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Liechtenstein: Where princes reign supreme | Focus on Europe
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Liechtenstein is ruled by an unelected prince who wields more political power than almost any other European monarch. Nestled between Switzerland and Austria, the tiny principality is celebrating its 300th anniversary this year. For more news go to: ..
Poland: Mass Emigration | Focus on Europe
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Over two million Poles now live abroad. Few are planning to return, while the numbers joining them are growing. The principal reasons for emigration are connected to Poland’s lower wages.The most popular destinations are Germany, Britain, Scandinav..
Rejected but not deported | Focus on Europe
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The refugee crisis has meant rising numbers of stateless people in the Netherlands. Their asylum applications have been rejected, but they have no papers allowing them to return to their home countries. They are left in a legal limbo. For more go to ..
Poland: Entrenched in Luxury | Focus on Europe
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Poland holds the European record in the number of gated communities. High earners live there, sealed off from the rest of the population and closely guarded, supposedly to protect themselves from criminals. More Focus on Europe:
France: Migrants in a race against Brexit | Focus on Europe
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Hundreds of migrants in France are rushing to cross over to Britain before the Brexit deadline. While smugglers are raising their prices, some refugees are putting out from Calais into the Channel - the world's busiest shipping lane - in dinghies. Su..
Turkey: The village of intersexuals | Focus on Europe
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The village of Cikrik in southern Turkey has an unusually high rate of intersexuals. They face discrimination. Many Turks define intersexuality as a disorder and say the village is cursed. The villagers are resisting. For more news go to: www...
Germany and Poland: New old neighbors | Focus on Europe
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More and more Poles are settling in eastern Germany. Since the fall of communism 30 years ago, rural areas in the east have been depopulated. Now, Polish families are taking advantage of the low real estate prices. For more news go to: www.dw...
Switzerland: Europe’s Oldest Houses | Focus on Europe
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The wrecking ball is looming over historic buildings in the town of Schwyz. With land in short supply on Lake Zurich, it’s not too hard to get permission to tear down dilapidated buildings. Many historic buildings were never listed, so even houses ..
Germany: Kitchen on the Run | Focus on Europe
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Kitchen on the Run is a mobile kitchen unit that tours throughout Europe. The project invites locals and refugees to cook and eat together. But the start of Ramadan poses extra challenges. More from this edition of Focus on Europe:
Germany: Another passport, just in case | Focus on Europe
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Some 5 million Britons live abroad. Fearing a potential Brexit, many of them are applying for citizenship in other countries. More from this Brexit Special of Focus on Europe:
Spain: Tourism boom can’t solve crisis | Focus on Europe
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Spain's tourism industry is once again flourishing, giving a much needed boost to the national economy. But not everyone is benefiting. Unemployment remains extremely high, impacting young people in particular. Read more:
Afro-Turks on the legacy of the Ottoman Empire's slave trade | Focus on Europe | Focus on Europe
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They are Turks and black: descendants of the Ottoman Empire's African slave trade form a minority in Turkish society that has long been all but invisible. Now, they’re trying to reappraise their history. For more news go to: F..
Spain: The radioactive village | Focus on Europe
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The village of Palomares in southeastern Spain is contaminated with radioactive soil that’s scheduled for clean-up. The contamination is the result of a mid-air collision about 50 years ago, which dropped four U.S. nuclear bombs near the village. R..
Franco-German Brigade: A model for European military defense? | Focus on Europe
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Thirty years ago France and Germany formed a joint military brigade. At a time when NATO is being called into question, could it be a model for European defense policy? The Franco-German Brigade shows that it's possible for former enemies to become a..
British Jews seek German citizenship | Focus on Europe
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Tens of thousands of German Jews fled to the UK to escape persecution during the Nazi regime. Now after the Brexit vote, some Holocaust survivors are making use of their right to become German citizens. But it's not an easy step to take. www...
Czech Republic: Welcome to reality TV | Focus on Europe
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A family who had no idea what was in store for them were transported back in time to the German-occupied Protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia. It was all part of a Czech reality TV program, and the broadcaster is hoping for a record ratings. But the p..
Cyprus: Golden EU passports | Focus on Europe
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In Cyprus, buying real estate worth at least €2,000,000 will get foreigners citizenship. An EU passport allows visa-free travel in over 140 countries. The Republic of Cyprus' naturalization policies are controversial. For more news go to: ww..
