Must watch!! UFO's in the News Mainstream media Coverage WARNING viewer discretion is advised!

  • Опубликовано: 17 янв 2017
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    Panic Stricken witnesses record UFO sightings
    News channels are reporting on UFO sightings daily, here are some recent news clips from the main stream media!
    Credit to:
    Fox News
    This is a video compilation of captured UFO footage The UFO caught on camera is proof of intelligent alien life visiting earth. The footage include eye witness encounters/ first hand accounts of fully visible space crafts, lights in the sky and strange occurrences. These UFO caught on video/tape footage cannot be verified and are presented by you the viewer to choose to believe it or not.
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  • Robert MacEwan
    Robert MacEwan 10 часов назад

    I just can’t listen to those idiots on FoxNews butcher information.

  • Wm. Shultzie
    Wm. Shultzie День назад

    Cancer man knows.

  • Angela Evans
    Angela Evans 5 дней назад

    People should use common sense old home remedies stood the test of time because they work, the stories and now videos are stood testing time because there true and real, if people don’t want to believe it are to lazy to do research I personally think there missing out on what’s true and real of this world and universe there’s a lot to learn with an open mind some people are just close minded will never learn the truth the followers not leaders I’ll leave it at that simple minds not willing are trying to learn the truth..... research all the government has lied to us about for some it will at the least surprise you if not shock you......

  • Michael VanGundy
    Michael VanGundy 5 дней назад

    The distance between Earth and any potential civilization is too far for living beings to survive the trip. Particles and radiation penetrating the vessel would vent or ruin the atmosphere. Self maintaining drones are more plausible. They are sent to gather samples and map the surface. Just like we would do. Radio the results back home.

    • Michael VanGundy
      Michael VanGundy 5 дней назад

      Shed Show TALK
      That would explain why they have not been seen on the Oprah show. Shouting for rights as refugees instead of as aliens.

    • Shed Show TALK
      Shed Show TALK  5 дней назад

      Some viewers believe that grey aliens are organic vessels with AI for that purpose (not sentient).

  • james rearden
    james rearden 6 дней назад

    Lol, when the real thing finally does get here...we will know, it’ll be the size of a stadium and not a flatscreen tv...

  • Andrew Bradford
    Andrew Bradford 7 дней назад

    There are MANY things that cannot be explained in this planet's past and present ..... but NONE of them are "extraterrestrial" in nature. That's all get together and bust the bubble once and for all ..... it's fun to believe, because it transports us back to a simpler, playful time when we were all kids and loved to frequent the Saturday matinee double-feature monster movies at the local movie house. We all loved to scare each other in the evenings, sitting under the corner street lamp, telling our stories. But alas, we all had to grow up eventually, and leave our childish things behind. Or, DID we?

  • John Darwen
    John Darwen 7 дней назад

    No! no! no! It is swamp gas! Oh but wait what' your sening here is a weather balloon! Oops sorry it is ammonia! It's very unhabitable! Yes! Sorry for the false flags people! This message has been brought to you by NASA swamp gas proportion laboratory! 🏆👍💫😝😂

  • rbustamante15
    rbustamante15 8 дней назад

    Really? It's a insect. Tards

  • Robin
    Robin 9 дней назад +1

    1:00 just insects flying in front of the camera lens...

  • Thomopolus Rex
    Thomopolus Rex 9 дней назад

    Then it's official; Fox news is the broadcast version of the National Inquirer. What's next Bigfoot or Batboy?

  • nineball26
    nineball26 11 дней назад

    ok here is an intelligence that can not only fly the speed of light in a vacuum, but fly at speeds of over 40k knots in a thick atmosphere and you think you can track them with a rudimentary radar system... too fucking funny.. "um were the smart ones" idjets

  • christopher harrison
    christopher harrison 12 дней назад

    I personally think the genuine ufos are time travellers

  • Hadi Firmansyah
    Hadi Firmansyah 14 дней назад

    I knew it !

    Thanos is coming

  • David Maltone
    David Maltone 16 дней назад

    What’s up with all the birds chirping in the background ?????

  • J G
    J G 16 дней назад

    For once, no annoying commentators to narrate or “explain” their stupidity of not comprehending what they see. Just straight to the videos and evidence. Good job, Shed show TALK 👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽

  • John Barone
    John Barone 16 дней назад

    Demonic activities, trying to play with us.

