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  • BK Lulu
    BK Lulu 10 minutes ago

    I dated a manchild once. I kicked him to the curb, randomly went looking for his name on the internet a few years ago. He died of heat stroke. I warned him his lack of preparation would cost him, and I was right. He had no phone, no water, no charger, no money on him. Car breaks down. It's not his car, it's his boss's car. 98 degree day, stuck on highway. He collapsed. Never regained consciousness. He was 41. Tried to live with me, while talking about one day when he has kids and his married. Fucking idiot died alone. Women can spot losers like this after a while. His own family doesn't miss him at all. Says a lot, doesn't it...

  • YouGotNicoked
    YouGotNicoked 14 minutes ago

    My friend said she'd help me buy some stuff and etc etc and I got tricked to give her over $152. It's been over a year and she says " it's still stuck at the terminal so it got sent back to Japan " no hoe it didn't you just wanted my money. I forced her to give me back my money and says she doesn't have spare money right now so she can't ( another lie ). She says she'll give me back earliest in February. She better.

  • Pasta Panda
    Pasta Panda 15 minutes ago

    The popular kids at my school were U G L Y lmao, people just liked them because they were rich and had drugs

  • Mikki Schlauder
    Mikki Schlauder 16 minutes ago

    I can honestly say, I've never had a birthday "party". I've been to some of my friends, I know what they're like, but I've never had one. My family gets some cupcakes, one present, and a little candle to blow out, while we sing Happy birthday in the kitchen with the lights dimmed. And you know what? I fucking love it. Me and my family currently live in a cheap hotel that smells like cigarettes and grease and we've already had my sister's birthday here, and I'm excited for mine! It'll be my sweet 16, and I'm gonna get a shit-ton of Taco Bell and it's going to be amazing! When everything around is shitty, a family like us will always stick together with amble love to go around.

  • DoobyLmao
    DoobyLmao 20 minutes ago

    The Vid: San Jose (hoesay) TTS, an intellectual: S A N J O E S

  • Travis Retriever
    Travis Retriever 25 minutes ago

    I will never understand the extreme love so many smaller towns have for their school's football teams...

  • lordcommander
    lordcommander 26 minutes ago

    the mom/grandma one and the parents having sex are so fucking fake

  • Sean Wilkinson
    Sean Wilkinson 26 minutes ago

    The three who were getting on the "train", catching a "flight", or waiting for a "ship"...what can I say, those are some poignant and almost cheerful words. I'm currently in hospital, and my elderly roommate passed peacefully and quietly the second night we were together, two weeks ago. She only softly called for various family members and tried getting up to the toilet despite having a catheter on her final night. The puttering and chatter of nurses deciding her state woke me at 5 AM or so, and I was moved.

  • Dark Star
    Dark Star 28 minutes ago

    He graduated. LOL Serious...the prick peaked in 11th grade then it was downhill ever since. Without being a jock he didn't know how to socialize in college; I went to the same college as that drunk fool so I got to watch his swift degeneration. Yes, now he is that middle aged boob with High School football glory stories. His FB page has one glory story on it right now😂

  • Solivagant Soul
    Solivagant Soul 30 minutes ago

    2:23 I have the same problem. I literally broke down in front of my teacher the other week

  • Lavina Bowman
    Lavina Bowman 39 minutes ago

    Oh those damn rose art crayons....

  • Autobot Rock
    Autobot Rock 39 minutes ago

    Honestly, I know there's a reason employers discourage handing leftovers out but do you think somebody waiting outside by the dumpsters for some scraps is out there because he's too cheap to buy $5 pizza?

  • Alex Hilber
    Alex Hilber 41 minute ago

    Bank of America is the worst

  • Aurora 0310
    Aurora 0310 42 minutes ago

    The one about the note in the back of the notebook really got me. Especially the last sentence of it.

