Five Nintendo Switch Games Coming This Week - GS News Update


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  • emissary44
    emissary44 Год назад

    Jesus is coming soon

  • Thomas Hughes
    Thomas Hughes Год назад

    Are you kidding? I won't finish Zelda for like a couple years. lol

  • pupper
    pupper Год назад

    Zelda machine. Until xmas. Then it becomes a zelda and mario machine.

  • crankyboiy
    crankyboiy Год назад

    wtf is this shit? a mobile device? zelda is worth getting the switch but common, nintendo needs to stop making mobile games on a nice console and get more quality games on it asap.

  • septillion2501
    septillion2501 Год назад

    So in other words, just a bunch of shit.

    • LaidBackVapers
      LaidBackVapers Год назад

      septillion2501 not at all! so,even fantastic games

  • tgrems tgrems
    tgrems tgrems Год назад

    I love the Nintendo switch but if Nintendo will not grow up and have more third party games like Zelda, then I am sorry to say the console will just be for a decoration. I can't buy a switch and be playing rubbish indie games that look like ancient games. Nintendo should have more new titles on third party games. I am sure if they do that, the switch sell more and more

  • Martin Moreno
    Martin Moreno Год назад

    Lol... I haven't even started Breath of the wild because I can't find a damn switch anywhere! they're sold out everywhere !

  • ThatMoutain
    ThatMoutain Год назад

    Um...The Binding of Isaac isnt on the e-Shop at all...not even in the upcoming games section....What the actual fuck.

    INGSOC Год назад

    apart from king of fighters, the rest of these games seem crap.

  • Matt
    Matt Год назад

    King of Fighters 94. What the actual fuck lol

  • Matthias Luke
    Matthias Luke Год назад

    I'm glad the comments reflect my thoughts exactly. These indie devs are complete shite.

  • 87agomes
    87agomes Год назад

    So... a bunch of 7th gen indie games for FULL PRICE. Its all the switch will have this week. $40 for Binding of Isaac Afterbirth? lol WHAT?!

  • flows30
    flows30 Год назад

    new game? i still have my Zelda to be finished and next month a new Persona arrived so i'll paused them for a while

  • Karim Selkridge
    Karim Selkridge Год назад +1

    KoF 94'.... waaaaaaaa 😀

    • Matt
      Matt Год назад

      lol that's what i said

    ANT-METAL Год назад

    Fucking phone games. Fuck off.

    • LaidBackVapers
      LaidBackVapers Год назад

      ANT-METAL 2 phones games not all sir

  • Sam Island
    Sam Island Год назад +3

    Enjoy mobile games and replaying old games.

    • kakashi san
      kakashi san Год назад

      nintendog fans goin to hunt u brother. be safe

  • Mark Maidens
    Mark Maidens Год назад

    Yeah I'm about 200 hours into Zelda definitely not done. Hyped as fuck for yooka laylee next month though

  • R Segwa
    R Segwa Год назад

    more shit

    • R Segwa
      R Segwa Год назад

      English...speak it.

    • LaidBackVapers
      LaidBackVapers Год назад

      Segwa R so,even are fantastic

  • timewarped2the80s
    timewarped2the80s Год назад +1


  • Lee McDaid - Donegal
    Lee McDaid - Donegal Год назад

    Will anybody ( not just the Switch ) be making games for people over the age of 13, and with an IQ slightly North of 80, any time soon?
    Or has gaming finally gone the way of the Film and Music industry?

    • LaidBackVapers
      LaidBackVapers Год назад

      Lee McDaid - Donegal many are coming stay tuned

  • Rafael Sanchez
    Rafael Sanchez Год назад


  • ForceEJ
    ForceEJ Год назад

    Man, people think on the internet that a week is like months for a console. That's is not how the real world work, there no point in releasing ever game at once since after that the rest of the year will be a drought. Many don't understand how business works and how stagnant game release is better than releasing everything at once.

