Aradne Wiremux
Aradne Wiremux
4 года назад

The Slightly Dark But Surprisingly Soothing Somewhat Eclectic Semi Noir Lovesong PlaylistThe Slightly Dark But Surprisingly Soothing Somewhat Eclectic Semi Noir Lovesong Playlist
The Slightly Dark But Surprisingly Soothing Somewhat Eclectic Semi Noir Lovesong PlaylistWiremux
3 месяца назад
You see it is terribly annoying. I found the song Dirty Old Man on my hard drive. I could clearly remember posting it before. But when? Where?! Was it only a dream? I looked through all my...
Relaxing Wiccan Chants and SongsRelaxing Wiccan Chants and Songs
Relaxing Wiccan Chants and SongsWiremux
2 месяца назад
This is my old witch playlist. the one nobody probably remembers because I posted it on the other channel and with a different picture. anyway, I got reminded of it today. it has songs from...
Devil Woman - Black Cat TangoDevil Woman - Black Cat Tango
Devil Woman - Black Cat TangoWiremux
2 года назад
Great track by Black Cat Tango! Check out the following links to purchase songs or learn more about the band: facebook.com/BlackCatTangoBand/ blackcattango.bandcamp.com/...
The Singing Vagabond PlaylistThe Singing Vagabond Playlist
The Singing Vagabond PlaylistWiremux
Год назад
TITLES HERE aka The Singing and Sometimes Yelling But All In All Fun Vagabond Playlist. 0:00 Dirt Road Life - The Moonlighters 3:41 Down Down Down - Lake of Stew 8:12 Honey In The Hair -...
My Steampunk Song CollectionMy Steampunk Song Collection
My Steampunk Song CollectionWiremux
4 года назад
0:00:00 Paul Shapera - New Albion 1 (from The Dolls of New Albion) 0:03:12 Steam Powered Giraffe - Brass Goggles 0:07:25 Abney Park - The Ballad of Captain Robert 0:10:03 The Cog is Dead -...
Jazz Noir Folk Swing Femme Fatale MixJazz Noir Folk Swing Femme Fatale Mix
Jazz Noir Folk Swing Femme Fatale MixWiremux
9 месяцев назад
0:00 Blind Pig - Fantastic Beasts OST 1:26 Hooker Shoes - The SunPunchers 5:27 You Laugh At the Moon - Samantha de Siena 9:25 Hace Dos Meses - Anita Zengeza 12:31 Cumparsita - Bruxelles Aires...
My Baroque Vampire Ball PlaylistMy Baroque Vampire Ball Playlist
My Baroque Vampire Ball PlaylistWiremux
3 месяца назад
This is an old list that I have not posted before, because most of these songs got featured in other playlists. Arranged this way, however, it ends up being my perfect vampire ball music, hence...
The Very Short Jazzy Swing Cabaret PlaylistThe Very Short Jazzy Swing Cabaret Playlist
The Very Short Jazzy Swing Cabaret PlaylistAradne Wiremux
3 года назад
0:00 Miss W - Kabaret 3:37 Cage Bird - This Way to the Egress 6:50 Bourbon Street - Jeff Tuohy 9:40 Baby Wants a Diamond - The Squirrel Nut Zippers 13:08 Shim Sham - Caravan of Thieves 16:57...
15:01 Swing and Electro Swing15:01 Swing and Electro Swing
15:01 Swing and Electro SwingWiremux
2 года назад
THIS VIDEO IS EXACTLY 15:01 MINUTES LONG! Which means exactly what you think it means! The 15 minutes restriction is finally gone from my channel. What's more, I've become a RUclip partner....
The Ori Tahiti PlaylistThe Ori Tahiti Playlist
The Ori Tahiti PlaylistWiremux
Год назад
Not sure if all of these are indeed tahitian but you can sure dance the tamure to most of them. Plus I miss sunshine. Plus I guess this is yet another place I'll never get to visit in my life....
Medieval/Shaman/Pagan/Mythological PlaylistMedieval/Shaman/Pagan/Mythological Playlist
Medieval/Shaman/Pagan/Mythological PlaylistWiremux
Год назад
0:00 The Ritual - Chris Thomas 2:09 Aijö - Varttina 6:31 Raven - Hedningarna 10:59 Summoning the Gods - Trobar de Morte 15:10 Ai vist lo lop - Hollóének Hungarica 18:44 Schiarazula marazuIa...
