Dave Chappelle Stand-Up Monologue - SNL

Host Dave Chappelle jokes about Donald Trump being elected president and how being rich has changed his life.

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Просмотров: 10681864
Длительность: 11:37
Комментарии: 11519

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Автор Roca Bibaby ( назад)
OMG I love Dave so much!! Missed him!

Автор Michael J. Evans ( назад)
Best SNL monologue of all-time

Автор shibby shwing ( назад)
Thee fuck? @ subtitles

Автор Cory B ( назад)
I used to love Dave, but now, he is selling out! Very disappointed!!!

Автор Eric Sowande ( назад)

Автор Rajaul Alam ( назад)
this guys a clever bugger

Автор Eon Hardy ( назад)
i cud watch Dave C., Paul Mooney, or Katt Williams anyday .. who is Kevin Hart?

Автор Jennifer Winchester ( назад)
So glad he's back and on Netflix. He's been sooooo missed. Funny as hell dude!!!

Автор elchucofried ( назад)
his Netflix show was meh

Автор mike albert ( назад)
Hey Dave...Obama did a fucked up job and I for one don't miss his ass!!!

Автор Nathan Rock ( назад)
Gotta love it, I was watching the one and only chick in the background be offended by some jokes while laughing at the others...bitch this is stand-up and satire laugh at a joke about grabbing 'em by the pussy.

I'm 28 and I don't think any president in my entire life has done a good job. I was to young to watch Clinton. Sadly I don't think I'll ever look at a president as a historian and say to myself, wow, he did a good job.

Автор jordan lewis ( назад)
I wanna know how 3k ppl can dislike this, wtf is wrong with you tho 🤔

Автор STAK ( назад)
The greatest comedian of all time .

Автор John Gulick ( назад)
snl, the only place you can ask if everyone thinks obama did a good job and actually expect them to agree.

Автор Jimmy Marrow ( назад)
"Obama did a good job." That's the joke of the skit.

Автор mrnbrowngdn ( назад)
chappelle the goat ....undisputed

Автор D Rago ( назад)
Woman in the backs face at 5:51

Автор Jayne Wattie ( назад)
He is still the master.

Автор Ka Vang ( назад)
A lot of comedy and wisdom in this one. :)

Автор Christopher Barrett ( назад)
chappelle has been cloned

Автор Spider Watson ( назад)
Leave Pres Trump alone!
BO did a horrible job! Suck a persimmon haters!

Автор AJ Martinez ( назад)

Автор Tony Thompson ( назад)
Boss said it was ok😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂💀💀💀

Автор john pratt ( назад)
dave is the fuckin man

Автор SancheNusS Stackhouse ( назад)
Dave Chappelle you are a Hero. You are a Great Person. I hope I get to meet you one day.

Автор Andrew Mcintosh ( назад)
Thank you Dave Chappelle for your humor and wisdom. We can all agree that Trump is a clown, but he is our president and we need to give him a chance and stop being so divisive.

Автор Jason Gaskins ( назад)
The guy is just simply amazing. Bless from DC " big ups to Dave Chappelle.

Автор Armand Robotson ( назад)
This guy is so NOT funny, the microphone he's holding blocks and mutes the words he says....

What's funny about being stoned on stage...

Americans just laugh like idiots at anything...

Автор Antionne Murray II ( назад)
The Goat!!!!!!!

Автор Operator Error ( назад)
I can't believe he is back! I've missed him so much! Thanks god!

Автор woahdudette ( назад)
If Ricky gervais can host the globes, so can chapelle. Not that he would want to or needs it. But I'd like to see him fuck up a forum like the Oscars, how he would write in that setting...

Автор John Michael ( назад)

Автор EffBeeEyeFREEZE ( назад)
This is the only like SNL will ever get from me. It's for Chappelle.

