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  • Jonathan Stewart
    Jonathan Stewart 4 hours ago

    Sigma's "Me Too!" camera. Nobody will buy it.

  • dean
    dean 4 hours ago

    I think there will be a firmware update that's still upcoming that can fix some of those. they kind of had to rush this release in time for holidays.

  • Autospeci Lv Akumulatori, Auto Rezerves daļas lētāk

    Unusuable AF. Just use Z6!

  • Godfrey Jemand
    Godfrey Jemand 5 hours ago

    I suggest you wait for the next model of this baby.

  • Godfrey Jemand
    Godfrey Jemand 5 hours ago

    NOTE: Like most of these guys... What is the size of the pixels? How many shots is the shutter tested to? Did he say that this little baby costs about $2,000? You will need 3 batteries and all of the accessories will add a few hundred $ more. It is, as he commented on... is not as fast as most Nikons and Canons. He is SOOOO HAPPY with this camera. There is no such thing as "Perfect". "It is not lacking..." really what about the slow focusing... Which is a very import factor. That is why they are called auto-focus. What a "Bummer" Try a Nikon D750 at less than $1,200 or. And, they are very easy to find and to test on your own. He LOVES it. Let him have it since it is not available yet D850 for about $2,600. As he says... It is a very slow camera. It is great. "When you nail the image" ... When? So, he is also an Amazombie, without a link to them... Something is wrong somewhere.

  • eglintonflats
    eglintonflats 6 hours ago

    Stop waving this camera in to my face!

  • Brian Cullen
    Brian Cullen 8 hours ago

    Great music

  • Eden Ludekens
    Eden Ludekens 11 hours ago

    idk, the Nopo 135 is about the same size, and that's including the lens. It's also lighter, and you don't have to add on lens, battery, grip, viewfinder etc

    • Ed Hunter
      Ed Hunter 4 hours ago

      It also doesn't use film like the nopo.....

  • Enrique Parra Marquez
    Enrique Parra Marquez 12 hours ago

    Hello, thank you for the good job, did you try any 15mm M mount lens?

  • ChekChow Tan
    ChekChow Tan 15 hours ago

    Going to be great in anamorphic lens

  • goyangi
    goyangi 16 hours ago

    how does it compare to voigtlander 21mm f1.8 m mount?

  • hawaiiopihi
    hawaiiopihi 16 hours ago

    Potentially big missing feature is WiFi connectivity. Can’t download to smartphones.

  • Steven Atkin
    Steven Atkin 18 hours ago

    What happens when you mount T/TL lenses from the Leica TL? Will they work or will they be cropped in someway?

    • Bil Brown
      Bil Brown 17 hours ago

      There is a setting for S35 framing and some modes have that anyway, Ive had the camera for about a week and am just getting into it. However the stills shooting needs a serious firmware update, the lag between taking photos is prominent.. unless I have set it up incorrectly. Totally possible. I am going to look through the manual.

  • Savageglory Photography

    Thanks for the great videos! I’m mostly a cine guy but I shoot a lot of stills (mostly medium and of film), so great to see you like it as a stills cam. I just picked up my own fp, thanks in part to the information you’ve provided, so kudos to the service you’re doing to the community. I noticed in some of these shots that you have some flowers and insect shots that are very close focusing. Are you using a macro lens? I’m looking for a recommendation, since I’m switching from Sony mirrorless where I’ve used a Minolta Maxxum 100/2.8, a real sleeper. That won’t adapt well to L-Mount. I have a Leica LTM set, a Canon FD set, a Leica M set, and a Russian set. I have a few EF lenses but manual focus lenses are the way to go for cine. The only Voigtlander I have is the 12mm LTM. Thanks!

  • Christian Fiore
    Christian Fiore 18 hours ago

    Perhaps you forgot about the Sony RX1 series? An even SMALLER body, WITH an EVF, more controls, and one of the best 35mm lenses out there.

    • John Kang
      John Kang 7 hours ago

      I don't think videographers will appreciate the fixed lens.

  • Meek Photos
    Meek Photos 21 hour ago

    Turn the Attenuator off on the Nikon. It's on ,on default.

  • MilesBellas
    MilesBellas 22 hours ago

    5:28 a feature film could be created on this

  • Leafy Greens
    Leafy Greens 22 hours ago

    mmm sony rx1 is the smallest full frame camera

    • Ed Hunter
      Ed Hunter 3 hours ago

      First of all it's advertised to be the smallest system camera, The sony is not a system camera... Secondly, nope, the sigma is smaller. Sony 113x65x69 mm Sigma 112x45x69mm. With a pancake lens on it they will be the same size, though if you put a bigger lens on it the total package does become bigger of course. Ofcourse that's a "problem" the Sony will never have...

