Real Time with Bill Maher
Real Time with Bill Maher
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  • SB SB
    SB SB Hour ago

    AS FAR AS I remember Bill Lost that bet, and shit himself when Trump sent him a bill to pay .And of course Bill didn't pay.. .

  • Mobile Man
    Mobile Man Hour ago

    I’m not rich but I will pitch-in!

  • Jason Olson
    Jason Olson Hour ago

    I told people that Trump wouldn't be a good president ever all the way back before he got elected and I was right back then and Im right now

  • Gregory Cardone
    Gregory Cardone Hour ago

    Bill is great but fuck Columbus! He wants to use the buble to justify it? come on bro.....

  • Mike Bernard
    Mike Bernard Hour ago

    Typical Hollywood POS... he thinks actors, singers and athletes comprise the whole of society in No wonder you guys got your ass kicked so bad in 2016, lmao. You're delusional. Let's see if you can do it again! Lol... just kidding. We ALL KNOW that you don't have the votes, or the candidate, to beat Trump in a fair election. That's why you lie, cheat, cajole, coerce, attempt to bribe, file impeachment proceedings (while unable to state the 'crime' committed), chase Russia-gate fantasies (never proving a crime was committed), claim Hill-dog was 'cheated' (like we don't all know that Bernie was the one cheated, the DNC did it, and you fucks went along with it), trying to flood the country with illegals (democrat voters)..... fact everything and anything BUT a showdown in a fair and legal election. I've watched the debates. Every one. YOU'VE.... GOT.... NUTHIN'! :-)

  • el7griego
    el7griego Hour ago


  • Totally Bored
    Totally Bored Hour ago

    As the old saying goes “you’re not paying the prostitute to f#*k you, you’re paying them to leave”

  • on the stage in the audience at the same time

    Actually that's a really good idea how much money can we offer him as citizens. The question is can we offer him more than he stealing

  • rcpmac
    rcpmac Hour ago

    I passed over this interview a few time as I hadn’t seen stern since he converted from asshole to real person. I’ Glad I watched it. Good man and funny. Great to see Bill has such an authentic bond with this guy.

  • Ron Foote
    Ron Foote Hour ago

    Pony up people. Go Prickstarter. Come on all you millionaires. You can do it.

  • NoneYoBusiness
    NoneYoBusiness Hour ago

    Bill Mahr is trash. Amy Klobuchar is trash.

  • vernon gale
    vernon gale Hour ago

    Evil psycho coward corrupt bill the order follower of the evilest corrupt psycho elites should stick to sleeping puppets tv and fuck off

  • stephen calvird
    stephen calvird Hour ago

    I would legit donate to that

  • Succubusisis
    Succubusisis Hour ago

    Where’s the monologue?

  • Chad Sweeney
    Chad Sweeney Hour ago

    These two clowns would only have to step back an inch to see how delusional they are. I am baffled they hold the beliefs they do, baffled. She's going to win the ticket? HAH!

  • Penboy as 'god'
    Penboy as 'god' Hour ago

    "The world is flat." Waaaaaaaaay baaaaaaack then, when there was no electrical/electronic [just magnetic only] components other than lightning, families and friends (and business partners, too) would gather on the dock just before some trade or exploring ship would begin to sail off into the "distance" ... i.e., their horizon .... they would watch said ship sail for as long as they could stand and sit at those docks with tears in their eyes wondering if the would come back safely or even at all .................................... Mannnnnnnny months later (if not years), those said ships finally returned back to their home ports. Some of their crews may have been lost, but enough returned alive to steer their ships back homeward. So, common logic should have told EVERYONE when those ships finally returned home ..... *_they did not FALL OFF the Earth ...... i.e., Earth isn't now nor never was FLAT_* End of story and [should be] stupid claims of flatness [ _regardless of what that fictional bible wrote .... "the far corners of the world"_ ]. Corners???

  • Tom Nohmy
    Tom Nohmy Hour ago

    Bill Maher for president!

  • The Big Picture
    The Big Picture Hour ago

    I've been saying this for so long. If he's for sale just buy the dumb mutherfucker. Bill said it better though.

  • Tim Menke
    Tim Menke Hour ago

    Dude, I would totally contribute to this. When he resigns, we can indict him.

  • HitchensImmortal

    Who is that useless bitch with the glasses? Never have her on the show again.

  • Doug D
    Doug D Hour ago

    She got a job for lying to the american public. She’s trash.

  • Kyle Stubbs
    Kyle Stubbs Hour ago

    "That would involve two things he's never done: admit defeat and pay a bill." Literally in this case.

