james charles FAKED paparazzi at the airport?

  • Published on May 15, 2019
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  • Yana Sinz
    Yana Sinz 2 months ago +52419

    I live in Brisbane, and can testify that we don’t have paparazzi standing around at the airport 😂

    • Draggedupmakeup
      Draggedupmakeup 9 days ago

      hahahahah. i wish i was in a world where qantas flight attendants cared about us lol

    • Draggedupmakeup
      Draggedupmakeup 9 days ago


    • Draggedupmakeup
      Draggedupmakeup 9 days ago

      i don’t live in brisbane i live in melbourne but literally nobody waits right there and with a british accent for australia

    • ItsSho vey
      ItsSho vey Month ago +1


    • Evie _Samantha
      Evie _Samantha Month ago

      8cherryberry LMFAOOOOO

  • Jadyn Ryan
    Jadyn Ryan 4 days ago +1

    This is bull shit I loved the meet and greet and he has learnt his lessons. Leave the poor thing alone

  • Buttsmatoten Matoten

    He looks so fucking young without makeup what- I am actually kinda shook about than all this drama lol 😂😃 Still nice tea tho

  • Draggedupmakeup
    Draggedupmakeup 9 days ago

    i just remembered that literally nobody here ( australia ) gave fuck all about the drama 😂 this was all for some clout 😂😂😂

  • Anika Dua
    Anika Dua 19 days ago

    I watch this video when I need to laugh so thank you uwu ❤️

  • Sabina Thompson
    Sabina Thompson 21 day ago +1

    No one:
    Literally no one:
    Not a living being on this planet:
    Not a single soul in this galaxy:
    James: wOmP woMp WoMp aeaeaeaaaaaahhh

  • LaGeekBa
    LaGeekBa 23 days ago

    Youre just bullying him, this video is desperately sad.

  • Robby Siahaan
    Robby Siahaan 26 days ago

    Memang jahat2 kali orang2 amerika ini ya.. ada yg sukak purak2.. ada sukak perek2..

  • Cassie LeAnne
    Cassie LeAnne 29 days ago

    I feel like the website has been down since the whole other fiasco started

  • omq mia
    omq mia 29 days ago

    i think his lies is full coverage

  • Teddy
    Teddy Month ago


  • bang bel
    bang bel Month ago

    Is it just me cause james looked more manly when he is at the airport??

  • Expired Edits
    Expired Edits Month ago +2

    We all know you used imovie for this intro, don't lie 😅

  • ItsSho vey
    ItsSho vey Month ago +3

    Person: James did you fake those paparazzi?

    James: No...I'M a CeLeBrItY

  • Axel Voss
    Axel Voss Month ago

    who else hoped Makarov would pop up?

  • Pollinator
    Pollinator Month ago +1

    This is cringe af. Wether it was real or not, he's just ignoring the guy like Kylie Jenner or some other bitch does. Like sister, chill you are just a fucking teenager who does makeup.

    • LaGeekBa
      LaGeekBa 23 days ago

      Just bcuz he's not Kylie Jenner doesn't mean he has to respond To anyone -____-

  • Kai Lee
    Kai Lee Month ago

    for that last twitter post about the stilettos, I actually wear them and take them off when I’m gonna sleep 😅

  • Hufflepuff Honey
    Hufflepuff Honey Month ago

    Next he's probably gonna pay someone to punch him for attention

  • Alexia Yap
    Alexia Yap Month ago

    I live in Brisbane and honestly no one is excited to just have a new shop open. Like he should’ve expected it

  • Gabi Boninni S.
    Gabi Boninni S. Month ago +3

    I'm not a James Charles’s fan, I have not liked him since long before this scandal but I have to say that this shit you're doing w him is disgusting, you're bullies, you're mean just for fun WTF
    C’mon get a life

  • Lily Barany
    Lily Barany Month ago

    I went to the pop up store and it was full.

  • iiCookieGachha .exeii

    James starts singing womp womp womp eyeyeyeyayaea one like equals one earplug

  • iiCookieGachha .exeii


  • Jalaya Lovelace
    Jalaya Lovelace Month ago

    when you started walking i died

  • Yes Daddy
    Yes Daddy Month ago

    I love how no one was there they as I don’t want yo nasty crusty dusty sweatshirts PERIODTTTTT

  • Andy Morris
    Andy Morris Month ago

    I do NOT know this so-called “James Charles”, but I CANNOT STAND HIM!!!!

  • ur mom
    ur mom Month ago

    I love how he thinks he is famous like nope your just a youtuber

  • Beep Boop
    Beep Boop Month ago

    The paparazzi was not just standin in the airport. It all had been planned. The company where the paparazzi is from tries to gather info where James' flight is. Companies research before sending their people. Please think wise before saying shit.

  • Beep Boop
    Beep Boop Month ago

    The paparazzi was not just standin in the airport. It all had been planned. The company where the paparazzi is from tries to gather info where James' flight is. Companies research before sending their people. Please think wise before saying shit.

  • heidha Björk
    heidha Björk Month ago


  • CrystalClown96
    CrystalClown96 Month ago

    I bet those mannequins are straight.