  • Dean Ambrose
    Dean Ambrose 45 minutes ago

    Doing fries are done I gotta run I work at Burger King we wear paper hats

  • foxhound kentuckyace gaming

    I'm in a rural high school with a majority population of hicks. Nuff said

  • nig a
    nig a 49 minutes ago

    Was once so poor I stole toilet paper 4 squares at a time from a public toilet to take home once I'd filled a roll

  • elizabeth stalcup

    I have a story, When I was in 1st grade I had a teacher who I will call miss Kelsey (that is her real name. Sounds like a jerk move, but I don't care.) Ok so she really hated me. Her and her other teacher friend (miss micara) made it so that me and my bro couldn't go to a school for the kids in the t.a.g system. They told the school behind my mom's back that she would not let us go there. They would also tug me around a lot and threaten to call home for the smallest things. The call home threats were so bad and happened so often to the point where coming home and hiding in my closet was the norm because I thought I would get in trouble. Also I was going off to find my bro after school ended and I was walking past miss micaras room and she pulled me in by my hood and tossed me in a pile of other kids and insisted that there was a lockdown (which there was not). They were bullies and always stole my pens and then yelled at me for not writing, which was partly my fault because I had a lot of friends who offered their pens but I was stubborn and wanted to make a point. There was lots of other things that now make me very prone to panic attracts but I don't wanna be that one person who comment s a whole page.

  • Matthew Feehan
    Matthew Feehan Hour ago

    For fucks sake can't you at least time the ads between stories

  • Teflon Billy
    Teflon Billy Hour ago

    The modern use of VBIEDs and civilian drones configured for military applications is pretty interesting. Currently serving soldiers though don't care which is interesting. If Fallujah '04 was played out today the casualties would easily 10 times higher.

  • John Nada
    John Nada Hour ago

    I fucking hate LARPers, of EVERY kind, preppers are some of the worst.

  • Ssj Bread
    Ssj Bread Hour ago

    9:58 Is that where the saying "the tides have turned" comes from?

  • Dare 4 Real 12
    Dare 4 Real 12 Hour ago

    I was a popular kid, I actually wasn't the bully. I got bullied because I'm gay

  • Kolina James
    Kolina James Hour ago

    I'm one of these depressed sh*t students :)

  • Zero Zephyrum
    Zero Zephyrum Hour ago

    "You're nothing but a social reject" - My ex, who at the time, while I wasn't looking to get back with her, was trying to help cheer her up because she was upset earlier that night. It was on a night out and a few more of my friends were with us. Naturally they weren't impressed and verbally tore her apart.

  • Rob Irvine
    Rob Irvine Hour ago

    Todays funny thought: Mormons have been claiming its the "last days" for nearly 200 years now. They no longer loudly shout it, but its in EVERY copy of their publication. There is no explanation why the date keeps changing.

  • Lemonz1989
    Lemonz1989 Hour ago

    Grew up poor. Mom used to cut the moldy crust off bread and toast it, so it wouldn't taste stale, and use butter and jam on the bread for weeks on end. I knew we weren't rich, but it didn't feel like we were in such trouble when I was a kid. It wasn't until I was older that I noticed bills often weren't paid until the next month, when I understood such things. Luckily, in my country, public companies (such as power and telephone) didn't punish late payments too harshly in the 90's - probably because there was a severe recession back then, with 20% unemployment, literally all banks in the country failing and over 15% of people defaulting on their mortgages. The public companies often wouldn't even react until bills were 3 months late, and didn't have late fees. Power and telephone wasn't turned off until bills were 6 months late. If the bills were paid afterwards, they would just turn the power and telephone back on, without any extra cost. It wasn't like we were starving, but it was bad sometimes. There is a very prominent "food sharing culture" there, where people with boats would fish, and then give fish to close and distant relatives, and possibly neighbours if they needed it. We also ate a LOT of fish, because my mother's father fished a lot with his boat. Sometimes fish for dinner every day for weeks also. I hated fish back then, but now that I live in a different country I miss it. I didn't understand the quality was superb and it was very tasty compared to mainland Europe's fish products. Also, in the new country, I had to resort to "mild" and occasional prostitution (basically "sugar dating") in order to make it through my education, and in order to look presentable with okay quality clothes, because rent was/is so expensive in the larger cities. It's surprising how much gay men will pay for a 7 (maybe an 8 if I'm very optimistic) in looks, if said guy is also nice... :P

  • no_ name
    no_ name Hour ago

    Tbh I'd think that normal zombies are pretty boring and I believe in the fast bois who are more like a full person with no way to control themselves and pushes people's bodies to the max limit, even the unfit ones. And some that can spread the infection via spit, blood etc So in conclusion it's a virus that turns you into the best you, you could be and is bent on spreading the desease more than actual hunger

  • Maru
    Maru Hour ago

    Tech teacher "Listen I love you guys but you make me want to do crack sometimes" This was in 6th grade.

