago

    Good books? Really? Some fantasy crap pulp that many Americans consider great literature. LOL.

  • Israel out of Palestine


  • Captain Alkaloid
    Captain Alkaloid 2 days ago +1

    What is this?? Where's Ryan??

    UTERO 3 days ago

    We demand a season 8 remake arrghhhhh

  • R Khan
    R Khan 3 days ago

    The finale couldn't have been better. I just disagree otherwise. You cant satisfy everyone at one time. Good job Game of Thrones.

  • Vincent Laughton
    Vincent Laughton 3 days ago

    I was okay with the final season. I think it should have been 10 episodes long

  • Blastin TV
    Blastin TV 4 days ago


  • 2345teeth
    2345teeth 4 days ago +1

    All aboard the groupthink train!!!!! I'm glad they killed off Dany.......

  • ManilaJohn01
    ManilaJohn01 4 days ago

    When looked at as a real-world scenario, this series could not have ended on a better note. The people of Westeros could have no better future than with the leadership that they now have. The fighting has ended and they have as their leader a young man who is wise beyond his years.

  • Mem Ry
    Mem Ry 4 days ago

    If only I’d stop watching after 6 seasons.

  • chieflan5
    chieflan5 4 days ago

    Never watched a single episode. This video accidentally played in my autoplay and I'm glad I didn't waste my time.

  • Riyad Ali
    Riyad Ali 4 days ago

    Sucky writing, sucky acting. Ugh.

  • John Doe
    John Doe 4 days ago

    *Jon the cuck*

  • John Doe
    John Doe 4 days ago

    *Wait so, this ending and the entire season 8 was not originally taken from the books? That means the books could have alternate ending/story line?*

  • Len Dington
    Len Dington 4 days ago +1

    It was THE BEST ending because it left open about 50 feature film follow-ups. Dany risen, seeks vengence, Jon becomes king of the north,... again. Bran dies of a brain hemmorage. etc, etc. Game of Throne has only just begun,....I hope. Think when Disney bought Stars Wars.

  • Nate Mauratt
    Nate Mauratt 5 days ago

    Why screenrant is run by crybaby millennials....

  • Abid Akram
    Abid Akram 5 days ago

    Anyone can be killed. Even the show itself. 😉😉😉

  • Dylan Silveira
    Dylan Silveira 5 days ago

    Daenerys didn't become mad.. She gave westeros whatvr is deserved. They were killing each other anyway since the beginning of the show and when she gives them a taste of their own medicine they kill her? She came for Kings Landing and the Throne from the beginning and they should have just bent the knee.

  • Bob Salt
    Bob Salt 5 days ago

    It was dogshit. Pure dogshit.

  • Wolfgang Kelly
    Wolfgang Kelly 6 days ago

    Bran knew all this was gonna happen and did nothing to stop it he is a bigger villain then the night king.

  • Wolfgang Kelly
    Wolfgang Kelly 6 days ago

    So using the shows logic Bran knew he would be king. So he was okay with Dany burning women and children, Jon being banished, the dragon dying, and a dozen other things he could have warned them about but didn't. Bran is a bigger villain then the night king.

  • hep the great
    hep the great 7 days ago

    yeah, still think lost was worse.

  • Mike Meyer
    Mike Meyer 7 days ago

    I actually finally got around to season 8, It just made NO sense at all .. Now i completely understand why virtually everyone thinks GOT just became utter garbage. I was'nt even that disappointed, since the plot stopped making sense round season 5-6 anyway, so I was'nt that invested.

  • Benjamin Bison
    Benjamin Bison 7 days ago

    The problem wasn’t with where the cards finally fell; GRRM planned all of this. They just fucked up in getting there. Also this might be the most sensationalistic and exaggerated video title I’ve seen. Get over yourselves.

  • R Rockwell
    R Rockwell 7 days ago

    They only had 2 years and 100 million dollars to remember characters correct names, remove coffee cups and water bottles and do things like following characters arcs, interesting action in pitch black scenes, intelligent men, logic or common sense.

  • Dream Guardian
    Dream Guardian 7 days ago

    The battle with the white walkers coming too soon and not on the last episode, Daenerys turning to the dark side and destroying King's Landing, plus plans to destroy all of Westeros, Jon Snow killing her, the Iron Throne melted down, Bran becoming king of only six kingdoms and not seven, Sansa leaving the other kingdoms and becoming independent, Arya leaving Westeros, Jon returning to what's left of the wall, what a way to ruin a good series. Not that I would want to buy the DVDs and watch them all over again.

