24 Hours PAUSE challenge with LITTLE BROTHER!

  • Published on Mar 21, 2019
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  • Ellie Drier
    Ellie Drier Day ago +1

    I love your intro soo much!!!!!!

  • Avery Furtado
    Avery Furtado 2 days ago

    I think that a good idea for a video is to spend 24 hours in Lydia ps I love your videos!💓😂

  • gennovie !
    gennovie ! 7 days ago

    You guys should do prank wars

  • alexander sosa diaz jr.

    last to stop kising your girl friends

  • darian Singh
    darian Singh 9 days ago


  • Renee Salas
    Renee Salas 9 days ago


  • HaCk Neo
    HaCk Neo 17 days ago

    What’s the intro music? It’s fire

  • Matthew Day
    Matthew Day 17 days ago

    Love the new intro❤️

  • Kelsey Farnsworth
    Kelsey Farnsworth 17 days ago

    The funk bros should fill the limousine with the balls on the roof and drive around.

  • Matt Spooner
    Matt Spooner 20 days ago

    1 2 3 FUNK

  • ME T
    ME T 22 days ago

    Going through drive thru's dressed as celebrities

  • ME T
    ME T 22 days ago

    Switching girl friend for 24 hours

    • ME T
      ME T 22 days ago

      If you have

  • ME T
    ME T 22 days ago

    What's in my mouth challenge

  • Magdiel Montejo
    Magdiel Montejo 23 days ago

    You guys should do a prank on kappron of putting balls in his car

  • Cassie Clausen
    Cassie Clausen 23 days ago +1

    You guys should swap girlfriend's for 24 hours

  • Grace Austin
    Grace Austin 24 days ago

    Do the act like each other challenege

    ITSANDRESITO ESPINO 24 days ago +1

    Do handcuffed together for 24hrs

  • Cindy Bigfeather
    Cindy Bigfeather 25 days ago

    I love u funk bros

  • Cindy Bigfeather
    Cindy Bigfeather 25 days ago

    I love u funk bros

  • Hailey
    Hailey 26 days ago

    it’s funny how you guys just walk in on each other showering like it isn’t awkward 😂

  • bry bry and Audi
    bry bry and Audi 28 days ago

    Nerf gun fight in the

  • Rasmus Poulsen
    Rasmus Poulsen 28 days ago

    Make it awkward Challenge

  • Maya Papaya
    Maya Papaya 28 days ago

    I got clocked for my pitching today and I got clocked at 42 for my fastball!! My changing was 35 I think. Incase your confused I am a girl and not a boy.

  • Matthew Reymer
    Matthew Reymer 28 days ago

    You guys NEED to one v one on fortnite!!

  • Jeanette Reinke
    Jeanette Reinke 29 days ago

    Hide from brother 24 challenge

  • Nicole Klancher
    Nicole Klancher Month ago

    you should do try not to laugh challenge with water in your mouth

  • Nicole Klancher
    Nicole Klancher Month ago

    you guys are lucky you go to have five guys!!!! i love that place!

  • Riley Wilkins
    Riley Wilkins Month ago

    Do a spicy food challenge

  • Janah Vega
    Janah Vega Month ago

    Cory is so cute 😍

  • Kagense Poe
    Kagense Poe Month ago


  • Dani m
    Dani m Month ago

    Teach your fans to scooter then do SMX with them

  • duncan hare
    duncan hare Month ago

    you guys could do a 24 hour challenge in one of your cars

  • Mathew Dixon
    Mathew Dixon Month ago

    Play games for 24 hours

  • Sweetly Southern SC
    Sweetly Southern SC Month ago +1

    Capron and coreys relationship is amazing, it really warms my heart ❤ i hope more people get to have a bond as strong as there's with family of a friend

