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[MV] 1TEAM _ Make This
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  • Kiều Thúy
    Kiều Thúy 4 hours ago

    I levo IU 💓

  • Ryuuzaki -kun
    Ryuuzaki -kun 4 hours ago

    I really love the vibes of their song... it makes me feel good.

  • Coverican
    Coverican 4 hours ago

    Last time I was there it had 1m views, so proud of how many more views they got 💜💜

  • 胡胡嫣
    胡胡嫣 4 hours ago

    우주소녀는 하늘에 있는 별처럼 우정을 위해 빛나다

  • 頭Citizens
    頭Citizens 4 hours ago

    처음들을때 누가 더 아파가 look at the apple인줄 알았음

  • h_hyup
    h_hyup 4 hours ago

    안아주쎄이이이이이요 환청들림 시불 ㅠㅠ 프레임 짜증나네

  • Alex lu
    Alex lu 4 hours ago

    WJSN! love you!!

  • 엠맥팬임
    엠맥팬임 4 hours ago

    데뷔 솔로로 한다니 충격적이긴한데 그래도 실력이있으니~~` 한번 루리... 가봅시다~

  • Ana maria Mendez borda

    1:43 es parte me encanta. Rap.

  • onlyCherishU
    onlyCherishU 4 hours ago


  • Joanna Garcia
    Joanna Garcia 4 hours ago

    My bies summons me but then killed me with his good looks 😆😆🔚

  • Letty Abendanio
    Letty Abendanio 4 hours ago

    Very nice MV of singer Jeon Joon Il featuring Park Shin Hye.

  • O_O ___
    O_O ___ 4 hours ago

    이노래 예전에 들었었는데 뮤비로보니깐 처음듣는듯한부분이있네요

  • The Misfit
    The Misfit 4 hours ago

    This is one of my favorite songs out of all the songs she has done

  • Ana maria Mendez borda

    1:39 es parte me encanta rap

  • Queenszy
    Queenszy 4 hours ago

    I like it!!! I like it!!!! <3

  • Lili Bambi
    Lili Bambi 4 hours ago

    AleXa @ 3:02

  • Black Panda
    Black Panda 4 hours ago

    IU is BLUEMING!!!

  • Ria Martin
    Ria Martin 4 hours ago

    First time I was listening to this my baby in my belly was so active then I played another video he stopped then I played this again he's like running in my belly. I mean even my baby likes IU since he's in the belly

  • Meow Meow
    Meow Meow 4 hours ago

    Japan cover song???

  • KIB BI
    KIB BI 4 hours ago

    Eu sou o comentário br que vc esta procurando. E com certeza uma dessas views foi a do Jungkook kkk

  • Squad Maloqueiro
    Squad Maloqueiro 4 hours ago

  • Lauren Vieira
    Lauren Vieira 4 hours ago


    MISTY GLOW 4 hours ago


  • Jrpogi Jrpogi
    Jrpogi Jrpogi 4 hours ago

    IU is so cute uhhh!!!😍😍😍🥰🥰

  • ariel montas
    ariel montas 4 hours ago

    1:59 fortnite dance xD

  • MemeMaria
    MemeMaria 4 hours ago

    It’s so crazy coming back to this and seeing how this dance ends and how Boy With Love ends

  • ALLY llsslbn
    ALLY llsslbn 4 hours ago

    tagal naman mag #1 trending sa PH

  • ppali kpop
    ppali kpop 4 hours ago

    Nobember 2019??

  • Vincent Ferrer
    Vincent Ferrer 4 hours ago

    i really love this song


    I have been his fan ever since he was a trainee to be in Seventeen . Even tho he is much younger than me he makes my heart beat faster 😶

  • Syifa Alfauziah
    Syifa Alfauziah 4 hours ago

    Mana kucansong mana😂

  • kpopsblackgf ._.
    kpopsblackgf ._. 4 hours ago

    golcha said if they get their first win they’ll do a world tour !! LETS GET THEM THEIR FIRST WIN

  • edgar solis salomon
    edgar solis salomon 4 hours ago

    Like si viniste por Germán

  • jj rnmd
    jj rnmd 4 hours ago

    Coming again to witness minhyuk’s hotness hahaha

  • Illusion Gaming
    Illusion Gaming 4 hours ago

    Anyone can see ghost:Nope Jang Man Weol : I can see Anyone who can see ghost : Who speak Ku Chan Seong : She speak Anyone: Who Jang Man Weol: Ok bye

  • Apfia in Time
    Apfia in Time 4 hours ago

    Rindu ㅠㅠ ㅠㅠ

  • 易子言
    易子言 4 hours ago

    여보세요,우주소녀 계세요? 너의 귀요미 왔어요!

