Islam is the world's fastest growing religion - BBC News

Islam could overtake Christianity as the world's biggest religion by 2070 according to the US-based Pew Research Center.

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Автор CertifiedTHUG ( назад)
I am from india and i am non muslim(HINDU) , i am happy hindu will be majority in india even in 2050,i guess this comment of mine will not be liked by some my muslim fellow from india ,but i am sorry to say when muslim population reaches 40% or above then there is no place for non-muslims and that is bitter truth for modern thinking muslim .Non muslim are harassed by radical muslims or imams or mullana when there people are in majority.But i am happy islam is growing but i am equally concerned too about my security of religion and beliefs like people around the world in europe and america are concerned!!! .My concern and other people concern have reason because everyone has seen the face of radical islam and it is horrible .Mostly Muslim countries from Pakistan to morocco where radicalization is booming so that make non muslim to feel unsecure about growing population of islam

Автор Peter M ( назад)
God help the rest of the world if this to be.

Автор RAYAN LAGUINDAB ( назад)
WE ARE 1.6B in this world . and only few are extremist. if we will sum it up its just 0.71% approximately only 300,000 people all around the world so why you hate the rest of us ?
we do believe as what you believe , the only difference is we did not changed the commandments given by god to ADAM , SOLOMON , JACOB , ABRAHAM , JESUS , TO MUHAMMAD. we perserve the revelation coming from god that he is ONE AND ONLY , HE HAS NO SON NOR PARTNERS , HIS THE EVER LIVING , THE KING OF ALL KINGS , THE MOST MERCIFUL "ÄLLAH"

go to your original bible without any translation , Jesus even mentioned his name when his on the Cross calling ËLI ELI SABATHAN meaning "GOD GOD WHY DID YOU FORSAKEN ME?"isnt it enough to conclude why Jesus is just a messenger and the real reason he is been sent is for us to BELIEVE there is GOD .

Автор MY Canal TV ( назад)
stupid man will be more!!

Автор European Identitarian ( назад)
Atheism will be even bigger by 2100.

Автор rabblerouser ( назад)
Trucks of peace!
Aloha snack bar!
Anyone who mocks KEK must perish! There is but one true KEK, and Pepe is his prophet!
Peas be upon you.
Salami lick'em, lick'em salami.
May KEK bring'th thou LULZ!
Aloha snack bar my brothers!

Автор I'm who I'm ( назад)
Islam is not a religion is just another Dictatorship Political Party ! Search for Sharia In YourTube.

Автор Daemonlinks ( назад)
So tell us BBC  - Do you always defend MUSLIMS because they rape little underage girls just like BBC staff do - So you relate to them - Is that your problem BBC?

Автор junaid syed ( назад)
Muslims are already in large numbers

Автор McFartpants ( назад)
Do as the Serbs did to the Muslims, take their entire family out of their home line them up in their front yard and do it to them !

Автор Monarchist 18 ( назад)
I wish the BBC would be more friendly towards Christianity instead of attacking it.

Автор zubis star ( назад)
islam is best, i am so proud of being muslims , i love my religion, i just love my religion, but i also respect other religions as well because we muslims are commanded not to say bad things about other people's religion 😊☺😊

Автор BARCA FCB ( назад)
Prophet Muhammad’s Last Sermon: A Final Admonition Beloved Prophet Muhammad, may the mercy and blessings of God be upon him, was
born in Mecca, Saudi Arabia circa 570 C.E.  He is an example for all of
humanity.  He was a remarkable man at all times.  He excelled in all walks of
life by being a prophet, ruler, orator, soldier, husband, friend, father,
uncle, nephew, and a grandfather.  He was a man of love, patience, courage,
wisdom, generosity, intelligence and magnitude who inspired millions of lives
throughout the world.

God says in the Quran that he was sent as a mercy for
the people of the world.

"We sent thee not save as a mercy for the peoples." (Quran 21:107)

His Prophetic Mission began at the age of forty, circa 610
C.E., and continued until 632 C.E.  From the path of ignorance, mankind was
lead to the straight path and was blessed with the guidance of God.

Shortly before his death, Prophet Muhammad delivered a sermon
during the Hajj, which came to be known as his "Final Sermon".  This
final sermon was not only a reminder to his followers, but also an important
admonition.  The final sermon confirms the end of his Prophetic Mission.

