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Sharkoffs - Japanese Steel
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Sharkoffs is back with his dark electro style! 'Japanese Steel' is an edgy and dark song that will make you appreciate dark electro! The sounds are harsh and the melodies are certainly catchy! This song has a brilliant and unique energy and drop is s..
Forging a Katana ( Japanese Samurai Sword )
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espada samurai (katana)
Cold Steel - Warrior Series Japanese Swords
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Our groundbreaking Emperor Series swords proved a huge hit with our customers. Their phenomenal cutting performance and durability took the industry by storm. However, we were aware that some of our fans and customers wanted a true battle ready swor..
Process of making Katana kitchen knives - Japan Quality
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Please see below for the details www.ebay.com/itm/Katana-Kitchen-Chef-Knife-Japanese-Knives-Santoku-multi-purpose-JAPAN-sword-/142002211841? ebay:www.ebay.com/usr/japan_quality The "Katana Kitchen Knife", made with the same high carbon..
Japanese Knife & Sword City: Seki Experience ★ ONLY in JAPAN
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Traveling for KNIVES and SWORDS! The Japanese knife is quite simply the best in the world. The place best known for them is Seki (関市) in Gifu where Japanese Samurai swords have been forged for over 700 years. That tradition continues today in its..
Making a Japanese Marking Knife from Damascus Steel
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This video shows the making of a Japanese marking knife, a small blade used in carpentry for scribing lines. The blade is made from forge-welded steel. Help us bring more great videos! Support Walter at: www.patreon.com/WalterSorrells More..
Japanese steel cutting technology, so perfect
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Japanese steel cutting technology, so perfect ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ Subscribe for new TubeTeoTV every week ➤ goo.gl/dmnhtj ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ Watch more TubeTeoTV videos here ➤ goo.gl/bgrTES Playlist: Funny videos on you..
Secrets of the Samurai Sword english documentary part 2
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The beauty and lethality of the curved steel blade became identified with the distinctive culture of those who wielded it so expertly: the samurai warriors of medieval Japan, celebrated in countless Japanese woodcuts, prints, and films. Fifteen tradi..
Japan - Quality and Steel
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Paul Akers discusses The Isuzu Group...a very visionary company. We can all learn from their operational excellence! Pay attention to the 60 second changing of the die! If you like this video, give it a thumbs up & subscribe to our channel. Paul Ak..
Japanese incredible metal working skill
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See how Japanese making parts, inspection and making assembly using only hand tools.
Samurai Swordmaking
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Learn about samurai swordmaking in this video from the United Kingdom's National Museum of Arms and Armour, presented in conjunction with the Portland Art Museum's special exhibition "Samurai! Armor from the Ann and Gabriel Barbier-Mueller Collection..
Japanese Katana VS European Longsword - Samurai sword VS Knight Broadsword
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Japanese Katana VS European Longsword - Samurai sword VS Knight Broadsword. samurai katana tachi broad long sword tameshigiri war warrior knight load swordsmanship bushido bushi sword smith master weapon technology test cut cold steel armour armor..
Japanese steel in action
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Miyano cnc setting up with brass,,Feeds and speeds are for 316ss
Producing Tamahagane Steel
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Here is a good video on the process of making Tamahagane Steel. The blacksmiths in this video are the Yoshimitsu family who make knives and other good outside of Nagasaki. www.chefknivestogo.com/yoshimitsu.html
the secret world of the japanese swordsmith
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Documentary from 1997 ©1997 Troivision Co., Ltd/Warabe No Mori Co., Ltd. kobayashi dldg, 4-7 Yotsuya Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo Japan The Japanese sword is the soul of the Samurai. The crafting of this work of art - which embodies beauty, strength and tra..
Japanese Sword: Tamahagane Smelting with Bladesmiths Walter Sorrells and Jesus Hernandez
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American swordmakers Walter Sorrells and Jesus Hernandez demonstrate how they smelt tamahagane a rough form of steel which is used in the making of traditional Japanese swords. Support this channel on Patreon! www.patreon.com/WalterSorrell..
Japanese vs German Knives - Shun vs Wusthof Cutlery
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What is the different between Japanese and German knives? We will examine Shun and Wusthof knives, to see how their design philosophies differ, and see which may be best for you. See the best selection and prices on Shun and Wusthof Cutlery Wusthof..
Japanese Knife Imports- A Primer on Steel
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In this video, we go over some of the basics of the steel types commonly used in Japanese Kitchen Knives. We have posted about this numerous times in our blog, but it seemed to make sense to make a video. I hope you guys find this helpful. Please ..
