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I tried a new style ...
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we need to chat
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Our Trip To Japan !!
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Our Trip To Hawaii !!
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  • Nykolas shipway
    Nykolas shipway 2 minutes ago


  • Melissa Boyd
    Melissa Boyd 3 minutes ago

    The sweetest and most beautiful makeover Mia!!

  • Kaya
    Kaya 3 minutes ago

    How can you dislike a video like that, in my opinion in general Mia is the nicest RUclipr ever

  • Alberto - Iany
    Alberto - Iany 9 minutes ago

    damn i just saw this but i'm so happy for you!!! If i was at the same party i would've been fangirling for yooou!!

  • Smartbuilder Islas
    Smartbuilder Islas 10 minutes ago

    8:24 its charger cable

  • Kerri
    Kerri 12 minutes ago

    I think you mean "Ya'll asked..and you shall receive" ;-)

  • Leslie Marie
    Leslie Marie 13 minutes ago

    I love your nails

  • 59snitt
    59snitt 14 minutes ago

    On the pink square can we say double sided tape? Don't be so hard on yourself.

  • Matti Blakeman
    Matti Blakeman 16 minutes ago

    YESS ya look bomb

  • Princess Funmi Ajose
    Princess Funmi Ajose 16 minutes ago

    Omg mums reaction made me cry. Thanks Mia 💖💖💖

  • Taehyungs Princess
    Taehyungs Princess 18 minutes ago

    I almost think this is advertisement haha. U liked them all almost even tho they are WAYYYY overpriced. 98 for a little top and it's on slae for 25? Still overpriced

  • Leslie Marie
    Leslie Marie 19 minutes ago

    You’re so good at putting colors and decor together.

  • Carol Love
    Carol Love 19 minutes ago

    Love the industrial clips make overs! lol

  • Stacy Lamb
    Stacy Lamb 21 minute ago

    This is priceless. Love it too. Your mom is so sweet.

  • Yasmin Page
    Yasmin Page 22 minutes ago

    Your whole family is lovely ☺️

  • Kali Powell Harvey
    Kali Powell Harvey 26 minutes ago

    Omg the mia sandwich! 😂😂😂 could she be any cuter?!!! Loved this!!! So much!!!!!

  • Taehyungs Princess
    Taehyungs Princess 26 minutes ago

    Damn those are so expensive! I know u pay for the quality but that's way too much for clothing

  • Dreams44Reality
    Dreams44Reality 31 minute ago

    I was cry laughing! Love you both! New subscriber!!!

  • beabookworm
    beabookworm 31 minute ago

    I LOVE how your mom kept calling you a lil stinker lmaooo ❤️

  • Nestor Blakemore Gutierrez

    I love it!!

  • Diricia & Puma Cat
    Diricia & Puma Cat 34 minutes ago

    I almost had a panic attack!! Never seen these. Looked the website up and was bitterly disappointed that the mystery boxes are sold OUT!!! AND in America the only countries in the Southern Hemisphere is Australia and New Zealand!!!!

  • Kaya
    Kaya 46 minutes ago

    Can I please live in your home 😩

  • Kaya
    Kaya 52 minutes ago

    Wow your home looks like it was created in Sims😍😍

  • K W
    K W 54 minutes ago

    I just think photos are usually edited so much that it does not look the same in person. I don't think it's the artist, so much as expectation vs reality. We expected it to look more like the photos, but editing isn't reality - the models probably looked similar before editing too. Please do NOT blame your face. You are very stereotypically attractive (both of you are) with and without makeup, even if it's not "model standards" (who is? Naturally gorgeous models aren't either; they're edited to be what we see). You are both very pretty and the downside of choosing high fashion looks from a picture of a model is that the makeup was chosen for the model, not you individually, and the photo was edited to make it even more amazing. It was a nice idea, though :)

  • Riya Lama
    Riya Lama 59 minutes ago

    Hope u surprise even ur brother

  • Yashiria De Jesus

    Everything amazing specially there reactions 🥰🥰🥰🥰great job!!!!

  • Joy Ferreira
    Joy Ferreira Hour ago

    omg its amazing!

  • Rasha kadi
    Rasha kadi Hour ago

    When she said.. Lebanese restaurant , my heart melt , bcz when she first mentioned belly dancing I directly thought about my country 🇱🇧

  • peacenlove3 faith

    Too many bath bombs are not good for your ph balance. Careful ladies

  • Lilly M.
    Lilly M. Hour ago


    RICESHA RE Hour ago

    Beyonce had those shoes 😂😂😂

  • CakeBish
    CakeBish Hour ago

    11:22 What I imagine hell sounds like.