  • Leah Bricknell
    Leah Bricknell Month ago


  • Jennifer West
    Jennifer West Month ago

    (0_0) = Capron getting pushed in foutan

  • Tim Beaty
    Tim Beaty Month ago

    Hay corey and capren you both inspire me to ride my scooter more i used to not ride my scooter but since I watched your channel i have been encouraged to ride a lot more. Thank you so much

  • Probeast 052
    Probeast 052 Month ago

    Spend 24 hours in the Tesla

  •  Month ago

    24 hr in target

  • TopNotch Gamer12
    TopNotch Gamer12 Month ago

    The Tesla stole my sisters name lol

  • Andre Vorster
    Andre Vorster Month ago

    8:12 bottle flip

  • Abigail Kohlbus
    Abigail Kohlbus Month ago

    Carpen should tell Corey to pause

  • santanico Pandemonium

    The most pranks challenge .a challenge I made up but have fun

  • Risky Buds
    Risky Buds Month ago

    a challenge

  • Adam Stevens
    Adam Stevens Month ago

    9 and 3/4 into that wall

  • tazza wild
    tazza wild Month ago

    this was posted on my birthday~ I love you guys so much.

  • sistersmoker
    sistersmoker Month ago

    Hand cuffed together for 24 hour challenge you two are hand cuffed to each other for 24 hours where ever one of you goes the other one follows

  • Brooks Mitchell
    Brooks Mitchell Month ago

    The floor is lava

  • SAMiAM
    SAMiAM 2 months ago

    say no for 24 hrs

  • Dana Rigan
    Dana Rigan 2 months ago

    Bring back the Stranger Kickball challenge

  • SnakeShot
    SnakeShot 2 months ago +1

    Why didn’t Cory pause

  • Heavyn Destiny
    Heavyn Destiny 2 months ago

    Eat it or wear it

  • Kirby Banks
    Kirby Banks 2 months ago

    Last to eat

  • carla koala
    carla koala 2 months ago

    You should of waited till there were loads of people then pause him when he opens the door then he has to stand there for ages holding the door open for everyone including strangers hahaha

  • Zoe Elisa Fikes
    Zoe Elisa Fikes 2 months ago

    Worlds Hottest chocolate challenge

  • Kameron Batson
    Kameron Batson 2 months ago

    You are anoying Cory the Disney role

  • James Morgan
    James Morgan 2 months ago

    You should swap ex girlfriend for the next challenge

  • James Morgan
    James Morgan 2 months ago

    Swapping ex-girlfriend’s

  • Kerri Achter
    Kerri Achter 2 months ago

    Say no to ever thing my big bother say

  • Breydon Glasheen
    Breydon Glasheen 2 months ago

    Go to 5:48 and play it over and over and over again it's so funny but why did he say mother trucker dude butt cheeks on a stick

  • Ethan Hietpas
    Ethan Hietpas 2 months ago

    Do the mute which means the other person can’t say anything until you say unmute and the pause

  • Kerri Francis
    Kerri Francis 2 months ago +1

    Yall are my favorite channel to watch yall are awesome.

  • Kerri Francis
    Kerri Francis 2 months ago +1

    Capron and Corey should get matching tattoos.

  • Kerri Francis
    Kerri Francis 2 months ago +1

    Go dig a hole and put 1 million orbees in that hole and push your girlfriend in that hole.

  • Tuhura Paul-blake
    Tuhura Paul-blake 2 months ago

    Last one to stop playing fortnite win 1k

  • ejersen ltu
    ejersen ltu 2 months ago


  • Dennis Bernt
    Dennis Bernt 2 months ago

    You guys should do a wear it or eat it challenge

  • Awie Noortman
    Awie Noortman 3 months ago

    Resiling an alogator

    ANDREA CAMPOS 3 months ago

    You guys are so funny,when I'm feeling down you make my day. 😛😛😜

  • Sarah Transue
    Sarah Transue 3 months ago

    You guys should do a make a scene challenge. When you guys are in public just tell him make a scene and the have to do something EVERYBODY will see😂