Incandescent Steel made in Japan -by ADEYTO
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Glowing like solar plasma or volcanic lava, the view of the melted metals is breathtaking. To reliably and constantly obtain a very strong type of steel, used for example as tire parts for industrial cranes and extremely large industrial vehicles, t..
Steel Dragon 2000 Roller Coaster POV Awesome 4K Ultra HD Resolution Nagashima Spaland Japan
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SUBSCRIBE TO OUR CHANNEL: bit.ly/1F2ByA1 The World's Longest Roller Coaster - Steel Dragon 2000 at Nagashima Spaland in Japan shot in Ultra HD 4K Resolution! This looks AMAZING! Filmed by Robb Alvey - www.themeparkreview.com Follow ..
Japanese Steel food - Giant Parrot Fish Sashimi Okinawa japan
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SUBSCRIBE TO OUR CHANNEL: bit.ly/1F2ByA1 The World's Longest Roller Coaster - Steel Dragon 2000 at Nagashima Spaland in Japan shot in Ultra HD 4K Resolution! This looks AMAZING! Filmed by Robb Alvey - www.themeparkreview.com Follow ..
XXXL Japanese chisel from Damascus steel. Making process
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The process of making chisels for woodwork Japanese type of Damascus steel. How the handle was made can be viewed in the video at the link: ruclip.com/video/rCCJVeqcMQA/video.html My site: sites.google.com/site/damaskshevchenko/ I don’t answer the co..
Dragonfly Katana | Cold Steel
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Drgonfly Katana from Cold Steel Knives. www.coldsteel.com/dragonfly-katana.html *Meats utilized in this DVD was carefully preserved and donated to the Ventura County Rescue Mission. For a free color catalog, DVD, and more visit us at ..
Cold Steel - Dragonfly Series Japanese Swords
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The classic Japanese battle sword in all its incarnations has been celebrated for centuries, not only for its elegant lines and simple beauty, but also for the technique and skill that went into its construction. Most of the Japanese style swords off..
Testing Radiation from Tungsten, Japanese Steel | Welding Metals Tested
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I use a Geiger-Mueller device to test the ionizing radiation from Thoriated Welding Tungstens, USA Aluminum and Japan Steel. Good news; none of the aluminum nor steel showed any discernable Cobalt-60 contamination.
Japanese Knife Imports- Preparing and Maintaining Carbon Steel Blades
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Often times, carbon steel knives come with a lacquer coating when shipping from japan (its actually a type of liquid vinyl). In this video, we explain what this is, why it is used, how to remove it, and what you can do to protect your knife from rus..
Tosyalı Toyo Steel Company Incorporated
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Tosyalı Holding a leading flat steel and steel pipe manufacturer of Turkish private sector and Toyo Kohan a leader company of Japan and the world in high technology steel products segment concluded a cooperation agreement in February 2012. The foun..
Yoshihiro Hongasumi VG Stainless Steel Yanagi Sushi Sashimi Japanese Knife
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Tosyalı Holding a leading flat steel and steel pipe manufacturer of Turkish private sector and Toyo Kohan a leader company of Japan and the world in high technology steel products segment concluded a cooperation agreement in February 2012. The foun..
Knife Making: Japanese Nakiri | Making New One After 2 Years
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Thanks to for Audible for sponsoring today's video. Get your free 30 day trial, one free audiobook, and 2 audible originals here! www.audible.com/blackbeardprojects OR text "blackbeardprojects" to 500500! More or less two years ago I made a n..
Kairos - Japanese Steel
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From the upcoming album "Queen Of The Hill" by Kairos, 2018. All rights reserved. officialkairos/ Album Art © 2017, [Sylvia Ritter, www.sylvia-ritter.com
Working With Carbon Steel Knives- Japanese Knife Imports
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In this video, we discuss the use and care of carbon steel knives. I explain a workflow that helps reduce reactivity with carbon foods and create a cleaner working environment. This kind of workflow can and should also be used for stainless steel k..
Forging Japanese style damascus steel knife
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Damascus steel knife 384 layers, handle made of : buffalo horn, red fiber, walnut Music by: Kevin MacLeod (Eastern Thought) PaveCustomKn...
Japanese Sword Sharpening, Hamons, Steel: Knife Maker's Friday Five: #40
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How to sharpen Japanese swords. Steel choices for making hamons. Making an adjustable sanding block for sanding interior curves of knives and swords. In this video knife maker Walter Sorrells answers viewer questions from his knife making channel...
