Etna eruption

Etna Eruption • 30/5/2019
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© Marco Restivo / Giuseppe Distefano
Etna Eruption - 19/7/2019
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© Giuseppe Distefano / Marco Restivo
Etna Eruption - 27/7/2019
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© Giuseppe Distefano / Marco Restivo
Video shows "miracle" escape after Mount Etna spews lava
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A group of tourists and journalist ran for their lives when Mount Etna started spewing volcanic rocks at them in Sicily. The group dodged burning boulders and steam as they rushed for cover. Seth Doane reports. Subscribe to the "CBS This Morning" Ch..
Etna Eruptions 2017 - Footage Recap
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© Giuseppe Distefano © Antonio Zimbone - 39 3392563014
Deadliest Volcano In Europe Has Claimed Over 2000 Lives | Raging Planet
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The high number of active volcanoes and the large population in Southern Italy has been a cause for concern throughout the country's history. Volcanologist, Dr Clive Oppenheimer, investigates these giant natural landmarks to be able to more accuratel..
Eruption fly-over: Mount Etna spewing lava & smoke, captured from drone
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Europe’s highest active volcano Mount Etna erupts in Sicily COURTESY: RT's RUPTLY video agency, NO RE-UPLOAD, NO REUSE - FOR LICENSING, PLEASE, CONTACT RT LIVE Subscribe to RT!
Incredible, spectacular, amazing : Eruption of Mt Etna
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Mt Etna erupts, "the greatest show on earth" by Geoff Mackley 8th June 2000
Etna Eruption
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Etna new SE crater eruption with Pyroclastic flow, activity from 6.Dec.2015.
Etna Volcano eruption in Sicily, Italy (July 27, 2019)
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Amazing videos! Etna Volcano eruption in Sicily, Italy 2019. Lava from Etna Volcano! An unexpected explosion of a volcano in Italy. Tourists managed to make a video with a volcanic eruption. SUBSCRIBE:
Latest Eruptions From Italy's Mount Etna 2019
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Italy's Mount Etna has spewed huge clouds of ash in its latest eruption. Lava was also seen flowing from the volcano, which is on the island of Sicily. The latest eruption began in the morning of Sunday 28 July. This footage is being managed exclu..
Etna eruption: Stunning scenes from Europe’s tallest volcano
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Etna volcano erupts in Sicily, Italy RT LIVE Subscribe to RT! Like us on Facebook RTnews Follow us on Twitter RT_com Fol..
Mount Etna Eruption Creates Spectacular Fiery Display | NBC News
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A fissure on the volcano's southeastern crater caused a stream of lava to cascade down Mount Etna. » Subscribe to NBC News: » Watch more NBC video: NBC News Digital is a collection of inn..
Geoff Mackley has close call on Mt Etna
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Close call on Mt Etna big explosion causes us to run for it Most incredible volcano footage of all time incredible insane most amazing shocking dangerous muy peligroso peligro volcano video spectacular of all time geoff mackley bradley ambrose ..
Verletzte auf Vulkan Ätna: Video zeigt dramatische Situation bei Eruption
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Gestein, Asche, Lava: Bei einer Explosion auf dem Ätna werden mehrere Menschen verletzt. Ein Video zeigt, wie die Menschen auf dem Vulkan überrascht werden. Auch ein Deutscher war in der Nähe.
ETNA IN ERUPTION September 2019 Aerial Video
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Aerial video of the strombolian eruption ongoing since 12 September 2019 at the intracrater cone inside Voragine, Etna. Bigger explosions at minutes 1.11 (lava cork lifted up by the exploding gas), 2.52 (shaping the cinder cone of glowing bombs) and ..
Beautiful eruption of Mount Etna in Italy
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Mount Etna's spectacular action continued on Friday, after Italy's highest volcano woke up in the early hours of the day and began spewing ash and lava over Sicily. According to experts, two eruptive fractures opened at around 03:00 local time after..
Drone footage: Mt. Etna’s biggest eruptions in 2017
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Spectacular drone footage of Mount Etna's volcanic activities during 2017 has emerged. The clip features a sequence of big explosions, lava fountains and ash emissions. Etna, located in Sicily, is Europe's tallest and most active volcano. Subscribe ..
Etna erupting 19 luglio 2019
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Attività eruttiva del cratere di sudest visto da Pizzi Deneri
ETNA ERUPTION 27/07/2019
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NSEC NEW SOUTH-EAST CRATER video: Giò Giusa Facebook: Etna e dintorni in foto
Etna In Eruption (1928)
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No title, paperwork reads - Etna in eruption. Pictures that portray the agony of the fertile countryside and village homes destroyed before ever advancing gulf of molten lava. Sicily L/S of fire and smoke coming from a collapsed building. M/S of ..
MT Etna Eruption 2015 Lightning Sicily, Italy Part 2
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MT Etna Eruption 2015 Lightning Sicily, Italy Part 2 One Day It Rained Volcanic Stones from Mt Etna on Sicily and North-Eastern part of Calabria. This is Not Footage from the 2015 Eruption, It shows what could happen based on historical eruptions. ..
Rivers of hot lava flow onto slopes of Mount Etna after eruption
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Scorching lava can still be seen flowing onto the slopes of Mount Etna, more than one week after the Italian volcano dramatically erupted. Stunning Ruptly footage shows huge amounts of magma oozing from the 3,329 meter-high mountain. COURTESY: RT's ..
etna volcano new eruption from drone magma hit drone
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Scorching lava can still be seen flowing onto the slopes of Mount Etna, more than one week after the Italian volcano dramatically erupted. Stunning Ruptly footage shows huge amounts of magma oozing from the 3,329 meter-high mountain. COURTESY: RT's ..