  • Darren Calvin
    Darren Calvin 16 дней назад

    Wants em to make contact with us or me, there is defo something out there

  • Ryan Sweeney
    Ryan Sweeney 17 дней назад

    It’s bugs flying close to the camera lmao

  • carlos romo
    carlos romo 17 дней назад

    Lol maybe their light show is communication someone should try a spotlight or morse code back at them see their response idk

  • Newer Account
    Newer Account 17 дней назад

    4:21 she says uso unidentified space object?

  • Newer Account
    Newer Account 17 дней назад

    Real ufos or soul transporters are very tiny and invisible to the human and as far as I know to cameras aswell but when you are transported you are supposed to not remember......

  • Newer Account
    Newer Account 17 дней назад

    They are drones

  • Darnell Player
    Darnell Player 18 дней назад

    Deny, deny, then die with the lie.

  • Mark Felton
    Mark Felton 19 дней назад

    Cannabis is legal, in Colorado, isn’t it..

  • Carolann Doran
    Carolann Doran 19 дней назад

    What more do you need to believe like

  • Marion Pettersson
    Marion Pettersson 19 дней назад

    Can't you guys come visit me in Ramdala, Karlskrona, Sweden? I would really like to meet you guys! Love. 0010110

  • Craig M
    Craig M 19 дней назад

    Did I ever tell you about the time when I was a quadcopter enthusiast and spent my lunch hour flying one around the same place at the same times?

  • Anna Nolan
    Anna Nolan 19 дней назад

    Its a bird, its a plane, its superman - oh wait nah its just a bird LOL

  • shado12463
    shado12463 19 дней назад

    Jesus Jump-roping Christ on a biscuit, they're just insects.

  • James Garcia
    James Garcia 21 день назад

    Wake up, not aliens.. Your government, it's a lie, it's a trick, it's NOT REAL. What is REAL are demons disguised as aliens in the NASA secret flight craft that they have had for more than 2 decades.. Look at your history people's.... The gravity free flight ships or technology that nasa has is far beyond what the masses know. And bases everywhere for them. In mountains, underground, out if your site.. Except to test it make hype... Research for the truth please. It's an agenda for the ones who will serve satan in the new world order. Already you believe in nonsense and many praising clouds and figures holigraphed into the sky... If you are thinking science is your hope.. You have already chosen death... Jesus Christ is the only way to life everlasting and salvation from all the things to come.. God bless you and what are you thinking. Science and NASA and fake crap have you knowing -/really, -that you are nothing as NASA says and your government and you are just not going to think why or how. Just let them talk for. You....... Wake up.. It's mysterious, sure but a lie.. When they come just sit back andnd let the. Evil one with new world order tell you

  • Angie Blevins
    Angie Blevins 21 день назад

    I know this was a year ago but I Really wish people would always be “scared to death” 🙄 Embrace it not everything is a bad thing. That’s what the media does to people keep you scared, sad, mad and things like this are simple, “funny”. Well if they are bad and wanted to take over the world and eat you I’m sure they could have made you dinner like the animals people eat, by now. Don’t you?

  • barsa soren
    barsa soren 21 день назад

    UFO is fake subject

  • John Williams
    John Williams 21 день назад

    Those are military flares.

  • buckfushes
    buckfushes 22 дня назад

    bumble bee

  • Furrowed Brow
    Furrowed Brow 22 дня назад


  • A. Figueroa
    A. Figueroa 22 дня назад

    Fox retards don’t believe in science. Too fucking devoted to their bible, fucking delusional morons

  • astrolunaire
    astrolunaire 22 дня назад

    It is called Project Bluebeam. the Fake allien invasion that will be pulled over humanities naive minds. ? THey must flood the medias if the humans are to be fooled.

  • Rob Santiago
    Rob Santiago 23 дня назад

    I guess we finally figured out how to reverse engineer alien technology

  • Juan Negrette
    Juan Negrette 24 дня назад

    They need to have a news anchor male and female to be abducted my a ufo to see if they still laugh then will hear them cry they have been abducted by aliens cant wait till one day lol but true

  • Rusty Woodpecker
    Rusty Woodpecker 24 дня назад


  • Adrian Lee
    Adrian Lee 25 дней назад

    Wait till the ETs do an anal probe on Megyn

  • Bret Harper
    Bret Harper 27 дней назад

    I can’t stand it when the media covers sightings as if it’s a joke. It’s not a joke it’s not funny your part of the problem.