    ENDZEIT DE 22 hours ago

    If you´re on a budget try the Minolta Rokkor 58/1.2

  • globalimage
    globalimage 22 hours ago

    Sigma will release an update on auto focus soon I'm sure.

    • dean
      dean 4 hours ago

      yeah, that's what they we're saying prior to the release, but had to rush on the firmware thats ok enough for sale

  • Inquisitve m
    Inquisitve m 23 hours ago

    wait. so this camera only takes sigma or leica lenses?

    • Steve Huff
      Steve Huff 23 hours ago

      It's an L mount. Same as the Panasonic S1, Leica SL, Leica CL. It uses L mount lenses or with an adapter can use M mount lenses or Canon EF lenses. Sigma, Leica and Panasonic make L mount lenses. There are hundreds of lenses you can use with the camera.

  • Steve Huff
    Steve Huff Day ago

    Thanks all. Still shooting and testing the fp. If you missed it and are interested feel free to check out the written review which has more photos, more tests, shows the color modes, has some ISO tests against Sony and more. Yes I still do written reviews at the website!... LINK:

  • innstikk
    innstikk Day ago

    Cinematographers use manual focus, videographers use AF.

    • Steve Huff
      Steve Huff Day ago

      Yes they do but there are many who are not cinematographers buying this camera and expect good AF with video. Sony does it (FX9, a cinema camera, has amazing AF as does the A7III), Canon does it well with the lowly some cinematographers use AF at times otherwise these pricey cinema cameras would not focus on, and have fast AF. The FP does not have any usable AF for video, and many were wondering about it. ; ) Thank you.

  • Mr. Airflakes
    Mr. Airflakes Day ago

    Extremely interesting. Really looking forward to getting my hands on it in a year or two when the price goes down a bit

  • Georg E.
    Georg E. Day ago

    Nice Kamera if it only has some kind of articulating screen or a waist level finder to shoot from lower positions…

  • krish arts & photography

    Nice & Thanks :)

  • Akhyar Rayhka
    Akhyar Rayhka Day ago

    What an excellent camera

  • HantuBorneo
    HantuBorneo Day ago

    Wow love it

  • samgao
    samgao Day ago

    you talk about color, but color is almost 100% controlled in post. If you're talking about out of the camera JPG's then let's compare them with a known favorite: Fuji Digital out of camera JPG's!

  • Joao Paulo Dev

    Another one... good catch! I'm in doubt about Canon 50mm 1.2 and the new Tokina opera 50mm 1.4 have you experienced this lens? I mean Tokina opera 50mm? I've loved you comments about the fast focus on Eos R because I'll pair this lens with this camera. Thank you so much!

  • round about
    round about Day ago

    Wow! This or wait for the Foveon sensor?

    • round about
      round about 16 hours ago

      @Akhyar Rayhka Going through a mostly photo phase now but not really invested to have dedicated body for each. Yet that's probably the kind of thinking that will have me doing exactly that after a few disappointing purchases ha

    • Steve Huff
      Steve Huff Day ago

      Foveon full frame will not do video, will not be good in low light. It will be slow just like all previous Foveon bodies.

    • A vd Sanden
      A vd Sanden Day ago

      Definitely wait

  • Gung Krisna
    Gung Krisna Day ago

    This or BMPCC 6K?

    • M JP
      M JP 20 hours ago

      or BMPCC . :D Test both for a day and decide what you prefer, not what others tell you. and thing about the future ( lenses, adapters, batteries, cards... Every investement that will come in the future )

    • M JP
      M JP 20 hours ago

      this !

    • Akhyar Rayhka
      Akhyar Rayhka Day ago

      Sigma for me

  • Colin Gregg
    Colin Gregg Day ago

    I’ve just bought the camera. I agree, it’s fantastic for all the reasons you have stated in your two great reviews. One question? What specific adaptor do you use for your Voigtlander M Lenses?

    • Colin Gregg
      Colin Gregg Day ago

      Thanks. Great written review.

    • Steve Huff
      Steve Huff Day ago

      I use the Novoflex which is stated and linked to in the written review (which has much more than the videos). Thanks!

  • David Aelbrecht

    by the way, do you have a link or reference of the best adaptor for M lenses and Canon lenses?