Finland builds underground nuclear vault | Focus on Europe
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Finland's government has given the go-ahead for construction of the world's first final repository for high-level waste on the Olkiluoto Peninsula. Nearly 6500 metric tons are to be stored deep underground. Critics are warning of the dangers. Read mo..
Germany: now that's cricket | Focus on Europe
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Cricket is as popular in India, Pakistan and Afghanistan as soccer is in Europe. Not many Germans even know the rules, but that may soon change. Young refugees are forming cricket clubs all around the country. More Focus on Europe:
Spain: Concerns about toxic copper mining | Focus on Europe
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Mining companies are calling for a surge in production, ignoring an environmental disaster in 1998, when mine tailings containing toxic levels of heavy metals contaminated a whole river valley. Many worry it could happen again. For more news go to: h..
Germany: A Haven for Jewish Immigrants | Focus on Europe
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Increasing numbers of Jews from all over the world are moving to the German capital. But while Berlin’s Jewish community is swelling, Jews in other European countries are facing growing hostility and opting to immigrate to Israel. More Focus on Eu..
Italy: Morandi Bridge victims wait on in Genoa | Focus on Europe
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One year after the Morandi Bridge collapsed in Genoa, Italy, many issues remain unresolved. Genovese residents who lost their homes keep up hope for some compensation. Subscribe: F..
Belgium: Molenbeek and Islamist terror | Focus on Europe
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In the Brussels district of Molenbeek, which has a large Muslim population, residents are campaigning for European ideals. Better integration and job prospects are meant to make young immigrants less susceptible to radical Islamist rhetoric. For more..
Denmark: Refugees unwelcome | Focus on Europe
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Europe is disunited in its refugee policies and more countries are sealing themselves off. Now Denmark has tightened its already restrictive entry regulations for refugees and re-established checks on its border to Germany for the first time. More f..
Gangs target Asian immigrants in France | Focus on Europe
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In recent years, Asian immigrants have become the target of youth gangs in France. In August 2016, a man was killed in the Paris suburb of Aubervilliers. For more Europe go to
Latvia: No sympathy for Greece | Focus on Europe
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In 2008, Latvia faced a serious financial crisis. At the time, they obtained an aid package in exchange for wage and pension cuts. Now Latvia says Greece must institute similar measures to obtain further aid from the EU. Read more:
Turkey: After the Coup | Focus on Europe
Views 1.6K3 years ago
President Erdoğan has referred to his wave of arrests and dismissals as "cleansing”. His supporters welcome the move. Those targeted and their families are shocked, and concerned about which direction their country is taking. For more go to http:/..
France: Muslims unwanted | Focus on Europe
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The mayor of Belfort in eastern France says he does not want his town to play host to Muslim refugees. And he’s not the only one. A number of mayors have said they only wish to host Christian refugees. They claim it is a question of security. More ..
Greece: Refugees suffering on Samos | Focus on Europe
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Residents of the Greek island of Samos are divided on how to deal with the overcrowded refugee camp there. Some migrants have been stuck on Samos for years and poor sanitary conditions are causing many to become ill. For more news go to: www.d..
Poland: "Girls from Lviv" | Focus on Europe
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A TV series is currently breaking viewer records in Poland. "Girls from Lviv" tells the story of four Ukrainian friends in Poland. One starts working as a cleaning lady for a successful Polish attorney. More from this edition of DW's "Focus on Europ..
Moldova: end of educational opportunities | Focus on Europe
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Thousands of children in Moldova are growing up without their parents. Their mothers and fathers have left to earn money in the west or in Russia. The children of these migrant workers are bearing the brunt of rising poverty in the country. Schools a..
Dreams of fame: Russian TV's youth talent shows | Focus on Europe
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Contestants give their all for audiences of millions in Russia's talent shows, in many cases only to be rejected by a merciless jury. For children and teens who have prepared for weeks, the experience can be devastating. For more news go to: w..
Scotland: Strawberry pickers, fear and Brexit | Focus on Europe
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Many farmers in Scotland are afraid that Brexit will keep harvest hands from EU countries away. Both farmers and seasonal workers from Eastern Europe have benefited from the freedom of movement in the EU. For more news go to: Fo..
Norway: Difficult past | Focus on Europe
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On January 1st, 2015, Norway's national archives opened up long-sealed court files dealing with tens of thousands of Norwegians accused of treason during the Second World War. Any Norwegian can now find out whether their family members, some of whom ..