  • Amanda stroup
    Amanda stroup Hour ago

    Does anyone else love how she just throws the brown bagging inside her boots at the beginning... no? Just me? Okay

  • Luna Moon
    Luna Moon Hour ago

    i'm not crying, you're crying

  • Shamel Rosewell
    Shamel Rosewell Hour ago

    I love her mom

  • Tanealya C
    Tanealya C Hour ago

    Your mom is so freaking adorable!!!!!

  • Jessa Myers
    Jessa Myers Hour ago

    Is any on else concerned about how she is literally eating honeycomb with a KNIFE. That is just disaster waiting to happen

  • waynexxD small
    waynexxD small Hour ago

    The best, please make more eating Videos

  • Roma Bright
    Roma Bright Hour ago

    camera needed that actually focuses aha :) love this though

  • Savana Ali
    Savana Ali Hour ago

    It sounds like Havana

  • lisa noa
    lisa noa Hour ago

    Omg I love that video so much!!!☺️☺️ Miaaa thanks 🙏🏼

  • Madison Quinn
    Madison Quinn Hour ago

    You are such an amazing person Mia watching these are so inspiring

  • Tanealya C
    Tanealya C Hour ago

    Definitely should have primed first lol

  • Alexandra R
    Alexandra R 2 hours ago


  • Rochelle Green
    Rochelle Green 2 hours ago

    i know this is an old video but i came across this, i am also from canada and was curious about how much customs was on your order?

  • mda
    mda 2 hours ago

    imagine being high in this

  • Alexandra R
    Alexandra R 2 hours ago

    Can u do another one of these videos?

  • Puppy Lover1
    Puppy Lover1 2 hours ago

    Oh my god that was so nice of you that’s amazing I hope you do more things like this in the future this video was awesome even though it was an hour long it was worth it

  • Anette Wold Johansen

    Your parents are just sooo adorable. And I love your mom's reactions xD They are lucky that you are their daughter as well :) this is so kind of you. Keep it gooin'!

  • Vickie C
    Vickie C 2 hours ago

    Wow, soo nice, loved it.

  • Danielle Barnett
    Danielle Barnett 2 hours ago

    Your mom's reaction literally made me cry.❤

  • audrey jackson
    audrey jackson 2 hours ago

    Wow just ordered the bulb speaker for my Grandaughter ❤️

  • LiabS274
    LiabS274 2 hours ago

    😢❤ This was amazing.

  • Yaritza Adames
    Yaritza Adames 2 hours ago

    I loved this , soooo sweet!

  • Lorena Munoz
    Lorena Munoz 2 hours ago

    Your heart is made of gold, but seeing how incredible your parents are I’m not surprised. They are the sweetest! You did a great job!

  • Lisa Stanley
    Lisa Stanley 2 hours ago

    I LOVE your mom's reactions. Beautiful room. Very well done.

  • karen cracknell
    karen cracknell 2 hours ago

    I think you did an amazing job, brave as i'm not sure my parents would like that but i'm guessing you know your grandparents very very well. Looks amazing well done !!. xx

  • hazelnut_ hannah
    hazelnut_ hannah 2 hours ago

    Raw cookie queen😂

  • W L S
    W L S 2 hours ago

    Is ebay makeup safe to use?

  • Abijah Adonijah
    Abijah Adonijah 2 hours ago

    Mia: I only ordered a few heels Me: Every single shoe has heels

  • tina fellman
    tina fellman 2 hours ago

    I loved the whole thing! Their reaction was priceless...I was crying!!! Lol. Beautiful gift to them!

  • Shelby Rademacher
    Shelby Rademacher 2 hours ago

    i loveeeee it!!!!!

  • Gabi Borja
    Gabi Borja 2 hours ago

    You guys are so cute.

  • Lee Ara
    Lee Ara 2 hours ago

    damn, you ruined him

  • Alesia Featherstone
    Alesia Featherstone 2 hours ago

    Best granddaughter ever job well done. I have grandsons can I steal you?

  • Susan Parnell
    Susan Parnell 2 hours ago

    Great review xx

  • nena meow
    nena meow 3 hours ago

    Im happy watching this . ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️💋💋💋💋💋💋

  • Susan Parnell
    Susan Parnell 3 hours ago

    Girl you had me cracking up, soooo funny, more please xx

  • Saima Bashir
    Saima Bashir 3 hours ago

    Your taste is amazing. It's great looking room . You worked hard and at the end you can see a biggg smile on your parents face that pays off all the effort. Great daughter . Bless you and keep up with great videos. I'm a new follower BTW.