Year 10 A.H.  of the Islamic Calendar is considered to
be one of the most significant years for three reasons.  Firstly, this was the
year when the Prophet delivered his Last Sermon during his farewell pilgrimage
to Mecca.  Secondly, this was the year where a number of deputations came to the
Prophet to announce their Islam as well as their tribes.  Thirdly, it was the
golden period of Islam when multitudes of people embraced the faith by
accepting the message of the Prophet.

Prophet Muhammad undertook his farewell pilgrimage in the
year 10 A.H.  His farewell pilgrimage to Mecca is one of the most significant
historical events in the minds of Muslims, for it was the first and last
pilgrimage made by Prophet Muhammad, as well as being the model for performing
the fifth pillar of Islam, the Hajj.

Prophet Muhammad’s final sermon was delivered during the
Hajj of the year 632 C.E., the ninth day of Dhul Hijjah, the 12th month
of the lunar year, at Arafat, the most blessed day of the year.  There were
countless Muslims present with the Prophet during his last pilgrimage when he
delivered his last Sermon.
The Final Sermon:

After praising, and thanking God, the Prophet, may the
mercy and blessings of God be upon him, said "O People, lend me an attentive
ear, for I know not whether after this year, I shall ever be amongst you again. 
Therefore, listen to what I am saying to you very carefully and take these
words to those who could not be present here today.

O People,
just as you regard this month, this day, this city as Sacred, so regard the
life and property of every Muslim as a sacred trust.  Return the goods
entrusted to you to their rightful owners.  Hurt no one so that no one may hurt
you.  Remember that you will indeed meet your Lord, and that He will indeed
reckon your deeds.  God has forbidden you to take usury (interest), therefore
all interest obligation shall henceforth be waived.  Your capital, however, is
yours to keep.  You will neither inflict nor suffer any inequity.  God has
Judged that there shall be no interest, and that all the interest due to Al-Abbas
ibn Abd’el Muttalib shall henceforth be waived...

Beware of
Satan, for the safety of your religion.  He has lost all hope that he will ever
be able to lead you astray in big things, so beware of following him in small

O People, it
is true that you have certain rights with regard to your women, but they also
have rights over you.  Remember that you have taken them as your wives only
under a trust from God and with His permission.  If they abide by your right
then to them belongs the right to be fed and clothed in kindness.  Do treat
your women well and be kind to them for they are your partners and committed
helpers.  And it is your right that they do not make friends with any one of
whom you do not approve, as well as never to be unchaste.

O People,
listen to me in earnest, worship God, perform your five daily prayers, fast
during the month of Ramadan, and offer Zakat.  Perform Hajj if you have the

All mankind
is from Adam and Eve.  An Arab has no superiority over a non-Arab, nor does a
non-Arab have any superiority over an Arab; a white has no superiority over a black,
nor does a black have any superiority over a white; [none have superiority over
another] except by piety and good action.  Learn that every Muslim is a brother
to every Muslim and that the Muslims constitute one brotherhood.  Nothing shall
be legitimate to a Muslim which belongs to a fellow Muslim unless it was given
freely and willingly.  Do not, therefore, do injustice to yourselves.

Remember, one
day you will appear before God and answer for your deeds.  So beware, do not
stray from the path of righteousness after I am gone.

O People, no
prophet or apostle will come after me, and no new faith will be born.  Reason
well, therefore, O people, and understand words which I convey to you.  I leave
behind me two things, the Quran and my example, the Sunnah, and if you follow
these you will never go astray.

All those who
listen to me shall pass on my words to others and those to others again; and it
may be that the last ones understand my words better than those who listen to
me directly.  Be my witness, O God, that I have conveyed your message to your

Thus the beloved Prophet completed his Final Sermon, and
upon it, near the summit of Arafat, the revelation came down:

"…This day have I perfected your religion for you, completed
My Grace upon you, and have chosen Islam for you as your religion…" (Quran 5:3)

Even today the Last Sermon of Prophet Muhammad is passed
to every Muslim in every corner of the world through all possible means of
communication.  Muslims are reminded about it in mosques and in lectures.  Indeed
the meanings found in this sermon are indeed astounding, touching upon some of
the most important rights God has over humanity, and humanity has over each
other.  Though the Prophet’s soul has left this world, his words are still living
in our hearts.

Автор Saying it direct ( назад)
its the religion of the devil. the praising of the moon god, the crescent and the rock in mecca which is the a meteor, aka the "fallen anglel"

Автор Chad B ( назад)
Once the word accepts that Islam is political as much as religious and that it promotes extremism--then it will be rejected. I just hope Islam does not destroy the world or kill too many people before then.

Автор Nicholas ( назад)
Praise be to Allah! Not even muslim. Just feel like trolling stupid rednecks.

Автор J A-thiest ( назад)
Jainism is the REAL religion of peace.
Look it up.

I am atheist btw but i respect Jainism.

Автор Gforce Majeure ( назад)
السَّلَامُ عَلَيْكُمْ
_salaam alaykum_
Peace. Praise be to God (_φ_), forever.

Автор igeto12 ( назад)
A much as I love the human race the majority of people in the world that appose Islam are white Christians/Atheists or agnostics, interesting. As I read these comments I know for a fact these people won't say it to a Muslim man's face but will of course say it to a Muslim woman's face and verbally abuse her (and those same poeple are also all about protecting womans rights from Islam and are being oppressed by Muslims).

Автор igeto12 ( назад)
A much as I love the human race the majority of people in the world that appose Islam are white Christians/Atheists or agnostics, interesting. As I read these comments I know for a fact these people won't say it to a Muslim man's face but will of course say it to a Muslim woman's face and verbally abuse her (and those same poeple are also all about protecting womans rights from Islam and are being oppressed by Muslims).

Автор SuN Empire ( назад)
This comment section is cancer!!! Should have been disabled.

Автор Micheal Jackson ( назад)
The queen of England is German and her husband is Danish

Автор Bill Smith ( назад)
Islam is not a religion. It is an ideology. smh

Автор KUSHAGRA YADAV ph15c014 ( назад)
I will leave earth.

Автор Krieg The Psycho ( назад)
Of course Islam is a religion of peace... Muslims have flown planes into buildings, bombed airports, flattened people on a beach and recently ran over a bunch of people on a bridge... How loving of them...

Автор ALi Khodaei ( назад)
Many people who are against Islam have not gone beyond few minutes Wikipedia pages.
Go and talk to Muslims. Go and see their tradition, culture and places of worship.
What to take for this journey (which can be to a mosque just near your house)?
A backpack of impartiality, realism and respect!

Автор Sofia Maquengo ( назад)
BBC> Big Black Cancer

Автор Beverly Huttinger ( назад)
The only people who join Islam are people who are fucked up in the head, seriously!

Автор Rona Dawar ( назад)
SO WHAT????!!! this is so irrelevant.

Автор Rollo Duke of Normandy ( назад)
Stop promoting these garbage nonsensical ideologies. The sooner we abandon these fictitious fairytales the better, thus we'll be able to progress as a society.

Автор Paige Muller ( назад)
Why is the growth of a religion news aka "new". I think someone is accidentally letting slip their Islamophobia here... whoops.

Автор WwkvvWxxkkvWwxkxwvvWVXvvWxk ( назад)
Way sooner than that!

Автор Cheekypop ( назад)
Why do idiot white people just sit by and watch while foreign races, foreign religions and foreign cultures outpace them in their own countries?

Автор kornburg14 ( назад)
it is fast growing religious, because their damm high birth rate

Автор eric brown ( назад)
Fight back

Автор Jess Araujo ( назад)
Guys stop being so bigoted!

Stop judging a whole religion based on it's millions of bad apples who want us all dead!

Автор the dude ( назад)
BBC talking shit again ,

Автор Geordie Boi ( назад)
islam is evil fight back

Автор xibra10 boxing game ( назад)
Allah is the greatest

Автор Donald Flunk ( назад)
1. 80% christians Commenting- Our religion is better we bomb your mosques because you do horrible things
2. No muslims commenting on christians knowing that will spread more hatred
3. 20% christians spreading nonsense

Автор Infomation Distribution ( назад)
Pizzgate BBC Scum, start telling the truth bout what's going on in the world.
Stop covering up human sex trafficking crimes against Children.
If you can't defend your self we know why.

Автор Mazin X ( назад)
Hypocrites disliked this video, LMAO

Автор Shaykh Abu Ahmed al-Kafiristani ( назад)
BBC is russophobe ans islamophilic, yet retarded mooslims claim the media is against Islam....

anyways 50% of muslims in the third world are illiterates. How can they understand the book and accept Islam if they can't read ?

Автор News 24/7 Chanel ( назад)
Islam is the world's fastest growing religion???

Автор Gilbert Plays ☆ #1 Gaming Channel ( назад)
This is what happens when the west doesn't grow their populations.

Автор Don Corleone ( назад)
BBC , if you think we don't understand what you are trying to do you are underestimating our intelligence.

Автор John Howard ( назад)
So it appears that they do it by killing the kuffar. Very ingenious. What will they think of next? Fly planes into buildings?