Sweden: A town on the move | Focus on Europe
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Vast iron ore mines in northern Sweden and years of digging have undermined the town of Kiruna, founded over 100 years ago. Under a 20-year relocation plan, the entire settlement is being rebuilt a few kilometers to the east. Read more: www.d..
Corsica: Assaults on Muslims | Focus on Europe
Views 135K3 years ago
Young nationalists are stirring up sentiment against immigrants on the French island of Corsica. And they're calling for a return to arms. For more Focus on Europe, go to:
Who is to blame in Italy? | Focus on Europe
Views 1.7K3 years ago
Italy's severe earthquake has triggered heated debate throughout the country. Many suspect building regulations were often ignored in the areas affected. More reports:
France: A Pocket of Resistance in WWII | Focus on Europe
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During the German occupation, residents in the small French village of Dieulefit helped save 1,500 Jews and others whose lives were threatened by the Nazis. Today, only a few of those villagers are still alive. One of them is 86-year-old Pascaline Ca..
Belarus: Fighting for a dignified memorial for Stalin's victims | Focus on Europe
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In Kurapaty, on the outskirts of Minsk, a restaurant is located right next to the site of a mass grave from the Stalin era. There is still no fitting memorial to the victims, killed between 1937 and 1941 by the Soviet NKVD. For more news go to: http:..
France: Growing Anti-Semitism | Focus on Europe
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France is home to about 600,000 Jews. Until recently 2,000-3,000 had been leaving the country each year. But now that number has jumped dramatically. Many French Jews are convinced that anti-Semitism has become socially acceptable in their country. B..
Like back in the USSR | Focus on Europe
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16 families sharing one apartment - the days of the Kommunalkas seem to be back in St. Petersburg. Communal apartments in older buildings are a relic of the Soviet era and starkly out of step with the grandeur of the world-famous Venice of the North.
Slovenia: The last salt farmers | Focus on Europe
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The salt pans in the Slovenian town of Piran are the furthest north in the Mediterranean region. Thirty years ago the town produced thousands of tons of salt annually. Today Piran’s salt farmers are facing a fight for survival. For more from Focus ..
Germany: Welcome United 03 | Focus on Europe
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Germany now boast a football squad made up entirely of asylum seekers. Welcome United 03 plays in the lower leagues, but have won nationwide interest. The biggest problem is the players' passports. More Focus on Europe on:
Russia/Ukraine: Crimean Tatars in the middle | Focus on Europe
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When unknown perpetrators cut the power supply to Crimea, the Tatars blocked repair efforts. This Muslim ethnic group feels sold out by Western interests that they believe might sacrifice the peninsula in a compromise deal with Russia. For more go to..
Romania: Rage against the system | Focus on Europe
Views 2.3K3 years ago
Romania is in political upheaval. Tens of thousands of demonstrators protested against corruption for days, forcing Romanian Prime Minister Victor Ponta to step down. But the rage against the country's political class is unabated. More from this edi..
British shops under threat in Germany? | Focus on Europe
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Shops in Germany that sell traditional British goods are worried about the impact of Brexit. Storeowners foresee economic difficulties. More reports:
Norway: A New Arctic Freeze with Russia? | Focus on Europe
Views 10K4 years ago
Russian warplanes have recently been seen conducting maneuvers on the edges of NATO airspace. In one case they were intercepted by Norwegian and British jets. Relations are chilly along the 196-kilometer-long land border between Norway and Russia. ..
Norway: Unwelcome Extremist | Focus on Europe
Views 10K4 years ago
In Norway, an Iraqi Islamist is keeping the entire country on tenterhooks. The man, who calls himself Mullah Krekar, was granted asylum in Norway in 1991, but in the meantime has been held responsible for terrorist attacks by an Islamist group in nor..
Germany/Netherlands: Goose wars | Focus on Europe
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Geese are migratory birds. In northern Europe, geese head eastward for the summer. But in recent years, millions of geese have decided to stay put in Netherland’s Gelderland province, next to the German border - much to the dismay of farmers in bot..
Ukraine: Helping veterans of the Donbass conflict overcome PTSD | Focus on Europe
Views 3.9K7 months ago
Many Ukrainian soldiers are returning from combat in the Donbass region with psychological traumas. Some are no longer able to handle civilian life, but there is little state aid. Private organizations are trying to help the veterans. Subscribe: http..