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  • Jeff Torowski
    Jeff Torowski 55 minutes ago

    ...the most wonderful 15 minutes ever.

  • Klaus Toth
    Klaus Toth 4 hours ago

    ".... can you picture what will be so limitless and free desperately in need of some stranger's hand in a desperate land "

  • 0Zolrender0
    0Zolrender0 6 hours ago

    Ahhhh "The Doors of Perception" how aptley were they named?

  • Phil Montejano

    His end came too soon

  • Leo Alsen Vitus Uno

    5:25 don't know why bur i love the drum beat at this part

  • thomasgroov3r
    thomasgroov3r 7 days ago, those drugs must have been fucking awesome. The Devil cried his first real tear when he heard this beautiful insanity. Come on baby, take a chance with us. I got a soul that needs your particular brand of salvation.

  • Luca Baldassarre
    Luca Baldassarre 7 days ago

    The only... Jim.

  • Moses Garner
    Moses Garner 14 days ago

    I think Jim's LSD kicked in at @3:19 "What?" he says with his eyes closed and no one talking.

  • интрересные видео

    глючит но тогда это было со всеми

  • Jake Saunders
    Jake Saunders 14 days ago

    How much lsd would it take to trip like jim is when this video was made?

  • Sotis175
    Sotis175 15 days ago

    6:26 love how robbie also looks down at the "moth"

  • Sonny Crockett
    Sonny Crockett 15 days ago

    Ahole light guy Josh from Pearl Jams even flow video strikes again!!

  • S C
    S C 16 days ago

    Just happy to be 666th comment

    • Sotis175
      Sotis175 15 days ago

      Not wanna be that dude but you were the 667th one

  • Giusepp Metallic
    Giusepp Metallic 16 days ago

    no need to go on the other side cause i am already on the other side when i listen this song

  • Michael Maringer
    Michael Maringer 22 days ago

    There will probably never a guy like him or janis joplin, sad....never forgotten those heroes

  • David M
    David M 23 days ago

    this is the end my only friend… best song

  • Zafar Husain
    Zafar Husain 24 days ago

    i am a ghost they played this song at my funeral

  • Марьяна Ми
    Марьяна Ми 25 days ago

    Легендарный саундтрек в "Апокалипсис сегодня". Шикарная музыка!

  • Nicholas Saulnier
    Nicholas Saulnier 26 days ago

    "surface reality fades"

  • kalaong
    kalaong 26 days ago

    Gene: MOOOOOO! (Mr. Papaya! NOOO!)

  • Enrico Barthel
    Enrico Barthel 27 days ago

    Awoke bevore dawn ssssshhhhh

  • RealMrMojoRisin MorrisonJr

    Awesome 6Bachelors&TheirBride: I'd initially presumed this was about JFKs motorcade@DealeyPlaza 11/22/63 except that TexGovs wife was there, too, not just Jackie

  • Emmy van Tilborg
    Emmy van Tilborg Month ago

    I love this song .Jim was one of the best.Greatest performers _Artist,poets .

  • transmission GGB
    transmission GGB Month ago

    Don't care what other live performances of the end there are this is my favourite love it start to finish

  • Max Brizjat
    Max Brizjat Month ago

    Нам так мало лет! Мы дети! И нас используют!!!!над нами проводят эксперименты!

  • Max Brizjat
    Max Brizjat Month ago

    Люди , слушающие Джима находятся в поиске! Дай вам бог ребята! Вы самые лучшие!!!!!

  • Richard Reyes
    Richard Reyes Month ago

    Fuck the light man.

  • Allysa W
    Allysa W Month ago


  • God: I Am ARMAGEDDON!!!

    Hi mrunplug :) My MOST BEAUTIFUL Holy 1 /2 👼 1/ 2 God child❤️ together forever eternity. LOVE Infinity 🕯️ I love you 🙋 Grace God 💋 💏

  • msaimee2012
    msaimee2012 Month ago

    I can smell the weed from here

  • Steve Eckstein
    Steve Eckstein Month ago


  • MD12134MD
    MD12134MD Month ago

    holy shit he was fucking seriously high

  • Quintin Blaklung
    Quintin Blaklung Month ago

    Have subbed.

  • Chris Ringer
    Chris Ringer Month ago

    The light man deserves a good kicking

  • Cristian Micu
    Cristian Micu Month ago

    a true artist who didnt give a fck about nothing else but his music. few understood it , and as years go by, in this shit post 2000 era, nobody will ever comprehend his music. some retard thinks understanding it equals getting on acid, others calls him crazy because he cant fit into their sqare edges they look all their pathetic lives, times goes on watch the movie maybe you will glean some ideas from it

  • Christopher Campbell
    Christopher Campbell 2 months ago

    On this performance its was only jim and Robbie tripping they just played along with him serious😂.

