This New PRO Bassist Challenged ME to a BASS BATTLE

  • I challenged bassists on Fiverr to an EPIC Bass Battle...
    a new PRO bass player has arrived. So a challenge was inevitable.
    Battle with me:
    Fiverr bass players:

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Comments • 80

  • Davie504
    Davie504  2 months ago +14337

    Watch all the video, don’t skip or your pp = small

    • layla p 23i ro wieiwiiekdididiot
      layla p 23i ro wieiwiiekdididiot 3 hours ago

      My pp is like ŒŒ

    • Kiwi Drumcovers
      Kiwi Drumcovers Month ago

      When are you gonna react to the community battle videos? Still waiting for it.

    • Vynil wave
      Vynil wave Month ago

      I would but I'm still trying to learn my bass

    • William Minyard
      William Minyard 2 months ago

      I want your approval to breathe. P.S. Please hurry!!

    • Pronchonche
      Pronchonche 2 months ago

      Dafuk you think you are ? Only one dude in the world has the power to know the pp of everyone.

  • BadassMods
    BadassMods 44 minutes ago


  • John Doe
    John Doe 2 hours ago


  • Freakland Warrior
    Freakland Warrior 3 hours ago

    Can I play bass mr bass god?

  • bino p.
    bino p. 3 hours ago

    Stronzo sarai tu...🤨

  • Brad Johnson
    Brad Johnson 5 hours ago

    I thought the secret bass player would be Flea or Les Claypool, or something.

  • Naresh Madhur
    Naresh Madhur 5 hours ago

    138!!! @Davie you lose!!!!!

  • David Vaughn
    David Vaughn 9 hours ago

    As soon as I learn to play epicc bass I will join the challenge.... now where do I buy talent at?

  • Ellen Ooms
    Ellen Ooms 11 hours ago

    Next meme music oneslipman intro

  • Alessandro Casini
    Alessandro Casini 12 hours ago


  • Fernie Boy619
    Fernie Boy619 14 hours ago

    Bassist #8 killed

  • Zio_Vlad
    Zio_Vlad 18 hours ago +1

    Se sei un italiano, scrivi un commento, STRONZO! Grande davie 504 dalla toscana :)

  • ZakBarbz Dude
    ZakBarbz Dude 20 hours ago

    Pls challenge Filipino bassist karrel honasan :)

  • Manuel tuna
    Manuel tuna 21 hour ago

    Minchia davie viviamo a 50 km di distanzia, ho commentato solo perché mi hai obbligato. STRONZO.

  • Raven Vitale
    Raven Vitale Day ago

    Y did I assume Davie was gonna go head to head with Flea

  • Hebert Games
    Hebert Games Day ago

    Im from brazil

  • Javier Maldonado


  • thaíssa r
    thaíssa r Day ago

    just remembered to leave a comment

  • Commie The Frog
    Commie The Frog Day ago

    He lost the bass battle a few times but is charismatic enough to keep his channel rocking. Like, its obvious when he lost.

  • Mortyless Rick
    Mortyless Rick Day ago

    128 killed it

  • Matt Worley
    Matt Worley Day ago

    Davie, would it be ok if I played bass?

  • Xraid
    Xraid Day ago

    i dont have permission pls help me my skills are down now

  • Esco Royalty
    Esco Royalty Day ago

    128 guy was real good

  • Romain Verneyre
    Romain Verneyre Day ago


  • RAIJIN 01
    RAIJIN 01 Day ago

    Not epico, it's yourself. Not. Epico.

  • rovin james nalica

    78 USD dollars?😂🤣

  • Joe Diaz
    Joe Diaz Day ago

    Didn't mention Finger Tapping technique, or alternate picking on 128. Wooten would be ashamed.

  • Chalo On Da Track

    $128 guy

  • Alex Rogers
    Alex Rogers Day ago

    Davie504 may I play the bass?

  • John parker
    John parker Day ago

    $128 guy

  • amin khormaei
    amin khormaei Day ago


  • Marco De Giorgi
    Marco De Giorgi 2 days ago

    Sono italiano ma tu nu strunz!! 😉🤣

  • Andrew Guiant
    Andrew Guiant 2 days ago

    May I play bass please... just for personal enjoyment.

  • Hilbert_not_Dilbert
    Hilbert_not_Dilbert 2 days ago

    128 guy

  • Growmiez Homiez
    Growmiez Homiez 2 days ago

    128 guy for sure!