  • andre brewer
    andre brewer Год назад

    Old Games all I see! I'm Glad I didn't drop $350 on a dry system not Worth having beside 1st party Games

    • LaidBackVapers
      LaidBackVapers Год назад

      andre brewer the switch is actually surprisingly fantastic

  • Jinsei Cast
    Jinsei Cast Год назад

    Even more if you look into the Japanese e-shop. Thank god it is region free.

  • Larry Smith
    Larry Smith Год назад +2

    Lmao... Binding of Isaac 40 bucks. On PC it's 15 for the base game and 10 for the expansion. That's €25. Nowhere near €40. What the fuck Nintendo?! Ultra Street Fighter 2 on the Switch costs as much as Street Fighter V... /facepalm

    • Jinsei Cast
      Jinsei Cast Год назад

      Aren't you forgetting one other expansion?

  • BastiaenAssassin
    BastiaenAssassin Год назад

    Finished with Breath of the Wild? Nope.

  • gtabro1337
    gtabro1337 Год назад

    AHAHAHAHAHAHAH finished with Zelda BotW, what kind of filthy narrow-minded straigh-line-walking casual pleb is finished with BotW in a week for fuck's sake stop asking dumb questions GameSpot

    • LaidBackVapers
      LaidBackVapers Год назад

      gtabro1337 it's not just been a week and it's possible actually

  • Alexandersiz
    Alexandersiz Год назад

    Nintendo are taking the piss with those indie game prices.

  • nintendolegoboy
    nintendolegoboy Год назад

    I still want to play with my "switch"...


    • LaidBackVapers
      LaidBackVapers Год назад

      nintendolegoboy just stating the obvious

    • nintendolegoboy
      nintendolegoboy Год назад

      LaidBackVapers Who asked you?


    • LaidBackVapers
      LaidBackVapers Год назад

      nintendolegoboy ummm....AOL not funny

  • UmaroXP
    UmaroXP Год назад

    Why does this guy sound like Will Ferrel doing Celebrity Jeopardy?

  • roger mawby
    roger mawby Год назад

    so basically still 1 game

    • LaidBackVapers
      LaidBackVapers Год назад

      roger mawby many more than just 1 game

  • hello world
    hello world Год назад +1

    switch would have been a joke with out Zelda launch...

  • HydroPolitoed
    HydroPolitoed Год назад

    Wtf 40$ for the binding of isaac WTF

  • ADucksOpinion
    ADucksOpinion Год назад

    wow 5 shit indie games..... my switch is gonna sit here till mariokart.. sad stuff

  • Concelhaut
    Concelhaut Год назад

    I've always wondered what Mat Paget looks like

  • beamslinger
    beamslinger Год назад

    "finished with breath of the wild" I'm 75 hours in and i'm far from finished...i only beat one divine beast and havent event discovered the entire map yet haha

  • Lediane Shimizu
    Lediane Shimizu Год назад


  • Sasukelover
    Sasukelover Год назад

    nothing nothing nothing nothing and nothing lol

  • Rui PTG
    Rui PTG Год назад

    Done? With Breath of The Wild? what does that mean?

  • Prince Vegeta
    Prince Vegeta Год назад

    $10 for mobile games? GTFOH

  • plausibly
    plausibly Год назад

    I like how people are getting on the hate bandwagon because these are indie titles. If you really just want a bunch of AAA titles, go buy a PS4 or Xbox One, they don't even cost as much as a Switch.

  • Lovelorn88 Nick
    Lovelorn88 Nick Год назад +1

    ummm... world of goo for $10???? i bought that on my cell phone for ALOT less a good few years back

    • CoFiCH -
      CoFiCH - Год назад +1

      Lovelorn88 Nick they added multiplayer to it.

  • Paul Lee
    Paul Lee Год назад +6

    switch should be marked "most well sold worst console ever made due to well advertisement"
    so after zelda there basically not much, the line up is underwhelming to vita level and this can be considered console!