  • LeanderMr
    LeanderMr 7 days ago +1

    Dont forget Brans amazing power to control animals, which builds up to something big during all the seasons. This only results in bran randomly going AFK during the battle of Winterfell, flying away with some Crows in season 8.... Like wtf? xD

  • Emma Peel
    Emma Peel 7 days ago +2

    Season 8 is what happens when foreshadowing meets subversion of expectations. Garbage.

  • Patrick Sommer
    Patrick Sommer 8 days ago

    Surely not the best possible ending, but all I hear is spoiled brats complaining things didn't go the way they wanted them. It's the Last Jedi all over again. How about you come up with an own original idea for once instead of crying about the shortcomings of others like the entitled bitches you are?

  • Luke Eckersley
    Luke Eckersley 8 days ago

    The valonqar prophecy was never apart of the show it was only in the book. In the show Maggie the Frog tells Cersei that three of her children will die but she says nothing about her being killed by her little brother as this is only mentioned in the books. Therefore the show had no reason to pay off the valonqar prophecy in season 8 as it was never in the show to begin with.

  • Xavier Castro
    Xavier Castro 8 days ago

    Not Since lost has tv show had gain greater heights in popularity, only to come crashing down with it’s final season

  • Mariamyupperz
    Mariamyupperz 8 days ago

    I thi k everyone is on the same page.
    Were not mad certain things happened, we just need the WHY.

  • R2
    R2 8 days ago

    Biggest let down in television history. I’ll skip the Star Wars trilogy these hacks are writing. Never support D&D again !

  • Rowland Young
    Rowland Young 8 days ago

    I reckon actors/actresses like Charles Dance, Natalie Dormer, Iwan Rheon and Diana Rigg are writing to the creators thanking them for killing their characters off before season 8

  • Robert Hwang
    Robert Hwang 8 days ago +1

    poor writing, disappointed.......

    you decide what I am talking about

    Al GILMORE 9 days ago

    Winter came for 1 night and 3 characters died. That battle should've lasted 3 episodes and half the cast should have died.

  • ry4n357
    ry4n357 9 days ago

    Game of thrones ended with a whimper....

  • Cramaine
    Cramaine 9 days ago

    Yeah this is why I stopped at Season 5.

  • cc Devil
    cc Devil 9 days ago

    With this twits, I won't be wat thing star wars. D&D destroyed the show

  • Bryen Lambach
    Bryen Lambach 9 days ago +1

    The more time I've had to think about it since the ending, there are several things that happened that I ended up being okay with: Dany going crazy, Cersei dying, the Night King getting defeated and ending that threat. It was the appallingly sloppy, rushed, and horrid writing that produced these moments that were horrible. Combine that with the absolute joke that was Bran becoming king, Tyrion making him king while in chains on trial for treason, the completely boring anticlimax of the finale, Jaime's entire plotline, and the virtual novel of dangling plot threads that were either meaningless (everything to do with Jon Snow) or never addressed (all the prophesies, why the Night King was collecting those babies, etc) and it really just added up to the most disappointing finale I can ever remember.

    There are plenty of bad finales - "Dexter", obviously; "Lost", and "True Blood" to name a few - but in each of those examples the shows themselves had been going downhill for multiple years/seasons. "Game of Thrones" was phenomenal up to the seventh season, which, while worse than the six preceding it, was still damn good television. It's absolutely bizarre that this show ending with a season that felt like a series of snapshots of important moments that Usain Bolt saw in his peripheral vision as he sprinted to the finish line.

  • lucas5665
    lucas5665 9 days ago

    I think Lost officially has the better ending

  • ShivaServer2009
    ShivaServer2009 9 days ago

    I opt for giant ice wall.

  • Kev L
    Kev L 9 days ago

    Never before has a show gone from completely and incredibly cool, to complete garbage in such a short time. If they think im wasting time with any spin offs, they can go F themselves.

  • Joey Bones
    Joey Bones 9 days ago

    To be fair the valonqar part of the prophecy was not included in the show

  • Majestic Oak
    Majestic Oak 10 days ago

    So glad I never got into this and decided to watch the AoE2 version of it...

  • Euno
    Euno 10 days ago

    Can everyone pls stop complaining about the final season. It may not have been that good compared to the other seasons but it was still good. Do not overreact wtf?!