    • Steve Huff
      Steve Huff Day ago

      The best M adapters are talked about in the written review where all photos are shown, and much more is talked about as well as ISO tests, color modes, etc. I use the Novoflex adapter for M lenses. The Leica branded one will work as well and is considered the best. For Canon I am using the Sigma adapter now (testing it) as it has AF. My Adapter was $20 and does not allow AF for Canon. I recommend the Novoflex M adapter and the Sigma MC21 for Canon glass. Seems to work well.

    • Ishan Ghimire
      Ishan Ghimire Day ago

      I'd guess sigma's own adapters would work best with the camera.

  • David Aelbrecht

    So better than the Leica SL2 for photos ? with M lenses? I am ready to buy an SL2 for portraits, street, travel...but if the FP is even good for 3x cheaper! I will go for it! :-)

    • Steve Huff
      Steve Huff Day ago

      I said it has better color for my tastes over the SL and has much better low light/High ISO over the original SL. Didn't say it was a better camera as it's not. The SL is larger, has an EVF, superb build, faster AF and is great with M lenses. The fp is smaller, built just as well, but has no EVF, has a smaller/weaker battery system, has unusable AF for video but for me, better color and IQ over the SL. It should as it's a much more modern sensor and it seems Sigma's color is between Leica and Panasonic. Thank you.

    • Mohammad V
      Mohammad V Day ago

      don't get OCD just be happy with what you order , this is his opinion , I have sigma fp and I think it sucks big time

  • Frank Luo
    Frank Luo Day ago

    Love your contents on sigma fp. Nostalgic but not obsolete on tech of camera. I, too love to play with old mechanical lenses and capture the shots by myself not the ai inside modern cameras. Voigtlander is my type of lens manufacturer and they do an excellent job on recent lenses.

  • venom5809
    venom5809 Day ago

    This camera just has such a beautiful look.

  • Joe EOS Rx
    Joe EOS Rx Day ago

    What about flash? Sync speed?

    • Steve Huff
      Steve Huff Day ago

      I have not used a flash since 1993, so I am not the one to ask. Sync speed though is 1/30s.

    • warpspeed
      warpspeed Day ago


    • SwitchRich
      SwitchRich Day ago

      You won't be able to use flash on a camera that doesn't have a mechanical shutter - you'll get banding.

  • BadEmpanada
    BadEmpanada Day ago

    That autofocus is even worse than the gh5 hjaja

    • Steve Huff
      Steve Huff Day ago

      No, it's the same. The GH5 is not in any way better in AF than this.

  • Roman LA
    Roman LA Day ago

    sorry just curious , if compare Noct Nikkor 58 F1.2 and Leica 50mm 1.4 where will be better pic ?

  • PlinkoBlinko
    PlinkoBlinko Day ago

    Design wise I think this camera is unattractive but the sensor appears to be amazing.🤔 Gonna have to try to pick one up on the cheap. -and he’s right, the colors are superb watching this on RUclip so I can only image what’s it’s like in real life.

  • Kenny Tjahyadi

    Its really good! How was recording on ssd after the update?

    • Nishant Gala
      Nishant Gala Day ago

      Its fantastic to have ssd... The only thig is it consumes lil more battery

    • Steve Huff
      Steve Huff Day ago

      Not sure, have not tried an SSD yet. I am not a video guy, more of a photo guy. ; )

  • Fellow Citizen

    Very handy coverage of the loupe and configurations. The loupe looks more effective than I'd thought. Thanks for your impressions; looking forward to more. I'm awaiting the Foveon, but taking a strong interest in all the L Mount Alliance cameras.

    • Akhyar Rayhka
      Akhyar Rayhka Day ago

      Foveon, the colors were extraordinary on sd quattro h

  • AR 23
    AR 23 Day ago


  • Steve Huff
    Steve Huff Day ago

    Just uploaded a second video with AF test and more video samples:

    • Jaeger Schtulmann
      Jaeger Schtulmann Day ago

      BTW fun fact: last October, this camera outsold full frame cameras from Sony, Canon, Nikon and Olympus in Japan. I will give it a try and perhaps buy it, those colours look amazing.

  • Roger Lee
    Roger Lee Day ago

    it will be very interesting to compare this Sigma FP vs iPHONE 11 Pro.

    • octap79
      octap79 Day ago

      Oh God, not again. Just f.o.