    • OneSh0tLinkon
      OneSh0tLinkon Год назад

      Don't know :)

    • Paul Lee
      Paul Lee Год назад

      +OneSh0tLinkon​ more like I was frustrated by idiot who doesnt understand simple fact. Why would I be trigger for seeing idiot.

    • Paul Lee
      Paul Lee Год назад

      I knew I would have an attack of a fan boys :)

    • Manny Bobby
      Manny Bobby Год назад

      Paul Lee remember that probably a SWITCH line is going to be the Successor to the DS Line, so yeah the 3DS at first didn't have biggest lineup

    • B Purser
      B Purser Год назад +2

      +Paul Lee ps4 and Xb1 both launched with mostly ps3/xb360 ports waited a year for healthy 3rd party support. did you just forget all that??? or are you 10 years old and were not even old enough to know what the fuck you are talking about

  • Steven Goodman
    Steven Goodman Год назад +1

    finished botw? hehe .noo

  • Kentendo 64
    Kentendo 64 Год назад

    😂😂😂😂Are you about done with Zelda?
    😂😂😂😂 there is five new games
    😂😂😂😂I've bought all launch games and not touched them

    • plausibly
      plausibly Год назад

      what the hell is this comment

  • Jesse Huff
    Jesse Huff Год назад

    little infernos great but idk I was hoping for more than some ports.

  • gronkhfp
    gronkhfp Год назад +1

    im not even near to finish botw after 68hrs :) what a great game

  • NRGH89
    NRGH89 Год назад +2

    In this comment section: Nerds who demand AAA third party exclusives on a 2 week old, unproven, platform.

  • Elysium Strife
    Elysium Strife Год назад

    and I buy this games for 3 bucks each on pc.. Switch owners will get milked all the way with bad ports and indie games from 2014

  • SmilesNA
    SmilesNA Год назад +1

    Lol what are you talking about? The switch still only has 1 game worth buying.

  • Zakxp312
    Zakxp312 Год назад +2

    I really want to get a switch but it's sold out everywhere so I'm going to have to wait, hope it's worth it... BREATH OF THE WILD

  • kuribo04
    kuribo04 Год назад +2

    Zelda finished?? LOL

  • Xander Crease
    Xander Crease Год назад

    The Switch is such a cool idea! But it's best game (BotW) is already available on the Wii U. Still waiting for the Switch to make me want it, "Cell phone style" games aren't doing it for me. I know they can do better...but they wont.😖

  • Emperorwolffang
    Emperorwolffang Год назад

    Where are the games Nintendo? I'm not buying a console to play indie games that I can get cheaper on a laptop.

  • cyriptobi137
    cyriptobi137 Год назад +1

    Lol are we really celebrating these indie games that look like they belong on a phone coming to the switch?

  • Matt S
    Matt S Год назад

    Goo? I played that on my phone 5 years ago! Zelda handheld gimmick

  • TheGuruGame
    TheGuruGame Год назад


  • Blueucloud
    Blueucloud Год назад +21

    I can't believe Nintendo advertise with shit like "play it on the way to work" I don't fucking work anymore,I'm playing my switch all day lmao 😂

  • Dr VR
    Dr VR Год назад +4

    If these were on X box or Playstation no one would care but since it's Nintendo let's over hype them.What a joke the switch is.

    • LaidBackVapers
      LaidBackVapers Год назад

      Ahmed Fathy you have to be joking? I just sold my Xbox one its awful,it has no games as all games I can play on my is useless....there is no point in even having one as you might as well just get a pc LOL

    • giroliro3
      giroliro3 Год назад

      +Ahmed Fathy The reason the Xbox is a good media console is because media was the entire focus of the console. It was designed to be a ONE stop/all in one, media center that also plays video games. Hence the name Xbox One.
      The Switch will get Netflix, Hulu, and other things, but its not designed to be a media player. Also, saying the Switch has "no games, no controller, and bad servers..." shows how little you actually know about the console.
      For one, many people love the pro controller. For two, its only 2 weeks old, so you can't expect it to have a massive library already. For 3, the only real games that use multiplayer is Fast RMX and bomberman, and Fast RMX plays great on multiplayer, bomberman's server lag is being adressed by Konami. It has nothing to do with Nintendo's servers.

