Ussr anthem

National Anthem of USSR
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The mighty anthem of USSR.
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Promotional Anthem of the Supreme Soviet, broadcast twice daily on Soviet State Television for many years. This is the original 1984 version. Fully restored, converted to stereo and widescreen. Now subtitled in Russian, phonetic Russian and two n..
USSR Anthem on 5 Electric Toothbrushes and a Steam Cleaner
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State Anthem of the Soviet Union played by five electric toothbrushes and a steam cleaner. A linear actuator presses the button on the steam cleaner which opens the valve inside the device letting the steam out through the nozzle. It was great to fi..
Гимн СССР(National Anthem of the Soviet Union)
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Гимн Союза Советских Социалистических Республик.
The End of the World but with the USSR National Anthem
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The title says it all Movies used: Deep Impact, Hereafter, The Impossible, and Tidal Wave Join my dead discord
USSR anthem Nokia 3310 edition
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To get the song, press the following keys in the composer: 5 8 1 * 9 5 * * 8 6 7 9 3 8 3 6 9 5 8 4 5 9 1 8 1 2 9 2 8 3 4 9 4 8 5 6 9 7 8 1 * 2 9 0 8 5 * * 8 3 * 9 2 8 1 2 9 7 * * 8 5 1 * 9 7 * * 8 6 7 9 3 8 3 6 9 5 8 4 5 9 1 8 1 1 * 9 7 * * 8 6 5 9 ..
USSR Anthem
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State Anthem of Soviet Union
Soviet Anthem Misheard
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Learn the true lyrics of the CCCP anthem with this translated video.
Soviet national anthem
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with Soviet politicians and military personnel
National Anthem Of The USSR
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The National Anthem of the Soviet Union or the State Anthem of the USSR (or Hymn, Russian: Государственный гимн СССР, Gosudarstvenny Gimn SSSR) was introduced during World War II on March 15, 1944, replacing The Internationale ..
1945 - 2019 Soviet and Russian Anthem
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Total 52 times plays on this video. 1945 Victory Day parade 1945 Union of Athletic day parade 1946 May Day parade 1952 October Revolution day parade 1953 October Revolution day parade 1954 May Day parade 1957 October Revolution day parade 1961 May D..
Soviet National Anthem(With Lyrics)
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Nothing to do with this video but you're invited to a Movement! Join the movement that began on 4/24 sohail.naazari for more info
We played the USSR Anthem to a Russian on Omegle...
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► View my videos early: ► Watch me play piano LIVE: ► Buy my merch: Hey everyone! Today's Omegle video is shorter than usual, bec..
Historical Anthem: Soviet Union - Государственный гимн СССР (1977 Version)
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Государственный гимн СССР - Gosudarstvenny Gimn SSSR - State Anthem of the USSR National Anthem of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (Союз Советских Социалистических Республик - Soyu..
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▶ SHEET MUSIC & MIDI: SUBSCRIBE NOW! ▶ Learn piano easily: SUBSCRIBE for a new piano tutorial every day! Get the newest sheets: ▶ Musicnotes: ▶ S..
Soviet propoganda & Anthem
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The Red Army Choir sings the Soviet National Anthem to a selection of soviet propaganda posters. Images included for fair use review of work.
State Anthem of the Soviet Union in the beginning of rugby match
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Rugby match on March 18, 2018 between Russia and Germany, anthem of Soviet Union Исполнение гимна СССР на матче регби между Россией и Германией 18 марта 2018 года An unbreakable union of ..
USSR Anthem (Original Video)
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Original video of the "Anthem of the USSR." Please ask before you use this footage, it was compiled in 2004 from Soviet video files.
Soviet Victory and Anthem (1944 version) Over Berlin
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German general Weidling proclaiming the end of the battle for Berlin, followed by celebration and anthem of the Soviet Union. From the 2008 German film "A Woman in Berlin"
Minecraft: U.S.S.R. Anthem in Noteblocks
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The Soviet Union will live in in the world of Minecraft forever (yay) In this video, I recreate the U.S.S.R. Anthem in the game of Minecraft using only in-game Noteblocks. Made using the Minecraft Note Block Studi..
Russian people sing Russian national anthem (subtitles)
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The Soviet Union will live in in the world of Minecraft forever (yay) In this video, I recreate the U.S.S.R. Anthem in the game of Minecraft using only in-game Noteblocks. Made using the Minecraft Note Block Studi..