  • Filthy Concertgoer
    Filthy Concertgoer 10 days ago

    Seen a few of these videos now, this one's easily the least illuminating and poorest made.

  • shmaveyea
    shmaveyea 10 days ago

    "GoT season 8 RuiNeD tHe WhOle ShOw"

  • 54markl
    54markl 10 days ago

    Benioff and Weiss: We are bored with Game of Thrones. We are only doing seven seasons.
    HBO: Do Eight Seasons or we are getting new show-runners!
    Benioff and Weiss: God Dammit.
    HBO: And your “Confederate” series is cancelled, because frankly the whole idea stinks!
    Benioff and Weiss: Grrr! (They do a crumby job ending GOT)
    Viewing Audience: Benioff and Weiss, you are lousy bums! We will never watch anything by you again!
    Disney: Oh no, what have we done? Kathy, you’re fired!

  • Dawn M. H.
    Dawn M. H. 11 days ago +1

    They pussified John!
    The a-hole writters didn't know how, what to do, how to move/end the story.
    Dam it, at least use the fan's theorys!
    The ending was so disrespectful to the fans!!!

  • TheBolondron
    TheBolondron 11 days ago

    The 'valonquar' part of Cersei's prophecy was not included in the show.

    • Summer Tyme
      Summer Tyme 11 days ago

      The Ghost Writer prophesy foretells that GRRM will cease writing and then the roof shall literally cave in on Cersei and Jamie.

  • TheBolondron
    TheBolondron 11 days ago +1

    Yeah that dig at George R R Martin was completely unnecessary... the show's last season was terrible in ways completely independent from and beyond having source material or not. There's tons of ways it could have been better regardless of following the books or not. It wasn't just bad as a Game of Thrones show but fundamentally bad as a TV show in itself.

  • Anonymous
    Anonymous 12 days ago


  • Rob James
    Rob James 12 days ago +1

    Here's another one; why did John have to go to the Night's Watch when the Night King AND the White Walkers are gone, and the Wildlings are now South of the wall? Was it because they should have never gave such an awesome task to a couple coke-head writers whose only concern was finishing GoT so they could continue destroying other franchises? Hmm...

  • Mr. Reus
    Mr. Reus 12 days ago

    Does the GOT director died already, thats why it had a bad ending?

  • Mr. Reus
    Mr. Reus 13 days ago +1

    They need a remake of the finale

  • Mr. Reus
    Mr. Reus 13 days ago +1

    Director made several books, yet had a very bad ending

  • Celtic CC Castle Clash

    Season 8 was great. Plot went down the crazy route, even the ending was bonkers. Top quality entertainment, GOT finished with a bang

  • swampfIower
    swampfIower 13 days ago +1

    yeah, stupidest ending (last 2 ep) ever made. 6:00 - 10:11

  • Sam DeRenzis
    Sam DeRenzis 13 days ago

    No that was Quantum Leap, after it's amazing series it ended with a cut to hell finale that made no sense

  • Sid Phillips
    Sid Phillips 13 days ago

    Did Martin Say A Dream of Spring is no longer the planned seventh book? Or is this guy mistaken in thinking The Winds of Winter is the last book?

  • Benjamin Clarke
    Benjamin Clarke 13 days ago

    Never watched Sons of Anarchy then?

    • Celtic CC Castle Clash
      Celtic CC Castle Clash 13 days ago

      Benjamin Clarke SoA ending was alright, I wouldn't say it was bad. I guess a shootout killing Jax would have been better, but it was acceptable

  • totalherenow
    totalherenow 14 days ago

    Thanks for the review! Yes, seasons 7 & 8 were terrible. Good examples, I guess, of how not to write stories and characters.

  • Catherine
    Catherine 14 days ago +2

    I really wanted the Night King to kill all the characters in Winterfell, that would have been epic. Arya killing him was a slap in the face moment. At least she could have used her power and stolen one of his undead lieutenant face, but no, just stab him sneakily... WTF. After that everything went south so fast.
    Also, whats up with the single dragon destroying EVERYTHING in Kings Landing. Didn't 2 dragons get beaten by a handfull of scorpions 1 episode ago? If you watch the scenes, the scorpions don't even move towards the dragon has they are destroyed. Seriously, I do not remember 1 Nordien or Dotraki or Immaculate get killed or even injured in that final battle. Also, whats up with the Lannister men givin up so fast... Just to get butchered after... Well done.
    Only redeeming factor was Cersei and Jamie dying together, everything else I disliked.