    • Ahmed Fathy
      Ahmed Fathy Год назад

      +LaidBackVapers no it is nintendo xbox is the best media and entertainment console nintendo is shit no games no media no controller shitty servers

    • LaidBackVapers
      LaidBackVapers Год назад

      DRL P to be honest the only joke is the xbox one

    • Zachary
      Zachary Год назад

      +DRL P I care because I love you and I want you to be happy as you spend money on game systems. I don't know what being a consumer has to do with this though. As a consumer you could just not consume?

  • PFT Burchell
    PFT Burchell Год назад +1

    Those 3rd party prices are really going to hurt sales.

  • サーベル
    サーベル Год назад

    Does game looks stupid smh and does games are already out in other console :/

  • Pedro Oliveira
    Pedro Oliveira Год назад +3

    Ahahahah even the PSPlus free games are better.

  • Siona know
    Siona know Год назад

    Nintendo games for that price! :(:(

  • MrJblazini
    MrJblazini Год назад

    No x5 BOTW only game worth buying imo

  • Siotame Palu
    Siotame Palu Год назад +3

    Lol here in Australia this shit would be at least $60 freakin bucks. Not to mention I paid $480 bucks for my switch so I don't wanna hear any complaining about prices lol

    • OneSh0tLinkon
      OneSh0tLinkon Год назад

      In Sweden i bought it for $453 (including Zelda though because the place i got it from had that as a special, otherwise the price would be like $20 or $30 bucks more).

    • hikingbird42
      hikingbird42 Год назад

      The Common Commentator of RUclip PS4 and xbone had a shitty library at launch. Sure you can get cod ghost and battlefield 4 but it was legit not worth the 500$ price tag. Consoles usually aren't worth buying the first year it's released but hell the switch is going for 299$ us that's a steal compared to other what other countries are paying. And besides minimum wage most jobs pay the same in America and Canada yet Canada has a price of 399$ not including the over inflated taxes which make the system come out to 460$.

    • Siotame Palu
      Siotame Palu Год назад +1

      The Common Commentator of RUclip guess...

    • The Common Commentator of Youtube
      The Common Commentator of Youtube Год назад +1

      Tom Riddle is that Australian dollars or have you converted to us? And damn why buy a console with such a weak library atm

  • Damion Dixon
    Damion Dixon Год назад +2

    I'm glad it's getting more games but the pricing is insane.

    • Hansiger Obba
      Hansiger Obba Год назад +1

      binding of isaac + dlcs watch the video again

  • PurpleStorm8
    PurpleStorm8 Год назад +12

    No, sorry, look, you can praise the Switch or Zelda all you want but you cannot say "it's got a great library of games".

    • PurpleStorm8
      PurpleStorm8 Год назад

      Consoles had good launch line-ups from 5th gen to 7th gen, it's only that 8th gen had a crappy launch line-up because publishers/developers were too skittish to transition.
      The Switch doesn't have that excuse, it's not like it's starting on a fresh page along with everyone else, it's starting out when 8th gen is in mid-cycle and the momentum for IP's is coming out strong.

    • OneSh0tLinkon
      OneSh0tLinkon Год назад

      Which other console had a good library for its launch the first month?? For what i've read the PS4 didin't have like any games for until like a half year or something like that.

    • Blueucloud
      Blueucloud Год назад +18

      PurpleStorm8 well it's got a good library for launch,so when its a year old then we can decide if the library is actually good or not

  • Kyle Kamiki
    Kyle Kamiki Год назад

    "ridge racer"

  • MrWotsItoya
    MrWotsItoya Год назад +29

    if you are "done" with botw now you're playing it wrong

    • Junior Duperval
      Junior Duperval Год назад

      why is that?