  • Jason Schlenz
    Jason Schlenz 27 дней назад

    These are just bugs flying around the field in front of him. Otherwise those would be HUGE flying over Denver.

  • MeatyPunk
    MeatyPunk 29 дней назад

    A little loopy doop

    JONINXBOX 29 дней назад

    The first ones are definitely ‘Unidentified Fly Object’

  • Rick Bennett
    Rick Bennett 29 дней назад

    Bottom line......when you witness a ufo.....there is the 'before you' and the 'after you'. A bonefied ufo sighting is one where your mind, heart, eyes and every logical bone in your body 'knows' exactly what it is you are seeing or rather, you know what it is know it's not from here.....Ya know its a visitor. Sounds crazy hu ? I guess it should. But you know what you saw.......and 'that memory' stays with you forever. It makes people write/recount such profound events on a youtube channel 40 years later. Shame everyone can't have their very own ufo moment......that a-ha moment. Crackpots right, Hardly....Aftet you see one, the people who crack on you and other witnesses crackpots.....whatever one of those is. What the future holds concerning 'our visiters' is very unclear but it is my total belief that it can play out at anytime. Good, bad, believer or nonbeliever, we all need to educate ourselves and at least prepare for the shock that is coming. It will be hard not only for the believers and people who enjoy ufology and have been memorized for years by the 'alien visit' but the none believers, many of who are unable/unwilling to believe, will need all our will be traumatic say the very least. coming with disclosure......wishful thinking I'm afraid.....Peace !

    • Shed Show TALK
      Shed Show TALK  29 дней назад

      This resonates with me 100% it’s why the videos exists.
      Rick I want
      To hear your story,
      Please reach out to me

  • DAZKING123
    DAZKING123 Месяц назад

    It's a fly ffs 😂😂

  • Stephanie Collins
    Stephanie Collins Месяц назад

    There's an air force base in Dayton Ohio. Always lots of weird stuff going on there.

  • William Jordan
    William Jordan Месяц назад

    Time travelers, meteors, and flares

  • Sean Finley
    Sean Finley Месяц назад

    "So it goes down ...does a little wupdidup" - unknown man

    • Shed Show TALK
      Shed Show TALK  Месяц назад

      Has to be the best explanation I’ve seen yet :)

  • Iam Negan
    Iam Negan Месяц назад

    Bugs. Lol

  • Nate Acosta
    Nate Acosta Месяц назад

    Nice vid. Take away the viewer discretion in the title tho, adds a cheesy like affect to it. Other then that good work bro

  • Robert Hodgkins
    Robert Hodgkins Месяц назад

    i took a pic with my i phone of the hills by my house i didnt notice anything put it on facebook and my brother spotted three objects in the back ground its freaking me out because on my phone when you take a pic it moves for a couple of seconds i need someone to see it i showed my friends they cant explain it i dont go looking for ufo!s help

  • W mathew Carr
    W mathew Carr Месяц назад

    The cat is deffinatly outta the bag why don't the government just tell us the truth

  • Gunny Daddybeagle
    Gunny Daddybeagle Месяц назад

    Not surprised at all about Manitoba, they've always had a lot of activity. Check out the Falcon Lake incident.

  • jon tanno
    jon tanno Месяц назад

    what im dying to know is what color panties is megan wearing

  • Dipz
    Dipz Месяц назад

    As soon as the believers see it’s on the mainstream, and the mainstream sees it’s on the mainstream, nobody will believe it.

  • Dennis Pfeifer
    Dennis Pfeifer Месяц назад

    Oh wait, now we got some damn deer poachers out there spotlighting deer. Why didn't they shoot? Must have been an alien that did not like venison.

  • Dennis Pfeifer
    Dennis Pfeifer Месяц назад

    Apparently micro-drones.

  • Brian Genthner
    Brian Genthner Месяц назад

    He "considers himself an aviation expert". I can consider myself a pancake expert. Doesn't mean I'm an expert. The radar doesn't catch flies either, which is why no one saw it on radar.

