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Worlds Largest Beach Ball
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2018 Bloopers - Merrell Twins
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Merrell Twins Channel
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  • Sahar Siddiqui
    Sahar Siddiqui 2 hours ago

    I related to everything

  • Salina Uddin
    Salina Uddin 2 hours ago

    2019???? Anybody?? :) :) :) :) :) :)

  • Philip Cabiles
    Philip Cabiles 3 hours ago

    I love this video Veronica and Vanessa because it’s really funny 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  • Starbucks Sistas
    Starbucks Sistas 3 hours ago

    I’m can’t get over how bad Roni hit the woah I’m sorry🤮😂😅😭

  • Uvdis Uvka
    Uvdis Uvka 3 hours ago

    This is how many people that wants to see their mom 👇🏻👇🏻

  • Laila Ahmed
    Laila Ahmed 3 hours ago

    Omg I loved this

  • M&M Crafts
    M&M Crafts 3 hours ago


  • SnowyyZap YT
    SnowyyZap YT 3 hours ago


  • Lauren Brooke
    Lauren Brooke 3 hours ago


  • Nazia Jabeen
    Nazia Jabeen 3 hours ago

    Penny the 🎃

  • Dance Fever
    Dance Fever 3 hours ago

    Nessa:do you like it Nathan? Nathan: yessss Nessa:then drink some more.. Nathan:Nooooooooooo........

  • Stuti Wadhwa
    Stuti Wadhwa 3 hours ago

    I have feelings for my phone now 🙄

  • Nazia Jabeen
    Nazia Jabeen 3 hours ago

    She should be called penny the pumpkin

  • nadia yousef
    nadia yousef 3 hours ago

    Make a part 3

  • ACS Music
    ACS Music 3 hours ago

    This song is so catchy! amazing

  • Crazy Kitty112
    Crazy Kitty112 3 hours ago

    Da last digest of the the likes is who u r 1 THE Paul merrell 2 nessa 3 roni 4 carol 5 Helen 6 tiger 7 luap 8 James 9 urself 0 u choose

  • Joshua Brown
    Joshua Brown 3 hours ago

    Can we get a gags competition from your guys 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Ashley Arjoon
    Ashley Arjoon 4 hours ago

    I was like "wait....are those the stretchy twins????"

  • Shekiba Noory
    Shekiba Noory 4 hours ago

    My first vedeo was the 24 hour handcuff

  • •Beste
    •Beste 4 hours ago

    why am ı laughing so hard

  • •Bani Chowdhury•

    I am so confused

  • kaberi ghosh
    kaberi ghosh 4 hours ago

    I bet merell twins even get disturbed by playing these roles...😐😐

  • Yasmín Duron
    Yasmín Duron 4 hours ago

    They where saying in Spanish .. “ it was for them the two orders they order twice “😂😂😂

  • Aleksandra Giovska
    Aleksandra Giovska 4 hours ago

    wtf was this

  • Princess Mia's World

    Roni: omg were in a Star Wars move Nessa: 🦅🦅🦅

  • Margret Vaher
    Margret Vaher 4 hours ago

    Your kais are in trobol tak wet rebecca and matt

  • Gacha Todoroki
    Gacha Todoroki 4 hours ago

    5:14 I love how happy she got😂😂😂❤️

  • Joshua Brown
    Joshua Brown 4 hours ago

    Roni killed me with the chicken dance in the background 😂💃

  • Ella Casburn
    Ella Casburn 4 hours ago

    Jake llerrem id Merrell backwards

  • Sini Jose
    Sini Jose 4 hours ago

    This song is so good I love it !!!!🥰🥰😍😍😍😍🥰😍

  • Syeda Begun
    Syeda Begun 4 hours ago

    4:57 Ronnie's expression

  • mahaba and sofia
    mahaba and sofia 4 hours ago


  • Emma schue
    Emma schue 4 hours ago

    MASHED Potatoes and BBQ Sauce YESsSSsSssSS

  • Sini Jose
    Sini Jose 4 hours ago

    This is favourite song after internet crush 😊😊

  • Joshua Brown
    Joshua Brown 4 hours ago


  • Abbie Leung
    Abbie Leung 4 hours ago

    I want a house tour for your new house! 😘😘


    Nassa won

  • Imogen Hackett
    Imogen Hackett 5 hours ago

    Hi I like chilly heatwave Doritos and magic stars chocolate

  • Humpty Dumpty
    Humpty Dumpty 5 hours ago


  • Rob Manel
    Rob Manel 5 hours ago

    Great job

  • Delaney Dinn
    Delaney Dinn 5 hours ago

    I think you should right the rest of the book

  • Abenasika Docia
    Abenasika Docia 5 hours ago

    I have 3

  • yaliso gioouy
    yaliso gioouy 5 hours ago

    Everybody: talks about their reaction Me: Wondering how the heck they finished all that food they bought

  • The Juicy tea
    The Juicy tea 5 hours ago

    Who is here in 2020 bc I am

  • The Juicy tea
    The Juicy tea 5 hours ago

    Anyone watching this in 2020 by any chance bc I am

  • Rob Manel
    Rob Manel 5 hours ago

    Roni and nessa❤️

  • Rob Manel
    Rob Manel 5 hours ago

    Love you guys 🐶

  • Kita Pitt
    Kita Pitt 5 hours ago

    Are you actually 22😮😁

  • Ayesha Najam
    Ayesha Najam 5 hours ago

    13:25 What was Nessa gonna say???