  • Christopher Campbell
    Christopher Campbell 2 months ago

    What he's saying is not the end its the beginning for a state of mine.

  • Christopher Campbell
    Christopher Campbell 2 months ago

    Out his napper 😂 watch wen he looks at certain places its the shamon telling him hes not got long to go. Wip the horses eyes..ray swears he seen them dancing and he was no even tripping😂.

  • kev michael
    kev michael 2 months ago

    The beatles ,The Doors ETC..Many Great Bands From OUR for 2019 and the rest there willnot be anymore GOOD MUSIC.....TODAY IT IS ALL SHIT!!!! Final Is ANY one listrening!!!!...Doors Music was Always Played when I was Grewen UP....Riders on the Storm and Light My Fire...BEST EVER Great Rock and Roll!!!!kev

    • Wowee Zowee
      Wowee Zowee 7 days ago

      As I said before there are many decent bands now and versatile as well.... But you have to look for it...... Bands like (the national, fleet foxes, thee oh sees, deerhunter, animal collective, spoon, deafheaven.... And many more)

    • Jack Hackman
      Jack Hackman Month ago

      The shit music coming out today most is just that shit the 50's 60's 70's 80's 90's was the best years for music and there won't be no more legends like them when there gone music won't be worth listing too anymore

  • mark hausz
    mark hausz 2 months ago

    I wish I knew what he was on. Not the stage...

  • Roberto Ventilii
    Roberto Ventilii 2 months ago

    do these things on stage today...

  • Silvia 75
    Silvia 75 2 months ago

    Wow. Hallucinating, breathtaking... This is pure trance.

  • Gueeru
    Gueeru 2 months ago

    This is truly the best concert in history, and only was possible at that time, un 1968

    • Sotis175
      Sotis175 15 days ago

      True! But i do love black sabbath at California Jam 1974

  • Vibes 165
    Vibes 165 2 months ago

    He ain't got that long to go, so we'll forgive him (the moth to Jim Morrison)

  • NZ Man
    NZ Man 2 months ago

    Fucken A

  • valleysofneptune
    valleysofneptune 2 months ago

    6 bachelors and their bride.......

  • Joseline Mercuri
    Joseline Mercuri 2 months ago


  • Bradley Martin
    Bradley Martin 2 months ago

    People please sayeth to me that this was a freestyle of enormous genius

  • John Hunter
    John Hunter 2 months ago

    Very thankful to this band. Saw Robby last summer here in Indiana, beautiful show. Peace and happiness to everyone ✌️

  • Slander Sir
    Slander Sir 2 months ago


  • kazuyoshi tamori
    kazuyoshi tamori 2 months ago


  • Keith Zenon
    Keith Zenon 2 months ago

    Scary at 12:40 sounds like Jim is possessed and a demon is screaming out of his mouth. Theres an interview that Ray said Jim was possessed

    V PODER 2 months ago

    One of the Most Mystical Performance in the Music's History

  • Klen McRock
    Klen McRock 2 months ago

    This is The End.

  • Midnight Films
    Midnight Films 2 months ago

    I wonder what he's tripping on

    • Roy Isaac
      Roy Isaac 2 months ago

      on himself... he was just like that

  • FreshChalk
    FreshChalk 3 months ago

    What a privilege those in attendance had

  • baldr724
    baldr724 3 months ago

    Ни один ваш блядский кобзон с пугачевой такое не сможет. Могут оне только жопу власти подставлять. А Джим - гений! Thank you Jim!

  • wiby gilang
    wiby gilang 3 months ago

    Remain me to the place call khe sanh

  • Mara Farina
    Mara Farina 3 months ago

    my only friend

  • Tacsense
    Tacsense 3 months ago

    one of the best things that ever happened in music effortless coolness and musical brilliance, the best of america

  • Tacsense
    Tacsense 3 months ago

    the doors movie is well worth seeing, essential if you are a fan

  • Chad Thompson
    Chad Thompson 3 months ago

    Motherfucker was a God

  • JupiterJulia
    JupiterJulia 3 months ago

    the only person who could carry a performance like this with such an artistic and beautiful energy

    • Tacsense
      Tacsense 3 months ago

      hes incredible but dont limit your enjoyment of other music by thinking hes the only one;-)

  • JupiterJulia
    JupiterJulia 3 months ago

    don’t know what world jim was in during this performance but it definitely wasn’t ours

    • Jack Hackman
      Jack Hackman Month ago

      He was on the outside looking in

    • Jack Hackman
      Jack Hackman Month ago

      Jimmy lived in his world and performed in this world and he broke on threw to the other side ...

  • ThatOld ManDude
    ThatOld ManDude 3 months ago

    This Is The End.

