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  • Published on Aug 14, 2019
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  • ComedyComedy

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  • Luna Marie
    Luna Marie 15 days ago

    9:45 is she drunk???

  • Luna Marie
    Luna Marie 15 days ago

    9:37 she went for a kiss then they tried to cut it out😂🤣

  • hugito alejandro
    hugito alejandro 16 days ago +1

    *Hola alguien Español que llego por alguna razon de la vida*

  • jamie H
    jamie H 16 days ago


  • Ryan J
    Ryan J 16 days ago

    Well the Venezuelan people actually play Osrs and sell that gold. Its bad for the game but people gotta feed their families. Any osrs players here?

  • therealdgh13 dgh13
    therealdgh13 dgh13 18 days ago

    Bro now we NEED Jeannie to recreate Filthy Frank

  • Ava and Adria
    Ava and Adria 18 days ago +8

    Close your eyes when he’s talking and he sounds like pewdiepie

  • Charlotte Summers
    Charlotte Summers 18 days ago

    2:20 he got one right.

  • I eated your cookie
    I eated your cookie 19 days ago

    13:04 this is why you here

  • Abraham Meza
    Abraham Meza 20 days ago

    3:50 tiny people coming soon

  • EFAX 420
    EFAX 420 20 days ago

    Far bro your misus is cute as hell haha

  • Storm Assassin
    Storm Assassin 20 days ago

    Blow job🍆🍆

  • Storm Assassin
    Storm Assassin 20 days ago +1

    U look constipated 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Big Show
    Big Show 21 day ago

    Anyone else pause this video to Google search "vas deferens"?

  • Ryan Lundy
    Ryan Lundy 21 day ago

    I do like these videos but I would also like to see some more games aswell

  • Trix Artz
    Trix Artz 21 day ago

    The thumbnail is Jack and Rose

  • leon thomas
    leon thomas 21 day ago

    Little mermaid

  • asa miller
    asa miller 22 days ago

    This video sounds like pervy hentai

  • Wiled Steven
    Wiled Steven 22 days ago +1


  • Quinn Mooney
    Quinn Mooney 22 days ago

    You sound like pewdipie

  • wolfman 3663
    wolfman 3663 22 days ago

    I watch 36 videos so far and don’t know if I wanna subscribe

  • Nuna Skyrim
    Nuna Skyrim 23 days ago

    Bro you sound like pewdiepie

  • ღBlîñdîñg Ørchîdღ

    **¢συgн** fαмιℓу fяιєи∂ℓу?

  • ღBlîñdîñg Ørchîdღ

    **¢συgн** fαмιℓу fяιєи∂ℓу?

  • Kassyni Savior
    Kassyni Savior 23 days ago

    The channel with the clickbait and the whore that should get some of her own medicine.

  • IYI
    IYI 23 days ago +1

    thats a deskpad not a mousepad

  • ian schmidt
    ian schmidt 23 days ago

    Who knows mxr mods
    Btw he has the same merch

  • Elijah Fouts
    Elijah Fouts 23 days ago

    Because you said baby charm I'm unsubscribing

    Never mind I was never subscribed

  • Gamer velonza
    Gamer velonza 23 days ago

    Fuck you

  • hIbrx
    hIbrx 23 days ago +4

    Doesn't this guy
    Sound like PewDiePie like you agree

  • Nightmare Slayer87
    Nightmare Slayer87 23 days ago

    Die baby shark

    ZZZOMBIE 24 days ago

    Stay with Rose she lived a full life

  • Cyril Lumibao
    Cyril Lumibao 24 days ago

    your voice is so nice sis so I subscribe then click the notification bell😊😊😊

  • The unknown
    The unknown 24 days ago

    11:12 that reminds me a few months ago I had a big fluffy cat named mario. I named him that way because when we first adopted him as a kitten he was already kinda chubby.
    The whole family called him mario ever since we got him. we had another cat Lilly she was the oldest and would take care of mario. i remember it all like it was yesterday one day mario got older and tried pushing Lily around because Mario's a guy and Lilly's a girl. so occasionally they would get into fights but they did get along great every now and then.
    But one day our family was losing money someone had been watching us from there car. we always knew he was there because he interrupted the internet every single time!.
    Anyways as I was saying one day we left the house for some shopping. we didn't expect what was to come next for when we returned. We returned to find the Windows open and back door unlocked we had locked the back door and the Windows were high up.
    So we were confused but when we went inside the place was trashed. junk all over the floor some broken some missing some still intact. we went down stairs making sure our cats and pricless items were ok well yes and no. so it turns out that someone actually broke in to our house. and Lilly was terrified of humans mario hated us glaring at us like it was our falt they where attacked. Mario would always hiss at us for no reason.
    But then one day we noticed the way he moved downstairs and upstairs.
    He struggled to move occasionally make a little plop with his legs.
    Someone had broke them two of them one bruised the next day we were thinking about getting him to the vet when suddenly it happened.
    ..... Mario was on mom's lap when suddenly...
    HE FREAKED OUT!! Blood poring from his mouth he was meowing in pain!!
    I went downstairs to my room and occasionally went back up!. I was already crying about what could happen...and then I went upstairs one.. last.. time.
    He stopped...
    No meowing no more blood.....