  • LIA 360
    LIA 360 5 hours ago

    i was dying at 2:58 😂😂😂

  • Carlie Taylor
    Carlie Taylor 5 hours ago

    -roni-this was supposed to be us as mermaids for a day and how come I’m the crab?!😂🤣😆

  • Joshua Brown
    Joshua Brown 5 hours ago

    Watch your guys video is Stressful now 😂

  • Carlie Taylor
    Carlie Taylor 5 hours ago

    -nessa- I’m done with seaweed I ate the food😂🤣😆

  • Amin- -YaShed
    Amin- -YaShed 5 hours ago

    It was so funny when those people were talking Spanish to each other!!!!!!

  • Taylor Tube
    Taylor Tube 5 hours ago

    where did nessa get those pants? name? brand?

  • project bby
    project bby 5 hours ago

    they remind me of little girls lol

  • Eddie Blu
    Eddie Blu 5 hours ago

    I always loved the intro, know I understand why,,,,, I'm ga-

    KYLE PH 5 hours ago

    You guys should colab with lucas marcus and martinez twins with the rebka twins

  • Naruto Olah
    Naruto Olah 5 hours ago

    Uhmm am I the only one that thinks this wasn't scary at all

  • Domenica Majalca
    Domenica Majalca 5 hours ago

    hello! love you guys

  • Jessica McGlynn
    Jessica McGlynn 5 hours ago

    NO AMERICANS LISTEN UP. IF UR 5% IRISH,UR NOT IRISH. IF UR LIKE ME AND LIVE IN IRELAND AND ARE NATIVE IRISH DECENDANTS THEN UR IRISH.OK?????🙄Thank you for coming to my rant 😂 slan go foil agus oiche maith ar

  • Lily El Ghamry
    Lily El Ghamry 6 hours ago


  • Charity Boat
    Charity Boat 6 hours ago

    My favorite twin sister besides my twin sister and I(Boat twins ) are you two the (Merrell Twins)

  • Amanda Poetry
    Amanda Poetry 6 hours ago

    if vanessa is gay as james in real life, i’ll fall for her lol. she can be both handsome and pretty wtf?😂

  • Charity Boat
    Charity Boat 6 hours ago

    Guess what?I'm a twin.I'm Charity and I have a twin sister named Chasity.And I like the relationship between you two.It's lke ours .I wish we could all meet . lol

  • •Beste
    •Beste 6 hours ago

    I really love the series but I know that personalıtıes not yours so I can't

  • Dewi Hammer
    Dewi Hammer 6 hours ago

    The last one was on my birthday😂

  • nixi 8
    nixi 8 6 hours ago

    8:56 *EHeHehEHHehE* vannessas laugh is amazing!

  • Ella Nordmark
    Ella Nordmark 6 hours ago

    Are you from Jane the virgin?

    • yaliso gioouy
      yaliso gioouy 5 hours ago

      Did they not realize they showed there lisence plate multiple times??? Orrrrr

  • Mk s
    Mk s 6 hours ago

    Roni: (offended) "what do you mean that totally looks like Ariana Grande" Ariana: what do you mean 😂😂

  • Asila Haleem
    Asila Haleem 6 hours ago


  • Abbie Lam
    Abbie Lam 6 hours ago

    I could tell you guys switched at the beginning lol

  • Danae Velázquez
    Danae Velázquez 6 hours ago

    I have watched all the episodes a THOUSAND TIMES I know all the lines 😂😂😂😂

  • Lexi_Roblox26
    Lexi_Roblox26 6 hours ago

    Where’s Christian!?

  • Lindsey Dancer
    Lindsey Dancer 6 hours ago

    Carol is my favorite lol! When she said that the way James cleans the pool "really irks" her lollll

  • shefaa dafalla
    shefaa dafalla 6 hours ago

    4:29 That is scaring me

  • Aida Lulu
    Aida Lulu 6 hours ago

    wait are they 12 years old ? OMG

  • Kristaps Smilga
    Kristaps Smilga 6 hours ago

    When some of your new friends ask you your favourite ice cream flavour when you are a child. 17:09

  • Keosha Dass
    Keosha Dass 6 hours ago

    Love the song and u guys can sing really good

  • Anthony Thomas
    Anthony Thomas 7 hours ago

    Umm is it just me or did they say that carol is Veronica’s assistant and Helen is Vanessa’s assistant

  • Itss Sergio
    Itss Sergio 7 hours ago

    U have B.I.G. forehead

  • Lily D
    Lily D 7 hours ago

    can i see you guys. fans

  • 예아한
    예아한 7 hours ago

    12:55 what app is that?

  • Neathra
    Neathra 7 hours ago

    Whos here in 2019?

  • Elizah Fun Adventures

    Roses are red violets are blue I want that slime but I don’t live with you

  • Joshua Brown
    Joshua Brown 7 hours ago

    Which one of your guys come up with this idea for video 😂😂

  • Samantha Laws
    Samantha Laws 7 hours ago

    You should try peanut better, mayonnaise, and bananas smushed together on toasted bread 😋 Ik Ik sounds gross, thats what I thought at first, but I took a chance and it was great! Really recommend it! 👍

  • Ilze Sproģe
    Ilze Sproģe 7 hours ago

    Can you do a video with you're "boyfriends"....

  • Delaney Dinn
    Delaney Dinn 7 hours ago

    I think you should do Another IG followers controller day for 24 hours but I think you should be handcuffed as well