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Testing testing
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Ringmasters - You Can Fly
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How to make spam musubi
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  • Laize The Haze
    Laize The Haze Month ago

    What about the egg ?

  • Laize The Haze
    Laize The Haze Month ago

    What about the egg ?

    ELLEN DIANELLA 3 months ago

    You made it look so easy. I just started eating this wonderful food. I can’t get enough. I’m going to try this using soy paper.

  • UnderCover Brotha
    UnderCover Brotha 3 months ago

    Thank you for this demonstration! And may the 36 thumbs down people be blessed. They might need it!

  • steve assmann
    steve assmann 6 months ago

    Great job, going to try it tomorrow, has anyone ever added wasabi to this ?

  • ninesixx
    ninesixx 9 months ago

    Very well done young lady, made me smile

  • Maria Gonzalez
    Maria Gonzalez 11 months ago

    Good job little sis 🌺

  • Lydia Misaalefua

    Too cute!

  • Bob Flannagan
    Bob Flannagan Year ago

    I have just listened through 10 renditions of this setting by this group. Every time the audience immediately rises to their feet with praise and astonishment. This one is the best for being able to understand every word. The passion is breathtaking. Another arrangement that pops is the quartet GQ performing 'Almost There'. Some arrangements are so sleepy but this one:

  • Ondrae Brooks
    Ondrae Brooks Year ago

    That was awesome!! Great Job 👍

  • JoAnn Lee
    JoAnn Lee Year ago

    Good job!

  • Luka Ferrer
    Luka Ferrer Year ago


  • Angelyn Cardenas

    i want some with the "chung" at the end

  • Hogg Nuttz
    Hogg Nuttz Year ago

    her little sister keeps laughing at her with the background sound effects 😂😂😂 so cute

  • Phyllis Anniskette
    Phyllis Anniskette 2 years ago

    You are so cute my daughter in law is from Hawaii and she made some for us its so good

  • Bren B
    Bren B 2 years ago

    My son loves Musubi. Showed him your video and saw how easy it is to make. He's definitely will be making it. Thanks for sharing 🌷

  • Vanessa B.
    Vanessa B. 2 years ago

    My daughter & I are watching your video in California. Thank you so much!

  • Peter Parker
    Peter Parker 2 years ago

    she needs to learn how to do it first before you make the video.....thumbs down

  • Anthonette Chavez
    Anthonette Chavez 2 years ago

    Great job on your project! What type of rice did you use?

    • Cam Snyder
      Cam Snyder 2 years ago

      Anthonette Chavez Short grain

  • Texting Stories
    Texting Stories 2 years ago

    her teeth is irritating

    • 1981cherokee1
      1981cherokee1 Year ago

      Texting Stories stop been a bully. She's a kid. One day KARMA will strike you!!!!

    • GrandpaKanye
      GrandpaKanye Year ago

      ur ugly

    • Moiz Ahmad
      Moiz Ahmad Year ago

      Texting Stories your comment is irritating

  • Lisa Pilios
    Lisa Pilios 2 years ago

    great job, little one. yummy life skills!

  • Vina Wainis
    Vina Wainis 2 years ago

    love your video so easy to make, thinking about having my daughter make some.

  • Chris Blake
    Chris Blake 2 years ago

    Where do I get that Spam cutter?!?!?!

    • Merian_D
      Merian_D Year ago

      Amazon has it or just use a knife to cut it lol

    • OTG Matt
      OTG Matt Year ago

      Chris Blake just cut it dont be lazy

  • mike m
    mike m 2 years ago

    what was the point of dis vid :P

  • Arne Uten
    Arne Uten 2 years ago

    It's in another key than the 'original' :o

    • II DarkScull II
      II DarkScull II 7 months ago

      That's called octave

    • Joshy Washy
      Joshy Washy 2 years ago

      David Rumfellow Sorry I didn’t respond to this sooner, lol. Go to 37:55.

    • David Rumfellow
      David Rumfellow 2 years ago

      When did they not hold it long enough?

    • Teddy KGB
      Teddy KGB 2 years ago

      Wow! Hard to imagine. Every time I've seen them they've been near perfect. Probably because it's always at the convention or an AIC show.

    • Joshy Washy
      Joshy Washy 2 years ago

      Teddy KGB Oh they've sang this song so much worse. At one point, these guys went double flat with Jakob posting a G4 (normally A4), and everything went downhill because he didn't hold the note long enough. When he took another breath to sing, he ghosted the note (pretended to sing). It was such a disaster, lol.

  • Paul K
    Paul K 2 years ago

    That penultimate chord... Rasmus really took it up on notch on those final tenor notes

  • lm Eager
    lm Eager 2 years ago


  • Cheer Leading
    Cheer Leading 3 years ago

    They have great timing in their jumps

  • Jonah San Gabriel
    Jonah San Gabriel 4 years ago