    • OneSh0tLinkon
      OneSh0tLinkon Год назад

      i beat i in 3 & ½ days :( i regret it so much... only thing to do now is collect all korok seeds which i am not doing lol. Maybe i should make a new profile and begin anew :D

    • klarkus
      klarkus Год назад +8

      MrWotsItoya if you are done with BOTW you've got an expensive paper weight for many months to come

  • SMC
    SMC Год назад

    Good library? good lord

    • LaidBackVapers
      LaidBackVapers Год назад

      umm there is more than 1 good one AKA Zelda,there are many others the library is getting nice atm,better than the xbox one tbf god those games was awful sold that crap instantly XD

    • SMC
      SMC Год назад

      LaidBackVapers there's only one game lets be real, are you saying one launch game is a good library? Lolwut

    • LaidBackVapers
      LaidBackVapers Год назад

      SMC for 2 weeks? it's not too bad actually

  • uppermostking02
    uppermostking02 Год назад

    no games worth playing

    AMERICA FIRST Год назад

    haven't watched video yet, but let me guess. a bunch of remasters?
    edit: lmao nevermind, even worse.

  • Legendsfaith3
    Legendsfaith3 Год назад +1

    ~~~~~~. ~~~~~~~
    ___________. ___________
    ( __________ )


  • Immy Khan
    Immy Khan Год назад

    no triple A games till mariokart

    • Dr VR
      Dr VR Год назад +1

      Immy Khan Mario kart is a re-release.Wii u owners have been playing it for years now.

    • Immy Khan
      Immy Khan Год назад

      +downphoenix ive got it. I mean apart from zelda. But zelda is amazing though.

    • downphoenix
      downphoenix Год назад

      Immy Khan Zelda is not triple a?

  • Kieran Howard
    Kieran Howard Год назад +1

    Five games that are not worth buying a switch.

  • Maxim Cryseria
    Maxim Cryseria Год назад +1


  • exzisd
    exzisd Год назад

    So many ports/remakes. Isaac is great but it's on lots of platforms. I'd still recommend it to anyone who hasn't played since for Nintendo it was a new 3DS exclusive.

  • StllBreathnBut_Y
    StllBreathnBut_Y Год назад

    You gave fast rmx a 7. That's not favorable.

  • DinkyMate
    DinkyMate Год назад +4

    I won't be finished with Breath of the Wild for a looooooonngg time😂

  • soufiane bellout
    soufiane bellout Год назад

    40$ for a mobile game? Wtf i can buy styx shards of darkness on ps4/steam with that price! And thats a totally new release. And for people who say that its a collection of both games and expansions, well fuck off cause games that are releases/collections or goty edition....they're all 19.99$ so 40$ for an old indie game with 2 expansions is not justified, not at all, it should've been 20.

    • downphoenix
      downphoenix Год назад

      soufiane bellout $35 on steam for the non sale price with everything, I would say $40 on switch is fair since it comes on a cart with a case, stickers, etc.

    • lana delrey
      lana delrey Год назад +1

      soufiane bellout it's not 19$ the game is 35$ on steam.

  • Jett
    Jett Год назад

    Yeah, still no.

  • TYGERShrk
    TYGERShrk Год назад +1

    I'm just waiting on pocket rumble

    • KahunaCilver520
      KahunaCilver520 Год назад

      TYGERShrk heck yeah That game looked amazing

  • Manny
    Manny Год назад +3

    Still more games releasing then Xbox lol

  • PeachBride
    PeachBride Год назад

    These "switch games" are 10+ years old. Innovative.

  • Alexole Eya
    Alexole Eya Год назад +11

    A shit console with no games.
    If i want to play those games i already can play them on PS4 and PC.
    Nintendo Shitch sucks......a garbage console.

    • LaidBackVapers
      LaidBackVapers Год назад

      Alexole Eya I take it you own one as you can't judge what you haven't played.fact

    • giroliro3
      giroliro3 Год назад +1

      +Kevin W. Clark Well Zelda may be the only mainstream AAA game released but there are actually quite a few good games on the Switch currently. Also, everyone was making a fuss about the launch at first, but once everyone realized how good zelda was they sort of quieted down.
      I agree that the launch may be seen as weak, but they did it that way so that there won't be any long breaks without any new releases like they did with the Wii U. Now they have the releases scheduled so that there will be at least one major release every month until 2018, not including 3rd party games and indies which will likely release alongside the Nintendo games.