Cold Steel - Emperor Series Japanese Swords
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Our world renowned Emperor Series Japanese swords feature only the finest materials and fittings. The Tsuba, Fuchi, and Kashira are expertly made and finely crafted in high quality nickel-silver. The Emperor's Habaki is also hand made out of nickel-..
Samurai Armour - Iron or Steel?
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So what is it made of? Leather? Rawhide? Iron? Steel? With this video I would like to share with you the data I have gathered with my studies and answer this fundamental question. Samurai (侍?) were the military nobility and officer caste of medie..
Japanese Steel - Sharkoffs
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Real Steel | How Do You Know Japanese?
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Follow us and stay up to date on all things Real Steel! realsteelmovie & realsteelmovie Real Steel" is an action drama about a former boxer (Hugh Jackman) who, against all odds, gets one last shot at a come..
A guide to Japanese chef knife steel
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Follow us and stay up to date on all things Real Steel! realsteelmovie & realsteelmovie Real Steel" is an action drama about a former boxer (Hugh Jackman) who, against all odds, gets one last shot at a come..
Bikepacking Steel Gravel Bike From Japanese Company You Never Heard Of
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We're introducing the "original bikepacking bike", a Reynolds 853 steel gravel bike from a Japanese bicycle company you've never heard of before.. The ML Vigore from Muller Bikes in Japan. This steel bike has it all, is finished a beautiful British g..
Samurai Challenge! Samurai Sword ( Katana ) Cutting Steel Pipe & Steel Plate -Zantetsuken-
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men, I'm sorry. I dont understand english. "Modern Samurai" Isao Machii Challenge! Samurai Sword ( Katana ) Cutting Steel Pipe & Steel Plate. japan japanese samurai katana tachi zantetsuken sword cut cutting steel iron pipe plate master isao ..
The mysteries of folded steel in swords REVEALED! #katana
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What does folding steel actually do when used in sword construction such as traditional katana craftsmanship, well in this video I'll tell you. Patreon: www.patreon.com/shadiversity Awesome Shadiversity T-shirts: teespring.com/store..
Glorious Japanese Steel
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Folded over one thousand times
Master Sushi Chef Hiroyuki Terada's Carbon Steel Knife
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Get Your Good Afternoon Merchandise Here: shop.studio71us.com/collections/hiroyuki-terada So many of you have been asking what knife Master Sushi Chef Hiroyuki Terada is using. Well it's no lie...he has been using the same brand for many yea..
Japanese Nakiri knife from Damascus steel ~ Handforged using a flypress
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Hello, my name is Floris Postmes and I am a 17 year old knifemaker from the Netherlands. Handforged random pattern damascus Nakiri with copper and african blackwood handle. if you are interested! Help me to grow this community by SHARING this video..
Sharpening The Steel - Hand Crafted Knives in Japan
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Steel that stays sharp for months of constant use? It's got to be extremely high quality, hard steel that's been forged, shaped and sharpened by hand. Here's the initial sharpening stage in our video series on Japanese knives. importfood.com/..
Making a Japanese Sword Fittings: Damascus Steel Fuchi-Kashira Set
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The fuchi and kashira area pair of sword fittings that cap the handle of a Japanese sword. In this video, swordsmith Walter Sorrells shows the making of a very non-traditional fuchi/kashira pair. They'll be forged from twist damascus, then milled t..
Best steel Chef Knife - Japanese vs. German Knives
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www.chefdepot.com/cutlery.htm Japanese Chef Knife Reviews. Sharp and simple to use. Many sizes, handle choices and more, all in stock. For more reviews, or to order, visit the website. Copyright 1999 to 2020 Chef Depot inc. Best steel Chef..
Trails of Cold Steel Alisa's Japanese VA VS English VA
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I am glad we finally got both to choose from now. So... what do you think? #trailsofcoldsteel #thelegendofheroes #falcom
Bookbinding 101 - Paring Leather (with Japanese Steel)
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Just found out that a number of people have started to visit my blog for this brief video on paring leather regardless of its anonymity. ~ This is the first RUclip video I made out of my spontaneity after a few bottles of beer a couple years ago and..
Doraemon: Nobita and the New Steel Troops—Winged Angels Full Song in Japanese
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Doraemon: Nobita and the New Steel Troops: ~Winged Angels~ (映画ドラえもん 新・のび太と鉄人兵団 ~はばたけ 天使たち) is an anime science fiction film based on the Doraemon franchise that was released in Japan on March 5, 201..