John Stossel - Busybodies and Their Regulations

  • Published on Sep 9, 2016
  • Radio talk show host Christopher Hahn and economics professor Ed Stringham join John to discuss the value of regulations and the political incentives behind them.

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  • Thomas Peckoff
    Thomas Peckoff 27 days ago

    Make Toyota great again?
    Well at least Toyota is built in America unlike Chrysler, GM and Ford

  • John Rigali
    John Rigali Month ago

    Hahn must be either idiotic or intellectually dishonest. Based on my observation of him here, I'm guessing that he's the latter.

  • Clint Arnold
    Clint Arnold 2 months ago

    This guy's a moderate? Yeah right and I'm the Pope

  • Al Cd
    Al Cd 2 months ago

    Thanks God Hillary did not become president! ABC: Anyone But Clinton was a good catchphrase.

  • SimpleMan.45
    SimpleMan.45 3 months ago

    The founders never intended that the laws of the day would be the same 200+ years later. Congress can still pass laws like Clean air, and clean water just fine under the structure of the constitution. The point was that it would be limited in such a way that reason, and thinking would rule over immediate passion because just because one group of people want something, doesn’t mean other group clear across the country wants that same thing you would have majority representation for all the states in the country, and you have amendments to limit the kind of laws that could be passed unless a vast majority,2/3 of the states wanted to change it. Thats the short version because this is a comment. Also the constitution does not allow for slavery. It was a thing long before the constitution came around, and the only way to get the states to agree to be apart of and fight for the union was to keep slavery. Slavery was unconditional. But a took a civil war to get rid of it, and about hundred years to get achieve equality under the law. They also wanted this government to be accountable to the people which the modern administrative state is not.

  • William Ables
    William Ables 3 months ago +2

    Okay, Chris just made our argument for us. "Why should I have to pay for people's bad choices?" Exactly, why do I have to pay for their health care?

  • sean sullivan
    sean sullivan 3 months ago +1

    total insanity

  • Mike Coffee
    Mike Coffee 3 months ago +1

    Ban politicians!

  • RocCity Plowing & Lawncare Inc,

    I’m so happy Hillary didn’t get elected.

  • Clint Arnold
    Clint Arnold 4 months ago +1

    This guy is a jackoff and he knows it

  • derSpeed
    derSpeed 4 months ago +1

    Wow! Did a liberal just have a moment of clarity and ask why he should pay for someone else's bad choices? By his line of reasoning, there should be no welfare or other social programs. You know, the ones that make us pay for the bad choices of others.

  • Boy Zao
    Boy Zao 5 months ago

    let's get rid of all regulations. i can't see what could possibly go wrong. libertarian retardation.

  • mike53153
    mike53153 6 months ago +2

    He who Governs least, Governs best.

  • josh cullen
    josh cullen 7 months ago

    Agree with banning high frequency trading everything else is stupid

  • Al Cd
    Al Cd 8 months ago +2

    Thankfully, Clinton did not become POTUS. People are starting to see the Left for what they are: bureaucratic socialist fools.

  • Everedy G
    Everedy G 8 months ago

    I just came here to say that neither the declaration of independence nor the constitution for which such a declaration warranted allowed for the enslavement of the souls of men by other men. Stossel is incorrect about that.
    Also why am I not surprised Chuck Schumer wants to ban Bitcoin?!

  • 7gmeister
    7gmeister 8 months ago

    Haha! The tarrifs are working like gang busters!
    Who knew tho? The last time the US raised tarrifs it made things worse but what no one seemed to understand and what President Trump failed to explain was that other countries were already doing this to us so it only made sense once you understand that.
    So many Americans don’t understand just how dependent other countries are on our economy for theirs to thrive.
    The dollar is the most stable currency in the world which puts us in a position to negotiate and get what we want and presidents and politicians haven’t been using that power to protect the interests of its own ppl.
    The last time tarrifs were used btw the world traded with gold and backed their currency by precious metals which were stable.
    This meant that many currencies were stable so when we imposed tarrifs we actually started a trade war but because the dollar is strong no economy can thrive without it.
    The Euro is a close second but China devalues its currency to give them bargaining power which is sad for the Chinese ppl.
    Imagine one week you make a $1000 and you could buy milk for $1 but then the president decides to devalue the dollar the following week and now that same gallon of milk costs $10, 20, or even $100? The value you get for your hard earned work is completely deflated and you could literally lose everything.
    This is what ppl in other countries deal with.
    How discouraging!

