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Hiring Body Doubles To Run My Life
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As y’all can probably already tell, since starting my new late night talk show I have become too busy to do anything. Real talk…WHAT’S A SLEEP SCHEDULE?! So I hired a few body doubles to fill in for me. Think they can handle it?! Make sure to ..
Shooting With A LIVE Peacock
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I have so many feels about filming with Peacocks! Check out ‘How Lilly Singh REALLY Built Her Show’ here: AND ‘Hiring Body Doubles To Run My Life’ here: SUBSCRIBE: http:..
Seeing My Show Set For The First Time
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Welcome to the making of my late-night talk show set! We’re about to start filming 😱 Did you see the time I announced my show?! Subscribe:
If Bollywood Songs Were Rap
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I love Bollywood and I love rap music. So I decided to let my worlds collide by turning some of my favourite songs into rap songs! And while I was at it, I thought, why not make them little motivational anthems that speak to causes close to my heart?..
Lilly Singh Joins My New NBC Talk Show
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Subscribe to get my weekly videos! ► Sofie is a self-taught contortionist, hand balancer, aerialist. 2016 America’s Got Talent Golden Buzzer Contestant & FINALIST. She can be seen on The Ellen Degeneres Show, Disney Channel..
Expectations vs. Reality: Self Care
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This video is sponsored by Olay. Recently I’ve been trying to maintain a little balance in life by exercising some self care. You know, like a proper, well-adjusted adult. And let’s just say, it’s not always what I expected. Oh well, at least I..
Back to School Shopping With Cheap Parents
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As if back to school shopping isn’t stressful enough, your parents out here doing a price check on a pencil. I remember I used to be balling on a budget like MOM I NEED THESE CRAYOLAS FAM. Subscribe: | MERCH: lil..
How Lilly Singh REALLY Built Her Show
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Do you want to know how Lilly REALLY built A Little Late with Lilly Singh? Well, here it is. The completely true story behind how it all happened. Watch an early sneak peek of the first episode before it airs on Monday, September 16 at 10PM/9c. W..
If Rappers Were News Reporters
Views 1.5M2 months ago
I’d be way more willing to receive world news if Eminem was delivering it, Drake was giving me the weather, Cardi B was spilling the entertainment tea and Migos gave me traffic updates. Imagine a world in which rappers were news reporters. I’m ki..
How to Be a Good Wing Woman (ft. Priyanka Chopra)
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If Game of Thrones Were Indian
Views 3.7M5 months ago
The Game of Thrones Season 8 premiere is just days away and I thought what better way to celebrate than to give my favourite show some Indian flavour. And of course, I had to recreate Battle of the Bastards through the lens of an Indian Soap Opera! B..
How To Be a YouTube Star (ft. The Rock)
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Pre-order my book: WATCH DWAYNE'S VIDEO: BEHIND THE SCENES: MY LAST VIDEO: Hi! My name is Lilly and I make funny videos every Monday and Thursday. I rant, cr..
Taping My First Show w/ A VERY Special Guest
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What a voice! Such an honour having Tru perform for the A Little Late audience! ❤️ Did you see the time we rehearsed for my 1st episode?! SUBSCRIBE: | SHOP MERCH: www.l..
Lilly Singh Answers the Web's Most Searched Questions
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It's time for Pt. 2 of the Autocomplete Interview, cause WOW, so much has changed in the last year! Did you see the last time I did a Q&A?! Subscribe:
Lilly Singh Spills the Tea About Her New NBC Late-Night Show
Views 1.6M6 months ago
Lilly Singh celebrates the announcement of her new NBC late-night talk show, A Little Late with Lilly Singh, with a champagne toast with Jimmy Fallon and Seth Meyers. Subscribe NOW to The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon: Wa..
Lipstick That Changes the Way You Talk! (ft. Manny Mua)
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LIPSTICK THAT CHANGES THE WAY YOU TALK! (FT. MANNY MUA) Follow Manny: RUclip: Instagram: MannyMua733 Twitter: MannyMua733/ Subscribe: ..