  • 킼킄
    킼킄 4 hours ago

    휘인 이예준 믹스한듯한..

  • Jeon Seni
    Jeon Seni 4 hours ago

    22 November 2019 who els here?

  • 易子言
    易子言 4 hours ago

    여보세요,우주소녀 계세요? 너의 귀요미 왔어요!

  • SHØUT95
    SHØUT95 4 hours ago

    this song good, shout out to @BraveSound

  • 승명마
    승명마 4 hours ago

    개리랩 진짜 좋다

  • alexSIS
    alexSIS 5 hours ago

    Forever my favorite era

  • 010000100110010101101110 0110101000001101

    1:05 Here’s the cutest part that you’re searching for

  • shushu ohyooo
    shushu ohyooo 5 hours ago

    jang man weol's hidden identity

  • Nina Irene
    Nina Irene 5 hours ago

    *clicks video* _4 minutes and 5 seconds later_ “Mom, I’m gay.”

  • chubbybunny txt
    chubbybunny txt 5 hours ago

    Fake love? Bang Pd-nim?😂srsly

  • baekyham L
    baekyham L 5 hours ago

    Eonnie ❤

  • Cute Desire
    Cute Desire 5 hours ago

    This song has nothing to do with the other Senorita This is G(I)-dle and not Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello And besides the G(I)-dle ver came out first 😊😊

  • Mercy B.
    Mercy B. 5 hours ago

    Here from BrisxLife

  • Sylvia Elizabeth
    Sylvia Elizabeth 5 hours ago

    This is my first time checking these guys out. I wasn’t expecting it to be this Good.

  • Meow Meow
    Meow Meow 5 hours ago


  • min thuyakyaw
    min thuyakyaw 5 hours ago

    best song really

  • Kishi’s life
    Kishi’s life 5 hours ago

    Who else listened to this song and didnt understand the lyrics but loved every beat and IU is so cuteeeeeeeeee

  • mengx c
    mengx c 5 hours ago

    WJSN is just like marshmallow that makes my heart sweet and soft.

  • mengx c
    mengx c 5 hours ago

    My heart was deeply touched when WJSN smiled.

  • Isabel Cristina Trujillo bedoya

    Like si no la odias

  • SingIsGone
    SingIsGone 5 hours ago

    This part blessed my ears 😇 2:49

  • Carolina Ortiz
    Carolina Ortiz 5 hours ago

    Como que no es un kdrama gay? Me niego a ver a eun woo oppa sin su lado homo 😭 igual es lindo 😗 lo seguiré viendo

  • Jesslie Ng
    Jesslie Ng 5 hours ago

    Brainwashed by iruri iruri la. WJSN concept is the best !

  • 김성욱
    김성욱 5 hours ago

    홍자 노래 잘해요,,,음이 중간에 좀 익숙한 부분이 겹치는게 있어 아쉽지만...전체적인 노래가 좋네요...

  • 양준열
    양준열 5 hours ago

    진짜 나플라 개팬인데 이건 개패버리고싶다 랩을못하는게아니라 노래가 거지같아 .ㅠ.ㅠ 안 어울려서인지 뭔지 그냥 노ㅜ래가별로야 비트메이커 종내 필요한 메낏레;인 그냥 다른 레이블 들어가줘요 나플라 ㅠ.ㅠ

  • Anggita Pranestiadi
    Anggita Pranestiadi 5 hours ago

    Mbak IU cantik banget💙💙💙 Saya dr Indonesia🇮🇩

  • Jingeaura Caorich
    Jingeaura Caorich 5 hours ago

    the first time I realized that wjsn is coming back, I cry out so loud. always there for my wjsn, forever. hope that one day there'll be 13 in this mv, even dance cover is okay.

