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Trying To Storm Area 51
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  • ilovepink ILP
    ilovepink ILP 2 minutes ago

    4:07 a mother and a child having fun looking at the fight! Aw!!

  • Victor Silva
    Victor Silva 2 minutes ago

    The expression of the white cat 0.0

  • Snigdha sen
    Snigdha sen 2 minutes ago

    1:38 I thought it's suga in fire mv😂😂

  • KingRichie12
    KingRichie12 9 minutes ago

    Poor lion why the hell did he go back to the other side my knee just go to the same side as brother LOL

  • Robin Sin
    Robin Sin 10 minutes ago

    It’s sooo funny 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Chryssesandchaos
    Chryssesandchaos 11 minutes ago

    People who are complaining about some here aren't funny, c'mon, it's one of those things that may have seriously hurt or embarrassing at that moment, but they are something you eventually will talk and laugh about later on.

  • steverino C
    steverino C 14 minutes ago

    The subtitles are mostly unnecessary and distracting and dumb. Oh, but otherwise I liked the clips.

  • Rosie Dust
    Rosie Dust 15 minutes ago

    Imagine if that thing could walk. We’d be instinct

  • Terry Breedlove
    Terry Breedlove 18 minutes ago

    I want to see one for real someday

  • Sarah Barton
    Sarah Barton 19 minutes ago

    Where can I find link for Rick and Morty car ??

  • palash nath
    palash nath 19 minutes ago

    this literally made me cry, donno why!

  • SHUT TheFuckUp
    SHUT TheFuckUp 19 minutes ago

    Ok the reason why the video end because they've been eaten

  • ♥ Ztir ♥
    ♥ Ztir ♥ 22 minutes ago

    OMG! Super cute! 😂❤️😁🤣

  • V for Vendetta
    V for Vendetta 28 minutes ago

    Put the video on 0,25 speed and you will reveal the face of the owner from the last clip.

  • light bulb rolls
    light bulb rolls 29 minutes ago

    I just want to purchase this juice if you can gi- NOOOOOoOOOOoOOOoOoO

  • light bulb rolls
    light bulb rolls 30 minutes ago

    This where you a- leave the store..t-this where you a-. LEAVE THE STORE this where you at- LeAVe tHe STorE!

  • Metung Dadda
    Metung Dadda 30 minutes ago

    Most of these in China... Cuz they are the ones who disrespects Mother Nature the most

  • Christos Kallias
    Christos Kallias 30 minutes ago

    Lol i recently saved a similar trapped one in my oven

  • Mark Mckeown
    Mark Mckeown 31 minute ago

    Its like a little person.

  • SandiandBodiandI Bodi
    SandiandBodiandI Bodi 34 minutes ago

    3:36. See monkeys run! Why do they always run after something happens.

    BUMSOO JANG 34 minutes ago

    좋은일 하시네요 천국에 갈겁니다

  • BloodHoundPL
    BloodHoundPL 34 minutes ago

    LOL, they go through so much shit just to make these animals suffer :P

  • 65greedy
    65greedy 38 minutes ago

    Relax relax calm down. Don’t mind the lion in the truck lol

  • Len Touthang
    Len Touthang 39 minutes ago

    I Love this Channel haha

  • K Man
    K Man 40 minutes ago

    That fella just watching as that ol dear is everything wrong with the UK rite now. Absolute disgrace. Put ya phone and Brolly down dear and do something you soy boy prick. And yes I hope you read this, I know you won't do f all about it except complain to RUclip or the police. Pussy.

  • GotherL
    GotherL 42 minutes ago

    Poor cats they actually look terrified.

  • Shubham Patil
    Shubham Patil 42 minutes ago

    OMG. Can we take a moment to appreciate how intelligent cats are? They can recognize the front camera and it's actions. Generally animals are not even able to recognize themselves in the mirror.

    • katnip2u
      katnip2u 37 minutes ago

      EXACTLY! I was thinking the very same: they recognize themselves AND the other person in the reflection and the "strange" change, etc. .. much smarter than we give them credit for!!!

