New Relationship VS Old Relationship

  • Published on Mar 27, 2016
  • New to a relationship? Being together for two years plus already? Watch this video now to learn some of the differences between a new relationship and an old relationship!
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  • Trevmonki
    Trevmonki  2 years ago +57

    Watch New Relationship VS Old Relationship Part 2 @

  • charisse
    charisse 2 days ago

    2:44 lMAO

  • melinaa utamii
    melinaa utamii 21 day ago

    asa gak segitunya terlalu lebay kamu wkwk

  • CloudHybrid
    CloudHybrid Month ago


    WENY GREICIA 2 months ago +3

    He is handsome 😍

  • Doggo Gang
    Doggo Gang 4 months ago +1

    The fu?
    Okay, where got people take their ear wax inside their ears and use it as face lotion?

  • Benjamin Oates
    Benjamin Oates 5 months ago +1

    I'm so glad I'm don't do relationship

  • Viva Blood
    Viva Blood 6 months ago

    XD BEN

  • Reia Bhardwaj
    Reia Bhardwaj 8 months ago

    Hey trev i am a big fan love your videos

  • Peter Wang
    Peter Wang 8 months ago

    the girl is sooo damn pretty hoooly

  • tala
    tala 8 months ago +1

    *what do u wanna eat?*
    *Your pussy a*

  • frans lipin
    frans lipin 8 months ago

    I suggest you to put english sub

  • BC_Cyclone
    BC_Cyclone 8 months ago +8

    I’m not Singaporean and I understand their English

    WOLFIE ALPHA GREY 9 months ago

    LAME ....

  • •fυвυкι ѕиσωflαкє•

    Are u a friend of jian hao tan Trev?

  • Its Gabriel123
    Its Gabriel123 10 months ago

    Are you a friend with jianhao tan?

  • jeNOJAEMin
    jeNOJAEMin 10 months ago +3

    3:19 oh i love this

  • Michelle ara
    Michelle ara 10 months ago

    New relationship

  • mardhiah marzuki
    mardhiah marzuki Year ago

    Only malaysian can understand singlish perfectly 😂

    • Jacky Phantom
      Jacky Phantom 2 months ago

      Not even Singlish sia, it's a standard English with Singaporean accent.

  • Love Bug
    Love Bug Year ago +1

    I am so fortunate to have a husband that still does about 80% of the new relationship bits. We've been together for three years now. Hope he keeps it up :)

  • Jackson Smith
    Jackson Smith Year ago

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  • Dionemae Pinoliad


  • GD rex?
    GD rex? Year ago +1

    yes 50!-50!

  • Jaid Sumra
    Jaid Sumra Year ago

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  • Priti Magrumhane
    Priti Magrumhane Year ago

    U are doing sex

  • Joice Ong
    Joice Ong Year ago


  • french Fries
    french Fries Year ago

    really? nasi lemak is a chinese food ? 😂😂

  • Ayu Wirastari
    Ayu Wirastari Year ago

    Im here for the accent

  • Calories Crave
    Calories Crave Year ago +1

    The impression of "English" is based mainly on American, British or Australian accent because almost all English videos online created are spoken with them. Do know that there are other people out there who have different English accents but know how to speak English. Some people might not be able to understand because they are not used to hearing it (on the internet). So yes, English is spoken throughout this video in a Singaporean accent and I can understand it perfectly. Would recommend the creator to install subtitles but even if there isn't, it isn't in the viewers' position to criticise the language just because you can't understand it as you are taking on a whole nation of people who are speaking the language.

  • Alan Gursz
    Alan Gursz Year ago +1

    This is so bad

  • Berlain M. Warda
    Berlain M. Warda Year ago +2

    I like when he act French accent cos i hve French friends and that's their accent too😁😅

  • Kay Nathalie
    Kay Nathalie Year ago

    The guy looks like Brian Imanuel

  • bimaindra putra
    bimaindra putra Year ago

    i can't understand what they said without subtite

  • Astrid
    Astrid Year ago

    The old relationship movie one is me no matter what. Don't care who I'm with or where I'm at.

  • Stephen Khawzawl
    Stephen Khawzawl Year ago

    Why Chinese men in Singapore are so ugly and weird looking?????????????????????That could be the reason why Chinese girls Mostly date Indian men.

  • Anime Is Life
    Anime Is Life Year ago

    It's called people get more comfortable with each other the more time they spend with each other lol. It's that simple.

  • TheUchiha
    TheUchiha Year ago

    i would know this shit if only i was in a relationship lol

  • Arnold
    Arnold Year ago

    Rich chigga

  • Zallow Z
    Zallow Z Year ago

    I dont understand their english.. weird

  • Rohann ArManar
    Rohann ArManar Year ago

    Ew!! That ugly man!

  • Lony Lony
    Lony Lony Year ago

    The waiter is so funny :-D

  • James Singh Thakuri

    fuck off..... wich language is it??????

  • Maxine
    Maxine Year ago

    so true! haha

  • Gladys Tan
    Gladys Tan Year ago +111

    People have different accents, just accept it and stop criticizing, it's rude

  • Anne Tolentino
    Anne Tolentino Year ago +100


    • Sigma Geranimo
      Sigma Geranimo 7 months ago

      Anybody hear about American southern accent ?

    • Joy Dinsay
      Joy Dinsay Year ago +1

      Anne Tolentino agree😁

  • Ella Lover
    Ella Lover Year ago

    Gossip Girl fan here

  • Akatox
    Akatox Year ago

    When you are are french and you are watching that video wtfffff x)

  • نسمات عطرة
    نسمات عطرة 2 years ago

    انا نفسي اتجوز

  • Diane Diane
    Diane Diane 2 years ago

    Subtitles plz

  • posy lui
    posy lui 2 years ago

    add subs please.

  • Farah Million
    Farah Million 2 years ago

    Trueeee hahaha!!

  • Bridget Didget
    Bridget Didget 2 years ago

    Do u think love will exist in the 22nd century

  • Melhoipa Haokip
    Melhoipa Haokip 2 years ago

    Can't You people speak properly..
    There is no English at all..
    only ok

    • Jacky Phantom
      Jacky Phantom 2 months ago

      Huh? This is English, with Singaporean accent. Come on.... Are u guys serious?

  • Hunter Razia Ilegal Polantas

    Auto focus 😰😰😰😍😍😍😍

  • ghazy 9paint
    ghazy 9paint 2 years ago

    what this accent?

  • LoveMe,com
    LoveMe,com 2 years ago +8

    This is way too funny hahaha Well anyways, yeah everybody does change. As time goes by, you'll become more and more comfortable with that person. That's why you act so carefree around them.

  • Alicia Suryatantri
    Alicia Suryatantri 2 years ago

    why so mee :(

  • Kaustav Ray
    Kaustav Ray 2 years ago

    She is cute

  • muhammad daviandrii
    muhammad daviandrii 2 years ago

    Are u singaporean??

  • Rama Octhaviano
    Rama Octhaviano 2 years ago

    you speak english?