    • Yoski Broski
      Yoski Broski Day ago

      Phillip bloom said I insulted him for suggesting that lol

  • MrBusy
    MrBusy Day ago

    The viewfinder is ridiculous though

  • tompw woodward

    I am just about to get a x1d and as you said slow and good I do a lot 35 mm film so I know what one has to do

  • tyvek05
    tyvek05 2 days ago

    smaller doesnt mean better, and this camera is a perfect example of that..... this camera falls short in so many ways, that is why this camera isnt getting any buzz. its just another overpriced novelty camera that doesnt have anything substantial to offer for its price tag.... its just MEH.....

    • Ed Hunter
      Ed Hunter 3 hours ago

      If you know what you are buying, the camera you end up buying is right for you regardless of its spec's.. If you need fps this obviously ain't for you or a Fujii for that matter. However, if size is a requirement for you well.. this might just be perfect for you. the price though. The best I can say about that is that it is at least cheaper then the sony rx1...

    • Akhyar Rayhka
      Akhyar Rayhka Day ago


  • RichardvBrown
    RichardvBrown 2 days ago

    That green flashing Wi-Fi light would drive me crazy. Press & Next.

  • jon
    jon 2 days ago

    Sigma is amazing. FP is so cool, but just wait for the 1:1:1 Foveon L-mount camera in 2020!

  • Subhash Roy
    Subhash Roy 2 days ago

    Thank you for this. Amazing story and photos.

  • Brian Slack
    Brian Slack 2 days ago

    I'm seeing a 'lot' of used X1D mrk 1 on sale at 'reasonable' prices. With all that you've said, do you think it's still a good purchase if you're wanting to get into medium format?

  • RagingBubuli
    RagingBubuli 2 days ago

    I honestly like the modular design concept.

  • TheVexHead
    TheVexHead 2 days ago

    ma porcodio ma è una cazzo di videocamera, che minchia me ne incula delle foto? Perché internet e youtube è pieno di gente demente come te che fa recensioni alle camere alla cazzo di cane?

    • Neil Mo
      Neil Mo 2 days ago

      take a deep breath fratello, you don't have to buy it.

  • AlienLifeForm
    AlienLifeForm 2 days ago

    Sigma should shoot their managers and designers in its camera's department (not necessary using the camera)

  • himanshu agnihotri
    himanshu agnihotri 2 days ago

    In my Christmas 🎄 wish list ..

  • Javiator
    Javiator 2 days ago

    autofocus is so overlooked in cinema-esque cameras in my opinion

  • David Elliott Lewis

    No thank you. A bare bones two thousand dollar camera with no eye built in eye piece, limited image stabilization and a slow hunting auto focus? There is a reason why few are talking about this camera. There are better alternatives.

  • David Rothwell
    David Rothwell 2 days ago

    So because it has a heat sync, I'm assuming it is not weather resistant like a Fujifilm Xpro2?

  • Zhendi Zhang
    Zhendi Zhang 2 days ago

    3:34 wow. a grip that small costs $45-50. rip

  • TheBEDUIN18
    TheBEDUIN18 2 days ago

    Yepp... I guess, Panny & Sony should worry! Canon shouldn't, though - cuz all they do in the small cams area is a silly garbage... :))) So we all shall see a battle of titans very soon...

    • unbroken1010
      unbroken1010 2 days ago

      I don't even know what you're trying to say

  • micheal bolton
    micheal bolton 2 days ago

    which is the 2nd smallets full frame camera? this is too uncomfortable to use.

  • Dean Allman
    Dean Allman 2 days ago

    Intriguing camera. Those images are wonderful. I’ll be curious to see how or if Sigma rolls out firmware updates. This has the potential to be a terrific travel camera, if it’s not there already. IBIS would have put it over the top.

  • Marselluz
    Marselluz 2 days ago


  • John Ishii
    John Ishii 2 days ago

    Just got one yesterday and it was bundled with the grip and the hot shoe attachment

    • Bil Brown
      Bil Brown Hour ago

      The grip? Did I miss something in my box?

  • Raheemu Shoots
    Raheemu Shoots 3 days ago

    Nice! Looks like your in my neck of the woods in Phx! Great work! Please keep it up

  • Ronald Comtois
    Ronald Comtois 3 days ago

    Those lenses were not ground by hand. I repaired Nikkor lens for 30 years. I was trained by Nikon here in the states and I know those lenses were ground by machine and hand inspected. They also were mist coated with fluoride. The are great lenses and very well made but not ground by hand.

  • sundar iyengar
    sundar iyengar 3 days ago

    A daring and inappropriate comparison....

  • innstikk
    innstikk 3 days ago

    How is the attached grip? They have two options and wonder if the smaller one is enough.