    no more breathing...
    He died in mom's arms his last expression we saw...
    Was shock and horror....
    We were so sad he died... we took his corpse and put it in a box for three days...
    We had a little funeral just for him....
    And then the day after dad just went out there and just threw the box with body inside into the freaking trash. No joke he litterly took the box cat inside opened up the trashcan and just YEETED THE CAT INTO THE TRASH!!
    Yeah should've mentioned he did not like mario like we did especially me.
    Back in the day you could find me and Mario lazing about in our kinda worn out sorta broken stain coverd tan chair. it was dirty but we did not care whatsoever
    He just be there on my lap or right next to. it if you were lucky you could actually see me and Mario sleeping together in the same chair.
    Sometimes we just see mario lazing about in my chair. Or he would be sleeping in it
    Ah... those were the days...
    From small cowardly kitten to large lazy cat
    But he still had the shaperst claws.
    Sometimes we still see him wondering around the basement. it's either his shadow moving or we see the outline of a fat cat.
    Oh the thing that really got us is when we saw his eyes glowing in the dark.
    Or we here something move down there there was sometimes we actually saw either his head body or buttocks+tail.
    Yeah we think Mario's haunting our basement.
    But someone else bought the home from right underneath us.
    So we know live with grandma she's super kind
    Anyways I hope whoever bought the house likes both cats and ghots. because when we first moved there were just these three big shadows that would always strech across the entire kitchen to the livingroom.
    One day they stopped haunting us.
    But more then likely there back at the house and now they have a cat.
    Also there are a lot of cats In the neighborhood lot of strays
    Anyways thanks for reading this I greatly appreciate it
    So thanks and have a wonderful day

  • keluarga fian pian
    keluarga fian pian 24 days ago


  • Kathleen Townsend
    Kathleen Townsend 25 days ago


  • Zyorn
    Zyorn 25 days ago

    What I want to know is why does it that look like the incredible hulk gone wrong

  • Emily Glitch
    Emily Glitch 26 days ago +8

    One like=one prayer for the offended Floridians by being represented by the "Florida man"

  • Jerry Gibson
    Jerry Gibson 26 days ago

    I'd rather get a blow job form jennie....

    Boyfriend :D
    Then something that don't exist

  • Sobanya
    Sobanya 26 days ago

    Yes please, we need a new Filthy Frank



  • Yenaledstorm
    Yenaledstorm 27 days ago

    mermaids eat ppl. that's not a bj its a straw

  • Autistic Fish
    Autistic Fish 27 days ago

    Have you not seen rango?

  • Freestyle beats
    Freestyle beats 27 days ago

    Girl look like Raelilblack😂😂

  • Landon Zissos
    Landon Zissos 27 days ago

    That lizard is Rango

  • Jeremy's Random Life
    Jeremy's Random Life 28 days ago

    The one about the dog with tony and pepper hits me hard cos I got my dog when I was 6 and she's probably going to have to be put down soon. I'm almost 20

  • equitine _
    equitine _ 28 days ago

    When I heard vasdeferens i thought of letterkenny.

  • pratik Pujari
    pratik Pujari 28 days ago

    What a thumbnail bro

  • Error Sans
    Error Sans 28 days ago

    Noooooo I just found it and my phone died. So I have to find it again and the first time took 3 hours.

  • Adrian Cagampang
    Adrian Cagampang 28 days ago

    on 10:21 you can see milfy city in on the slightly bottom on the slightly right side on a folder

  • DEF Mistwalker Eevee Nation Gaming!

    She goes up for High Five, he displays clearly that he is in pain from the High Five making it obvious that she’s stronger :P

  • BlueJayKiller
    BlueJayKiller 29 days ago +6

    *Me realizing he just called Rango that guy* "You uneducated swine"

  • Unlimited Playz
    Unlimited Playz 29 days ago

    Sorry for your puppy but idk how my dog has been living since i was 4 years and now i am 12

  • Savage pro
    Savage pro 29 days ago

    I will rather go with the blow job by Little Mermaid

    DA BEAST Month ago

    I would choose the mermaid all day

  • dr blue
    dr blue Month ago

    I'm an idiot, Let me first say that I used to be a big Skyrim fan, Back in 2015 was the last time I saw one of MxR's Skyrim mod videos, Like 4 days ago I see this guy and his girlfriend reacting to stuff, I didn't look at the channel name but I found that for some reason this guys voice was so familiar, It just so happened that I've been getting back into Skyrim and I see a mod video from like 2016, It's MxR plays and his voice sounds so similar to this guys then I go to his channel and realize that I am in fact an idiot.

  • Gavin Batterham
    Gavin Batterham Month ago

    If a shop GIVES you something for free, that is their choice....EXPECTING free stuff, is you being an c*&t......

  • awesomecom91
    awesomecom91 Month ago

    What was that cut at 9:36? The hell?

  • bridey mc
    bridey mc Month ago

    He sad because he wants to f her

  • Erica McNeill
    Erica McNeill Month ago