I Saved My Gay Friend With A Kiss

  • Published on Mar 16, 2019
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Comments • 16 781

  • Ryan Hansen
    Ryan Hansen 27 minutes ago

    why would a strict dad promote promiscuity

  • rose parra
    rose parra 3 hours ago

    Me: mom I’m gay I still love you no matter what
    Girl two: I’m gay
    Mom: wow well I love you but wow
    Son: I’m gay
    Mom: WTF
    SON2: im gay two mom
    Husband sweetheart I’m gay too.....

    Mom: I’m out of here -.-

    Credit: water sheep

  • Carter Waggoner
    Carter Waggoner 3 hours ago

    If a guy saved a lesbian like this then he would have been charged with rape and shunned , girls have a lot of privilege and they don’t even know it

  • Zipity
    Zipity 4 hours ago +1

    From England but no accent

  • animeninja2
    animeninja2 8 hours ago

    i need a girl like this

  • candy fire
    candy fire 10 hours ago +1

    Totaly true

    Edit: i liked my own coment🙁

  • Riot Berry
    Riot Berry 14 hours ago

    Oh geez, I thought this was gonna be a homophobic video, I thought she was just gonna kiss him and now he's straight but I'm SO GLAD that's not the case, it actually turned out to be kind of a touching and sweet story, even though it might be a made up story.

  • Gkdudufyd Gdjfje kg
    Gkdudufyd Gdjfje kg 18 hours ago

    The real question is are aither of them good kissers

  • Jersey Dashnaw
    Jersey Dashnaw 20 hours ago +1

    Who else thought this was a anti- gay video from the title... until You/I watched the whole thing... This is so nice❤️LGBTQ+

  • The almost millennial J


  • dylan gannon
    dylan gannon Day ago

    I'm sorry but this was great and wholesome into the words "His choice" and I eyerolled into next year.

  • averagecaligirl
    averagecaligirl Day ago

    Was I the only one who clicked it to hate bc I thought it was a homophobic video?

  • Thomas Ortiz
    Thomas Ortiz Day ago

    To hate queen

  • Thomas Ortiz
    Thomas Ortiz Day ago

    Tyler is Dad is a sh#t f**ck

  • John meee
    John meee Day ago

    this is so dumb

  • Chicky Peep
    Chicky Peep Day ago

    honestly I would be your friend in this situation

  • Iamhereallmight Youngmidoriya

    This is the only fake story I like from this channel

  • Jennifer Foulk
    Jennifer Foulk Day ago

    That was cute I'm lesbian😍 ❤🧡💛💚💙💜

  • Pentastar Nate
    Pentastar Nate Day ago

    Your not a real friend If you call it “his choice” that’s no Bueno!

  • Lauren cook
    Lauren cook Day ago

    * Hangs computer on CELING *
    Mom: Whats this from...
    Him: Tik tok
    * dad gets belt *

  • MoonlightJewel Aka Cynthia

    Yooo...I was about to be so angry 🤣

  • Slinky
    Slinky Day ago

    1:20 - 1:28 or... here me out here.... he just likes that stuff

  • MrDiGiMax
    MrDiGiMax 2 days ago

    Was this boy James Charles???

  • Whoosh There goes my wig

    yesss tyler get that dickkk

  • Yoshi Yt :7
    Yoshi Yt :7 2 days ago

    James Charles is the gayest

  • Kamsi Mgbojirikwe
    Kamsi Mgbojirikwe 2 days ago

    His parents are messed up. There's nothing wrong with being gay. Just because your strictly religious doesnt mean u have to impact it on ur child. Especially his sexuality anger friendship group

  • Charlotte Aimee
    Charlotte Aimee 2 days ago



    Haaaaa gayyyyyu

  • Family Halona
    Family Halona 3 days ago


  • Family Halona
    Family Halona 3 days ago +1

    Awwww~ ;3
    I'm gay too
    (I'm. Girl)
    I walk back like


  • Molly Te Grotenhuis
    Molly Te Grotenhuis 3 days ago

    queen on the magazine he was showing is my favorite band what is wrong with Freddy

  • Baby Sombra
    Baby Sombra 3 days ago

    James Charles who?

  • Valamor Greenleaf
    Valamor Greenleaf 3 days ago

    The title I thought it was... Uhhh forget it I was so pissed when I saw it .... Ha I need a chill pill..

  • Emma Crabb
    Emma Crabb 3 days ago

    Honestly you didn't "save" him. He can be gay that's literally an unchangeable thing. I just find it offensive.

    • Paris 54
      Paris 54 2 days ago +1

      Watch the video. I thought that too but it literally has nothing to do with making him straight.

  • Breeze The Golden pikachu


    p.s technically he isnt gay he is bi

  • Max Imum
    Max Imum 3 days ago

    OK so you didn't save him. You only consolidated him in his weakness and vice.