  • BeardedVeteran
    BeardedVeteran 8 months ago +1

    Thank the fucking gods that evil witch did not come into power

  • Engineer 314
    Engineer 314 9 months ago

    Who drinks 5 sodas a day?

  • mark graham
    mark graham 9 months ago

    Did i mention how full of shit this dumbass is?

  • mark graham
    mark graham 9 months ago

    This guy is full of shit...with a smile

  • Briane Alt
    Briane Alt 9 months ago

    Chris Hahn is a boil on the butt of humanity he's a scumball he's a piece of s*** and he's an a******

  • jarmo tverin
    jarmo tverin 9 months ago

    Tariffs for China is good because they refuse to play by the same rules that others do.

  • david bleh
    david bleh 10 months ago

    That's not his name, he was never president. Obey? My ass. If it's not in articles I & II, those branches CANNOT do it. Wake up sheep!!! There is no central govt. United (or not crazy ABE) STATES. States hello... Among these are Life, Liberty (free choice): everything against that is prohibited doh!

  • Jeronimo Tamayo Lopera
    Jeronimo Tamayo Lopera 10 months ago +1


  • Mirza Ahmed
    Mirza Ahmed 10 months ago

    Likely next President! Haha!

  • Bob Martin
    Bob Martin 11 months ago +1

    Thank be that kilary kiloton didn’t become the leader of freedom because there would not be any more

  • R M
    R M 11 months ago

    If people want to pump their own gas in New Jersey they can... go change the law in the capitol building? Mr. Hahn, you sir are what we like to call a prick.

  • Thomas Need
    Thomas Need Year ago +1

    Soda is not the reason people are fat, has this guy ever heard of fast food.

    • Dragos442
      Dragos442 3 months ago

      And what do you think fast food has in it? Sugar and vegetal oil.

  • Karl Hao
    Karl Hao Year ago

    Some regulations go too far. However, some regulation is necessary to assure public health and safety.

    • Calys Agora
      Calys Agora 2 months ago +1

      Nonsense. The market is perfectly capable of providing consumer protection. No monopoly on extortion and violence necessary. "Government" is just a silly, deranged religion of universalized slavery and subservience.

  • Developer 004
    Developer 004 Year ago

    What a moron... Oh yea that was good, but didn't read the press report... Duh, I dunno why, I didn't read the press report, but oh the Dodd frank should be longer... Wtf? Oh if only stupid could be regulated out of office... Oh heads up... the war on drugs is the war of the allopathic miracle pill morons vs naturopathic natural uncorrupted foods (ask your doctor if your health is right for you or just their profits) Thank you Stossel, appreciate your work.

  • Don Dressel
    Don Dressel Year ago +1

    Thank God for people like John Stossel exposing these idiots

  • Becky Miller
    Becky Miller Year ago

    God help pain there a free country we can flee to?

    NOBEL DJ Year ago

    i probably broke 50% of teh freking regulations, if u add up all federal state local rules and regulations and printed them out u would need a volume of 1000 ft, or about a 10ft cube

  • Ericochico
    Ericochico Year ago

    I think those two guests got a hotel room after the show

  • Albert Schmalbert
    Albert Schmalbert Year ago +2

    We need a violent take over. We throw all of the government out, burn the buildings down, and go for a true libertarian society.

  • Adde West
    Adde West Year ago

    Libertarians respect the church and republicans respect the constitution and form an alliance to beat the left all the time problem solved. XD

  • Mr Scratch
    Mr Scratch Year ago

    Schumer is a creep.

  • divisioneight
    divisioneight 2 years ago +3

    Taxing soda is political low hanging fruit. The Government won't touch tobacco, alcohol or drugs because they are paid off by the activists for these drugs. They tried to ban alcohol long ago (Prohibition Act) and it created a cottage industry in bootleg liquor that many famous people (Joe Kennedy) profited from, as well as high level thugs like Capone and many politicians. That legislation died when it was repealed under a Democratic presidency. Our Government talks about legalizing marijuana while forcing tobacco companies to put cancer warning labels on their products. That's hypocrisy.

  • Michelle Liberty
    Michelle Liberty 2 years ago

    The only true laws are the ones that lead to freedom. Jonathan Livingston Seagull

  • Phil McMorrow
    Phil McMorrow 2 years ago +12

    As is the case quite often, Stossel nails it.

