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CNN’s Brooke Baldwin responds to Trump’s insults: I’m angry
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CNN's Brooke Baldwin calls out President Trump for demanding respect after he insulted three black female reporters during ...
Who selects Brooke Baldwin's colorful television war...
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In the second 'Office Hours With...' episode, host Jason Kurtz asks Brooke Baldwin about her African travels, vibrant dresses, ...
Brooke Baldwin: 20 years in journalism, never thought I'd ask this
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CNN's Brooke Baldwin gives an emotional description of the difficulties of covering mass shootings in America. #CNN #News.
Brooke Baldwin tears up reading Parkland mom's note to daughter
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CNN's Brooke Baldwin was visibly emotional while reading a letter written by Lori Aldaheff to her daughter Alyssa, a year after ...
Brooke Baldwin competes in softball game for fallen heroes
Views 61K5 years ago
Brooke Baldwin competes in a charity baseball game to honor fallen servicemen and women.
Brooke Baldwin reacts to Trump video: How could I not take it personally?
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CNN's Brooke Baldwin addresses a disturbing video of a fake President Donald Trump shooting, assaulting and stabbing his ...
Brooke Baldwin Describes Hurricane Michael's Eerie Aftermath
Views 160KYear ago
CNN anchor and 'American Woman in Politics' creator Brooke Baldwin was one of the first journalists to witness the devastation in ...
Brooke Baldwin recaps Trump's 'fortnight of frenzy'
Views 249K7 months ago
CNN's Brooke Baldwin recaps President Trump's frenetic last two weeks. #CNN #News.
CNN's Brooke Baldwin on sexual assault: We all have our stories
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CNN's Brooke Baldwin says that Christine Blasey Ford's testimony about her allegations of sexual assault against Brett ...
CNN: Our own Brooke Baldwin had skin cancer
Views 17K9 years ago
CNN's Brooke Baldwin addresses the Twitter buzz surrounding her absence and the bandage on her nose.
Brooke Baldwin and the navy women protecting the U.S. fro...
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CNN's Brooke Baldwin reports from the USS Harry S. Truman, the front line of the U.S. Navy's fight against ISIS.
Brooke Baldwin: This face behind Trump startled me
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CNN's Brooke Baldwin says the scene at President Trump's rally during which he mocked Brett Kavanaugh accuser Christine ...
Brooke Baldwin reviews the week: Where has decency gone?
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CNN's Brooke Baldwin reviews the week's headlines from President Trump's attacks on deceased Sen. John McCain to Rep.
Brooke Baldwin laces up her skates for roller derby
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Roller derby could become an Olympic sport in 2020. Brooke Baldwin laces up some skates to check it out.
Brooke Baldwin: Enough is enough
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CNN's Brooke Baldwin details allegations of sex abuse of vulnerable women by powerful men. #CNN #News.
Brooke Baldwin | 2017 Spring Commencement Address | UNC-Chapel Hill
Views 20K2 years ago
Brooke Baldwin, CNN news anchor and a graduate of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, delivers the 2017 Spring ...
CNN's Brooke Baldwin debunks Sanders’ climate report claims
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CNN's Brooke Baldwin takes a look at White House press secretary Sarah Sanders' defense of President Trump in a White House ...
Brooke Baldwin: 'So, this is happening..."
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Reporting live from New England, CNN's Brooke Baldwin is joined by reveling Bostonians who are all to happy to create ...
Brooke Baldwin: If you're a billionaire, just don't say this
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CNN's Brooke Baldwin discusses the government shutdown as federal workers are about to miss their second paycheck, telling ...
Baldwin: These words came from Medal of Freedom recipient Rush Limbaugh
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CNN's Brooke Baldwin reacts to President Donald Trump's decision to award Rush Limbaugh, conservative radio host, with the ...
Brooke Baldwin: I call BS on congresswoman
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Democratic Rep. Elizabeth Esty, who has apologized after she kept on a top aide for several months despite having learned of ...
Q&A with Commencement speaker Brooke Baldwin
Views 8K2 years ago
Enjoy a question and answer session with CNN host, #UNC School of Media and Journalism alumna and the 2017 ...
Does UNC alum Brooke Baldwin still bleed Carolina Blue?
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Social TV's Jason Kurtz and CNN Newsroom host Brooke Baldwin discuss this year's March Madness bracket. A proud UNC alum ...
Brooke Baldwin: Trump's hoax comment 'is disgraceful'
Views 109KYear ago
CNN's Brooke Baldwin slammed President Donald Trump's comments that the sexual assault allegations made against Supreme ...
Brooke Baldwin rattles off rapid recap of February headlines
Views 84KYear ago
CNN's Brooke Baldwin breaks down the whirlwind news cycle for February 2019. #CNN #News.
Brooke Baldwin: Republicans Aren't Embracing Women
Views 170KYear ago
'American Woman in Politics' creator Brooke Baldwin wants to dedicate the next chapter of her career to giving women voices.
Brooke Baldwin reads powerful essay written by victim of gun violence
Views 53KYear ago
CNN's Brooke Baldwin reads Sandra Parks' award-winning essay about the shootings in her hometown of Milwaukee and ...
Baldwin rips Samantha Bee: What she did is beneath her
Views 343KYear ago
CNN's Brooke Baldwin criticized comedian Samantha Bee for calling Ivanka Trump a "feckless c ."
Brooke Baldwin talks with the former President of Georgia.
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Brooke Baldwin asks the former President of Georgia on how the west should respond to Russia's interference in Ukraine.
CNN's Piers Morgan and Brooke Baldwin talk to Dickie Arbiter
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CNN's Piers Morgan and Brooke Baldwin talk to Dickie Arbiter about what the Queen might be feeling at her Jubilee.
CNN's Brooke Baldwin reads Trump's insults
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CNN's Brooke Baldwin reads off a list of insults President Donald Trump has used to describe people since taking office and says ...
Brooke Baldwin asks U.S. sailors why they enlist
Views 1.4K4 years ago
Aboard the USS Anzio, CNN's Brooke Baldwin asks sailors why they've chosen to devote their life to their country by enlisting in ...
Brooke Baldwin on preparing for Queen's Diamond Jubilee
Views 11K7 years ago
Brooke Baldwin will co-anchor the Diamond Jubilee coverage for CNN with Piers Morgan. She talks about her preparations.
Brooke dances in the new year
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Brooke Baldwin dances in the new year with the 610 Stompers.
Skin Cancer Awareness Message from CNN's Brooke Baldwin
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CNN's Brooke Baldwin, who was recently diagnosed and treated for skin cancer, shares an important message about skin cancer ...
Trump's mispronunciation in intel briefing stuns Brooke Baldwin
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CNN's Brooke Baldwin speaks with Ben Wedeman and TIME correspondent John Walcott, who details his reporting of President ...
12-year-old survivor's harrowing shooting response stuns Brooke Baldwin
Views 189K10 months ago
12-year-old Nate Holley and his father join CNN's Brooke Baldwin to talk about what Nate did during the shooting at the STEM ...
CNN anchor reacts to Sen. Kennedy's Pelosi insult
Views 665K4 months ago
CNN's Brooke Baldwin reacts to Sen. John Kennedy (R-LA) insulting House Speaker Nancy Pelosi by saying, "it must suck to be ...
Van Jones and Brooke Baldwin: Beyond the Messy Truth | 10-10-2017 | LIVE from the NYPL
Views 2.7K2 years ago
LIVE from the NYPL | Recorded live at the New York Public Library, Celeste Bartos Forum, on October 10, 2017. CNN political ...