When Your Mom is Obsessed with Cleaning
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There is an epidemic spreading through moms across the world. 😱 Watch and let me know if this is your mom, too. #TeamSuperMoms Subscribe: | MERCH: Watch My Parents Explain Global Warming! ..
Get Ready With Me for the 2019 Met Gala
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Getting ready for my first Met Gala took a village! Such a surreal day wearing a gown of my dreams! Subscribe: | SHOP MERCH: MORE VLOGS DAILY VLOGS:
The Struggles of Having Long Hair
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Draw My Life | Superwoman
Views 12M6 years ago
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How To Get Out of a Bad Date (ft. Terry Crews)
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Ever been on a bad first date and desperately need a way out? Easy. Hire a body double that looks and sounds exactly like you... like Terry Crews. Subscribe: | MERCH: BEHIND THE SCENES: www.y..
If Rappers Were School Teachers (Cardi B, Drake, Kendrick & DJ Khaled)
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I would have paid a lot more attention in class if I was learning English from Cardi B and Biology from Kendrick Lamar. If famous rappers were school teachers, class would be lit af! Subscribe: | MERCH: lillysingh...
Lilly Singh Dishes On Her New NBC Late-Night Show | TODAY
Views 480K4 months ago
Actress, producer and comedian Lilly Singh, who’s been sharing her humor and positivity online for nearly 10 years, talks on TODAY about her new late-night show, “A Little Late with Lilly Singh,” set to air in September. » Subscribe to TODAY: ..
Lilly Singh Announces She's Bisexual
Views 892K6 months ago
People are showing their love for RUclip star Lilly Singh after the Canadian comedian and author came out as bisexual. She made the announcement on Twitter, together with checkmarks by the words "Female," "Coloured" and "Bisexual." She added, "Throu..
A Geography Class for Racist People
Views 14M2 years ago
There are two types of people during difficult times in the world: 1) People who come together as one, and 2) Racist idiots. Which one are you? Find out in today's roasting.. I mean... lesson. GET MY BOOK: SEE ME IN TRINIDA..
When Someone Has A Crush on You | Lilly Singh
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You know that feeling when someone has a crush on you!! Watch Lilly Singh break down the three phases of finding out someone likes her. Subscribe: | Follow my FB: IISuperwomanII/ Skits:
Lilly Singh | Pop Quiz | Marie Claire
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Lilly Singh likes to keep things simple. By the end of this video, you'll just want to pee in peace and eat some mac and cheese. Read Lilly's October cover story interview here: SUBSCRIBE to Marie Claire:
Real Things White People Have Said to Me
Views 9M2 years ago
I have a life full of wonderful white people and they say the most hilarious things to me. To show them why I laugh at their remarks, I've turned the tables. Here's what it would sound like if a brown person spoke to white people in the same manner. ..
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FOOD THAT CHANGES THE WAY YOU SPEAK! Subscribe: | Follow my FB: IISuperwomanII/ Watch more SKITS: Get HOW TO BE A BAWSE: lillysin..
Types of Siblings
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Lilly Singh @ YouTube FanFest Mumbai 2019 -
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Lilly Singh RUclip FanFest is presented by Vivo, Uber Eats and 5 Star. #YTFF Mar 30, 2019 JioGarden RUclipFanFest RUclipFanFest http..
How Girls Get Ready...
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Lilly Singh Had the Most L.A. Reaction to Meeting Barack Obama
Views 509K6 months ago
Lilly Singh shares a story about the time she got a little too comfortable with former President Barak Obama when they met during an event for his foundation. Subscribe NOW to The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon: Watch The ..
Why Bras Are Horrible!
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Pre-order my book: WATCH MY LAST VIDEO: WATCH MY LAST VLOG: BECOME A UNICORN: BUY A RAFIKI: Hi! My name is Lilly and I make funny vid..