  • Giorgio Sacco
    Giorgio Sacco 2 days ago

    Ma perché ca**o?mininsulti😭

  • Julie Šodková
    Julie Šodková 2 days ago

    128 guy

  • Sandor Z.
    Sandor Z. 2 days ago

    128 eu guy the best

  • Isabela Spinelli
    Isabela Spinelli 2 days ago

    Im not italian but imma leave a coment :)

  • Jose Tirado
    Jose Tirado 2 days ago

    1 and 8 were best

  • Robert Watson
    Robert Watson 2 days ago

    128 not close

  • Artur Tyran
    Artur Tyran 2 days ago

    €128,26 - Master!!!
    ...after you of course ;)

  • Raul Gupta
    Raul Gupta 2 days ago

    I’m italian

  • Atmos Tech
    Atmos Tech 2 days ago +1

    Charles' part was insane and I really like Davie505's part. Those dead notes really made that groove.

  • Ancient Watchman
    Ancient Watchman 3 days ago

    The $128 was Epic!

  • Paul Stock
    Paul Stock 3 days ago

    $128 is Epic

  • Alex Sha
    Alex Sha 3 days ago

    Can never fully watch he's videos cause my pp small

  • Saquib Ahmad
    Saquib Ahmad 3 days ago


  • Ben Clark
    Ben Clark 3 days ago

    he slapp, he tapp... but most importantly he slapp like

  • Ricky Montero
    Ricky Montero 3 days ago +1

    When I got to the "if you are italian" part, I laughed my a*s off when he said stro*zo

  • Antonio D. Merani
    Antonio D. Merani 4 days ago

    scacco matto Davide!

  • Ernesto Donatucci
    Ernesto Donatucci 4 days ago

    I came here for the bass, I stayed for the fight and I left for the obviousness of the mysterious performer. Slap you twice!!!

  • Edo-chan
    Edo-chan 4 days ago

    Un commento.

  • roberto
    roberto 4 days ago

    128eu >

  • eqwes w
    eqwes w 4 days ago

    shroud also good playing bass

  • Jeffry Battleburger
    Jeffry Battleburger 4 days ago +1

    Giornos theme

  • Richard Gosney
    Richard Gosney 5 days ago

    Number 8 all day.

  • blasterofdesaster123


  • JJgam3rPro
    JJgam3rPro 5 days ago


  • Tigger Booth
    Tigger Booth 5 days ago

    Daaang Charles solo in this one was tight on this one.

  • Will Prifogle
    Will Prifogle 5 days ago

    You're *

  • Kenneth Christensen
    Kenneth Christensen 5 days ago

    First off. The best one has to be the one at 128.26. Second I recon that for anyone to actually "try" to battle you the need to 1. ofc not use a picc (not epic) and 2. Play a 4 string bass rather than 5+

  • kaminznanna
    kaminznanna 6 days ago

    128 was sick!!

  • Irie Culture
    Irie Culture 6 days ago

    sei un grande

  • Northwest Audio Event DJs


  • Real Music
    Real Music 6 days ago

    128 not even close

  • Caeden Mctigue
    Caeden Mctigue 6 days ago


  • Itom - tom
    Itom - tom 6 days ago


  • Creivlog
    Creivlog 6 days ago

    Al "Se sei italiano scrivi un commento, stronzo!" sono morto. OMG

  • Dale Richardson
    Dale Richardson 6 days ago

    Davie 504 can u plz give me permission to play the bass

  • tigox brata
    tigox brata 7 days ago


  • Doraemon FanClub
    Doraemon FanClub 7 days ago

    128 guy

  • Bruteshoulders
    Bruteshoulders 7 days ago

    No.8 was the best my friend

  • Rich Light
    Rich Light 7 days ago

    Bassist number 8 kicked ass . Davies on the ropes in this video 😂🤣

  • Rich Light
    Rich Light 7 days ago

    Did Davie just back out of a battle???? What's that smell? It's like a mix of fear and vagina ...... never thought one of Davies videos would smell like that.

  • Aleksander Wagen
    Aleksander Wagen 7 days ago

    Btw, pick has the same pronounciation as "pikk" in Norwegian, which is a slang word for PP

  • Kingshipisme 656
    Kingshipisme 656 8 days ago

    Can I please play bass? I’m even learning how to slap.

  • Kevin Foresti
    Kevin Foresti 8 days ago

    Ciao Stronzo ho preso a sberle quel mi piace.

  • Myron Alcock
    Myron Alcock 8 days ago

    54 & 128 killed it. The rest...not as much

  • 26 Chale
    26 Chale 8 days ago +1

    Slap 🅱️🅰️SS