  • nora the noodle
    nora the noodle Month ago +1

    *fake breathes*

    FBI OPEN UP. Month ago


  • Leilany Baeza
    Leilany Baeza Month ago


  • Valeria Romero
    Valeria Romero Month ago +27

    James: I'm going to fake a paprazzi so I look bitchy and professional ignoring him
    Fans: *notice about the fake paparazzi and drag him to filth*
    James: And I oop-

  • Jungkook Oppa
    Jungkook Oppa Month ago +1

    He is only a human

  • Mochi Bean
    Mochi Bean Month ago

    His store was so-- empty
    I’d wait until I had more merch to make a store. Or colas with another store

  • Martina Martins
    Martina Martins Month ago

    Unsub James Charles. I'm so tired watching him..

  • Austin Shelton
    Austin Shelton Month ago

    I’m glad everyone else is finally getting annoyed by him. Hearing “hey sisters” once is more than enough

  • Daniella
    Daniella Month ago

    ugh I almost feel bad for how horrible his common sense is lol

  • Sara Is Strange
    Sara Is Strange Month ago


  • Eue Ah
    Eue Ah Month ago

    Are you serious ? Where is the end, please?

  • Moon children listening To Agust D in Hope world

    I physically and spiritually cringed when he “WoMp WoMp!!! YeAh yEaHhhh!!”

  • Baylasan Baylasan
    Baylasan Baylasan Month ago +1

    1:09 😂😂😂😂💔 I can't stop laughing

  • Just a person with the name Kevin


  • Shimo Yuu
    Shimo Yuu Month ago

    so why people still subscribe to him?

  • Grayzerz
    Grayzerz Month ago +23

    James: LoOOk at aLlL The WrItiong womp WoOMp
    James now: no cares ur career is chomp chomp

  • Devil Deer
    Devil Deer Month ago

    oh no that womp womp womp..

  • Elley's World
    Elley's World Month ago +1

    Awww he hired 1 paparazzi 😂😂

  • Ooh-La-La ALDC
    Ooh-La-La ALDC Month ago +12

    *“iM A cElebRTiy.”*
    last time I checked celebrities had *REAL* paparazzi

  • TehEpicDuck
    TehEpicDuck Month ago

    James: *fake cries*
    James: *is that good*
    Editor: *its great! We just need to make it more realistic!*
    James : *no more!*
    Editor: *fine*
    Editor: *ends up with a bad way to edit the tati video*

  • JaclynHillsHairy Lipstick

    Never liked him and I've been telling ppl he's a phony
    Fan's fault for hyping him up

  • Vidalized MakeUp
    Vidalized MakeUp Month ago

    He will never end!

  • Mahhhearteu4567
    Mahhhearteu4567 Month ago

    James when will you ever learn

  • snatched sister
    snatched sister Month ago

    And I oop-

  • Inès Kabwit
    Inès Kabwit Month ago

    The intro 🤣

  • Brookelynn
    Brookelynn Month ago


  • oreo content
    oreo content Month ago

    Wait...how tho? There isn't real paparazzi?

  • Brett F.
    Brett F. Month ago

    Stevie Wonder can see that was staged.

  • Jack Townsend
    Jack Townsend Month ago

    This is stupid,people have found out that he’s going, daily mail have got there and he’s not answering so he doesn’t get crowded and everyone comes over

  • Bonnie 555
    Bonnie 555 Month ago +1

    Faked paparazzi more like faked his life

  • Rayanna Ramoutar
    Rayanna Ramoutar Month ago

    You tubers never talk to paparazzi (usually)

  • Siobhan Lawlor
    Siobhan Lawlor Month ago +1

    I have a question is james faking being gay. 'Cause if you look in the shots where the 'paparazzi' is asking questions. Where is the make-up and the 'cute clothes' with assless bottoms and the paparazzi is more then ONE person at the same time. Is this a sign that james is not actually gay?

  • Thecla Okwara
    Thecla Okwara Month ago

    Ok i don't hate this guy but i don't like him
    His voice and his singing is cringy
    I can't sing but i won't disgrace myself in public lyk dat.
    And pls dude can u talk moderately
    Nobody wants to or is fighting with u

  • Cat Mac
    Cat Mac Month ago

    Ok but it’s not the end cause now he’s on 15 Milli subs so???

  • Serena Tsukino
    Serena Tsukino Month ago

    Sadly, "influencers" have created this bubble that they live in, where they are living the fantasy, however it's not real. It's not real fame, not real friendships, not a real career. And it is so thin, that it can burst at any time, so they have to try so hard, otherwise they would not know how to face reality and live with themselves.

  • JenzieLife Girl
    JenzieLife Girl Month ago

    Ya'll r not updated😂

    MIGJY MUMBLE Month ago

    It wasn’t even a paparazzi it was a MOB OF THIRSTY FOR TEA PEOPLE
    ……huh…it is a paparazzi xd

  • iipink_sxgar yt
    iipink_sxgar yt Month ago

    plot twist. james is still more popular than jefree or tati. BECAUSE SISTER SQUAD 4 LIFE 💕😂

  • Brisa Ordonez
    Brisa Ordonez Month ago

    You to be maen