Three Girls, One Elevator (ft. Zendaya & Winnie Harlow)
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Wouldn't it be awesome if more women said hi to each other, turned jealousy into compliments, cut the drama and became friends? Make the first move and spread some #GirlLove SUBSCRIBE TO THIS DOPE CHANNEL: Check out my performa..
New late-night TV host Lilly Singh gives us a peek behind the scenes
Views 3.3K2 days ago
Lilly Singh is about to go from Internet star to late-night TV host. But before "A Little Late With Lilly Singh" starts on NBC, she gave the PBS NewsHour's Amna Nawaz a behind-the-scenes look. Stream your PBS favorites with the PBS app: to.p..
Why I Won't Have Kids
Views 12M2 years ago
Savage Moms Part 2 Ft Lilly Singh | Superwoman | Jordindian
Views 2.2M4 months ago
The Savagery continues.. This time we got Lilly Singh a.k.a Superwoman to pay homage to all the mothers around the world. Especially the ones who are savage. This was undoubtedly one of the best collabs we've done so far. Thank you iisuperwomanii for..
Lilly Singh on Representing Toronto at the Met Gala | Met Gala 2019 With Liza Koshy | Vogue
Views 1.4M4 months ago
Lilly Singh talks with Liza Koshy about her lily-inspired Moschino gown and representing Scarborough, Toronto at the Met Gala. Still haven’t subscribed to Vogue on RUclip? ►► ABOUT VOGUE Vogue is the authori..
Letting The Person In Front Of Me Decide What I Eat
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I know I’m LATE to the game on this 24 Hour Challenge, but all that matters is what they ordered😳 Did you see when I ate like I was at Coachella?! Subscribe: htt..
My Mom's Morning Routine
Views 9MYear ago
Like any good aunty, my mom Paramjeet hasn't changed her morning routine for over 30 years. And she's been BEGGING me to let her share her routine with you guys... Enjoy. 🙄🙃 Subscribe: | MERCH:
What Clubbing Is Actually Like (ft. Liza Koshy)
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Rehearsing For My First Taping
Views 187K9 days ago
So excited to have partnered with Amazon Prime Video for a #GirlLove Screening! Make sure you check out CARNIVAL ROW, available now: Did you see the time I introduced my writing staff?!
Types of Commercials
Views 19M3 years ago
I'm so excited to announce my partnership with Smashbox Cosmetics with my very own shade of Always On Liquid Lipstick called BAWSE. BAWSE is one of 20 colours available in the range. It's matte, long-lasting and 110% certified BAWSE by yours truly as..
Dancing On Top Of A Bar With Ranveer Singh
Views 1.3M5 months ago
WHAT A WILD DAY! Fan Fest Mumbai was amazing! AND I finally met Ranveer Singh?! #SHOOK. Did you see the time I tried Pole Dancing?! Subscribe: ..
73 Questions With Lilly Singh | Vogue
Views 4.8MYear ago
Actress and comedian Lilly Singh invites Vogue into her colorful, Skittles-filled home and answers 73 questions. Lilly talks about how she first found success creating videos, shows off her rapping abilities, and dances the Carlton. Still haven’t..
Lilly Singh Interview with Anupama Chopra | IISuperwomanII | Film Companion
Views 442K5 months ago
Popular RUclip content creator Lilly Singh chats with Anupama Chopra during her visit to India for the RUclip FanFest 2019. She talks about her new "Bollywood rap song", Bollywood aspirations and what we can expect from her show 'A Little Late with..
I'm Expecting...
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Your girl is bringing a baby into this world very soon. Did you see the time I tried a childbirth simulator?! Subscribe: | SHOP MERCH: http..
Why I Could Never Be On Game of Thrones
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If I was on Game of Thrones, I would always involve a dragon, forget the long list of character names and get drunk off wine. HBO, let me know when to audition. FUNNY BLOOPERS: SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE! IT'S FREE: