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  • Taylor Harper
    Taylor Harper 15 seconds ago

    Your mom is adorable 😭

  • marcela arias
    marcela arias 38 seconds ago

    this mama tutorials morticia look SNATCHED my “pruik” 😂👏🏽🔥😍

  • peachy kelly
    peachy kelly 47 seconds ago

    Love it

  • Alyssa Tincknell
    Alyssa Tincknell Minute ago

    She is too darn cute!!!!!

  • Amanda Salazar
    Amanda Salazar Minute ago

    Omg this is such a cute tutorial!!!!❤️

  • Martha Pallares
    Martha Pallares Minute ago

    "And now we're gonna cut your crease, do you know what that means??" Mamma tutorials: oh!... No 😂😂 We love her 🤩🥰

  • Sara Sitar
    Sara Sitar 3 minutes ago

    I would LOVE to see Mamatutorials make up regimen! And please have her do the whole thing in Dutch! Such a beautiful language. This video was too adorable! Great work as always Queen!

  • Kat Link
    Kat Link 3 minutes ago

    MommaTutorials: I don’t like white I like tan Nikkie: exCUSE ME

  • Trinity Noble
    Trinity Noble 6 minutes ago

    This is how many ppl love momma tutorials 👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼

  • prettifulmuffin
    prettifulmuffin 6 minutes ago

    I thought you were gonna keep the thin brows!

    CONSKEDED 6 minutes ago

    We want Momma skin care routine

  • ileanell
    ileanell 7 minutes ago

    OMG I love her so much! She is the cutest. I gave a 👍🏼for that skin routine 🖤

  • organizedchoassss
    organizedchoassss 7 minutes ago

    i love mama tutorials so much, shes the cutest

  • Izzy Hughes
    Izzy Hughes 8 minutes ago

    A week of mama tutorials videos!

  • Emma Gerety
    Emma Gerety 8 minutes ago

    Can you please do a video on what brushes you use because I’ve been wandering what blush brush you use

  • MrsBungle78
    MrsBungle78 8 minutes ago

    “Cara Mia...💋mwah, mwah, mwah...Cara Bella...💋mwah, mwah, mwah...”!! Beautiful Mama Tutorials!

  • Mathieu Bourgouin
    Mathieu Bourgouin 11 minutes ago

    oh yea!

  • Veronica Catalan
    Veronica Catalan 11 minutes ago

    Your mom is the cutest!

  • angela winner
    angela winner 11 minutes ago

    Loved this video, I think it's awesome when the mothers are in them! Definitely would love to see her skincare routine!

  • Joanne smallwood
    Joanne smallwood 11 minutes ago

    Your mother does a fantastic Morticia

  • Praewa Papuntai
    Praewa Papuntai 12 minutes ago

    Your mom is sooooo cute!

  • That Awkward Girl
    That Awkward Girl 13 minutes ago

    Alternative title: mama tutorials being adorable for 16 minutes straight

  • Natália M. Siqueira
    Natália M. Siqueira 13 minutes ago

    You got your mom's smile! That's soo freaking cuteee ❤️❤️

  • mutantfroggy
    mutantfroggy 14 minutes ago

    This look has my pruik snatched!

  • savoria
    savoria 14 minutes ago

    your eyebrows now use a pruik

  • Taylor Jones
    Taylor Jones 15 minutes ago

    You’re mom is such a sweetheart. I love seeing how supportive she is of you. I know you’ve made her proud!! She’s rockin the Morticia look....!!! And I’d love to see her skincare routine also! 🥀🌚⚰️🗡

  • _sstephaniexo_
    _sstephaniexo_ 15 minutes ago

    4:27 “full package on my face” 😂😂

  • Marilyn Alvarez
    Marilyn Alvarez 16 minutes ago

    ENJOYED soooooo much, your mom is so adorable!

  • Beth Cox
    Beth Cox 16 minutes ago

    I love your Mom!

  • Evan Sweeney
    Evan Sweeney 16 minutes ago

    Her mom is so sweet

  • Rosemary Gonzales
    Rosemary Gonzales 17 minutes ago

    Omg she looks so beautiful love u guys lol 😘🙏✌👍👋

  • Ashleigh Cote
    Ashleigh Cote 17 minutes ago

    I love their relationship it’s so sweet ❤️

  • Rene Klein
    Rene Klein 17 minutes ago

    Absolutely incredible job!!! ❤

  • Anitsirk_ Min_V
    Anitsirk_ Min_V 18 minutes ago

    Nikkie never fails to snatch my pruik with her awsome vids and make-up looks! Love u Nikkie and of course: Mamatutorials! <3

  • Leticia Parra
    Leticia Parra 18 minutes ago

    I love you mom! 💕 and yes, i like her skin routine! 👍🏻

  • Dani T
    Dani T 18 minutes ago

    Mamatutorials needs her own channel

    MILDRED RL 18 minutes ago

    She’s beautiful I love her ♥️ Skin care yeeeeessss!!

  • Marìa Estrada Valdivia
    Marìa Estrada Valdivia 18 minutes ago

    I totally feel you, when I try to do her makeup she’s always complaining

  • Maja Marple
    Maja Marple 18 minutes ago

    We loooove mom tutorials, you can film anything with her. 💖

  • Suzanne Cullumber Cake
    Suzanne Cullumber Cake 19 minutes ago

    I loved it! Yes, Momma Tutoral needs to do a video of her skin routine! :)

  • KatieT 83
    KatieT 83 19 minutes ago

    Your mom is adorable. And I would love to see her skin routine!

  • Nancy Bailey
    Nancy Bailey 19 minutes ago

    I love the videos you do with your mom!!! I absolutely love her!!! Nikki, please do the video with your mom and her skin care routine!!! Keep on being fabulous!!! Love you! ❤❤❤❤

  • Raymond nichols
    Raymond nichols 20 minutes ago

    I need a pruik but I’m broke, being broke sucks!!

  • Bere Reyes
    Bere Reyes 20 minutes ago


  • Savannaha
    Savannaha 20 minutes ago

    She looks like melissa McCarthy!!! Beautiful

  • Lauryn Akin
    Lauryn Akin 22 minutes ago

    I would love a skin routine on mommatutorials 🖤🖤🖤🖤

  • Morgan
    Morgan 22 minutes ago

    She’s so cute

  • Valentina Garzón
    Valentina Garzón 23 minutes ago


  • Dianaliz Maldonado
    Dianaliz Maldonado 23 minutes ago

    I love her so much because she reminds me of my mom ❣️

  • Tabatha Jones
    Tabatha Jones 23 minutes ago

    I love how sweet and supportive mama tutorials is

  • Savannaha
    Savannaha 23 minutes ago

    My cousins played baby pubert who technically played my twin girls ; now one twin is married an there 27 ❤️

  • Nicole Rivera
    Nicole Rivera 24 minutes ago

    My pruik is snatchedddd 🥰

  • Van M.
    Van M. 24 minutes ago

    That intro is amazing!!

  • That Awkward Girl
    That Awkward Girl 25 minutes ago

    "I like tan" "ExCuSE mE!"

  • Immanuela Chyndi
    Immanuela Chyndi 25 minutes ago

    "I like natural." "Not today, honey."😂😂😂😂😂

  • Letty Roescher
    Letty Roescher 25 minutes ago


  • 11kenny29
    11kenny29 26 minutes ago

    Nikkie is your mom a libra?

  • Kaitlin Moran
    Kaitlin Moran 26 minutes ago

    MY FAVORITE SEASON IS HERFST!!!! 🥳🥳🥳🍁🍂🍁🍂🍁🍂🍁🎃🎃🎃🎃🎃

  • Hillarie the Lioness
    Hillarie the Lioness 28 minutes ago

    Oh my goodness the look her Mom made when she saw a picture of Morticia had me dyiiiiing 😂❤️ I love your Mom! So cute

  • Amanda Thompson
    Amanda Thompson 29 minutes ago

    So beautiful

  • Isabel Dickey
    Isabel Dickey 29 minutes ago

    nikkiieeeeee!!!! this entire video had me cracking up! yall are so funny together haha :)

    LORETTA TENNANT 30 minutes ago

    Your both gorgeous inside and out. What a great video. Your mom is so proud of you.

  • Sahian Wong
    Sahian Wong 30 minutes ago

    Their relationship is everything💕

  • mehotpink
    mehotpink 31 minute ago

    such a beautiful video, love seeing you and your Mom

  • Nadja Lirio
    Nadja Lirio 32 minutes ago

    YAAAAAAS MOMMA TUTORIALS COME THROUUUUGH YOU SPOOKY SEXYNESSSSS!!!! Can’t wait for the Momma Tutorials skin routine video ❤️❤️❤️

  • Kyleigh Hooks
    Kyleigh Hooks 32 minutes ago


  • Patricia Moreno
    Patricia Moreno 33 minutes ago

    Your moms awesome and beautiful!

  • Jenny Dub
    Jenny Dub 33 minutes ago

    Love this!!!

  • Enola de Jong
    Enola de Jong 33 minutes ago

    Awww Mama Tutorials is so cute xx 😊😍💖❤️

  • selenia carrico
    selenia carrico 34 minutes ago

    Your mom is beautiful I see where you get your beauty! Like they say the apple don’t fall far from the tree. 😘

  • Elke Knuth
    Elke Knuth 34 minutes ago


  • Diana Cosme
    Diana Cosme 34 minutes ago

    Omg! I love this videos with your mom! 🥰🥰🥰🥰💖💖💓💓💓💓💓💓

  • Holly Mathews
    Holly Mathews 34 minutes ago

    ❤❤❤❤❤ I love when you do videos with your mom!!! She's amazing!! Beautiful job!!

  • Hannah Siler
    Hannah Siler 35 minutes ago

    Lmao my pruik flew off when I saw nikkies foundation on her mom

  • Kayla Spagnola
    Kayla Spagnola 36 minutes ago

    The way mama tutorials is always looking around like wtf is going on cracks me up to no end 😂😂😂

  • mbowlin1119
    mbowlin1119 37 minutes ago

    She looks like Adele!

  • Prong's World
    Prong's World 37 minutes ago

    I want more with your mom!! she's so adorable!! I'll watch all of them! sending LOVE

  • GrmnShprdGrl
    GrmnShprdGrl 38 minutes ago

    She could not be cuter! ❤️

  • wazida jahan nupur
    wazida jahan nupur 38 minutes ago

    We need mama to replace nikkie in this channel for light coverage.

  • Samantha Healey
    Samantha Healey 38 minutes ago

    She looked spooky and gorgeous

  • julio
    julio 39 minutes ago

    Don't worry Mama Tutorials, you're really good at English!

  • lexi boyette
    lexi boyette 40 minutes ago

    Let mama tutorials do her thhhaaannnngggg

  • gypsy rose
    gypsy rose 40 minutes ago

    Mama tutorials snatching my pruik for 16 straight minutes!

  • Lance Wolfe
    Lance Wolfe 41 minute ago

    Your mom is adorable- great vid👍🏽

  • melidori
    melidori 41 minute ago

    Morticia Addams is my everything!!!

  • StereotypeNerd96
    StereotypeNerd96 42 minutes ago

    Y'all just snatched my pruik with this tutorial!

  • EpicEmilyy. Original!
    EpicEmilyy. Original! 42 minutes ago

    I love your mom. She hates all this full coverage, but she goes along with it for you. She's such a good sport.

  • Manuela M
    Manuela M 42 minutes ago

    Watching this video my pruik has flown away 🖤

  • Emma Gerety
    Emma Gerety 43 minutes ago

    Your mom is so cute 🥰🥰🥰

  • Jordin Auer
    Jordin Auer 43 minutes ago

    Nikkie, please appreciate every moment with your Mom! My Mom just passed away on Monday and I am so incredibly heartbroken and I miss her so much! Your Mom is amazing, never forget that!

  • Funko Loca 505
    Funko Loca 505 43 minutes ago

    Let’s have the skin routine mama! Love the look 👍🏼

  • Adriana’s Inspirations
    Adriana’s Inspirations 43 minutes ago


  • J rock
    J rock 44 minutes ago

    Yaaas today is my birthday and this is an awesome gift 🤩

  • Chevy Telebangco
    Chevy Telebangco 44 minutes ago

    Love that girl MamaTutorial!!

  • Claire Taylor
    Claire Taylor 44 minutes ago

    I love your mom! Every single video you do together is amazing!

  • Michael Dribo
    Michael Dribo 45 minutes ago

    Mama tutorials feeling her OATS in the finished look ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Lili Alvarez
    Lili Alvarez 45 minutes ago

    She snatched my pruik right off my head😍❤️👑Mama tutorials is stunning!!

  • Tori Cademartori
    Tori Cademartori 46 minutes ago

    I think your mom’s English is great!!!

  • Dionne Artwell
    Dionne Artwell 46 minutes ago

    Mama tutorials looked snatched in her new pruik ❤️✨

  • Keturah Plowman
    Keturah Plowman 47 minutes ago

    This video made my entire night omg. So funny. I love your mom 😂❤️