  • Rania loves fnaf
    Rania loves fnaf 43 minutes ago

    Daughter - 0 Father - 1000

  • Dan Smith
    Dan Smith 46 minutes ago

    how do you get this filter?

  • Loli thighs are god's grace upon humanity

    For some weird reason I want to fuck that cat she looks amazing in that missionary fuck position

  • Asha S
    Asha S 46 minutes ago

    This answers if cats recognize a reflection

    • Tekvorian
      Tekvorian 32 minutes ago

      Yeah, I was thinking the same!

    • katnip2u
      katnip2u 39 minutes ago

      Was just gonna say the same thing! They are way smarter than we give them credit for!!

  • OnkelGönnung
    OnkelGönnung 51 minute ago

    1:30 this guy must be blind or just has too big balls to run away

  • Taegers Inc.
    Taegers Inc. 51 minute ago

    The last cat was like " what the f***????? I'M OUTTA HERE..."

  • Cookie Cute as a puppy
    Cookie Cute as a puppy 53 minutes ago

    How fucking cute is that ... smiled through the whole video 🥰🤗😍

  • Mr AngryMan
    Mr AngryMan 53 minutes ago

    0.45 Sorry but wat kinda dickhead laugh as someone soaks themselves and forecourt with petrol?

  • Maria Torres
    Maria Torres 53 minutes ago

    Perhaps the dislikes are from people who had watched this... .

  • SingHouse
    SingHouse 53 minutes ago

    Why bleep the fucks out?

  • Vithayar Theppalard
    Vithayar Theppalard 57 minutes ago

    Cat: Nani!? Me: lol 😂

  • rxddie
    rxddie Hour ago


  • Karalina Mitchell

    first! Pin me

  • sb studio99
    sb studio99 Hour ago

    6:35 So cute

  • Karalina Mitchell

    aw uwu

  • David Knell
    David Knell Hour ago

    This guy is a prick.

  • Jen Dark Energy 384400

    If your pet has a crisp packet on its face you should remove it immediately! They can literally die. Stupid bitch.

  • Silveranaconda _


  • BadBoyJR
    BadBoyJR Hour ago


  • Mario Perez
    Mario Perez Hour ago

    Driver was an idiot escalating the way he did

  • Ogga Bogga
    Ogga Bogga Hour ago

    Anyone here from instagram

  • Lauge Bacher
    Lauge Bacher Hour ago

    The reason it didn't bite him is because he is not lil pump

  • Papi Kink
    Papi Kink Hour ago

    Who goes on a Safari with only a cell phone to record?? 🤦🏽‍♂️

  • Nope
    Nope Hour ago

    The girl probably has dwarfism or some kind of simmilar condition. Pay attention to what she says, she WAS 4 years old when her family first saw her, her little sister WAS a baby back then. She clearly isn't 4 years old now, plus she's too well articulated to be that young. Add to this that her body is too small and her head bigger, a common trait of people who have dwarfism because the brain develops but the body doesn't. My guess is that she's at least 7 or 8 years old.

  • Aaron Masters
    Aaron Masters Hour ago

    Dont give me any 💩 about letting Nature take its course what a load of Crock . Do we as human beings Not regard ourselves as being part of Nature ? In other words just sit there filming away for ya Post and not at least try and do something like fire warning gun shots or distracting the croc your way . The Croc surely has plenty of fish & other things to attack & won't go wanting . Your Right There nothing wrong with changing the Course At All in my books ! Course's have been changed before . Fair enough if your not there life goes on but glad your getting views and likes & even though Lion's survived 👎 #prochangingcourses

  • ester aluko
    ester aluko Hour ago

    lol that wasnt even a grasshopper it was a locust

  • Gujeti Shruthi
    Gujeti Shruthi Hour ago


  • Stephanie Davis
    Stephanie Davis Hour ago

    So sweet.

  • MrAnQ2
    MrAnQ2 Hour ago

    @3:09,,, that looks jus like the crack back from my meth i had lastnite...