  • angela w
    angela w 3 months ago

    I have this whole concert on VHS absolutely fucking brilliant 😎

  • Maetous Terraria
    Maetous Terraria 3 months ago

    Miss you jim maybe a day we will met, when i will breaks on through untill the end

  • Jeremías Baumgartner
    Jeremías Baumgartner 3 months ago

    Esto sí es música!! Esto es arte👏

  • Colm Thomas
    Colm Thomas 3 months ago

    How amazing a person looks so unbelievable crazy into his mind. And throws it out ina amazing concert

  • steve grainger
    steve grainger 3 months ago

    the greatest band of all time..thank you Jim and Ray and John and Robby.

  • Dusty the 2nd
    Dusty the 2nd 3 months ago

    Jim is something special. What more can I say?????

    TACOYO 3 months ago

    Great improvisation...6 bachelors and their bride! Even my grand children love The Doors!

  • Irma Nava
    Irma Nava 3 months ago

    Every artist has a little craziness in them... Can't blame it all on the drugs...this Man was a genius and knew how you express himself beautifully

    LIL KING 3 months ago

    He was beyond high 🤣💯

  • buunbury1
    buunbury1 4 months ago

    I loved this song❤❤

  • Dr Dr
    Dr Dr 4 months ago

    Legend has it the light man still has not turned the lights down...

  • Luca Baldassarre
    Luca Baldassarre 4 months ago

    The only one.

  • WizardOfAus
    WizardOfAus 4 months ago

    I love taking acid and listening to this

  • GEZZA1
    GEZZA1 4 months ago

    it aint got long to go , so we forgive him.

  • Cole Thornton
    Cole Thornton 4 months ago

    And they wonder what really happened in Paris.

  • TheShadowfire204
    TheShadowfire204 4 months ago

    Love how the description includes everything he was saying about the lights in the lyrics for now reason lol

  • Tricia Carter
    Tricia Carter 4 months ago

    Wow 😘

  • LeMond2005
    LeMond2005 4 months ago

    This is one of those genre spanning performances that few bands can achieve. No matter how you feel about The Doors or Morrison in general, you can not belittle the power, rhythm and beauty of this song, that jam at 7:29 is jarring and unexpected, gorgeous! My absolute fave moment is around 9:40 when the (canasta/woodblock?) kicks in and Jim starts the Blue Bus riff. I've said my piece, be good and take care everyone keeping on in 2019.

    • Richard Reyes
      Richard Reyes Month ago

      When it settles down for his final verse is almost chilling but Jim comes in at his very best wow

  • kurikokaleidoscope
    kurikokaleidoscope 4 months ago

    Amazing stuff

  • Annette Cuthbertson
    Annette Cuthbertson 4 months ago

    Paul, I am totally with you on that one; playing the song at the time. I am deathly afraid of dying!!!! :-) Now, this seems kinda silly and kirky -- but remember when Jim goes to pick something up and says "Awww! It was just a moth"? Now every time I see a moth --- I just say "Hi Jim!" :-) Take care everyone! :-)

  • Steve Eckstein
    Steve Eckstein 4 months ago


  • Right Hand Clyde
    Right Hand Clyde 4 months ago


  • Tommy The Train
    Tommy The Train 4 months ago

    8:35 -9:15

  • Cleber SEINFELD
    Cleber SEINFELD 4 months ago


  • Hodge Podge
    Hodge Podge 4 months ago

    Better than the studio version

  • Neil O Connor
    Neil O Connor 4 months ago

    Possibly the coolest bastard to ever live

  • Leon Phelps
    Leon Phelps 4 months ago

    Yeah thats right

  • Manic Mechanic Man
    Manic Mechanic Man 4 months ago

    Have you seeeeen the accident outside?