    • Bill Leach
      Bill Leach 2 months ago

      This video misrepresents Trumps position on tariffs. The tariffs that he is raising are to force other countries to LOWER their tariffs and in the case for China, stop their unfair practices such as property theft.

  • modurhead
    modurhead 2 years ago

    slimey schumer has aids

    • Mike Norwood
      Mike Norwood Year ago

      modurhead LOL, it's true, Schumer does have aids

  • Kevin Williams
    Kevin Williams 2 years ago

    Toyota's are Made in America Idiot
    And FORD is moving to Mexico

  • Gabriel Concha
    Gabriel Concha 2 years ago +7

    I love to see Milton Friedman, these guys are just clowns.

  • Cyber Taco
    Cyber Taco 2 years ago

    Sometimes I wonder if the people on the panel aren't simply actors. Take the bald blow-hard for example. You almost can't get a more unlikeable person to represent a point. It's like he's the lefty Mr. Burns. More laws? Excellent...

  • Nicholas Wong
    Nicholas Wong 2 years ago +1

    I'd like to lock Hahn up in a room with endless supply of soda but nothing else.

  • vince33x
    vince33x 2 years ago

    The biggest busybodies in America are PHONY, Left-Wing Jews...probably were in Germany as well!

  • chris patirot
    chris patirot 2 years ago +6

    send the egg head home

  • Karozans
    Karozans 2 years ago

    I think I know why they won't let you pump your own gas in some states... Because they are afraid you are going to douse the politicians in gasoline and set them on fire.

  • Emperor Ing
    Emperor Ing 2 years ago +3

    Apparently Chris Hahn believes people should escalate force against me until I either comply or die if I pump my own gas in some states.

  • LGD 4033
    LGD 4033 2 years ago

    'You're free to have gas smell free hands whether you want to or not.' ironic

  • penguinistas
    penguinistas 2 years ago +2

    Chuck Schumer and Chris Hahn are not busybodies, they are totalitarians.

  • Damian Sellus
    Damian Sellus 2 years ago

    "Trade war"? I thought we banned slavery.
    The regulations are about a kleptocracy, if they can say "it's for your safety", they can do anything. And will eventually. This is the tainted soil in which an emerging plutonomy, and political ruling class is emerging. Would the big 5 auto companies outsource your jobs to slave labor countries do so if they had real competitors waiting for them to slip up? The media coverage of this could otherwise be devastating, absent the regulations.
    Would Detroit be... Detroit? Would these fat cats get together and decide to push TPP for themselves?

  • bermudaguy1
    bermudaguy1 2 years ago

    What makes me laugh is that America has a choice for the next president. Hillary or Donald ? What a fuckin joke. Even though they are the worst candidates ever, the Libertarians still don't get a look-in. What up with that? Is it ust apathy?

  • ogenmatic
    ogenmatic 2 years ago +3

    I don't let anyone slam their gas nozzle into the spout on my $30k truck. Idiots like to use the nozzle to close the door as well.
    I bet Ferrari & Lamborghini owners just love that idiotic law

  • Bjswac
    Bjswac 2 years ago +1

    Dear government, let people be fat.

  • Bjswac
    Bjswac 2 years ago +20

    "I believe a thriving private sector is the lifeblood of our economy". No you don't Obama, you don't believe that. Or at least you haven't governed with that in mind. You destroyed the private sector and skyrocketed the spending. Shame on you.

  • William Clogston
    William Clogston 2 years ago +13

    "Why should I have to pay for their bad decisions?" That's the point you shouldn't have to. Lol If they wanna get fat and get Heart Disease they should have to pay for the cost of treating it.

  • William Clogston
    William Clogston 2 years ago +32

    Chuck Schumer one of the Best Senators? LMAO

    • vinnyusa2009
      vinnyusa2009 2 months ago

      one of the most corrupts i would say, sleazy motherfucker

  • Monsterbaby
    Monsterbaby 2 years ago +2

    Both guests are complete morons.

  • fusionsoul
    fusionsoul 2 years ago +19

    The price of High Fructose Corn Syrup is artificially low thanks to farm subsidies. We actually subsidize soda and other products that make us fat. Now we are going to tax them? Maybe Americans wouldn't be as fat if the market took over and soda doubled in price.
    Reagan once said of government: "If it moves, tax it. If it keeps moving, regulate it. And if it stops moving, subsidize it." How funny and tragic it is to see this in action.

