Stadia GDC 2019 Gaming Announcement
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Gather around as we unveil Google’s vision for the future of gaming at #GDC19. Welcome to Stadia, one place for all the ways we play. Sign up to stay tuned at Subscribe to Stadia's RUclip channel:
GDC19 Flash Forward: Keeping Your Free-to-Play Game Fresh Through Live Operations
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Hi-Rez Studios is a free-to-play, competitive-multiplayer games publisher. As their head of the global marketing, Veronique's role is to increase and retain players. To monetize both audiences in an effective, fair way, through analysis of game data ..
GDC19 Flash Forward: Towards Deep Generative Models in Game Development
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Deep learning is becoming ubiquitous in machine learning research, and it's also finding it's place in industry related applications. Specifically, deep generative models have proven incredibly useful at generating and remixing realistic content from..
GDC19 Flash Forward: Puzzle Game Magic Secrets
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What makes a good puzzle game, and why? How do you make one and make it GOOD? This session will approach the art and science of puzzle game design through the unstoppably cool lens of human cognition. By framing the ways a brain solves problems, this..
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Google's "future of gaming" event involves hardware for Project Stream. "Gather around as we unveil Google’s vision for the future of gaming at GDC19." Google recently wrapped up the "Project Stream" beta test, which streamed a full version of Assa..
GDC19 Flash Forward: Using Lean Analytics to Make Better Games
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Everyone agrees data has value, but the unspoken truth is that data and game development often compete over the same resources. Deciding to log user actions can mean having less features in the version. Deciding to A/B test can mean delaying the next..
Google Stadia announced at GDC 2019
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Google kicked off the second day of GDC 2019 in San Francisco with its keynote event, revealing Stadia, a new service that lets you stream games to your Chrome browser. It also unveiled a special controller that connects to the service over Wi-Fi, as..
GDC19 Flash Forward: Scalable Real-Time Global Illumination for Large Scenes
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This session describes the dynamic global illumination system that Gaijin Enterainment created for 'Enlisted'. Its implementation is based on a regular light probe field that is calculated in an accurate way from scene representation (voxel and/or tr..
GDC19 Live: Rift S To Be Announced At GDC19
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My recommended VR hardware: Check out the MRTV Patreon page: Join the MRTV Discord server:
Plusminus - GDC19 Trailer
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Plusminus is an action/puzzle/adventure game centered around magnetism, developed at Aalto University. See more at or follow us in A downloadable demo will be released soon!
A Google Streaming Console Announcement At GDC19?
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Shadow Cloud Gaming Computer: Shadow Discount Code: MARKWATTSVLG Google Controller Patent: Google GDC Key Note Livestream: My Camera Gear: Canon 200D - RØDE ..
GDC19: Google Stadia - The End Of Playstation, XBox, Steam & Co?
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Google has just unveiled its new cloud gaming platform Stadia. It was an incredible presentation and Stadia could change the way we play games and get to play our games forever. What are the implications for Playstation, XBox, Steam & Co? How will th..
GDC19: A Quick Look Inside Your Game: GPUWatch & GameSDK
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Learn how to use GPUWatch to create high-performance gaming experiences with ease. In this session, you will hear the announcement about GameSDK and optimization practices with Unity based mobile games. Hyo Keun Lee (Senior Engineer, Samsung Electro..
GDC19 Live: HTC Vive Keynote Summary
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My recommended VR hardware: Check out the MRTV Patreon page: Join the MRTV Discord server:
GDC19 Flash Forward: Macroeconomics of a Game Economy
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This session explains how to use knowledge of macroeconomics in game design to facilitate the creation of a balanced game economy system. While game designers are trying to create a new system of the game economy or deal with problems like inflation,..
GDC19 Flash Forward: Cultist Simulator: Designing an Experimental Game for Commercial Success
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'Cultist Simulator' was an experimental project which used consciously unusual design decisions to create an unconventional and even divisive game. It hit #1 on Steam and sold more than 50K copies in the first month - a lot of that was luck, a lot of..
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GDC 2019’un fuar kısmını gezdik, hem de Stadia’yı denedik!
GDC19 Flash Forward: Producer Bootcamp: Tough Questions to Improve Your Leadership
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This interactive session is designed to challenge you by presenting tough questions you haven't asked yourself about your leadership. The speaker will ask questions about cognitive diversity, active listening, ego, meeting dynamics, adaptability, and..