  • Haris Pilton
    Haris Pilton Месяц назад

    It won't be long before the truth comes out, the govt wanted to keep this hushed & quiet because they feared massive panic from people, but now that it has been more than half a century for it to settle in with society, they will tell us more knowing we can handle it & we won't all freak out. It has been in our thoughts long enough for us to accept it by now.

  • Ultimate Creator
    Ultimate Creator Месяц назад

    did any one else see the ufos in real time like me ?... then again i dont see the difference

  • Cameron Bowes
    Cameron Bowes Месяц назад

    US has had alien tech since roswell. These are probably government craft they're thinking of disclosing, but there are actual alien craft. If you follow/believe Corey Goode there is a quarantine on non-human craft by a benevolent confederation. They are trying not to interfere with our choices.

  • Dennis Baker
    Dennis Baker Месяц назад

    It’s all rubbish, these are not UFO’S, we are alone and always have been, these are just rare sightings of space junk, there are thousands of space junk in our outer space, the only thing that is real is the wishing we were not alone.

  • Joseph Woehler II
    Joseph Woehler II Месяц назад

    That's a hoot! The alien forgot to cloak the ship!!!

  • Kevin Hansen
    Kevin Hansen Месяц назад

    Action music in background in the start of the video to make it more wild :-D
    Come on guys, try think for yourself and ask yourself are we alone in the universe ? And what is fake and what is real.
    We are living in a big universe. :-)

    • Kevin Hansen
      Kevin Hansen Месяц назад

      There a many races in the universe and beings that look like humans i think.
      The question is, are most humans ready to know the truth ? Are humans ready to live with other races ?
      Most people will not because of there closed mind and there believe in religion. They will not could handle the truth.

    • Shed Show TALK
      Shed Show TALK  Месяц назад

      We most defiantly are not alone. The question is what is visiting us and where from.

  • Karen Skinner
    Karen Skinner Месяц назад

    That very last disc in the last few seconds of this video, with the lights all away around the edges looked like a glorified frisbee, lol! But everything before that was awesome!

  • Karen Skinner
    Karen Skinner Месяц назад

    Great compilation! Thanks for putting it all together for us to enjoy!

  • Paul L
    Paul L 2 месяца назад

    Swamp gas

  • pike
    pike 2 месяца назад

    looks like a butterfly to me

  • collin gabriel
    collin gabriel 2 месяца назад

    It's hard to talk about stuff like this because people say that if its in the mainstream media, then it's fake. But if it was real, why would only one small little news source be talking about it, and how could you completely trust them? I totally believe in Aliens and UFO's, but it's just hard to know if something is real or fake these days.

  • Alex Johnson
    Alex Johnson 2 месяца назад

    ...dats a bug

  • Rob Roll
    Rob Roll 2 месяца назад

    Just wondering if these UFO's are extraterrestrial, why would they travel light years to get here and then hide from us? Makes no sense! And how can governments from around the world conspire together to keep evidence of extraterrestrial craft from the public for so many years? That makes no sense either. Especially knowing how incompetent and corrupt governments and their employees are! Just wondering!

  • David Anderson
    David Anderson 2 месяца назад

    We are being observed, and they are ......laughing their asses off!!

  • David Martinsen
    David Martinsen 2 месяца назад

    Just tell us the truth.

  • Imalwaysrightson
    Imalwaysrightson 2 месяца назад

    Just fucking flying bugs

  • Chop Porter
    Chop Porter 2 месяца назад

    I dont rule out life on other planets but i dont rule it in either but this is not aliens

  • rick cary
    rick cary 2 месяца назад

    They're bees you donkeys!!

  • ACIM222
    ACIM222 2 месяца назад

    I live on big island and I put my iPad on slow mo and I get the same many many ufos light of ribbon bending like a golden belt it actually while filming comes in me then goes out of me ufo balls falling right in front of me everyday almost I can’t see them till I view later red lights at night moving all over Maui which is close across the channel so much on slow mo. Weird sounds. I got so much and still wife and friends laugh I’ve had white balls at the foot of my bed once 2 of them I woke to th sound of every dog howling like crazy that’s your clue I go every time I hear it ll I hears this like horror movie I open my eyes and 2 balls the size of basketballs floating i. Couldn’t wake the wife for nothing I put one foot on the floor and they went down the very long hall which I found myself at a dead run behind them got to the kitchen and gone. We are not alone those caught up in tv life like heads in the sand. I was told by the VA I have a chip in my lung and when they see this it should be rejecting all they know is the people never get sick and I never get sick I’m 65 and work all my young guys in the ground I can work 18 hrs no break no lunch look younger then most

  • Timogen Viente
    Timogen Viente 2 месяца назад

    For aliens, we are like cave men sharing thoughts about what we have seen or hear. They wont likely meet face to face until we're intelligent enough.