  • T.S. Elliot
    T.S. Elliot 3 days ago

    bayer, no foveon, maybe

  • Big B
    Big B 3 days ago

    PLEASE stop saying EYE ESS OH. Not only did you say it like 50 times, there's no such thing. It's ISO, it's a word, not an acronym. It's only in capitals for marketing purposes. Plus it takes longer to pronounce it incorrectly. Say it with me... ISO. Fast, and correct. EYE ESS OH. Long-winded, and incorrect lol. Loved the review tho! Such a funky little camera! Thanks for sharing :)

    • Big B
      Big B Day ago

      @Johan van Noordwyk haha clever!

    • Raoul Simon
      Raoul Simon Day ago

      What did you lose sleep over his pronunciation? GTFOH 😂

    • Johan van Noordwyk
      Johan van Noordwyk Day ago

      Ok boomer

    • Nelson Club
      Nelson Club 2 days ago

      @Agent Soshi I agree with that other than the Company name is NOT an acronym it is ISO - as in PEPSI - its all a bit dull and too confusing to get involved with - I have been a pro for 35 yrs and still call it I-S-O - not ISO - life is perhaps far too short for such nonsense anyway - lets move on - right now whats this ASA all about.....?

    • Big B
      Big B 2 days ago

      @Agent Soshi Yeah I remember it being that way in school. Am pretty sure now though that in the common vernacular Initialisation is considered a sub form of Acronym. So Initialisations are considered Acronyms, but not all Acronyms are initialisations, if that makes sense lol.

  • Dante'
    Dante' 3 days ago

    Is that good as the Canon EOS R or the Canon 90D?

    • Dante'
      Dante' Day ago

      @Akhyar Rayhka How can they be for different purposes when they all make videos and take pictures?

    • Akhyar Rayhka
      Akhyar Rayhka Day ago

      Its for different purpose

    • Dante'
      Dante' 3 days ago

      @Postmortale Begegnung mit Irene Baraka 67 Oh wow! Thanks! The camera review was really good.

    • Postmortale Begegnung mit Irene Baraka 67
  • Bert Hubbard
    Bert Hubbard 3 days ago

    Do you think Olympus is going to shutdown their operations in 8 months ?

  • Frankie Cavazos
    Frankie Cavazos 3 days ago

    Killer quality review, I am in the market for a new camera and was looking at the Black magic but it really is bulky to use day to day. This modular system is much more adaptable.

  • Tuguldur Baatar
    Tuguldur Baatar 3 days ago


    • Tuguldur Baatar
      Tuguldur Baatar Day ago

      Akhyar Rayhka learn to work around its limitation and benefit from its niche.

    • Akhyar Rayhka
      Akhyar Rayhka Day ago

      Bruh foveon sensor cant make good high ISO images.

  • M JP
    M JP 3 days ago

    Really amazing little beast. Thank you for covering this. I totally forgot about it and as I'm going to switch systems in February I will definitely check out the Sigma FP

  • John Huff
    John Huff 3 days ago

    Interesting. It is too bad that they were unable to perfect the Foveon sensor technology for this camera. At least they have kept the price reasonable.

    • John Huff
      John Huff 3 days ago

      innstikk thanks for elaborating. However that is exactly what I said. They have not been able to overcome the technical challenges of making a Foveon or similar concept sensor competitive.

    • innstikk
      innstikk 3 days ago

      You cannot use Foveon for filming currently. There are two reasons, one is datatransfer. Forget 18Gb/min 24p 4K that RAW gives now. You would have to multiply by 3. Second is the physics of Foveon sensor which gives high noise in low light. However, there will be a Foveon Full sensor camera in the future.

  • Timofej Nenarokov
    Timofej Nenarokov 3 days ago

    What I do wrong, my fp over-blows hilights in dark.

  • Joshua Bellingham
    Joshua Bellingham 3 days ago

    reminds me of the lumix gx1...but full frame...pretty cool

  • Christian Wilmes
    Christian Wilmes 3 days ago


  • jeffry de meyer
    jeffry de meyer 3 days ago

    Seems like it's more of a, you finding a new way to enjoy some awesome lenses than the FP being all that great for your run of the mill photographer.

  • Mark Pitsilos
    Mark Pitsilos 4 days ago

    Is this a Sony sensor?

  • Hock Sing Ng
    Hock Sing Ng 4 days ago

    After fitting with the necessary options, it's just as big but more clunky than the rather small a7iii...

  • Mark Schneider
    Mark Schneider 4 days ago

    Interesting 2200 with stock lens does it have image stabilization?