  • Pınar
    Pınar 3 hours ago

    Mia and her big 💓 Loved the video and your parents' reactions!

  • Rosie fernandez
    Rosie fernandez 3 hours ago

    I 💝 wish

  • Saima Bashir
    Saima Bashir 3 hours ago

    You are pro at tapeing & painting now... So when is your next trip to London . Remember I'm next 😉

  • Aye Gaming
    Aye Gaming 3 hours ago

    Mia god bless you, you are a huge influence to the RUclip community and you have really out did yourself you have not only made your grandparents happy but you have made your family and friends happy you are AMAZING 😃😃😃😃😃😁😁😁😁😍😍😍

  • Sophie J
    Sophie J 3 hours ago

    when you said that brooklyn hytes needed those boots i s c r e a m e d

  • Reese Littman
    Reese Littman 3 hours ago

    YoU LiTtLe STiNkEr

  • Jennalleclair
    Jennalleclair 3 hours ago

    You look gorgeous with those lashes

  • Toni Luna
    Toni Luna 3 hours ago

    Am I the only one who teared up watching their reaction?

  • Abril Servin
    Abril Servin 3 hours ago

    Ohh mia i love this video what a great idea love it.

  • Jocelyn Guthrie-Alride

    I have been trying to find those animal pictures for so long for my new place and I just can’t! Please help!! 💜

  • Pankhudi Prasad
    Pankhudi Prasad 3 hours ago

    I think it’s just me but she reminds me of Shailene Woodley from the divergent movie

  • kristy galloway
    kristy galloway 3 hours ago

    I literally LOVE all of your renovation videos. You’re taste is amazing. I need to pick that skill up! You literally are the sweetest and most positive person I know without actually knowing ❤️ I love you!

    • kristy galloway
      kristy galloway 3 hours ago

      Also you’re parents are so precious what the heck

  • Anna Georgantidis
    Anna Georgantidis 3 hours ago

    Wow , you are the best in this job

  • LeaLikesIcecream
    LeaLikesIcecream 3 hours ago

    Your Brother Looks so much like your mom and Not at all like you :D

  • Linda Hucks
    Linda Hucks 3 hours ago

    Love it, I like the uncluttered look. Now can I do this to my bedroom???

  • maci karoline
    maci karoline 3 hours ago

    2:02 “dark black”

  • Amber Beaulieu
    Amber Beaulieu 3 hours ago

    I feel like you found your calling Mia.

  • Haile Foster
    Haile Foster 3 hours ago

    this is so precious my heart

  • Holly Leighann
    Holly Leighann 3 hours ago

    Mia, you’re so sweet and genuine 💕

  • Melissa Corbitt
    Melissa Corbitt 3 hours ago

    You are amazing and probably the most thoughtful girl ever! If my kids are half as wonderful as you, I would be a lucky mom!! Congrats on a job well done!

  • Amelia chetty
    Amelia chetty 3 hours ago

    Why didnt we get to see your dads reaction?

  • Nani Chavez
    Nani Chavez 3 hours ago

    Loved it! Such an adorable reaction! 💛

  • btsptrsh xo
    btsptrsh xo 3 hours ago

    In a community full of drama, you and your family is ray of sunshine, i love how authentic you guys are, looking forward to more of your content 🥰

  • Eln Ber
    Eln Ber 3 hours ago

    13:19 "pose for the camera honey "

  • Adaeze Oguaka
    Adaeze Oguaka 3 hours ago

    Thank God for the invention of the color white😍

  • Lylie Carter
    Lylie Carter 4 hours ago

    You should do your grandma's make over since she all into getting ready 🙂 so far love your videos and your family

  • Linds
    Linds 4 hours ago

    Your mom is just the sweetest,and her laugh is amazing 😄

  • Anja Little Hawk
    Anja Little Hawk 4 hours ago

    You have to freeze them when you get them

  • cutepanda BİCH
    cutepanda BİCH 4 hours ago

    Omg i laughed so hard 😂😂

  • Tsuki Akari
    Tsuki Akari 4 hours ago

    I'd cut the red "crotch dropped" pants and make them into a dress.

  • Amelia chetty
    Amelia chetty 4 hours ago

    Your mom didnt like her hair