  • HP Sauce
    HP Sauce 3 days ago +1

    About half of these comments are people saying this:
    Daughter: dad I’m gay
    Daughter 2: me too
    Dad: does anyone in this house like boys?
    Son: I do

  • Jessica VanGorder
    Jessica VanGorder 3 days ago

    If you live in England you could have gone on the Titanic

  • ramin arb
    ramin arb 3 days ago

    I have a gay classmate and he insist to give me a blowjob . I said no many times.he offered me 50 bucks last time.i don’t understand why he did do like this. But 50 $ solicits me a little😂. What should i do!is doing this makes me gay?

  • sin:
    sin: 3 days ago

    the title is waaaayy too misleading.

  • McFlee
    McFlee 3 days ago

    I bet most of the people here are gay, I’m sorry.

    I thought the ending of this story was going to be the two people end up dating...but it was not 😔

  • MythicalWolf 122
    MythicalWolf 122 3 days ago

    Is this an anti-gay video

  • my_shoes_are_ purple

    Okay who the fuck wouldn’t let their kid listen to queen, that’s fucking child above right there

  • Shaelyn Morrison
    Shaelyn Morrison 4 days ago +6

    Me: *sees video that's gay*
    Sister: "well that's gay"
    Me: *clicks it because it's gay*
    Sister: "just because you're gay doesn't mean you should watch every gay video on the planet"
    Me: "watch me."

  • Ricks Ameisen
    Ricks Ameisen 4 days ago

    yeah seems legit

  • Xyla Pevensie
    Xyla Pevensie 4 days ago

    but why would there even be a picture??

  • Lol B O I
    Lol B O I 4 days ago +6

    "He's not gay"
    "Prove it"
    "Im pregnant"

  • Introvert Star
    Introvert Star 4 days ago

    The girl did the right thing by saving her friend by kissing

  • Andy Zhao
    Andy Zhao 4 days ago

    Anyone know what "bisexuality" is?

  • Teagy poo land
    Teagy poo land 4 days ago

    You feeling it now Mr.krabs???You feeling it now Mr.krabs?????

  • Sydney Davis
    Sydney Davis 5 days ago +1

    The only thing that might annoy me with gay guys is that if they are hot af or I like them then I can’t date them 😂

  • loli desu ne
    loli desu ne 5 days ago

    this would have been so based if it was saving the gay friend from homosexuality with a kiss lolor. too bad it wasn't

  • Wubangbang Gaming
    Wubangbang Gaming 5 days ago +3

    he is not gay and also did you marry him?

  • pickle rick
    pickle rick 5 days ago +1

    YEEP hes a bottom

  • A J
    A J 5 days ago +5

    Meh name is Tyler and i was laughing so hard with my boyfriend bc were both gay too ❤️❤️❤️

  • kayyxx luvv33
    kayyxx luvv33 5 days ago +1

    is it just me or does anyone think this is the famous gay tyler from insta and tik tok ??

  • Lemonayyd Animates
    Lemonayyd Animates 5 days ago

    Gay Friend: My parents are coming!, save me pls!!
    Me: Ok, Ok ,Ok!!
    Parents: *Seeing their son with lipstick*
    Parents: *Gasp*...
    Me: *Kissed him*
    Gay friend: (WTF ARE YOU DOING!!?!?)
    Mom: He's growing up so fast.
    Mom: *Cries*
    Dad: Im proud of ya son!
    Gay friend: Thanks i gues?

  • Isabella Santos
    Isabella Santos 5 days ago


  • John Quimby
    John Quimby 5 days ago

    Damm it I thought he went straight, man thats disappointing

  • Mak_and _cheese
    Mak_and _cheese 5 days ago

    I really thought she was saying she saved him from being gay but in reality shes an amazing friend

  • Krysthea Casupanan
    Krysthea Casupanan 5 days ago

    i thought they were gonna end up together 💀

  • All Out Brawl Entertainment

    Woah That Whole Prove It Part From Dad Kinda Sounded Weird...

  • Buttercupfox
    Buttercupfox 6 days ago +3

    People using god as excuse for everything nowdays. Send mé a picture of hell XD
    These parents broke holy rule of not hurting and loveing. But what ever XD

  • wejosh94
    wejosh94 6 days ago

    Saved him?

  • Ashton Oconner
    Ashton Oconner 6 days ago

    This is bullshit

  • Retarded Retard
    Retarded Retard 6 days ago +11

    “I’m from England”

    *Speaks with American Accent*

  • Dyamondie Baby
    Dyamondie Baby 6 days ago +1

    Saw the title and already got mad 🤣 omg

  • The Gaming Sisters - Roblox

    I thought from the title that she turned a gay guy strait and was about to comment that the title shouldn't say "saved" but what she did was nice to help him with the parents situation

    UTSAV DEWAN 6 days ago

    Yet another incredible story

  • Krisi ._.
    Krisi ._. 6 days ago

    I helped my best friend to come out to his parents. Now I go out with him and his bf and it’s the best time we have :)