I Snuck Into VidCon Then Surprised Tana With THIS...

  • Published on Jul 15, 2019
  • She was SHOOK
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  • The Relz Sizzy
    The Relz Sizzy 14 hours ago

    Why does he move his hand and camera like he's using Musicaly.

  • Zainab Rashid
    Zainab Rashid 22 hours ago +1

    did i just see trahan

  • Calum Longhurst
    Calum Longhurst Day ago

    Y does it say £300,000 and you are from America

  • Tara Chivers
    Tara Chivers 2 days ago

    Why is she orange

  • Jonytron2000// J.T.2.

    Just checking in on the iq of Jake and is that tanacon chick

  • TTV BotLife
    TTV BotLife 3 days ago

    Jake i dare you to buy tana a Lombo

  • Dior Garrett
    Dior Garrett 4 days ago

    Go to get the hotse mrch in the game at
    Go quick it's selling out
    Because of me
    Like if you ready got some

  • Adaltifi Tormey
    Adaltifi Tormey 5 days ago +1

    Jake my birthday is on July 28th

  • Romana Evans
    Romana Evans 5 days ago

    who miss jerika :( becuse i do

  • Carrie Dorminey
    Carrie Dorminey 5 days ago

    Jake Paul u should make a song of u and tana

  • #icecream 2019
    #icecream 2019 6 days ago +1

    Hi there Jake Paul

  • Guy Fernarni
    Guy Fernarni 6 days ago

    hahha funny meme vlog 😂

  • Shavonne Wilson
    Shavonne Wilson 7 days ago

    Kil long it

  • wig
    wig 8 days ago +1

    youre banned bc youre a terrible person lol

  • my AWESOME channel
    my AWESOME channel 8 days ago +1

    My birthday is july 28

  • S J
    S J 9 days ago

    Pam: You can break in as long as you take your crutches.

  • Jenny Gills
    Jenny Gills 9 days ago

    9:37 Lol

  • Yesenia Sanchez
    Yesenia Sanchez 9 days ago

    Who saw Lexi Rivera 7:42

  • Laika-Joy Nierra
    Laika-Joy Nierra 10 days ago

    hI dAdDy-
    tbh that was cute and weird :)

  • Saber Anne
    Saber Anne 11 days ago +1

    With everything with youtube, Just a side note, what if Jake wasnt banned and he had a ticket, and just did this for da content, HAHAHAHAHHA just a thought🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️

  • XVT Goated
    XVT Goated 12 days ago

    7:12 and 7:16 look at jakes t-shirt lol

  • danesha chantel
    danesha chantel 14 days ago

    pam almost said midcon hah

  • Diego Productions
    Diego Productions 15 days ago

    Me and some buds were looking for you bruv

  • Courtney Light
    Courtney Light 15 days ago

    Omg so Adorable 💕 Love Yaaa Jana 😂💞 And Team 10 Y'all all Gods and Goddesses

  • marc pro
    marc pro 17 days ago

    Btw did you got unbanned???

  • Khloe Haines
    Khloe Haines 18 days ago

    Let’s watch Jake cheat on her in 2 years lol still love yiu

  • Doug Pertz
    Doug Pertz 19 days ago

    Roaches are creepy crutches

    Hydro F!ASKSKSKSKS 19 days ago

    Omg this was posted on my birthday

  • C Tjep
    C Tjep 21 day ago

    she ate your bannana littilery

  • Tavaris Taylor
    Tavaris Taylor 21 day ago

    Jake Paul gayyyyyyyyy

  • Jose Romero
    Jose Romero 22 days ago

    VidCon rude

  • Chesney Morrison
    Chesney Morrison 22 days ago

    just saying jake tana used to do drugs and weed

  • Mike howarth
    Mike howarth 23 days ago

    at 15:28 is that corey scherer

  • Jill B
    Jill B 24 days ago

    Why are you banned from vid con

  • Pop Hnter
    Pop Hnter 25 days ago

    Jake Paul is a MINECRAFT HOE

  • Coltin Alston
    Coltin Alston 25 days ago


  • taisenplx1 team 1
    taisenplx1 team 1 27 days ago

    I did it

  • Summer Lefevre
    Summer Lefevre 27 days ago

    You think that's bad haven't broken ankle

  • Roney Thequeen
    Roney Thequeen 28 days ago +2

    Jake: she’s the ying to my yang and always down to bang
    Me: 😳

  • Alan Whibberley
    Alan Whibberley 28 days ago

    You are so sneaky

  • France Leon
    France Leon 29 days ago

    those girls are gay

  • Luzmar Martinez
    Luzmar Martinez 29 days ago +1

    You messed up

  • Luzmar Martinez
    Luzmar Martinez 29 days ago +2

    Erika has more subs bc you broke up with her so she has more subs bc she doesn’t need you any more!

  • Cory Mitchell
    Cory Mitchell 29 days ago


  • Leah Mickey
    Leah Mickey 29 days ago

    Are you her dad

  • Freya D
    Freya D Month ago

    4:44 when he says $300k looks like £300k

  • Supreme gamer Elite
    Supreme gamer Elite Month ago +3


  • S H
    S H Month ago

    I like jake but tana has been wanting to be a featured creator at vidcon since god knows when and she finally gets her moment and jake comes out on her stage at her time to shine. I just think he should of let her have her moment to herself but guess it still anything for content nonsense. And still obsessed with having all eyes on him at any opportunity

  • S H
    S H Month ago

    Awww thor trying to get in the car with them so sweet

  • Betzy Garcia
    Betzy Garcia Month ago

    My mom made me use the crutches

  • Lillie.r.b playz
    Lillie.r.b playz Month ago

    That looked bad

  • FortniteBeast 99
    FortniteBeast 99 Month ago +1

    If it was hard like pls

  • FortniteBeast 99
    FortniteBeast 99 Month ago +1

    Your a beast jake

  • Bree Sierra
    Bree Sierra Month ago

    This makes me wish their relationship was actually real 😩 would be so so cute

  • David James Vlog
    David James Vlog Month ago

    12:15 Made me cry

  • tyler Hawley
    tyler Hawley Month ago

    I'm a fan

  • tyler Hawley
    tyler Hawley Month ago

    Hello my name is Tyler

  • Amarie Llerandez
    Amarie Llerandez Month ago

    That’s why you are banded 😂😂😂🤣👏🏽👏🏽

  • Katie Christensen
    Katie Christensen Month ago

    Ok but they are actually so cute

  • Landon's lit
    Landon's lit Month ago