Автор kman1357 ( назад)
The Greatest episode since Betty White/Jay Z

Автор Texas Made ( назад)
Dave C. is truly one of the best . On the other hand all he did was tell eleven minutes of jokes mixed with current event's . Not once did he try to insult any one race. They are just jokes mixed with truth. Yet there are so many hate comments that are racially driven it's sickening. To think that some one could hate a person so much . That they will watch an eleven minute video , just to make a negative comment. When knowing clearly before you clicked the video , it was going to be Dave C. You saw the name and the still picture and still clicked just to hate . When in actuality you really didn't have to watch the video. Now that is truly some deep rooted hatred . And i know there will be some bs rebuttal. And to be honest i really don't give two fucks. God bless....

Автор Captain Cartman ( назад)
His two new stand-ups on Netflix are so damn funny. Just don't eat anything while watching them....I was laughing so hard I nearly choked to death on an orange.

Автор Alex Casanova ( назад)
Such a great skit... (:

Автор kyle benitez ( назад)
agree with alot of things except with "obama did a good job"

Автор Stephen Rawding ( назад)
A legend right there!

Автор Zack Hayes ( назад)
Love Dave Chappell hope biased ass shitty SNl doesn't ruin this

Автор Jonathan Deleon ( назад)
that dont even look like him...

Автор Hari Bhajan Das ( назад)
I see all the propaganda in his opening now. Woq

Автор tupacs nose ring ( назад)

Автор Chris Biggs ( назад)

Автор Blitz Blisser ( назад)
Hilarious! lol

Автор DjStiv3 ( назад)
goddamn his walking dead shit 13mil views, this 10mil. People really want him back it seems. I saw the netflix specials, it was funny but it could have been better tbh. Love ya dave, i hope chappelle show comes back too.

Автор chicagofemme27 ( назад)
Funnier than ever, profound insight on the times, lovable, all done with zero ego. #chappelle <3

Автор BoomShakaLaka ( назад)

Автор William Weaver ( назад)
Obama did a good job... *laugh*

Автор Smooth Criminal ( назад)
Relax you haven't even met the aliens yet..

Автор Brandon Shagg ( назад)
Oh shit actual comedy

Автор Dee Breia99 ( назад)
that's not Dave

Автор Remy Lebeau ( назад)
"Obama did a good job".
Sure he did, if by good you mean killing thousands of people (with drones) in countries we are not at war with, killing an American citizen without a trial, continued illegal wiretapping on Americans, attacked LEGAL marijuna dispensaries, continued Bush's illegal bailouts, increased national debt to nearly 20 trillion, did nothing to stop the criminal federal reserve, and many more things. So yeah... thanks for nothing obama, great job you pos monster.

Автор Elite11 D ( назад)
When he said niggas wearing gorilla suits I died laughing

Автор Wait Here ( назад)
this nigger is not funny anymore

Автор Nicholas DiBerardino-Peralta ( назад)
drugs? Y/N

Автор Baxtron o ( назад)
WU Tang

Автор Anthony Deleon ( назад)
Gained a whole new respect for Dave Chappelle.

Автор Joel Gonsalves ( назад)
"Ta Ta"! Hahahahahahahha

Автор David Penprase ( назад)
thanks Mr Chapelle for saying that you'll give our president a chance.

Автор Brad Darby ( назад)
F*cking genius.

Автор TristonGats ( назад)
I fucking lost it at the grab a hand full of pussy joke. Lmao

Автор mano fiske ( назад)
Abolitionist and Architect of the 14th Amendment, John Bingham speaks : " Every human being born within the jurisdiction of the United States OF PARENTS NOT OWING ALLEGIANCE TO ANY FOREIGN SOVEREIGNTY, is in the language of your Constitution itself, a natural born Citizen "

Obama was born a Citizen of the United Kingdom & Colonies through his non-U.S Citizen, visitor to the United States ,Father, barrack obama sr. He is, at best, a statutory U.S Citizen hence, not ' natural born '
Article II ' natural born Citizen ' enjoins sole allegiance at birth. The off-spring of non-U.S Citizens are not permitted to assume Command in Chief of the U.S Military.