  • Leech
    Leech Hour ago

    Wow, everyone going after *Tulsi Gabbard* as if she's the boogeyman in the whole party. Just shows Hillary loves regime change and loves interfering in countries halfway across the planet. After her failed policies and decisions in Libya she just loves to destabilize and turn Muslim countries into ISIS haven shithole states.

  • Paul Peterson
    Paul Peterson Hour ago

    Why are people taking flat-earthers seriously? Some of them, yes, believe what they say, but the vast majority of them are just being trolls and looking for a reaction.

  • Leon Donnelly
    Leon Donnelly Hour ago

    A lying criminal scumbag traitor is President of the USA. 🇺🇸 Millions of Americans are too evil, too stupid or too brainwashed to care. America is falling before the eyes of the world. This is tragic, not comic. RIP USA 🇺🇸

  • Liche Christ
    Liche Christ Hour ago

    I can't help but to admire and respect Ambassador Rice but I don't understand, nor do I agree with her position on Edward Snowden.

  • Bret Vidrine
    Bret Vidrine Hour ago

    The left just keeps sounding more and more petty with each passing day. They know they already lost

  • Eden Garcia
    Eden Garcia Hour ago

    With you Bill! Make it happen. Donald it’s a very good deal.

  • Juan Love
    Juan Love Hour ago

    Bill Maher “Columbus was genocidal maniac... that’s cool right? Everyone back then was totally into slaughtering millions of indigenous people... get over it” I bet Neil threw up in his mouth a bit after hearing that.

  • Ricardo Carranza

    🤣😂😁 so much winning!! TRUMP 2020!!🎉🎉🎉🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  • Emma Burgess
    Emma Burgess Hour ago

    I agree with her about mandatory service

    • TheMrKeats
      TheMrKeats Hour ago

      I don't. I feel it will only be mandatory for those who cant buy their way out.

  • Michael Losonczy

    “Trump bad” Trump Liar” : audience clap light dings- fools clap like circus seals. Goooooood boys!!!

  • Khalid Alsharif
    Khalid Alsharif Hour ago

    Susan was a disaster and the cause of many of the problems we are dealing with now

  • Patty Soffer
    Patty Soffer Hour ago

    Best idea ever.

  • Earth's happy place!!!

    I’ll pay

  • Anybodywhoreadsthis Isamoron

    Every race can be racist not just white people.

  • l
    l Hour ago

    The problem is he going to win in 2020 and likely by a landslide.

  • david smith
    david smith Hour ago

    Not only did he have slaves but him and his ppl killed babies for dog food raped women and gave them as gifts pulled babies from their mothers arms and smash them on rocks and thrown off cliffs and more shit

  • Maria Woo
    Maria Woo Hour ago

    I like her, but I'm really grateful that Snowden revealed the surveillance policies of our government.

  • kth fnz
    kth fnz Hour ago


  • Anybodywhoreadsthis Isamoron

    Democrats have gone so far left its insane. Republicans have become the new moderate democrats, while the republican party does not exist anymore. The republican party does not exist anymore.

  • W M
    W M Hour ago

    I thought a racist was a person who like race cars. You know, like NASCAR fans.

  • Tee Snacks
    Tee Snacks Hour ago

    The man was rich before office. We should be concerned about these people that were average people before being elected and magically become millionaires while in office

  • Vincent R Allen
    Vincent R Allen Hour ago


  • Angelica Figueroa

    Is James Woods on that list im not sure ever since Twitter kicked him off. How can I tell of my boys alive lol

  • Emma Burgess
    Emma Burgess Hour ago

    I can relate Susan to your childhood.

  • The thinking man

    He doesn’t realize this is grotesque elitism that a good 80% of the country finds disgusting.

  • Indy Read
    Indy Read Hour ago

    The list said Liv Tyler twice!

  • David Apeji
    David Apeji Hour ago

    Nice, a funny one. It had seemed like Bill was losing it. Stay away from the dumb corporatist talking points and you'll do fine.

  • RockSmith1988
    RockSmith1988 Hour ago

    Say what you want but until the democrats find a competent front running candidate hes got the next election sewn up.

  • Balls to the wall

    Neil is an actor never forget that! He plays a smarty pants on television.

    • HitchensImmortal
      HitchensImmortal Hour ago

      He's got a PhD in astrophysics from Columbia you moron. You fucking idiot. 2 second glance at your channel makes me weep for humanity.

  • The Thing
    The Thing Hour ago

    Bill Maher's sources: CNN, NYT, MSNBC and Buzzfeed.....