Автор shaunm1963 ( назад)
islam will take over Christianity, because it is being allowed to. And when it does, the islamic/mohamedan apologists will be beheaded just as fast as those that refuse the call of allah. The world is being plunged into a nightmare that we will never recover from.

Автор LokiV ( назад)
religion of peace ? I think not action speaks loader than words!

Автор Cesar Rodriguez ( назад)
I can not support a religion in which his prophet was a pedophile and murderer.

I don't believe in Islam, but Muslims ,what can I do to help spread Islam so we can reduce 2070 to 2032

Автор Tyler Bush ( назад)
Starting to hope that global warming burns the world before too long.

Автор Anton Grandien ( назад)
Cancer grows fast too...guess islam and cancer have more than one thing in common

Автор Vlad Dracoson ( назад)
Yep, and sacrificing the lives of Londoners in worship of it is England's fastest growing religious activity.

Автор 顾敏俊 ( назад)

Автор Zombie Holocaust ( назад)
The BBC must today be feeling so proud for publicly supporting muslim fundamentalists and their open hatred of western society. All you UK licence fee payers must be so glad you paid that licence fee....

Автор Bartek Malon ( назад)
Islam is cancer.

Автор Areej Alward ( назад)
Die haters

Автор Logically Brainwashed ( назад)
Beautifully timed propaganda piece. Maybe the religion of peace can provide more deadly vehicles and knives to spread their magnificent cult.

Автор Waqas Hasan ( назад)
Chill out guys, why do you sound SO bothered with this research?
Just rewind yourself two decades back, no one used to care which religion is spreading
faster. That all started after 9/11.
I always wonder if Islam is the base of all this mess that
is happening for last two decades then why we see that since 9/11 almost 80-90%
victims of terror attacks across the globe are Muslims and Muslim countries!
If you compare casualties of last two decades (provided the
fact that 80-90% of them are Muslims), its nothing against the World War 2 casualties,
where almost 60 million people were killed in just 6-years and those were
mostly Christens and Jews that were killed by Christens and Jews.
Despite all those cheap tactics by so called “Islamic Activists”,
to defame Islam, if Islam is still spreading fast across the globe then this is only
because Muslims are deeply connected with their religion and Holy Book. If you
want Christianity and Judaism or even any other religion spreading that fast,
you have to understand and follow what your religion ask you to do. And one
thing is for sure that every religion must ask its believers to respect other
religions and believes.

So, just be relaxed, happy and follow your believes... :)

Автор MrOmega1987 ( назад)
I am Catholic love and Peace to all,We are all gods people.I pray for those at Westminster keep them safe,Which i just heard on Sky news there was a terror attack .God rest there souls the people that died 3/22/2017.

Автор Matthew Whittenham ( назад)
Fake news, this is propaganda . meanwhile today in the name of this vile religion more people killed and injured.

Автор masterplan54 ( назад)
Islam is the only truth in this world

Автор Random loopfze sh!t achieve ( назад)
growing fast little by little will become as bug or bigger in 2070 well... isn't that fast ,but I mean fast enough I guess

Автор Nebulous1982 ( назад)
Watch the documentary ISLAMICA on youtube and know the truth about Islam.

Автор SPQR Digo ( назад)
Islam is a mentally sickness.

Автор Max Lake ( назад)
I for one can't wait for the UK to become a Muslim country and all the women in traditional Islamic dress the men as kings. Allah Akbar! Sharia law will bring us tranquillity and an end to the base behaviours of the west. It's tough love but sometimes that is necessary to teach the children when they have gone against the wishes of god.

Автор Ming Chun H ( назад)
So what

Автор Mountain Dew ( назад)
non religious believers will always be the largest population on earth, more than 3,8 Bn people will not believe in any religion by 2020

Автор Prakash Adepu ( назад)
Average number of kids to Muslim families is much higher than other religion families. That shows the reason why !!!

Автор al bugnfront ( назад)
Islam is growing and evil is growing....well DUH!

Автор pappy hayes ( назад)
Islam is not a religion, it is a sick twisted cult. Anyone that believes and follows it is a sick twisted individual. It needs to be outlawed and eradicated .

Автор Phil Dobson ( назад)
*_Quran 31: 37  "Allah commanded Muhammad to marry his cousin  Zaynab"_*
Many children from these cousin marriages either dies in infancy or develops a serious life-threatening disability.