  • Princess Rosee
    Princess Rosee 5 hours ago

    Yeeessss. That is IU

  • kimi lee
    kimi lee 5 hours ago

    wjsn fighting!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ajeng Nur Fauziah
    Ajeng Nur Fauziah 5 hours ago

    I hate u all. U not respect with other idol, bad attitude.

  • Brenda Pouchy
    Brenda Pouchy 5 hours ago

    Love it 💖💖💖

  • Lily Miles
    Lily Miles 5 hours ago


  • Jen Martinez
    Jen Martinez 5 hours ago

    After this song, I’m ready to see IU as a Disney princess

  • Jeon Cessy
    Jeon Cessy 5 hours ago

    Why did it look like a hotel del luna concept

  • MinMin Durknester
    MinMin Durknester 5 hours ago

    *Is it just me or this looks so much like A MINI Hotel Del Luna?* Love you so much IU!!

  • Joey Lei Zenarosa
    Joey Lei Zenarosa 5 hours ago

    Mueeeeeellll ahhhhhhhh ♥️♥️

  • Mrs. Jang
    Mrs. Jang 5 hours ago

    Is that the same guy in The Liar and His lover?

  • LOUlabolusco
    LOUlabolusco 5 hours ago


  • Angel Navidad
    Angel Navidad 5 hours ago

    Str3@m masive please buddies Lets go 30M

  • Verk Music
    Verk Music 5 hours ago

    *Oh Woo Oh, Oh Woo Oh, Oh Woo Oh Oh !!* ♫♫♪

  • Sofi Hannah
    Sofi Hannah 5 hours ago

    this gives off soulmates au vibes im i AM LIVIN

  • Angel Navidad
    Angel Navidad 5 hours ago

    29,172,540 21/11/19 Hora: 10:05PM

  • Dara Saguid
    Dara Saguid 5 hours ago

    What the this popped out of nowhere then I see Eunwo! !!!!!!

  • Izzah Sakinah
    Izzah Sakinah 5 hours ago

    I saw my yujin😍

  • 오르골멜로디
    오르골멜로디 5 hours ago

    타 나라에서도 유명한 이지은 ! 국뽕으로 우리가 행복하지만 한국어를 찾기가 힘드네요 ㅠ , 그러므로 세잎클로버 ( 타 국어 ) 중 네잎클로버 ( 한국어 ) 를 찾은 당신. 행운이 가득 하시길

  • eka dewi
    eka dewi 5 hours ago


  • Maude98ew French636ea

    OMG, You are so GORGEOUS

  • Au Sam
    Au Sam 5 hours ago

    Don't forget to watch the video in the official woolim channel. It still hasn't reach 1m yet.

  • Maude98ew French636ea

    oh my girls! I miss your voice!

  • Brenda Pouchy
    Brenda Pouchy 5 hours ago

    Like 💖💖

  • 李倩
    李倩 5 hours ago

    Cosmic girls are literally angels from the clouds

  • Maude98ew French636ea

    Well, after the BLUE Monday, this is simply the BEST thing that happened this week.

  • alina katarena
    alina katarena 5 hours ago


  • Atchara. C
    Atchara. C 5 hours ago


  • Cathy Zhao
    Cathy Zhao 5 hours ago


  • ツsαє-rσn
    ツsαє-rσn 5 hours ago

    Saudade de vxs;^^^^;

  • My Way of cooking and baking

    i love youuuuu min min

  • 조예준
    조예준 5 hours ago

    한국인 없나요

  • Romil Sepada
    Romil Sepada 5 hours ago

    Ilove IU

  • AlastairDream
    AlastairDream 5 hours ago

    Are we just not going to address that the official lyrics say "Nobody likes you" instead of nobody's like you because that changes this whole vibe ngl.

  • Shan san
    Shan san 5 hours ago

    Still a BOP in 2019

  • dewi andriana
    dewi andriana 5 hours ago

    Lets trending 1 unniee 😍😍🤗