Soviet Anthem 1984
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download anthem
Flags & anthems of all Soviet Union's Republics
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Anthems navigation: Armenian SSR 0:00 Azerbaijan SSR 3:45 Byelorussian SSR 4:52 Estonian SSR 5:57 Georgian SSR 6:39 Kazakh SSR 7:54 Kirghiz SSR 9:05 Latvian SSR 10:01 Lithuanian SSR 13:03 Moldavian SSR 15:19 Russian SFSR 19:40 Tajik SSR 19:49 Turkme..
Soviet Union National Anthem
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Soviet National Anthem with English and Russian lyrics, sung by the Red Army choir. Thank you for watching, please leave a like and favorite!
State Anthem of the Soviet Union* (All languages, updated)
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Soviet National Anthem in 8 languages (Byelorussian, English, Finnish, German, Hungarian, Lithuanian, Russian and Hebrew). *Also includes Russian National Anthem in Mandarin Chinese and a religious song in Ukrainian) 0:05 Bylorussian 2:14 English 6:1..
USSR National Anthem - 10 HOURS
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COMMUNISM WILL RISE ty for the support comrades
Hymn of the USSR - Red Army Choir (English Sub.)
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State Anthem of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (1977-1991)
USSR ANTHEM TRAP REMIX (free communist type beat) (prod. Aylo)
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stalin would be proud of my sick new remix cuz its lit asf. it puts the "party" in communist party. feel free to use this just give credit where credit is due.
USSR Anthem, Revolution Day 1981 Гимн СССР
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The national anthem of the USSR played during the November parade in 1981 on Moscow's Red Square. Like me on Facebook: RedSamurai84/
Soviet Anthem 1944
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Footage: British Board of Film Cencors Music: Sergey Mikhalkov and Gabriel El-Registan Performer: Red Army Choir
How to spot communist spies
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I do not condone or encourage anyone to start a revolution. No seriously don’t. I do not want the police to knock at my door. And no this is not political propaganda. All done in the name of comedy. I was the person in charge of putting proper mu..
Lets Listen: Anthem Battle - Soviet Russia Vs Nazi Germany
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By: Mr Kilroy Just a quick idea that came into my head for a series of videos, depending on the views and sucess i will make a few more, please vote your favourite of the music pieces in the comments.
Rocky IV - Ivan Drago's Intro [Soviet Anthem] BLU RAY 1080p HD
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Ivan Drago's (Dolph Ludgren's) introduction in Rocky 4. Originated by the Red Army Ensemble: /watch?v=e9tu3LidkYg SUBSCRIBE!
Blasting USSR Anthem In School Hallways!🇷🇺
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Once again like I promised y’all with another one soon, got more lit videos coming soon aswell, I guess I can say that this what most subs are here for but overtime y’all gonna see great things on this channel❤️ Thank y’all for the support ..
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Best "Slav Memes Compilation" Enjoy! Watch the playlist with the best memes compilation here: If you like the video don't forget to susbcribe SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE MEMES g..
Soviet National Anthem (Hebrew)
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The National Anthem of the USSR in Hebrew
Soviet Anthem sung in English (1944 Translation)
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With pitch raised and audio enhanced.
Ussr anthem 10 hour loop
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Another soviet propaganda video, hope you enjoy and good day comrades! Our Soviet Republic shall never fall!
Malaysia visits the USSR - Malaysian and Soviet anthem
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Malaysian visit of the USSR future, europe, mapping, alternate future of europe countryballs, alternate future of europe movie, alternate future of europe part 1, alternate future of europe game, alternate future of europe map, alternate future of e..
USSR Anthem Misheard
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USSR Anthem Misheard
Dolph Lundgren singing USSR Anthem (HD)
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Dolph Lundgren singing USSR Anthem (Red Scorpion)
Shawshank Redemption - Soviet Anthem
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A parody video of the Shawshank redemption with the national anthem of the Soviet Union. The work force has nothing to loose but their chains!! Parody video for entertainment purposes only all work belongs to their respective creators.
MISHEARD Ussr Anthem Versi Indonesia Full
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Just for fun Subscribe Saluran dan like video saya untuk Misheard lagi, boleh request tapi tunggu😁😁