  • Red-Blooded America
    Red-Blooded America 2 years ago +6

    Chris Hahn is a like a bad used-car salesman (no offense to used-car salesman) - he's got the charm and spins the hell out of the truth but deep down you know you're getting screwed by him.

  • Nacho ZombieKilla
    Nacho ZombieKilla 2 years ago +7

    Regulations schmegulations. Let's just burn all politicians at the stake already.

    • ricnrolle
      ricnrolle Year ago

      Yeah that is not going to put carbon into the atmosphere.

    • Damian Sellus
      Damian Sellus 2 years ago +1

      But then, parts of them would be preserved in ice core samples, better to use carbon capture and send their remains into space XD

    • VaticansHolocaust
      VaticansHolocaust 2 years ago

      "Let's just burn all politicians at the stake already." That would add too much CO2 to the atmosphere. Then again, it would be the best kind of climate change to be embraced. It would great improve the country's (even the planet's) climate altogether.

    • Damian Sellus
      Damian Sellus 2 years ago

      Fire... yes. They must, it seems, be purified by pain. Oust the demons from them! XD

  • Blake Pettys
    Blake Pettys 2 years ago +16

    7:29 does this guy really think that voting is effective? In the 2014 congressional elections, Congress's approval rating was 10%, but 90 percent of incumbents were reelected

    • 4390100
      4390100 2 years ago

      +Blake Pettys
      Totally agree, except with the bottom line, as far as Presidential elections, the options are always shit, and we the people have no input into any of it, except what's already been selected for us. Which brings it all back around to the 2 Party Paradigm, and doing the same things over and over expecting different results.

    • Master Menahem
      Master Menahem 2 years ago

      Partially because politics is local, also because Democrats disapprove of Congress because of Republicans and Republicans disapprove of Congress because of Democrats so it makes sense. Voting obviously works, but just like with the current general election, the options are usually shit

    • Blake Pettys
      Blake Pettys 2 years ago

      +4390100 we're scoffed at as cynical, yet we know more than the average voter does probably. Both parties' fanboys jerk to their party's nominee, while a few skeptics reject both the turd sandwich and the poison, but we get criticized for not being mainstream. I have problems with mainstream America, but they are far less dangerous than mainstream politicians

    • 4390100
      4390100 2 years ago

      Blake Pettys
      It's the American way, doing the same things over and over expecting change. As long as people keep following the 2 Party line it will continue down the same old road. Americans keep saying vote the bums out, and they keep voting for the bums, the upcoming Presidential election will be the same old, the 2 Party Paradigm has selected 2 people for us to choose from and they do appear to be the same old Statist as usual.

  • N A
    N A 2 years ago

    red tape replace with iron chain's

  • tripzero
    tripzero 2 years ago +6

    "it's not that hard of a law [Oregon gas pumping] to change"
    It's harder than you think. No politician wants to be responsible for killing all those jobs. So whether the people want it or not, the politicians know it's political suicide to mess with. This is how bad laws stay on the books, why prisons get more attention than schools and why I have to wait around for an attendant to pump my gas when it'd be faster for me in many cases to just pump it myself.

  • Arioch
    Arioch 2 years ago +2

    what ever happened to voting on the rules, regulations and laws with public citizens and not by congress in, office that are telling us what wr should and shouldn't have, wtf. Who made you boss of my life and orhers?

  • T. Due
    T. Due 2 years ago +35

    What caused the financial meltdown? Too much money being created by central banks, and giant investment banks that were deemed ´too big to fail´. And how did they get that big? Because complying with thousands of pages of regulation is relatively cheaper for big companies than for small ones. But Christopher Hahn doesn´t think Dodd-Frank is long enough, what a moron.

    • William Ables
      William Ables 3 months ago +1

      It is whatever Schumer/Hillary/any democrat says, is okay. Chris Hahn thinks everything a democrat does is okay. However, when asked to speak on something specific (that they did not give him time to prepare for) he replies: "I don't know. I didn't read the press release." What an F-ing joke.

  • Rusty Shackleford
    Rusty Shackleford 2 years ago +5

    The additional regulations added by the Obama administration are certainly lofty. But more importantly, that critical size means that only so many individuals can _truely_ grasp everything these regulations entail and what that means for those involved.
    So the question becomes: what does it mean to a nation like the US when regulations enforced on its people are only completely understood by a select handful of government representatives?