  • Dragondick Lunatic

    Accidentally texted "sorry I came in you, just wanted that connection" to my mom

  • TaylorCrayola
    TaylorCrayola Hour ago

    I don't even want to watch anymore after the first one. Ew.

  • jaydream
    jaydream Hour ago

    We're not preppers, but people assume we are because my dad's into survival stuff and operates radios while I collect vintage gas masks as a hobby

  • Gavin Smith
    Gavin Smith Hour ago

    I got one. Place I silver dollar in drying cement and then watch how many people try to pick it up

  • Mystic System
    Mystic System Hour ago

    Alot of the people in this video are richer than me

  • Surprised Char
    Surprised Char Hour ago

    “If a gun man appeared” I’d be confused as shit if a human gun appeared tbh.

  • blacktigerpaw1
    blacktigerpaw1 Hour ago

    Sinead O'Connor. When she rips up picture of Mohammed. Oh, I forgot Allen Ginsberg. Wrote about fucking underage boys. Celebrated poet. Terry Bean. Head of the Human Rights Commission, arrested for fucking underage boys.

  • trav v
    trav v Hour ago

    Kinda wish I had some convenient shit like this set up.

  • George Brown
    George Brown Hour ago

    Those religious nuts are definitely high on the "Shoot to kill list" if the world does end anytime soon, just too unpredictable and predictable.

  • cazhary_07
    cazhary_07 2 hours ago

    Jeez just bring bullying back, don't go making some shitty petition

  • marco polo
    marco polo 2 hours ago

    Luckily I’ve avoided this situation so far, closest I’ve come was having to close a porn tab and clearing history before my screen got projected. Just a regular browser with tabs of google, and research topics. And make sure to clear search history if you don’t want that search bar thing to happen.

  • em1o smurf
    em1o smurf 2 hours ago

    partied late with some gay girl neighbors one night. woke up tackled to the floor by one of the loveliest rapes a man could have. next morning she was embarrassed, but i never told a soul. one of the best friends i ever had.

  • Billy Tomasik
    Billy Tomasik 2 hours ago

    2:28 got vibe checked

  • Dr Banana head
    Dr Banana head 2 hours ago

    0:41 I found sans

  • Big Mac Boi
    Big Mac Boi 2 hours ago

    My teacher said: SCHOOL IS FUN

  • austin rempel
    austin rempel 2 hours ago

    When i was 12 i had the police called on me for trespassing. I was in a public park, sitting on top of an archway eating my lunch and talking with a few of my friends from school- one of the neighbouring houses called the cops because i was "a risk to my own life" - usually i wouldve just sat and relaxed, but i had a few run ins for trespassing (i had just discovered parkour lol) and knew that it would go on my record after that. I saw a cop pull up the street (from the bottom of a hill to the top) stole my friends skateboard, and took off down the hill towards my school. Once i made it to the school i grabbed a hoodie and stashed his skateboard in my locked, my bike from the bike racks, and headed up the street. I passed him on the way down and just looked ahead of me. He passed me and i swear ive never peddled so hard in my life. Once i made it home i locked up my bike, changed clothes, and changed the style of my hair a bit just in case he came knocking. He didnt

  • Sarah Marie
    Sarah Marie 2 hours ago

    the “weird kid” started summoning demons during my 6th period, he was next to me.

  • wyatt lofing
    wyatt lofing 2 hours ago

    It’s a good thing zombie apocalypses aren’t necessarily possible 😅😅

  • Gecko o
    Gecko o 2 hours ago

    This reminds me when I was young, Me and my brother used to gather change around the house to go to the arcades, since we only had limited chances we became really good players, I was able to finish the first metal slug with only one coin, the history of my life, using skill to make up for my lack of money.

    SHIN MT 2 hours ago

    What does *stood me up* mean

  • lAzY Cartoons
    lAzY Cartoons 2 hours ago

    My 7th grade teacher called me depressing during parent teacher conference. Yup. That was great.

  • Dabunny Rabbit
    Dabunny Rabbit 2 hours ago

    had to sleep in the back of a car that wasn't mine for a week, in November.

  • ash bash
    ash bash 2 hours ago

    A family friend gave my daughter a money lei for graduation. I took the money off unfolded it, ironed it and bought groceries with it. It was like $40 in singles

  • SunflowerCherries
    SunflowerCherries 2 hours ago

    When i was in massage school, I hated the people who would come in and give us "Get Saved By Jesus" pamphlets instead of a tip. They did it over and over and didn't even remember who we were.