  • neon mall
    neon mall 5 months ago

    Mr light man

  • Steve Eckstein
    Steve Eckstein 5 months ago

    ( I RE-POSTED THIS TERRIFIC ANALYSIS FROM " BenS/b-rod, 7moths ago"}}: "Ew, he wants to what?" Well first of all, you've got to understand where Morrison was coming from. A little background information is certainly required for the uninitiated. Jim wanted first and foremost to be a filmmaker and a dramatist (and poet) before he ever wanted to be in rock n roll. He went on to graduate from UCLA (unlike the deplorable Oliver Stone movie where a full ONE THIRD of the thing is FICTION - ie, never happened, like certain scenes, and the very crass way Kilmer portrayed him was ludicrous - but that's another topic). In the film department there, he learned many things about cinema and drama in general that he transposed into his music. He even had acting lessons according to Paul Ferrara. Anyway, I think the main work that influenced Jim on "The End" was Artaud's "Theatre & Its Double," which I reread recently and it made a lot more sense to me why Jim went in that theatrical direction. When I reread it, pieces fell into place that I'd never realized before. Artaud goes through his theories and in one instance, he even mentions "Oedipus Rex" itself by name (which, for those who don't know is an ancient Greek play that Freud psychologically postulated as universal, Oedipus for boys and Elektra for girls - deep in the unconscious). On a side note, Artaud also had a major influence on the Living Theatre, which Jim saw every show he could of, with their confrontational approach to theatre, which was right before Miami, and is what got Jim in trouble down there for allegedly exposing himself, with it fresh in his mind. Anyway, I believe its drama. Jim didn't get into personal confessional lyrics until LA Woman with things like "Hyacinth House" or "Cars Hiss By My Window." "The End" does start out about a break up with his girl prior to Pamela but then obviously goes in another direction when they would improvise to fill their slot at London Fog. But Artaud's work, I think, is key to understanding where Jim was coming from and the theatricality of some of his lyrics. And as Ray said about the Lizard King to Ben Fong-Torres - "That Lizard King thing - that's out of "Celebration Of The Lizard" and he's acting a part; its a theatre piece. Its a drama of which a guy is leading a small band of people...out into the desert and at the end of the whole piece he says "I am the Lizard King, I can do anything" and people are going "Oh, he's the Lizard King, he's the self-proclaimed Lizard King." You bastards, man! He's ACTING! ITS A ROLE, you know? Marlon Brando is not Stanley Kowalski, Jim Morrison is not the Lizard King, but they ground him down [for it]."Could the same be said for "The End?" You fuckin bet.Here's Jim speaking in late 1970 (also to Ben Fong-Torres) - "Are you still considering yourself the Lizard King?" "What I was trying to say with that, and that was years ago, and even then it was kind of ironic. I meant it ironically, and it wasn't meant to be - " and Pam cuts him off saying "That whole thing was done tongue-in-cheek" and Jim says, "Well, half tongue-in-cheek" and Pam continues, "and everybody thought it was like so serious." Jim: "Well, its an easy thing to pick up on." Its interesting to note that his production company with, I think, Paul Ferrara and Babe Hill, joking called themselves the Media Manipulators."Well, its an easy thing to pick up on" is the operative phrase - memorability, standing out, and this, I think, is key to understanding "The End" and other things. In the same interview with Fong-Torres, he also talks about how at newspapers there's someone who is there to write only the headlines of an article, that it has to be a catch phrase. Maybe its hard for literal-minded people to understand, but Jim says "THE killer" and then proceeds to take a face, an ancient drama mask that actors would wear on stage. He doesn't say "I" until he's set up the scene and in that role. "The key to throwing the audience into a magical trance is to know where in advance the pressure points must be affected...But theatre poetry has long become unaccustomed to this invaluable skill...To make language convey what it does not normally convey. That is to use it in a new exceptional and unusual way, to give it its full, physical shock potential...and restore their shattering power...The thought it aims at, the states of mind it attempts to create, the mystical discoveries it offers...It all seems like an exorcism to make our devils FLOW...strange signs, matching some dark prodigious reality we have repressed...ready to hurl itself into chaos in a kind of magical state where feelings have become so sensitive they are suitable for visitation by the mind...We must not ask ourselves whether it can define thought but whether it makes us think [and feel], and leads the mind to assume deeply effective attitudes...Just as in former times, the masses today are thirsting for mystery" (Artaud) (And there are more quotes equally as good in his work).I'm not saying he was consciously thinking of Artaud's theories when he went up onstage that night at the Whiskey, but it certainly came out of him then - the culmination of many things going on in the background of his consciousness and trying to push the envelope as an artist. As a fellow INFP explorer (mine and Jim's personality type), I think I can understand Jim more than most in that respect. Its "drama of the highest order" said Jack Holzman

  • Astro Warrior
    Astro Warrior 5 months ago

    He was only 25 when he played this show, let that sink in

    • Jack Hackman
      Jack Hackman 12 days ago

      Even 40-50 years after his suposidly death he's still way ahead of everybody I don't belive that anytime soon will we even be close to Jim Morrison

    • Jack Hackman
      Jack Hackman 12 days ago

      The man was truly way ahead of his time

    • santiago soria
      santiago soria 20 days ago

      hes was 24

    • Jack Hackman
      Jack Hackman Month ago

      The man was way ahead of his time , geniuses usually are way ahead of there time and Jimmy was a genius just listen to him

  • Timothy Butler
    Timothy Butler 5 months ago

    Every time I hear this song The End. I think of sitting in a coffee shop and some person is telling a poem, and another person with a guitar just sitting and plucking some chords. And of course another person playing a Bongo.

  • Dan Amir
    Dan Amir 5 months ago

    There will never be another one like you !!! There will never be another one who can do the things you do !!! Thank you - Jim. RIP

  • jdrawles60509
    jdrawles60509 5 months ago

    Jim Morrison high as giraffe pussy

  • A little Cube
    A little Cube 5 months ago

    Rucka needs make a compilation with all of his songs when he turns 33