These include blindness, deafness, blood ailments such as sickle cell anaemia, heart or kidney failure, lung or liver problems and myriad complex *neurological or brain disorders.*

Even their healthy children have a one in four chance of being a carrier of a defect, with terrible implications for the next generation.

The problem is most serious in Bradford. A recent survey of 1,100 pregnant women in the city showed that *70% have husbands who are first cousins* — a higher percentage than the average of 50%  among Pakistani Muslims across the whole of Britain.

Every person carries some abnormal genes, but most children don’t have a defect because one of their unrelated parents passed on a normal gene which overrules the abnormal one.
Obviously *_a close relative parent  will have the same abnormal gene meaning no normal gene to override the abnormal one_*

Islamic Clerics teach Muslims to regard commands from Allah to Mohammed as Written in the Quran commands to all Muslims which is *allegedly why it is considered honour killing to kill daughters who refuse cousin marriage.*

Intelligent daughters not wanting the high risk of children being born with genetic diseases?

Love is nature's way of guiding us to a suitable partner as the ‘chemistry’ happens when people have different strengths resulting in strong & intelligent children with loving happy parents.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1394119/Its-time-confront-taboo-First-cousin-marriages-Muslim-communities-putting-hundreds-children-risk.html#ixzz3x9CB

Автор Triglav ( назад)
Watch out for Russian pancakes lads, I heard it is the biggest evil in the BBC universe.

Автор GDION ( назад)
Go to Hell BBC, you used to stand for so much more. The pinnacle of the empire and British society. Trustworthy, punctual, and high quality. Now? Buzzfeed-styled videos done by a bunch of ultra-left-wing university girls (probably foreign), and controlled by Jewish / Marxist / Foreign influence. You are disgrace and openly advocate for our destruction.

Автор Aditi Kaur ( назад)
Interesting and how many Christian. Jews, Hindus,sikhs,Buddhist in Arab countries?

Автор donald johnson ( назад)
Deodorant sales will definitely drop over time, then.

Автор The Dark Wolf ( назад)
Wait? People STILL believe in God?
I must be living in the past.

Автор Tin Man Bigfoot research ( назад)
Not True, just propaganda of a different sound...

Автор Adam Foster ( назад)
Islam will bring peace to us all as the prophet Muhammad said, Islam is a great and who ever doesn't follow it is blind and should be forced to change even if that means killing him, Allah loves u all

Автор Kylo_Ren _08843 ( назад)
Yes, BBC. And Judaism is the world's smartest religion (e.g. compare the number of Jewish Nobel Prize winners vs Muslim Nobel Prize winners (even though Jews are a tiny minority compared to Muslims). Christianity fares very well in that regard too. They're both way ahead of Islam here. But of course you don't fawn over Christianity or Judaism like you do with Islam.

Автор Günter nazim ( назад)
if you count the number of christians who practice their religion you would find less than the current number of muslims in the world , if not how do the christian population grow if their womens are religious sisters :D

Автор Виталий Зубец ( назад)

Автор sebb sibb ( назад)
This should have a horror-themed soundtrack.

Автор Benny Romero ( назад)
Once Allahs Apostle became sick and could not offer his prayer (Tahajjud for two or three nights the wife of Abu Lahab came and said O Muhammad I think that your Satan has Forsaken you , for I have not seen him with you 93.1-3 Sahih Al Bukhari vol, 6 book 60, Also Muhammad said that Allah was the best of all deceiver, But Jesus said that the Devil is the best deceiver.

Автор Fake News Watch ( назад)
It's an Outrage people are forced to pay License fees for this Fake Stuff

Автор Kyle Sya ( назад)
With a little help from it's friends!

Автор JDredbull ( назад)
well ya know the road to hell is wide for a reason

Автор Helga Hufflepuff ( назад)
Christianity > ISLAM
Judaism > ISLAM

Автор Helga Hufflepuff ( назад)
I don't mind islam as long as it stays quarantined in the middle east. Just don't bring it to Europe. (And stop playing that zen background music like its something beautiful and pretty).

Автор Nick Pernet ( назад)
Yes and i am sure that the bbc relish that fact, also your coverage of the death of a child killer and your odious attempts at trying to portray him as some kind of hero are disgusting beyond belief.
The sooner this retched and vile organisation stops receiving public funding the better.

Автор Silly Allen ( назад)
This isn't a good thing you fuckin morons bbc.

Автор Uvuvwevwevwe Onyetenyevwe Ugwemahwem Osas ( назад)
พวกนี้ประชากรเยอะ แต่ไร้คุณภาพมาก555

Автор EZRAHURA ( назад)

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