Folk Noir Dark Country Gothic Americana What Not PlaylistFolk Noir Dark Country Gothic Americana What Not Playlist
Folk Noir Dark Country Gothic Americana What Not PlaylistWiremux
11 месяцев назад
stuff i listen to these days. very surprising at times. 0:00 Pinafore - Meg Cavanaugh Band 3:50 Lungs - Palodine 6:39 Canny Do - The Clay States 10:43 Birth Ritual - Jordan Reyne 13:55 Danger...
Hungarian Dark/Folk/Pop/Love Songs No2Hungarian Dark/Folk/Pop/Love Songs No2
Hungarian Dark/Folk/Pop/Love Songs No2Wiremux
Месяц назад
The top secret heart playlist is finally revealed. :) It is also a sequel to a previous list I made some time ago. Not everyone may like this collection, but these are some fun local songs...
Mad Women from the Attic Vol 2Mad Women from the Attic Vol 2
Mad Women from the Attic Vol 2Wiremux
3 месяца назад
No, I'm not dead. Weird thing called life keeps interrupting my semi-pirate dj career. 0:00 Hat, Meet Rabbit - Gaba Kulka 2:18 Purple Lady - Nefertiti in the Kitchen 5:33 Drowned Out - Crystal...
Halloween SongsHalloween Songs
Halloween SongsWiremux
2 года назад
As if I didn't have enough spooky playlists already... 00:00 I Put a Spell On You - Blackberry Wood 03:43 Spooky Madness - Big Bad Voodoo Daddy 06:46 Grim Grinning Ghosts - Hitchhiking...
Vagabond Opera - The Red BalloonVagabond Opera - The Red Balloon
Vagabond Opera - The Red BalloonWiremux
2 года назад
Just a great steampunk romance song. Plus hot air balloons. And zeppelins. And stuff you typically find in a great steampunk romance song.
Dimie Cat - Everybody Wants To Be A CatDimie Cat - Everybody Wants To Be A Cat
Dimie Cat - Everybody Wants To Be A CatWiremux
2 года назад
just a rare version of the classic song.
Electro Swing CollectionElectro Swing Collection
Electro Swing CollectionLeah Brown Music
3 года назад
PLAYLIST OF INDIVIDUAL SONGS ruclip.com/video/C6-TWRn0k4I/видео.html&list=PLskW5b1fsXAC28FmRx4LmrAAOE7ZQIy7E SONGS 0:00:00 Parov Stelar - All Night 0:02:42 Jamie Berry (ft Rosie Harte)...
Cartoon Swing/Jazz Songs PlaylistCartoon Swing/Jazz Songs Playlist
Cartoon Swing/Jazz Songs PlaylistWiremux
2 года назад
It all started when I found two or three awesome covers of Disney songs. Then I found some awesome originals that did not have awesome covers...or not the kind of awesome covers I was looking...
My Relaxing Summertime PlaylistMy Relaxing Summertime Playlist
My Relaxing Summertime PlaylistWiremux
Год назад
gone on vacation...actin' real peaceful...sharing cheesy summer songs with the rest of the wo---HOLD ON! WHAT IS HAPPENING TO ME???! Happy beach time for all! Playlist: 0:00 What a Wonderful...
My Most Precious Hawaiian Music PlaylistMy Most Precious Hawaiian Music Playlist
My Most Precious Hawaiian Music PlaylistWiremux
2 года назад
With great hesitation I publish the playlist that's been saving my mornings in the past few months or so. So please don't hate it. I couldn't bear it. This playlist has a rather strange effect...
Ballads, Chansons, Accordion Songs CollectionBallads, Chansons, Accordion Songs Collection
Ballads, Chansons, Accordion Songs CollectionWiremux
2 года назад
PLAYLIST: 0:00 Ta P'tite Flamme - Amélie-Les-Crayons 3:52 Tango - Karpatt 6:57 La Chouette - Lonely Drifter Karen 9:20 Printemps - Les Ogres de Barback 12:26 Deine Tranen - 17 Hippies 15:30...