  • pparker768
    pparker768 14 days ago

    Fantastic series and ending . You Yankee snow flakes can't handle a human nature lesson. Or perhaps Denery's is a bit close to US . I must bomb them to save them. Anyway, the adults enjoyed it.

  • joels5150
    joels5150 14 days ago

    Tyrion wasn’t saying he wanted to poison all of King’s Landing during his ‘confession’. He was specifically talking to the nobles in the throne room. There was no hypocrisy in his attempting to get Cersie and Daeynarys to settle things in a way that would spare the city at large.

  • Brendan Leach
    Brendan Leach 14 days ago

    Jon S'know's nothing

  • Michael Curtis
    Michael Curtis 15 days ago

    Uh no. I and plenty of ppl I’ve talked to really liked it. Not even gonna watch this drivel.

    • Ryan
      Ryan 14 days ago

      Sounds like you have a healthy open mind! It's better to listen to opposition to see how much merit their points have versus yours. The fact that you and people you know liked it is an anecdotal argument and doesn't mean anything said in the video is false. It was an extremely shoddily written season largely due to how few episodes they decided to make. George Martin and HBO wanted more episodes, the show's creators (who hold sole creator rights) didn't want to do the show anymore because they want to start working on Star Wars.

  • Adrian Sheffield
    Adrian Sheffield 15 days ago

    The same people who praised the show are the same people who disrespect the show because they don't like the ending. Everything isn't a fairytale, kiddies. Grow up.

  • hunk RE2
    hunk RE2 15 days ago

    yea Jon got so much stupider as the season goes on.

  • josefinesfilmtube
    josefinesfilmtube 15 days ago

    the visuals: stunning. everything else: meh...

  • Mongo Slade
    Mongo Slade 15 days ago

    I think it was total sh!t, 2 years to deliver this steaming hot pile of garbage. How could HBO let this happen?

  • David Eats
    David Eats 15 days ago

    I'm really not looking forward to spin-offs

  • Paul DiMuzio
    Paul DiMuzio 16 days ago

    Immediately dissing George for not finishing the books??? You immediately lost me.

  • HexagramMan
    HexagramMan 16 days ago

    Im so glad i quit at season 3.

  • coffee or tea
    coffee or tea 16 days ago

    I was so pissed at the end. Ever since season 1 I wanted Dany to be on the throne. But no they have her go crazy and John kills her. I hate the entire last 2 episodes. The best thing that happened in season 8 was Arya killed the night walker everything else was BS. Loved your comments, they were on point.

  • Luwik Calvin
    Luwik Calvin 16 days ago

    Can I see the writer please I want to shoot him

  • david field
    david field 16 days ago

    A terrible final season to what had been the most popular fantasy show on the planet. As bad as the last two seasons of the Walking Dead, all 4 seasons of Fear the Walking Dead, the final 2 seasons of Lost, season 2 of Twin Peaks, season 1 of Lost in Space 2018, the 3 Hobbit movies and the last 4 seasons of the X Files all mixed together. Total rubbish. Wonderful effects but painfully bad story telling.

  • Irvin Lightning-Sky Cardinzky

    The Final episode WAS CRAP..! All those seasons just for it to end like that..?

  • Dianne Dowler
    Dianne Dowler 17 days ago +9

    I am signing the ‘Refilm Season 8 of Game of Thrones’ petition right now.

  • Eric M
    Eric M 17 days ago

    Woah there tiger, the books aren't that good

  • Theodicist Eddie
    Theodicist Eddie 17 days ago +1

    That's right! I forgot about her locking up her dragons!!!

  • thomas esturan
    thomas esturan 17 days ago

    The narrator has a nice voice I find

  • abdallah omar
    abdallah omar 17 days ago

    Say whatever you want .... But i liked the ending 😁

  • Frosty1979
    Frosty1979 17 days ago

    Spot on video. Anyone who dislikes it, probably never read the books and usually consumes some soap operas.

  • bird gotti
    bird gotti 18 days ago +1


  • Eric Rawlings
    Eric Rawlings 18 days ago

    It’s funny how two faced Isaac Hampstead right is considering in another interview he said he thought the ending script was a joke!

  • Brian Carter
    Brian Carter 18 days ago

    Why does the cover photo have to be the biggest spoiler of the show?

  • SuperKing604
    SuperKing604 18 days ago

    I liked it I’m satisfied could have been better but nerd raging online isn’t going to do anything just breathe GoT season 8 and The Last Jedi doesn’t ruin your life.