  • Jacob Winners
    Jacob Winners 2 месяца назад

    I used to believe in UFOS and aliens until it was reported on mainstream media...

  • nick beam
    nick beam 2 месяца назад

    And NORAD taking all our money. This is there job, to keep the country safe. But no it takes one little civilian to do it. That was probable NORAD flying it.

  • Richard Kincaid
    Richard Kincaid 2 месяца назад

    It wouldn't surprise most of us.

  • Richard Kincaid
    Richard Kincaid 2 месяца назад

    Think a lot of people need to realize how little they understand by perception only.

  • Yuri
    Yuri 2 месяца назад

    That’s it ...I’m building one! Lol, imagine having one though! Wouldn’t that be amazing!? Seriously though, do you know why they can’t release this technology?
    Imagine that really bad driver you imagine a million of them, above your head zipping around faster than your eyes.

  • Daniel Whittle
    Daniel Whittle 2 месяца назад +2

    Looks like a satillie from space

  • Dale Cooper
    Dale Cooper 2 месяца назад

    If you want to discredit news, present it laughing

  • josh boss
    josh boss 2 месяца назад

    well done

  • Archaic Revival
    Archaic Revival 2 месяца назад

    no good enough material. thumbs down. i shall never return. boring material.

  • ME ME
    ME ME 2 месяца назад

    but let's just keep lying and covering that up as well because we all know that you people aren't Ship Without facts and information if I can look up and see that there was serious activity that morning then citizens just like you should be able to look up and see there was not just a little activity there was a shitload of activity that's a morning same area same Runway same airport ship was going down that day and they didn't want people to know

  • ME ME
    ME ME 2 месяца назад

    what if the reason we saw what we saw was because it was pissed off and was trying to find its Friend or Foe that was already shot down previous to this video Same Day we shot down in flying aircraft that was not from our advancements in technology or from this planet

  • ME ME
    ME ME 2 месяца назад

    I have never watched something more full of lies and discrimination evidence of the truth if you watch this then you know damn well that the FAA Ground Control and the airports around all heard and knew about an object that was flying low and hovering near the residential areas and sometimes hovering even lower than that and racing other planes Off The Runway they tracked this thing from the wee hours of the morning and lost it somewhere in the hours of 1 to 2 in the afternoon reason for the lies and the deceit was because during this time they had actual military personnel scrambled to handle the situation in which they chase this object to one or more other military bases proving that there is intelligent life whatever the object is or was the Bold outline is is it due how to outmaneuver even the most fastest aircraft we have today was still kept secret because they don't know wrong they know exactly what they know what they did was wrong we acted without consciousness we acted like children if you do your research carefully and well you'll know that the military shot down aircraft that day

  • Richard Smout
    Richard Smout 2 месяца назад

    Someone fire the fox woman, she can't even speak

  • Richard Smout
    Richard Smout 2 месяца назад

    Why is it always filmed on a potato? We're talking professional cameras here and it's always shit, I mean RUcliprs have better equipment

  • Mike Lowry
    Mike Lowry 2 месяца назад

    Any NEW footage ? ? ? Crap 1950 let it go for f sake

  • Mike Boyd
    Mike Boyd 2 месяца назад

    Anagesls and ther ships ,5sjips wstht 700 snail in sud of thum th lazer can spain 45 ackers sprain 50//00000 vots ina blist

  • Mike Boyd
    Mike Boyd 2 месяца назад

    They 75 //??000ufo some murcke and plant 12near plane win the. Lick holes wine that lazer aship cane out of ths

  • k4vud
    k4vud 2 месяца назад

    FOX and news are definition of OPPOSITE......... FOX is a propaganda network run by the rich to fool the poor...............and YOU........... fool!

  • psulse
    psulse 2 месяца назад

    ET says.... take me to the reproductive ones , we must prob them with our units!

    COOCHIE COOCH 2 месяца назад +3