Автор Laura Bonds McCloud ( назад)
Click like if you on a Chapelle kick because of Netflix special👏🏻👍🏻

Автор Terry Rose ( назад)

Автор John Lauer ( назад)
Love Chappelle but fk SNL.

Автор Jake Scribner ( назад)
Funny but fucking stupid

Автор Aztec X ( назад)
When black person talks about racism,and insult white people,its humor.When white person does the same,its racism,and whole world talks about it.

Seems to me like monkeys want to be superior,not equal.

Автор Afolabi725 ( назад)
Obama did not do a good job.

Автор jeremy67A ( назад)
<------You don't have to be black to be disenfranchised.

Автор Jon Leach ( назад)
>Does interview mentioning exhaustion with trump and stern dissent of comedians using him ad nauseum.

> Proceeds to start monologue railing Trump.


Автор Brady Stewart ( назад)
Legend!!! 60 million just cashed out!!

Автор Fonz Mendez ( назад)
This is great

Автор SevenForce80 ( назад)
Wow, chappelle is a fucking idiot. The whole monologue was a bunch of racebaiting horseshit. And I'm not even white.

Fuck you Dave, you divisive little cunt.

Автор dudefacial ( назад)
Love Dave but dude you already have gotten your chance. Twice.

Автор Rant Therapist ( назад)
He's still got it! So glad about that.

Автор Kevin Nguyen ( назад)
I'm not the only one that looks at the reactions of the people behind him right?? 😂

Автор Darrell ( назад)
The man !

Автор DimensionZombie ( назад)


Автор Joseph Hamilton ( назад)
That black guy Roosevelt had to the White House was none other than Booker T. Washington...the Southern Democrat run newspapers wanted him Impeached for it...some accused Mr. Washington of "taking liberties" white the Presidents wife because they ate at the same table...100 years later to the year...we had a black president...you may not have like Obama...but you got to admit we have come such a long way....

Автор Willis Street ( назад)
fuck all of these racist ass White people

Автор Lungsy1988 ( назад)
I'm not black. I'm not even American, but i had tears in my eyes at the ending part of this monologue. Dave is one of the absolute greatest of all time. Amazing stuff

Автор IeatyellowSNO ( назад)
that was fantastic.

Автор Antonio Luevano ( назад)
nobody should compare kevin to dave cause kevin is not up there at all

Автор TwArDxL ( назад)
Never understood all the Kevin Hart comparisons until he started selling out stadiums and people praising him

Автор seth postma ( назад)
Dave is a fuckin pro.

Автор communistjesus ( назад)
Dave Chappelle :Older, fatter but still HILARIOUS.. Great to see him again..

Автор MrVideoyoulike ( назад)
Dave hit puberty.

Автор amir syeed ( назад)
this legend is toooooooo funny

Автор Myles Geronimo ( назад)
Chapelle seems to be all about race, a one-trick-pony like chris rock. At least Chapelle doesn't sound bitter as rock does. Barry Soetero, the kenyan mule has zero to do with being black in America. IMO. (DJT's life is going to get worse for being president. I blv he's rly doing a favor to every American, whether they know it or not.)

Автор AlphaWofie 45 ( назад)
R.I.P Harambe

Автор Will Velez ( назад)
He's back! Hope Kevin enjoyed his time on top! Their both funny, but Dave's takes are pure comedy Genius! Had me chuckling loud!

Автор Nasire 13 ( назад)

Автор Nasire 13 ( назад)

Автор Marko Deleon ( назад)
fucking awesome

Автор Tone Desh ( назад)
"If I could stop being black today, I'd be out the game.." 😂😂

Автор kluaf oz ( назад)
fake Dave

Автор exussupremebeing ( назад)
one cool muh fucka!

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