    • Kevin W. Clark
      Kevin W. Clark Год назад

      Holy Chill out people its ridiculous and immature to take it to those levels. I may not see the merits in owning a Switch now but if it gets more games down the line that are as good as Zelda then yes it will become worth buying.

    • Brock Nroll
      Brock Nroll Год назад

      Chestosneako Inc lol! I have no desire to play anywhere but my couch. Go hide under your blanket, with your switch after your mom sends you to bed.

  • RaurMan
    RaurMan Год назад +2

    I'm still looking for a Switch...

    • LaidBackVapers
      LaidBackVapers Год назад

      RaurMan get the switch mate its fantastic

    • RaurMan
      RaurMan Год назад

      I have 5 friends who got one, they are happy with it and it's just about waiting...that's all.

    • JiggylikeJello
      JiggylikeJello Год назад

      DRL P like ps4 did to me

    • Dr VR
      Dr VR Год назад

      RaurMan give up you are wasting your life on something that will simply let you down.

    • Viniso
      Viniso Год назад

      I'm just waiting for it's price to drop.

  • RossoCarne
    RossoCarne Год назад

    These look like SNES era games...

  • kakashi san
    kakashi san Год назад +24

    all these junks are games? i can see switch gonna fail like wii u

    • Sam Island
      Sam Island Год назад +1

      Jealousy yep. Because I definitely wouldn't want anything but Nintendo to succeed.

    • KazeKiri
      KazeKiri Год назад +1

      What? This was about jealousy? -_-

    • CyberHax Inc
      CyberHax Inc Год назад +2

      Jealous that Nintendo is doing much better, huh?! lol

    • B Purser
      B Purser Год назад

      u cant see shit

    • Sam Island
      Sam Island Год назад +1

      Thats obvious. But only after everyone falls for the console and Nintendo's fake promises for 3rd party games.

  • DeadlyLad
    DeadlyLad Год назад +2

    People need to calm the fuck down, it's just 5 more dollars.

  • Pepe Polo
    Pepe Polo Год назад

    fuck this shit, old same games that i already have on PC. i want "NEW" games

    • Dr VR
      Dr VR Год назад

      Pepe Polo buy a console or PC.

    • Alexole Eya
      Alexole Eya Год назад +2

      Buy a PS4.........the best console with the best new games.

  • Stefano G
    Stefano G Год назад +4

    lol fuck that I'll stick to steam

  • MeVersusMe
    MeVersusMe Год назад

    How can we be almost finished with Zelda Breath Of The Gimmicks!? that's impossible! because You decide when to end the game. Yeah. ;¤]

  • Sankofa NYC
    Sankofa NYC Год назад +3

    What the hell kinda games are these?? lol

    • Viniso
      Viniso Год назад

      Sankofa NYC Good games.

    • Tis I Never Fear
      Tis I Never Fear Год назад

      HALFRATS PS4 yeah, the membership that is way too overpriced. a membership i refuse to pay because i have a pc.

    • gtamike_TSGK
      gtamike_TSGK Год назад +1

      The best the switch has to offer R.I.P

    • DeadlyLad
      DeadlyLad Год назад +5

      Indie games...

  • johnnymcleanvlogs
    johnnymcleanvlogs Год назад +1

    Hope mario comes soon

  • Kynon Ardoin II
    Kynon Ardoin II Год назад +2

    Meanwhile, Project Octopath Traveler still hasn't had any updates since January...

  • Oliver Age 24
    Oliver Age 24 Год назад

    Five things you already knew

  • TheGameBoyMaster
    TheGameBoyMaster Год назад +1


  • Frost
    Frost Год назад

    40 DOLLARS!?!?