  • J B
    J B Hour ago

    *9:00* " *My tusk are bigger!* " , " *My dicks bigger stfu* "

  • MS MS
    MS MS Hour ago

    I wish that crocodile should have gotten out of there and went straight for the tourists crew. What’s with the oh no... oh no ...oh no. Don’t go on a safari if you’re not prepared to watch wild animals kill and eat each other.

  • Rosa Duran
    Rosa Duran Hour ago


  • HortonKansas
    HortonKansas Hour ago

    5:42 .... Me

  • Linda Viljoen
    Linda Viljoen Hour ago

    I am so jelly that's such an amazing experience to see these creatures up close,i love the ocean and its awesome creatures we need to take better care of it<3

  • Chagas Sousa
    Chagas Sousa Hour ago


  • TeamTrees!
    TeamTrees! Hour ago

    5:55 When You Playing A game and the match is about to start but your mom wants you to clean the kitchen table

  • Canary Biker
    Canary Biker Hour ago

    I tried to laugh .. and failed ..

  • Vaselina
    Vaselina Hour ago

    When he started blowing air to the tube I started blowing air to help too.

  • GazB Groundwork
    GazB Groundwork Hour ago

    Wow I saw this b4 and it didn't show the end of the vid I didn't know they both got out! Amazing.

  • Farmer Fpv
    Farmer Fpv Hour ago

    @ 2:27 that's one creepy looking baby, hate to see what made that thing! 😐😂

  • Flibgonrt Sheglis

    WTF!? Those two guys stand by and let a middle aged woman fight off the bike thief?????

  • Dan Ordel
    Dan Ordel Hour ago

    @5:25...that's how my 707HP Hellcat sounds like on a cold start in the morning...😁

  • محمد المهدي

    The humanity..

  • Susan Fitzpatrick

    If I was that woman, I would kick both those "men" squarely in the balls and say, "thanks for nothing".

    • adrian casey
      adrian casey Hour ago

      Good luck finding the balls to kick on those "men" !

    • Flibgonrt Sheglis
      Flibgonrt Sheglis Hour ago

      From one Irish girl to another. I'd jump the bar and help you. Lol

  • James Einwechter

    Laughed at guy falling over trash bin

  • kathy thompson
    kathy thompson Hour ago

    beautiful Moose needs to go back to the mountains before humans kill him!

  • Miss Chaos
    Miss Chaos Hour ago


  • J B
    J B Hour ago

    *1:00* *Fuck yeah!* *Heroes are born not made he took the information provided to him and executed without hesitation and fear saving two lives from a lot of heart ache without second thought, simply amazing*

  • Geneva
    Geneva Hour ago

    This was so wholesome

  • Dorota S
    Dorota S Hour ago

    Imagine this poor fish escaped from some lab where it was made from human into a fish and wants to say: "Help me, I'm Andrew, help me! I'm not a fish!" :-O 7:14 it's almost climbing out of the water! Do fish do that? :-O

    • sidperez36
      sidperez36 Hour ago

      I was wondering the same thing about the water. I know it creeped me TF out! I'm scrolling through comments hoping somebody knows what kind of "fish" it is.

  • Paul Morphy
    Paul Morphy Hour ago

    1:02 I remember as a kid sitting on a swing bridge with my legs over the side day dreaming...and a guy grabbing me and pulling me up just as the bridge was closing...I would almost certainly have had my legs crushed...he was my angel that day I wonder what he is doing now 40 years on....

  • Frogman Smith
    Frogman Smith Hour ago

    The fucking queer squealing like a girl at the gas pump to get a damn video while his girl is having a mild emergency was infuriating as hell. TYPICAL fucking millennial wanting to get video instead of DOING something.

  • Voltr Baldr
    Voltr Baldr Hour ago

    08:06 those ladies didn’t want to ruin their freshly manicured nails

  • Just About Anything
    Just About Anything 2 hours ago

    7:55 Dude REALLY wants that bike.