KINGDOM HEARTS III - Short Presentation by Tai Yasue [Unreal Engine 4] [GDC19] [1080p 60fps]
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⭐️ Hi there! ⭐️ I know that probably many of you already saw it, but this is something that I couldn't miss the chance to cover here in my channel. I'm a HUGE fan of dev stuff like this and I really loved that they showed us a bit of their..
Sundar Pichai Opening Note for GDC19 Stadia Launch
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Gather around as we unveil Google’s vision for the future of gaming at #GDC19. Welcome to Stadia, one place for all the ways we play.
GOOGLE STADIA!! Yerinden İzlenimler // GDC19 VLOG #3
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Google, konsolsuz donanımsız oyun platformu Stadia’yı tanıttı, biz de yerinden canlı canlı izleyip yorumladık.
GDC19 Flash Forward: Platforms Are People Too: The Importance of Finding Your Champion
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Sustainable game development isn't just about making a great game, it's about making the right game, and finding your champion to help share it with the world. But why is that so important? And where do you start? And once you find your champion, how..
Dreams PS4 - Audio Visual Performance (GDC19)
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🏓 This year at #GDC19 MediaMolecule made a DreamsPS4 audio visual scene and incorporated it into a live performance. Enjoy and stay tuned for upcoming news and events like Dream Movie nights and PAX East! 🏓 : ImpSpace Community Website & Foru..
GDC19: Oculus Quest - First Impressions Hands-On Review
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I finally had the chance to go hands-on with the Oculus Quest! In this video you will see my first reactions when trying the device and at the end I will give you my first impression hands-on review of the Oculus Quest! Corrections: The device has 4..
GDC19 Flash Forward: What Cats Can Teach You About Empathic Game Design
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Empathic design allows you to experience what your end user experiences, and its application is growing in popularity. A user can only articulate so much, so spending a moment to understand them can vastly improve the quality of your games. Who bette..
GDC19 Flash Forward: PR Success.gif: How to Get Your Game Across in 5 Seconds
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In the era of Snapchat, Tinder and a million game releases per day most things have about 5 to 10 seconds to grab your attention, so you better make them count! This session explores the wonderful format of animated gifs and how they can be used to p..
GDC19 Flash Forward: You Can Take an Arrow to the Knee and Still Be an Adventurer
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As the industry moves towards a more inclusive and diverse future, disability representation still has a long way to go. With a passion for diversity and experience in accessibility and inclusion, Cherry explores why representation is so powerful, wh..
GDC19 Flash Forward: The Choice VR: Volumetric Documentary Filmmaking
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Documentary film is an art-form as old as cinema itself. It continues to evolve as technology pushes visual media into new frontiers. 'The Choice VR' (in-development) is an immersive volumetric documentary exploring the diverse reasons people choose ..
GDC19 Flash Forward: Tetris World Championship: Building Explosive Esports on 8-bit Nintendo
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'Tetris' is one of the world's best-known games. The Classic 'Tetris' World Championship started in 2010 as a community effort, but has grown rapidly with worldwide regionals, sponsorships from EA, Ubisoft and SEGA, and millions of views online. Carr..
GDC19 Flash Forward: Technical Art Bootcamp
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Technical Art is an ever-evolving discipline, with TAs playing key roles in developing efficient pipelines, creating visually sophisticated content, and optimizing performance. TAs bridge the gap between content creators and engineers, and wear many ..
GDC19: Galaxy GameDev: Bringing Maximum Boost to Mobile Games
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Learn how Samsung helps game developers optimize games faster with new technologies like Vulkan, and by working together with developers to give a real contribution to the game development process. Jungwoo Kim (Principal Engineer, Samsung Electronic..
GDC19 Live: Let's Check Out The Showfloor Together!
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My recommended VR hardware: Check out the MRTV Patreon page: Join the MRTV Discord server:
#GDC19 : Stadia GDC 2019 Gaming Announcement Google Event
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The world’s largest tech company Google’s developers conference GDC19 is scheduled to be held this month on March 19. Google’s main focus in this conference will be on gaming. Google has given this information through its tweet. Even before thi..
GDC19 Flash Forward: Vehicle Recordings for Modern Games
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From the beginning of the video game era, the presence of vehicles in different shapes and forms has become increasingly common and important. Their sounds are equally important: how do you effectively capture the sound of a variable speed vehicle th..
