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4 месяца назад
St Lazarus 2St Lazarus 2
St Lazarus 2
7 лет назад
St LazarusSt Lazarus
St Lazarus
7 лет назад
Retrospection 省悟-台語Retrospection 省悟-台語
Retrospection 省悟-台語
12 лет назад
Say Goodbye 送別Say Goodbye 送別
Say Goodbye 送別
12 лет назад
Vow 願Vow 願
Vow 願
12 лет назад
Happy Life 笑看人間Happy Life 笑看人間
Happy Life 笑看人間
12 лет назад
Liberation 解脫道Liberation 解脫道
Liberation 解脫道
12 лет назад
Recite Buddha's name 念佛Recite Buddha's name 念佛
Recite Buddha's name 念佛
12 лет назад
Song of the Pureland 極樂歌Song of the Pureland 極樂歌
Song of the Pureland 極樂歌
12 лет назад
Amitabha Land 彌陀天堂Amitabha Land 彌陀天堂
Amitabha Land 彌陀天堂
12 лет назад
Heart Sutra - Yang Jin (Tibet)Heart Sutra - Yang Jin (Tibet)
Heart Sutra - Yang Jin (Tibet)
12 лет назад
xuan hua shang ren 2xuan hua shang ren 2
xuan hua shang ren 2
12 лет назад
Xuan Hua Shang Ren 4Xuan Hua Shang Ren 4
Xuan Hua Shang Ren 4
12 лет назад
Xuan Hua Shang Ren 3Xuan Hua Shang Ren 3
Xuan Hua Shang Ren 3
12 лет назад

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  • Tan Kulai
    Tan Kulai 8 лет назад

    念一声念十声念百声念千声念万声念亿声念兆声 用心长念阿弥陀佛你我温情满人间 [谢谢分享 阿弥陀佛 我开始念第一声了]

  • Foyepolomi
    Foyepolomi 9 лет назад

    nice channel wonderfull videos many many mercis....

  • AsiaKrypto
    AsiaKrypto 10 лет назад

    I really like your videos. They're so impressive and they make me feel like a real buddhist from the East. Thank you.

  • Hernan Conidi
    Hernan Conidi 11 лет назад

    hello , my name is hernan, from Argentina, and i wanted to ask if there´s a chance for me to obtain the lyrics of the song Non Dual way - 不二門下歌 in Chinese or Pinyin Chinese, i like the song very much and wish to sing it. But i´m still a novice in Chinese so, if there is a chance let me know. Thank you very much. Gracias!

  • sky7212
    sky7212 11 лет назад

    Hi ! please come and watch my buddha comic & video : terrycomic.googlepages.com/movie terrycomic.googlepages.com/home

  • 信。解。行。證
    信。解。行。證 12 лет назад

    Dear All, Glad to see so many people doing the right thing for this world. Just here to say hi! Wish buddhism can be better and well-known by this world. May Buddha bless you. Best Wishes, ONIONS0605

  • dabeisyin
    dabeisyin 12 лет назад

    Can you please upload the rest of the New Years Amitabha Session video with the English translation on it?