  • Åsa S
    Åsa S 2 hours ago

    Do we *know* that 7:46 is a thief? What if it´s like: - Mom, wtf did you put my bike in here for? - You are not allowed to take your bike until you´ve cleaned your room! - I´m taking it anyway! - No, you´re not! - Get off of me! I´m going to my friends! - Go and clean your room first. - Let go! Let go of my bike! - What´s going on? Listen to your mom. - Let go! Let go of it! - You are NOT leaving! - FU, I'm going anyway, have the bike, Idc.

    • Marieann Walsh
      Marieann Walsh Hour ago

      As it turned out it WAS his bike. It was stolen apparently and he did get it back...

    • Åsa S
      Åsa S Hour ago

      @Flibgonrt Sheglis Sorry that you didn´t get that I was joking. I´m no one´s son, btw.

    • Flibgonrt Sheglis
      Flibgonrt Sheglis Hour ago

      You're a little short on the critical thinking skills son.

  • Desire La Belle
    Desire La Belle 2 hours ago

    Wtf why those gays not helping the old lady when that theif trying to steal that bike....??!!

    • Jeanne Parisot
      Jeanne Parisot 42 minutes ago

      Gay people are often the first who came help in situation like that. Just comon "men" who thinks "it is no my business, but hey ! I call the cops, I am the hero here !"

    • Flibgonrt Sheglis
      Flibgonrt Sheglis Hour ago

      Can we please stop assuming they're gay? There are straight cowards and very brave gay men.

  • C B
    C B 2 hours ago

    Why is #1 even on the list?

  • Dea Zhitia
    Dea Zhitia 2 hours ago

    Girl and boy

  • Ele Phante
    Ele Phante 2 hours ago

    The guy laughing at the petrol station is a horrible creature

    • Jeanne Parisot
      Jeanne Parisot 48 minutes ago

      @Flibgonrt Sheglis Not only women. Just because in a lot of your country, customer do not fill their thank by themself and a lot of people do not even know how to do it. But because men are ashamed to admit they do not know too, they pretend to be busy and let their wife/girlfriend/sister/mother do it. And when they obvious make mistake (at least they had the merit of trying) men just stay, watch or film and laugh. And after they put the video on youtube with the title "women are stupid". (even if, like some men, some women are stupid too.)

    • total360AMC
      total360AMC Hour ago

      Lucky they never went up in flames. I'm pretty sure it can happen with the pumps and celly

    • Flibgonrt Sheglis
      Flibgonrt Sheglis Hour ago

      I thought so too. Why women stay with pc's of s*** like that I'll never understand.

  • Lewis Smith
    Lewis Smith 2 hours ago

    Never ever ever would I but to each it's own

  • E.V. San
    E.V. San 2 hours ago

    When the bird went like ⬆️↘️↗️➡️↕️⬅️↖️↙️⬇️🔃⤵️⤴️↔️↖️↕️⬆️↘️↖️⬇️ I felt that

  • Gil Fazio
    Gil Fazio 2 hours ago

    Did she hang up the phone call?

  • fun video studio
    fun video studio 2 hours ago

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  • Pambudi Ari Sudarsono

    This cat has crashed software, need to repair.

  • Neilton Farias Filho

    Thank you so much amazing animals muito obrigado I am from Brazil !

  • nishant c
    nishant c 2 hours ago

    Top viral videos of November 2019. Literally has a video with 2014 timestamp

  • Xrhstos Drz
    Xrhstos Drz 2 hours ago

    Human stupidity at it's finnest

  • Luis Felipe
    Luis Felipe 2 hours ago

    more balls on the old lady than on those useless guys combined

  • ggj666
    ggj666 2 hours ago

    number 7, if those blokes tried any less to help the lady, they may as well have not bothered.

  • Srivatsa
    Srivatsa 2 hours ago

    How many thought he was going to rip the bird off its feet?

  • corridos 69
    corridos 69 2 hours ago


  • A Diamond
    A Diamond 2 hours ago

    Dog: tasty orange stick!

  • Vivek
    Vivek 2 hours ago

    09:30 Explain that to your insurance company. Luckily it was on video.