  • A V
    A V 2 hours ago

    I was so broke I called a guy friend and asked him to bring me Chinese take out I traded sex for food 😂

    • Lavina Bowman
      Lavina Bowman 37 minutes ago

      I think people have been doing that for time out of mind. Soldier on lol

  • Kelly Wolstenholme
    Kelly Wolstenholme 2 hours ago

    I'm a Christian and I've always thought it was so weird how much Christians think they can predict the endtimes because the Bible literally says that no one knows except God and we won't know it until Jesus returns. You literally cannot predict it. God says so. Y'all are contradicting the Bible that you're trying to pull these predictions out of.

    • Rob Irvine
      Rob Irvine Hour ago

      Yep, im not a Christian, but im aware that the bible literally says "If you are expecting it, its not coming"

  • Isabel Flores
    Isabel Flores 2 hours ago

    This hurt. I cried to my English teacher about how much I felt like I wasn’t good enough for anyone. I can’t look at him the same. I feel like he hates me now. I feel so empty and sad I don’t know what to do anymore. I’m slowly giving up. I’m not saying this for attention, I’m saying it for an escape. Everyone hates me. I feel so alone and nobody will understand because they always say it will get better when it doesn’t. I come home almost everyday to my dad yelling at me about something. The thought about thinking your own parent hating you or telling you that you aren’t good enough hurts a lot. I want to be good enough for him, I try so hard to make him happy. But in the end I’m still not enough. I’m sorry daddy. I’ll make you proud one day. I don’t want to live here anymore so he’s happy. But I have no where else to go. My mom is a drug addict and she makes me so unhappy. I don’t know what to do. I want help. I want out of this hell. I know I don’t have it bad like some people but it’s honestly traumatizing to think that every little thing you do will end in someone screaming their lungs out at you. It’s scary thinking everyday “what did I do now? Should I be scared to go home.” My dad has me so fucked I cry when people yell at me or are mad at me. I’m sorry for everything to everyone. Music is my only escape. The only thing that won’t make me feel guilty like if I’m doing something wrong. One day I’ll be happy and I’ll make others happy too. One day I’ll be ok. One day I’ll make others feel ok too. I don’t want to disappoint anyone anymore. I’m tired of feeling like this I want to be happy man. I hope I’ll be ok in the future.. I don’t know what to do to make him happy. I feel like I have already tired everything... what if I’m gone? Will anyone miss me.. probably not. I can’t tell anyone how I feel because then I feel guilty or if I see them I feel like they hate me.. or they judge me. What do I do. I’ve already tried opening up, telling someone I trust. Didn’t work. Already tried writing it down. Also didn’t work. It’s so hard. Still working. The harder I try. The weaker I feel. Hopefully it gets better in the future. Hopefully I’m happy. Hopefully he’s happy too.

  • PrincessMonkey 33
    PrincessMonkey 33 2 hours ago

    I’m not 100% if this has already been done on this channel but could you do one of people just kinda saying like the moment they knew they had ‘made it.’

  • Blizzzard Wolf
    Blizzzard Wolf 2 hours ago

    Did ANYONE get the Dexter reference at the end??

  • Kassahndrah Hendrixson

    My teacher sent me to a counselor because my mother and father were gone and my grandpa died who was the best person in my life now I live with my grandma but she pushes me so far and expects me to be perfect but it is so impossible for me to be “perfect” and most days I go to school and come home to screaming and yelling for how bad I am and why I was born and I am a mistake but she is 75 and loosing her mind so I have to deal with it. Back to my councilor she was awesome and I did not think she ever really like me because she often would ignore me and say I was crazy and then she started to stop seeing me and I though it was fine but I did something and got in school suspension and I was sent to the principals office the next day and there were 3 counselors the principal and my teacher and my grandma and my counselor said that she thought I was crazy and that I sad many lies but they were not lies and she said she was not my counselor anymore because I was “crazy” and I soon got a mentor but she is always gone and tells me to worship god and my grandma makes me go to church but my mentor stoped seeing me because I’m a girl and look like a boy and nobody excepts me as a boy they all think I’m weird because I look different and this has Ben going on since I was in second grade and im in sixth grade now

  • Charlie Baker
    Charlie Baker 2 hours ago

    sayhar is apparently tryna be light yagami

  • Pastel Peanut
    Pastel Peanut 2 hours ago

    Once there was a girl in my class. She called me a nerd at ens of PE class. I responded "since nerds are smart, you told me I am smart so thank you". She went craaazyyyy. Mom are you proud of me yet?