  • xYouthAttackx
    xYouthAttackx Hour ago

    "that shit happens to black folks!" that was straight up gangster! respect!

  • Rigoberto Gonzalez

    Yawn... When all you do is bash on the President, I find it difficult to take you seriously. There is an intelligent person behind all that hate. Be better Bill...

  • Stephen Dedalus
    Stephen Dedalus Hour ago


  • joe rioux
    joe rioux Hour ago

    How come I didn't hear about this white guy being killed black lives matter? Leftists?

  • Ricky Bowen
    Ricky Bowen Hour ago

    Fuck you Bill

  • Teresa Weaver
    Teresa Weaver Hour ago

    I don't make much more than a grand a mo, but if you give me a cpl months, I'll chip in a grand. Ramen, homegrown reefer and cheap toilet paper are small sacrifices.

  • ms keating
    ms keating Hour ago

    Hell yeah! Lock the prick up!

  • Ian Philp
    Ian Philp Hour ago

    Not laughing at her anymore are you..

  • Mark Core
    Mark Core Hour ago

    Kurds, the new Montagnards. And we think our hands are clean.

  • Joshua Dierolf
    Joshua Dierolf Hour ago

    He was counter fact checked to be wrong. Still a NDT fan though.

  • tchristian04
    tchristian04 Hour ago

    It’s just as much an imposition of one’s own unscientific opinion to say that “the cosmos is all there was, is and all there will be” as it is to say the universe is 6000 years old.

  • Emma Burgess
    Emma Burgess Hour ago

    Yes I would!!!! I would contribute my grocery money !

  • Terncote
    Terncote Hour ago

    Can Canadians donate?

  • Myriam Ickx
    Myriam Ickx Hour ago

    I knew it ! I have never believed for a minute that Trump was rich.

  • MrGarlandSnow
    MrGarlandSnow Hour ago

    New rule: if bill wants to claim hes anything but a Republican, he needs actually hold views that aren't those of a conservative. Amy klobuchar? Youre a fucking complete and total moron bill, dont know what happened to ya. To quote an orangutan we all know and hate, "SAD!"

  • Emma Burgess
    Emma Burgess Hour ago

    The best Bill!!

  • Jeradiah Williams


  • söder bröder
    söder bröder Hour ago

    Tulsi is a spoiler useful to the republicans and trump.

  • Lou Martin
    Lou Martin Hour ago

    I still think POWER will trump money in Trump’s mind because with power he can get all the money he wants.

  • I'm right you're wrong

    Where do I donate?

  • tyee4u
    tyee4u Hour ago

    I have $37.49 🇨🇦 in my pocket right now. TAKE MY MONEY 💰

  • zorglub667
    zorglub667 Hour ago

    interesting. i posted a mild comment about how one can surely have a reasonable debate about gabbards principled position about wars (especially in light of the current disaster in north syria), while turning it into a "is she a russian agent, because thats what hillary clinton said" chinese whispers discussion is likely not going to end in a constructive assessment of the pros and cons. of which there certainly are many on both sides. that comment got deleted? what is this, a new safespace of some sort? more importantly, for whom? who exactly would be offended by a call for civilized debate?

  • Eric
    Eric Hour ago


  • Tim Menke
    Tim Menke Hour ago

    I’m of the opinion that many flat earthers don’t actually believe the earth is flat. Yes, I’m sure there are many that do, but I think a lot of this nonsense is just a gigantic cry for attention. It’s little billy acting out because he doesn’t feel he’s given enough attention. We live in a media-centric world and when you say outrageous, ridiculous things, guess what, you get airtime (ex Donald Trump).

  • Christine Boone
    Christine Boone Hour ago


  • lola johnson
    lola johnson Hour ago

    Where do I send my full disibilty check to . I won't pay my bills for one month and go beg for food , Trump!, just take the money

  • Sutirtha Misra
    Sutirtha Misra Hour ago

    Tulsi gabbard is a stooge. She is getting huge campaign funds from indian hindu right-wing (taliban like) organisation like RSS . she will sit on Russia's lap in a breath if she gets a chance and money ofcourse. Be aware of her.

  • John C
    John C Hour ago

    All of those on the list also Love Xi Jinping~

  • Coy Hampton
    Coy Hampton Hour ago

    Fun Fact: Trump tried to copyright the phrase "You're Fired" He is such a monumental idiot.

  • Hec III
    Hec III Hour ago

    Prickstarter? Shouldn't it be prickstopper?

  • David barnes stuff 2

    When is Jeff Bezos going to report for his national service?