    • Wei Tatt Chong
      Wei Tatt Chong 3 days ago

      Electronic image stabilisation... Its not great

  • Shaka
    Shaka 4 days ago

    If you have to use a loupe for a viewfinder and a required grip, it is definitely not the smallest camera to lug around. But still a very cool camera!

    • NL0Gwenster
      NL0Gwenster 3 days ago

      Sony has a RX1 series of compact full frames. No changeable lens but has a 35mm zeiss on it. I think that's the smallest full frame you can get.

  • John VanderMolen
    John VanderMolen 4 days ago

    Great images, hope their upcoming foveon camera is good. I’d buy that camera if an evf was available.

  • Miro Vida
    Miro Vida 4 days ago

    No EVF/OVF, No deal.

  • rockymhs
    rockymhs 4 days ago

    Very cool camera. I really like the modular concept. Hopefully, I will be able to pick one up in the future!

  • Leonard Daneman
    Leonard Daneman 4 days ago

    I got excited until I went to B&H and read it was a CMOS bayer sensor . . . sigh . . . was hoping it was an improved FOVEON. Anyway, a lovely camera. As for lack of internal stabilization (which I love in my Olympus), just go to an external gimbal. They work great.

    • innstikk
      innstikk 3 days ago

      Foveon full frame is coming

    • maat020
      maat020 4 days ago

      I read that one is expected in 2020

  • Rick Vestuto
    Rick Vestuto 4 days ago

    Great Review I want one Getting it soon Regards, Rick

  • Ming Yuan Heng
    Ming Yuan Heng 4 days ago

    FYI But with the lens mounted on the FP...... The sony DSC RX1R II is still the smallest

    • innstikk
      innstikk 12 hours ago

      until you want a different lens on your RX1R

  • oliver Lison
    oliver Lison 4 days ago

    gorgeous images. Maybe my next camera but it looks too quirky :-(

  • Ray Hawk
    Ray Hawk 4 days ago

    Photography is more alive than ever cuz of phones....more enjoyable and easier experience. Is traditional photo stuff dying???...ABSOLUTELY! When phone's varying focal ranges get sorted, traditionalists are gonna be instantly f'd!

  • Barrie Grieve
    Barrie Grieve 4 days ago

    Glad you liked the fp, you did mention that it wasn't a 60Mpx camera, that will come next year with the 60.9Mpx full frame Foveon camera (hopefully) next year and that's the camera I'm waiting for.

    • Barrie Grieve
      Barrie Grieve 2 days ago

      @innstikk as a long time Sigma user from the SD14, then a DP2 Merrill and now a SD1 Merrill and yes the increase in resolution from 15Mpx to 20Mpx will allow me to print even bigger. I currently print to 30"x40", so I'm guessing I'll be able to comfortably print to 40"x60", but the best thing about the new FF sensor will be the massive (relatively speaking) increase in the pixel size and that will give a much needed boost to dynamic range.

    • innstikk
      innstikk 3 days ago

      Well the Mpx numbers are not a good measurement. The Foveon Full Frame will have 20M pixels where each pixel has 3 measurements. So the resolution at base iso will be much better than 24Mpx Bayer sensor, it will be like a 47Mpx or better.

  • Nick
    Nick 4 days ago

    wow that footage at 4:05 looked like absolute crap...

  • YachtClubTV
    YachtClubTV 4 days ago

    Why join the L mount alliance then make a camera body to compete against your teammates. Sigma should stick to what they’re good at, making glass. That camera is trash🚮

    • YachtClubTV
      YachtClubTV 3 hours ago

      @Jon Pais "you are so rude! and your opinion is meaningless!" Said the Sigma fan boys.... 0(' .> ')0

    • Jon Pais
      Jon Pais 2 days ago

      you are so rude! and your opinion is meaningless!

  • DaDonFather
    DaDonFather 4 days ago

    Wow incredible shots. Love what this can do. Will need to sell something now :-(

  • Des Kodur
    Des Kodur 4 days ago

    So it's description as "worlds smallest etc" is a little disingenuous by the time you add basic accessories such as a viewfinder!!!

    • Fellow Citizen
      Fellow Citizen Day ago

      Not really - it can be used at that size, and it can also be outfitted optimally for formal filmmaking etc, whereas a larger camera can't be decreased in size.

  • Janko Bosch
    Janko Bosch 4 days ago

    Great review. Looks like an interesting camera. Didn't expect that. Really appreciate your view on it since you basically made me buy the initial SL :)