  • trav v
    trav v 2 hours ago

    9:10 if they don't get married fuck this fucking world.

  • ghostieCURSED
    ghostieCURSED 2 hours ago

    I’ve always wanted to do an escape room But I fear for the incompetent people I’ll be placed with

  • Stardust Moonglade
    Stardust Moonglade 2 hours ago

    I used to live in Tulsa... there's some crazy stuff that happens there...

  • TheRockyCrowe
    TheRockyCrowe 2 hours ago

    The one who was hardly invited anywhere due to being poor made me so sad. If there is a family reunion, and you KNOW some of your fam is financially struggling, if anything they should be first on the list to invite. It will probably be the best meal they’ve had in ages (+) leftovers (+) they could use the advice and comfort from family members. To outcast your own blood in their time of need is just so fucked up. I treat strangers better then that.

  • Bree Adelynn
    Bree Adelynn 3 hours ago

    I think I might've said the most depressing thing one of my teachers has ever heard. I'm like 99% sure that I'm one of the only(like 5) kids in my less than 50 ppl highschool who has year round depression. Last year in PE our teacher had us meditate. Afterwards he asked me how I was feeling as I put my shoes back on(we didn't dress down, just took our shoes off). I replied with "Like usual." and after a pause I added, "so numb, I guess" then left. that teacher has always tried to help me with things, and when I decided I wasn't going to eat because I was too fat, and he noticed I stayed in his classroom for tutorial instead of going to lunch he asked if I was getting lunch. I replied with I wasn't hungry, and he offered me goldfish and a Gatorade. As much as I love history(his main class, does hs history and sophomore pe + 4-8th pe), I dont like his class but I love him as a teacher

  • shadowslayer205
    shadowslayer205 3 hours ago

    >does a presentation on deviantart Sonic the Hedgehog inflation vore: *Allow us to introduce ourselves.*

  • Hellish Cyberdemon
    Hellish Cyberdemon 3 hours ago

    you need to show this vid to some stupid europeans when they think we dont have sensible gun laws or private sales arent safe

  • Joel Hinson
    Joel Hinson 3 hours ago

    Why would anyone invest so much time, money and physicality into a career that only nets them $1,400 a month

  • Tetzy 9
    Tetzy 9 3 hours ago

    3:50 sounds like a eric cartman person

  • And I oop I just hit my balls

    saddest thing i said to a teacher was "I can only be good at being made fun of"

  • SkyOwl Gamer
    SkyOwl Gamer 3 hours ago


  • ˏˋ seokjin's nintendogs ˎˊ

    "they died in WoW against a low level mob"

  • BentNeck Lady
    BentNeck Lady 3 hours ago

    My parents seem to only care about my depression when we’re in front of my therapist. I feel like if I bring anything like that up to them they try to talk me out of feeling that way, but not fix the problem. Idk what to do

  • BlankSpace
    BlankSpace 3 hours ago

    Tempus fugit means time flies which adds an entirely different layer to that story

  • Legendroary
    Legendroary 3 hours ago

    this vid makes me feel guilty asf

  • Killer Carmen
    Killer Carmen 3 hours ago

    I was relentlessly bullied at this private catholic k-8 for the 2 years I was there bc kids called me “gross.” I was from the countryside when Most of these kids were from white suburban neighborhoods. My teacher was always really nice to me, and help me out a lot. It got to the point where if I touched a kids desk, they would grab one of the wet wipes that we had in the classroom and scrub at where I touched, even if I just brushed it. And if I ever brushed against them, they would scrub wherever I touch them with hand sanitizer. So my teacher got rid of the wet wipes and move the hand sanitizer to her desk so she could monitor what the kids were doing.