Google — GDC 2019 Teaser
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Join us March 19, 2019 10AM PDT live at as we unveil Google’s vision for the future of gaming. Sign up to receive the latest updates at
GDC19 Flash Forward: Illustrating Tamriel: Creating Key Art for The Elder Scrolls Online
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'The Elder Scrolls Online' releases four content updates per year. Each update is accompanied by a highly-detailed key art illustration, produced in-house and used as a focal point of the corresponding marketing campaign. In this session, Lucas Slomi..
GDC19: Samsung, Google, and Gameloft Present: How to Develop Games for the Galaxy Fold
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Android games are now being played on more than just mobile devices. Consumers demand versatility, and broader device landscape is fueling the shift to a more immersive gameplay. This hands-on talk will cover considerations from Google, Samsung and G..
GDC19 Flash Forward: Solving an Invisible Problem: Designing for Color-Blindness in Games
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Drawing from his own experiences as a color-blind gamer and developer, Creative Assembly's Douglas Pennant will give a practical talk about how the color blind see the world, and how this can make some video games very difficult to play. Using exampl..
GDC19 Flash Forward: Pode, a Rose Painted Adventure
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'Pode' has, since its release in June 2018, been praised for its visuals, mood and atmosphere. In this lecture game director Yngvill Hopen will talk about the philosophy and inspiration behind the visual design goals of 'Pode', and how they were affe..
PS5 Back. Compatibility Patent - Game Pass/xCloud on Nintendo - Reggie Retires - GDC19 Google/MS
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Video Games - Industry - Tech News [Amiga500] TWITTER
GDC19 Flash Forward: Building "SAM" The First AI Chatbot for Players
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When a small team inside the Ubisoft Club online service decided to create a prototype for an AI chatbot dedicated to video games, they didn't imagine the adventure they just started. This talk explores the 9 months of development of the first Person..
GDC19 - Capsule - PopcornFX - Game Developers Conference, Moscone Center SF 3 22 2019
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GDC19 - Capsule - PopcornFX - Game Developers Conference, Moscone Center SF 3 22 2019 french american tv aline dinoia subscribe to
GDC19: SPELLBREAK is absolutely SPELLBINDING! - UpUpDownDown Plays
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Austin Creed gets up close and personal with a new spin on the battle royale genre with SPELLBREAK, a magic-based battle royale game! Can Creed get through a server filled with expert players and make it to the top 10? ..
AppOnboard Studio featured in Google's #GDC19 Keynote Session
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Here's Google's Ben Frenkel sharing the history of Instant Apps and how easy it is to create them in 2019 thanks to AppOnboard Studio. Sign up for the Early Access Program at #FromArtToApp #NoCode
GDC19: Qualcomm Boundless XR - Wireless VR Headsets Are Coming!
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At the GDC 2019 Qualcomm is showing a new reference VR headset that is wireless and gets its content over a 60Ghz WiFi connection from a PC. This technology allows for PCVR content to be directly sent to this kind of headset! In this year, Pico is go..
GDC19: How to Get Your Game on Samsung Galaxy Store
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Learn how Samsung helps game developers deliver better experiences to their customers. Hear from Thomas Ko, VP of Service Partnership, Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd., on how game developers can prepare their games to be a part of the Galaxy Store. The ..
MomentSQ™ Heroes of the Hollows (HotH) Game Trailer (#GDC19)
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Be the Hero, Live the Legend Heroes unveil at #GDC19 #SwissGames booth N2911 Moscone SF #HeroesOfTheHollows by #zacharysergi / @zacharysergi Story by #ZacharySergi, an established writer especially in Super-hero stories including “Hero..
GDC19 Flash Forward: Dinosaurs and Volcanoes: Roblox Education's 'Jurassic World' Challenge
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Three months, one dinosaur, 270,000 published games. In June 2018, Roblox launched the first event for its design and coding challenge series in collaboration with the movie, Jurassic World: Falling Kingdom. Participants had the chance to earn Roblox..
GDC19 Flash Forward: Design Philosophies and Lessons from Developing Merge Dragons!
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'Merge Dragons!' is an independent mobile game turned breakout hit. It mashes a match-3-like mechanic of merging directly into a puzzly-collection game with cute simulated dragons. How is such a strange game so successful? Why do players play? How do..
GDC 19 - The Cycle game wants you to quest non-stop for loot
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We stopped by The Cycle for some hands-on fun at GDC 19. This competitive questing game asks you to lock and load for loot and resources as you battle aliens in a 20-person map. Subscribe for more awesome gaming content daily! ►