  • Martijn Treffers

    Oh please make this happen!

  • Brian Griffin
    Brian Griffin Hour ago

    Dem logic: "Trump is corrupt! Dint believe me? Ask all the people in our propaganda arm!!" Oh!! Ok!!!

  • Anon
    Anon Hour ago

    what is the point of this segment? America is doing better than it ever has and the Democrats have zero plans to make America great. It's literally impossible to pay for Medicare for all and increased regulations/taxes will cripple the economy. Actors, musicians, and Athletes who hate Trump hate Hime because they don't know anything about politics and because it's become socially acceptable to shit on America. The founders would take Trump over any Democrat because of their endless bureaucratic debauchery. The government is there to provide as minimal structure as possible to let Americans make their own way and live their own life. Dems want the largest government expansion of all time (Medicare for all) which is unaffordable and would represent the largest encroachment on personal liberty ever. He might not have the best attitude or a silver tongue, but Trump is a better representation on an honest politician than any of the endlessly entrenched bureaucratic career politicians who have sucked up our tax dollars to line their pockets for decades and have accomplished NOTHING for the American people. Trump marks the end of uninformed celebrities and career politicians who do zero for we the people, and Bill's desperate attempt to pay the man to stop making America the strongest it has ever been goes to show how out of touch the leftist globalist elite are with true red blooded Americans.

    • j bear
      j bear Hour ago

      Violation of Constitution on Domestic Emoluments Violation of Constitution on Foreign Emoluments Incitement of Violence Interference With Voting Rights Discrimination Based On Religion Illegal War Illegal Threat of Nuclear War Abuse of Pardon Power Obstruction of Justice Politicizing Prosecutions Collusion Against the United States with a Foreign Government Failure to Reasonably Prepare for or Respond to Hurricanes Harvey and Maria Separating Children and Infants from Families Illegally Attempting to Influence an Election Tax Fraud and Public Misrepresentation Assaulting Freedom of the Press Supporting a Coup in Venezuela Unconstitutional Declaration of Emergency Instructing Border Patrol to Violate the Law Refusal to Comply With Subpoenas Declaration of Emergency Without Basis In Order to Violate the Will of Congress Illegal Proliferation of Nuclear Technology Illegally Removing the United States from the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty Seeking to Use Foreign Governments' Resources Against Political Rivals Refusal to Comply with Impeachment Inquiry just while president

    • j bear
      j bear Hour ago here are the 13,435 lies with fact checks

    • j bear
      j bear Hour ago

      you are truly a moron! why dont you list all the great thing trump has done that are facts and ill list all the lies and laws he has broken and we will see who's list is bigger

    • Jon Ericson
      Jon Ericson Hour ago

      You mean red-hatted Americans, right?

  • KingoftheFountain

    What a bunch of fucking idiots

  • Edmund Potrzeba
    Edmund Potrzeba Hour ago

    Love your show ♥️

  • John David
    John David Hour ago

    Snowden is a HERO...we need more of them.

  • Rob Simpson
    Rob Simpson Hour ago

    Where the hell's the Monologue?

  • xadam2dudex
    xadam2dudex Hour ago

    The problem isn't just how republicans have manipulated the voting system to either keep people from being able to vote ( voter suppression ) and nullifying their vote thru gerrymandering but the biggest threat is the rigging of the voting computers / the vote counting computers .. Karl Rove stole the 2004 election by rigging the Ohio vote counting computers .. he tried the same trick in 2012 but was stopped by Anonymous resulting in Rove's famous meltdown on live tv when FOX called the Ohio vote and thus the election for Obama

  • Elroy
    Elroy Hour ago

    Beta cuck Trump

  • dlbstl
    dlbstl Hour ago

    Where do we send our checks?😂

  • Gene Miller
    Gene Miller Hour ago

    Columbus, notable explorer and in the top 1000 of the worst people ever.

  • jon jon
    jon jon Hour ago

    That was spot on Bill! Stating the truth in opposition to the Left. Nice work!

  • fob1xxl
    fob1xxl Hour ago

    GREAT BILL !!!!!!!! WHERE DO I SEND MY CHECK ? 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  • OpticalTrends
    OpticalTrends Hour ago

    That's kinda a good idea... but I think he can still make more money as president...

  • The Bandwidth Bandits

    Canadians would happily donate to prickstarter as well just let us know when and where 🤣

  • BigRalphSmith
    BigRalphSmith Hour ago

    Lot of triggered repubs in this comment section. Keep it up Bill! When you're catching this much flack, it means you are over the target.