  • Jerome Clarke
    Jerome Clarke 3 hours ago

    God I fucking love refut

  • RipLokx
    RipLokx 3 hours ago

    the 4th one is like kid: i dont completely agree but oka-- teacher: *SEND HIM TO THE CURSED LANDS*

  • Anna Jaszczolt
    Anna Jaszczolt 3 hours ago

    What is it about weddings that makes people go bonkers? Statistically, the less your wedding costs and the more guests there are, the longer your marriage will last. Mostly: skip the wedding, invite a buttton of people and give each of them a beer. You probably will have more fun like that anyway

  • Dannie Alexander
    Dannie Alexander 3 hours ago

    So glad i didnt have nosey parents. Or at least they didnt call me on it if they found anything.

  • Chelise105
    Chelise105 3 hours ago

    Lmfao and now we know the backstory of toadfilms

  • XYZdude0
    XYZdude0 3 hours ago

    I once spent a week subsiding mostly on soda. My work had a free soda fountain and I had no food left in the house. Rough time

  • supItsme
    supItsme 3 hours ago


  • Shio Mio
    Shio Mio 3 hours ago

    So when I was a kid I was abused and stuff. I was terrified of my parents and all my teachers knew this. Oneday a boy threatened to hit me and I said "You're a woman hitter if you hit me!" The teacher made me sit outside. I stayed out there the whole class almost. She went outside after half of the lesson and said "What did you say to him?" I told her I called him a woman hitter. She told me I would be suspended and she was going to call my parents. I broke out in tears and began to shake. I was having a panic attack and could barely breathe. She began to laugh at me and sent me back inside the class. I had to walk back in class crying and shaking. Everyone seemed so concerned except the teacher. Her favorite student was the boy... She never called home... I was never suspended... She never let me explain why... I don't know if she is a bad teacher or not...

  • Galaxy Wiz
    Galaxy Wiz 3 hours ago

    3:41 *Damn..that hit me hard-*

  • Che By
    Che By 3 hours ago

    the murdered best friend hit close to home. a kid years ago from where i'm from was shot point blank in his own driveway. he was a genuinely kind and reserved being with confidence. he had the power to unite nations if he could. all of my peers and his peers only spoke good things about him and miss him to this day. my boyfriend was best friends with him and they were like twins. same birthdays and everything. its so painful to have kids never live a life after school...

  • Frisby 2007
    Frisby 2007 3 hours ago

    “SQQULPCH” I’m fucking crying, because I could hear the sound and it was fucking disgusting 😂😂😂🤢🤢🤢

  • Dark Strawberry
    Dark Strawberry 3 hours ago

    I have a story of my own. I was in Banff and my family was hungry so we went to a Tim Horton’s that was in a little town. Me and my mom go to use the bathroom. It’s those bathrooms where only one person can go at a time. My older brother walks in and we’re just waiting for the lady to come out. As we’re waiting we start looking around. I see an employee, pretty big, working. She then pauses, gets this giant mug, and downs it. Her hands were shaking. She then noticed us looking and dear god, it was the saddest look I have ever seen. It was like she was asking us “please don’t stare, I can’t help it” , it was THE most heartbreaking look I have ever seen.

  • T-rev Dawg gaming
    T-rev Dawg gaming 3 hours ago

    Not dated any celebrities but once I crop dusted Adam Sandler

  • Neil Walker
    Neil Walker 3 hours ago

    Plain rice with a side of cigarettes for the fifth night in a row. My favourite.

    • Lavina Bowman
      Lavina Bowman 33 minutes ago

      Those little salsa packets from the convenience store really help to spice up the rice

  • I want to die. Please send help

    I ate people's leftover. From other student's to lecturer's.... that was a really low time for me haha

  • TCO Lifestyle
    TCO Lifestyle 3 hours ago

    I was so Broke..........I had to rob somebody

  • Jazzy’s Animations

    1:15 I was so confused....

  • Book7BrokeMyBrain
    Book7BrokeMyBrain 3 hours ago

    Always have the client pay up front. If they do something nasty, you can kick them out and not lose your pay.

  • Warhammer Titan
    Warhammer Titan 4 hours ago

    I wish you would use a human voice.

  • Hallo? Hallo?
    Hallo? Hallo? 4 hours ago


  • Gary Oak
    Gary Oak 4 hours ago

    This girl at my school always says hi to me everyday because of my social situation She’s nice

  • Kathy Nguyen
    Kathy Nguyen 4 hours ago

    i have to use my US coins in my coin collection to buy Arizona tea because there was no water at home ....

  • Matthew West
    Matthew West 4 hours ago

    6:07 Talk about a Male order bride