Etna erupts on Christmas Eve 2018: huge lava flow travels into Valle del Bove
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A new flank eruption started in the afternoon of 24 Dec 2018 from Mt Etna volcano in Sicily. The opening of new fractures in the summit area and on the upper SE flank were accompanied by strong earth tremors and ash emissions. Shortly after, a new la..
Etna explosion caught by BBC crew, Francesca Marchese's live comment
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#Etna is an active volcano, explosions might happen, "She" is just doing her job: this one was very rare and BBC was there as it happened. Tourists will continue visiting this natural wonder! This is my live comment on BBC News today. Please let me k..
4.9 M Earthquake Rocks Sicily Triggered by Etna Volcano Eruption
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An earthquake triggered by Mount Etna’s eruption jolted eastern Sicily before dawn Wednesday, injuring at least 10 people, damaging churches and houses on the volcano’s slopes and prompting panicked villagers to flee their homes. Source: https:/..
Etna volcano - Eruzione 24 Dicembre 2018 - Eruption december 2018
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Un video che riassume l'attività eruttiva del vulcano Etna iniziata il 24 dicembre 2018. follow us: sicilyexplorers A video of the eruptive activity of the Etna volcano started on 12/24/2018 Une vidéo de l'activité é..
Mount Etna Is Sliding Into The Sea. It Could Be Catastrophic | Mach | NBC News
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Sicily’s Mount Etna is one of the world’s most active volcanoes, but scientists say eruptions aren’t the only major threat posed by this smoldering peak. According to a new study from the GEOMAR Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research, Etna is slow..
Mount Etna lights up night sky with spectacular bursts of lava
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Italy's Mount Etna lit up the night sky with bursts of sweltering hot lava on Friday as the Sicilian volcano lurched into seismic activity. The overnight eruptions led to rivers of smoking red lava streaming down the southeastern slope of Europe's h..
Volcano Etna (Sicily): Eruption 2002
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Volcano Etna (Sicily) - Eruption 2002 (It's no mine, it's taken from the network)
Watch: Mount Etna erupts spewing lava and ash into the sky
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Mount Etna in Sicily has erupted spewing lava and ash into the air and forcing the closure of two airports in nearby Catania … READ MORE : Subscribe to o..
Etna Eruption 27 July 2019
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Etna Eruzione 27 Luglio 2019 © Daniele Perricelli - Guida Vulcanologica
Etna volcano erupts 30 May 2019
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A new eruption began at Etna volcano (Italy) early on 30 May 2019. Two fissures opened on the northern and southern flanks of the New SE crater cone, producing lava flows. This activity is accompanied by intense strombolian explosions and ash emissio..
Huge explosions from Southeast Crater - Etna Eruption - 27/7/2019
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© Giuseppe Distefano / Marco Restivo
ETNA ERUPTION 30/05/2019
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ETNA ERUPTION 30/05/2019 La frattura eruttiva che sta interessando proprio in queste ore il fianco Sud - Sud Est del Nuovo Cratere di Sud Est. Video: Giò Giusa
Burning lava from Italy's Mount Etna illuminates night sky
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Spectacular eruptions from Mount Etna lit up the sky on Saturday and rivers of smoking red lava streamed down the slope of the new southeast crater. Impressive activity from Europe's tallest volcano drew tourists and local residents to watch on the ..
Mount Etna Captured Violently Erupting At It's Summit
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ID: 1570491 This astonishing video shows the moment Mount Etna started to violently erupt. The footage, which was taken by Giuseppe Distefano, 39, and Marco Restivo, 32, shows the eruption around three sides of Etna near the villages of Zafferana E..
Etna Eruption Live 03/06/2019
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Etna Eruption Live 03/06/2019
Mount Etna Eruption Sept. 2007 CNN
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September 5, 2007 - It was a spectacular display of nature in Italy yesterday as Mount Etna erupted, sending a fountain of lava down the sides of the Sicilian volcano. Officials say the lava flow is not endangering villages located on the slopes.
BBC Crew Barely Escapes Mount Etna Volcano Eruption!
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BBC Crew Narrowly Escapes Mount Etna Volcanic Eruption! BBC Crew Narrowly Escapes Mount Etna Volcanic Eruption! BBC Crew Narrowly Escapes Mount Etna Volcanic Eruption!
MT Etna Eruption 2015 Lightning Sicily, Italy Part 1
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MT Etna Eruption 2015 Lightning Sicily, Italy Part 1 In this video compilation of Mount Etna Eruptions you will see what this Volcano is capable of. The First Part of the video is from another volcano, but it shows similarly how lightning forms in t..
Mount Etna last eruption 26 october 2013
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Vulcano Etna ultima eruzione 26 ottobre 2013
Etna Volcano Eruption July 27th 2019
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#BREKING Etna Volcano Eruption July 27th 2019
Etna Volcano december Europe amazing lava Eruption clip
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Mount Etna Eruption, Drone Close up Shot
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Mount Etna flank eruption 2018, Europe's most active volcano triggers more than 130 earthquakes
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Mount Etna erupting
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Mount Etna erupting
Etna eruption 2001
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Part 2 of the footage from Etna eruption in 2001 shows the lava flows at Piano del Lago. A new cone was formed during this phase of eruption.