My Favourite Dr Who (Featured) SongsMy Favourite Dr Who (Featured) Songs
My Favourite Dr Who (Featured) SongsWiremux
2 года назад
Recently I've rewatched a few Dr Who episodes and realized I loved the featured songs in it, but most Dr Who playlists focus on the original soundtrack instead of the songs you can hear in...
The Little Instrumental Choir Mermaid PlaylistThe Little Instrumental Choir Mermaid Playlist
The Little Instrumental Choir Mermaid PlaylistWiremux
Год назад
0:00 Sirens - Sinbad Legend of The Seven Seas Original Soundtrack 3:18 Queen of the Sea - Peter Crowley 7:07 Deadly Siren - Doctor Who Series 6 Original Soundtrack 12:37 Mermaids - Pirates...
Alternative Cabaret Rock / Punk Cabaret Etc. PlaylistAlternative Cabaret Rock / Punk Cabaret Etc. Playlist
Alternative Cabaret Rock / Punk Cabaret Etc. PlaylistWiremux
Год назад
aka The Sufficiently Weird Although Slightly Inappropriate Yet Pleasantly Surprising and Tastewise Challenging But All in All Properly Raspy Voiced Musical Mixture Carefully Borrowed By My...
Swing and Jazz SongsSwing and Jazz Songs
Swing and Jazz SongsWiremux
Год назад
0:00 If You Want the Rainbow - Leftover Cuties 3:00 Baby Can Dance - Carsie Blanton 5:55 Tell Me Boy - Sugarpie and the Candymen 8:52 Crabbuckit - The Good Lovelies 11:15 Swing Punk - Tape Five.
The Short Rockabilly/Rock N' Roll/Boogie PlaylistThe Short Rockabilly/Rock N' Roll/Boogie Playlist
The Short Rockabilly/Rock N' Roll/Boogie PlaylistWiremux
2 года назад
If you like jiving to swing, you might also like jive bopping to this music. Great for retro rock n' roll parties. The Big Bad Voodoo Daddy song is closer to the swing age I guess, somewhere...
Hungarian Dark/Folk/Love SongsHungarian Dark/Folk/Love Songs
Hungarian Dark/Folk/Love SongsWiremux
Год назад
Some local songs I like a lot..just something personal..and some are a bit weird..also the genre is difficult to define because they are all so different..it's short anyway... =) 0:00 Hajnali...
Money Money - Suzana d'AmourMoney Money - Suzana d'Amour
Money Money - Suzana d'AmourWiremux
2 года назад
If I ever become a paid RUclipr, this will be my theme song. :D Anyway, fun song I think.
Sea Ballads and ShantiesSea Ballads and Shanties
Sea Ballads and ShantiesAradne Wiremux
3 года назад
Just a few sea ballads and shanties because I realized that many of my favourite bands/singers have such songs and I haven't posted any of them yet. Lots of Brillig songs because they have...
Inspirational Epic Fantasy BalladsInspirational Epic Fantasy Ballads
Inspirational Epic Fantasy BalladsWiremux
Год назад
Just a set of inspirational songs taken mostly from fantasy movies, games, trailers, fan tributes etc. Not all of them belong to the type of music I usually listen to, but I do find this list...
My Oldies Christmas PlaylistMy Oldies Christmas Playlist
My Oldies Christmas PlaylistWiremux
Год назад
a hasty playlist without a playlist. Merry Christmas All! Also check out my other Xmas list: ruclip.com/video/sid8_wwpggY/видео.html.
We Happy Few "Wellies' Songs" PlaylistWe Happy Few "Wellies' Songs" Playlist
We Happy Few "Wellies' Songs" PlaylistWiremux
2 года назад
This playlist was inspired by the game "We Happy Few". I own nothing of course. Songs belong to their performers/studios, game belongs to Compulsion Games. Link to the game's homepage: com...
My Very Unofficial Harley Quinn PlaylistMy Very Unofficial Harley Quinn Playlist
My Very Unofficial Harley Quinn PlaylistWiremux
Год назад
Playlist: 0:00 Kiss the Girls - Devil's Carnival OST 1:03 Upside Down - Paloma Faith 4:13 Weasel in Drag - Tik Tok 7:55 Just Another of My Glitches - Kate Nyx 10:43 Terrible Things - April...